Godly Model Creator Chapter 548

Chapter 548

Chapter 548 - Double Hypnosis!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Early in the morning.

The campus of Zhanzheng College was as peaceful as ever.

Within the school dormitory, a student took small steps outside. Those who passed by him stopped to have a look. They knew this student.

Su Hao.

Top student both in the college entrance exam and Zhanzheng Colleges own entrance exam.

In less than three days, a bloody rain had occurred in Zhanzheng College. For ordinary students, Zhanzheng College is the safest place for them and would hardly imagine any murder attempts happening. But for Su Hao, there is no place safe for him, not even Zhanzheng College.

Well, the process isnt important. What matters is the end result.

Su Hao is alive while the one trying to kill him is dead.

It is sufficient to make many alarmed.

Some might not bother with the college entrance exam which is why they didnt recognize Su Hao, but now they knew him. That image of a lean figure in an ordinary school uniform was deeply imprinted in everyones mind.

Da da!

Su Haos figure disappeared around a corner.

Urban area, airport.

A plane just landed; one could see a bunch of people leaving. Among them was a student wearing red t-shirt who acted differently. As both eyes of his scanned through the crowd, a flash of arrogance and a mocking expression could be seen.

Zhanzheng Colleges student, Xiang Yuze.

Stopping a hovering taxi, Xiang Yuze entered and sat down, Go to school district.

Alright. The hovering taxi flashed and disappeared instantly.



The hovering taxi drove towards its destination.

With how fast the taxi is moving, it would take less than a few minutes to reach its passengers destination. During these few minutes, Xiang Yuze began to think.

Time is precious afterall.

He started to think of his current task.

How to kill Su Hao?

That little student did make some impression on him. After accepting the task, he thought he would be able to get rid of the target in minutes. However, he never anticipated Su Hao to hide his strength. Those few hidden cards he hid in school were all cleaned up. Only when one trap failed did the subsequent trap activate.

And yet, even after more than ten puppets, the opponent eradicated everything.

In fact, the precautions he set up in the library, those hypnotic arrays were cleared too.

Su Hao is an expert. Xiang Yuze evaluated that Su Haos strength to not be underestimated based on his feat in escaping countless shackles.

Too bad, he is facing me. Xiang Yuze smirked.

The ability of a hypnotist is always something others could only admire. You will never know when and where you will become his victim.

This is what a hypnotist is about!

A profession which everyone fears!

Su Hao?

He is just a stepping stone among the tasks he accepted. Su Hao wont survive much longer.

Xiang Yuzes mood brightened as he thought of this.


A soft sound caught his attention.

Raising his head, he found an old mechanical clock on the dashboard. The hands were ticking gently over time, one second by one second.



It was a pleasant series of sound.

Is this an ancient alarm clock? Xiang Yuze was deeply interested in this antique.

Yes. The driver sighed, It was said that this kind of clock could be found anywhere. However, with the arrival of origin ability era, this antique is no longer being created as everyone started to adopt the usage of communication devices.

This thing doesnt run on electricity? Xiang Yuze asked curiously.

It is not needed. The driver seemed to be more excited from his tone, This is mechanical! Not a single battery is needed for it to run. Can you imagine without an energy supply, it could still run for a very long time? This exquisite, complex mechanical work is a miracle. Listen to the sound produced by the mechanical parts.

The driver looked happy.

Such a wonderful yet soothing sound.



In the quiet taxi, the sound of the clocks mechanical parts were crisp and beautiful; moving at the right intervals and rhythms.

Yea Its beautiful. Xiang Yuze stared at the clock. Just as he was about to say something, his face changed abruptly.

Something is wrong!

With how this event progresses...

Damn it, its hypnosis!

Get the hell out!


As energy within his body fluctuated, Xiang Yuze instantly burst in anger. Regaining his consciousness, he jumped off from the taxi. The moment he took such action, a roar could be heard from behind. A horrifying heat wave swept across him; causing his whole person to hit the ground with a strong momentum.


Rolling a few times on the ground, his body was now decorated with scars which were caused by the high-speed land. Since he had entered into professional realm, his physical fitness is strong otherwise he wont escape death.

Some burning pain could be felt on his body.

However, Xiang yuze didnt bothered with that. The injury on his body was just a minor matter. What made him scared the most was that unexpected hypnosis.

As a hypnotist, he naturally clear how terrifying it could end up for stepping into someones hypnosis!

Have I break away from it?

Xiang Yuze looked around.

An overgrown forest could be seen at a distance. He shouldnt be reaching the school district yet was clueless of his current location in Zhanzheng College.

However, Xiang Yuze dared not drop his guard down.

Hypnosis, what terrified one the most wasnt any unidirectional hypnosis but multi-hypnosis. When you think that you have escaped from the hypnotic illusion, there was actually another one waiting.

Was what in front of him reality?

Xiang Yuze had his own methods to verify it.

However, before he could test it, Xiang Yuze quivered as he looked at a distance away. From there, a figure slowly walked toward him and looked at him in a strange manner.

That person was himself!

Sure enough, Im still under hypnosis!

Xiang Yuze gritted his teeth.

Double Hypnosis, it is his best move. Unexpectedly, today he would actually be the victim! Damn, who else in Zhanzheng College is capable of this?

The group of students who studied hypnosis were basically familiar with each other. Who would do so on him?

To be able to hypnotize him was something understandable.

No matter how strong ones mental state is, when youre unaware, there will be a moment of opportunity. As long as you manage to grasp the chance, hypnosis will be easy. But Double Hypnosis, that required an absolute strength! Especially toward someone who is a hypnotic master. Such feat is almost zero!

Such standard...

Could it be a senior from outside?

Or perhaps someone invited by that damn Su Hao?

Whore you?

Xiang Yuze ignored the figure in front of him and shouted at empty air instead.

Im you/

The figure opened his mouth without showing any sign on anxious.

Since youre involved in this hypnosis, are you my mirror image?

Xiang Yuze stared coldly at the figure in front.

A hypnotist would choose an intervention point in his own hypnosis to accelerate the process. Now, this figure who had the exact same image as Xiang Yuze was that terrifying hypnotist!

Kill me and you win.

The figure smiled weirdly.

Xiang Yuze had a goosebump. Anyone who witnesses another him talking to himself wont enjoy great taste in his mouth. However, what was more horrifying was the words from the figure.

Kill him?

Who would do that?!

Hypnosis is a process of leading one into trap within trap.

If it was any normal person, he would probably try to kill the figure, hearing the words under the fear of an unknown illusion.

But, Xiang Tuze wont.

He is a hypnotist himself. Naturally, he knew the trap hidden behind.

This is definitely a trap!

This figure was that strong hypnotist but also his own avatar! If he dared to kill the figure, he would really kill himself! The hypnotist was able to get involved in his hypnosis but wont be able to make a move.

The only one who can kill him was himself alone.

Xiang Tuze instantly understood it.

Youre still not going to make any move? I guarantee you that I wont resist.

That figure was trying to tempt him.

Such a low grade psycological attack.

Xiang Yuze smirked. Observing the surrounding, he was looking for a way to crack this. In every hypnosis, there will be a way to escape from the chain. Life and death is separated by a thin line. To die is to accidentally kill himself.

And to survive, he was looking for the silver lining.


Kill me!

That figure instantly went furious after noticing Xiang Yuze wasnt planning to attack. Energy began to oscillate as he charged toward Xiang Yuze. Even the origin technique used was the same!


Xiang Yuze stepped sideway to avoid the incoming attack.

With both eyes flashing, he quickly looked around for a crack but what made him depressed was there was none. This hypnosis seemed to be a perfect square!


Xiang Yuze roared within his heart.

There is no dead end in hypnosis!

To not be able to detect any opportunity would only explained that his current ability wasnt enough! However, was the opponents strength high? No, if he was really powerful, he would opt to act in reality instead of resorting to hypnosis. That was his only chance!

Or perhaps...

This was the only method to ensure Xiang Yuze killed!


Xiang Yuzes eyes shined.

Confusion Eyes!


There seemed to be no difference.

How could this be?

Xiang Yuze was stunned.

Confusion Eyes is his trump card. Even if he couldnt find a way to escape this hypnosis, he should at least be able to identify some clues.

But the scene in front...

This hypnosis was perfect!



The figure was still recklessly attacking without caring for his life.

However, one could see that although the origin technique used similar as Xiang Yuzes, the movement was rigid. Taking advantage of that, Xiang Yuze kept evading. He dared not to fight back. What if he accidentally killed this figure, then wont he die?

Utilizing the chance he had, Xiang Yuze kept looking around and then screamed his lungs out unwillingly, How could there be no weakness?!


Absolutely impossible!

There is no perfect hypnosis in this world!

The opponents strength shouldnt be much higher than him. If this was the case, why cant he identity any crack? When Xiang Yuze almost went mad, he seemed to have thought of something and suddenly stopped.