Godly Model Creator Chapter 549

Chapter 549

Chapter 549 - A Narrow Mind Game

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Could it be...

Looking at his other self who attacked him, it was as if a deity who almost killed Xiang Yuze.

I finally understand! Xiang Yuzes eyes lit up with his sudden enlightenment, Such good hypnosis! No wonder I cant find any flaws to break it! I used Confusion Eyes to observe every spot I could find, but I still I missed myself. In this hypnosis, the key to unlock it is none other than my own body.

Hahahahaha. Xiang Yuze madly laughed.

Violet ray flashed within his eyes. Sure enough, Xiang Yuze saw a blue and faint crack on his own body. Although the aura is weak, it unusually stood out.

This Is this the key to unlock the hypnosis? Xiang Yuzes mouth smirked.

The figure in front of him seemed to be in a hurry, and the pace of its attacks increased. With an eruption of an origin technique, the target was Xiang Yuzes forehead.


Ridiculous! Xiang Yuze sneered. Before the figures attack reached him, he directed his fist toward his chest.


Endless energy fluctuated.

Xiang Yuze crippled himself. His punch aimed at his heart almost got himself killed.


Xiang Yuze spat out a mouthful of blood and revealed a smile, Sure enough, I guessed correctly. I am the key to unlocking this hypnosis. Haha, although I dont know who you are, once Im out, I will let you experience true hypnosis.

Ke ke~

Xiang Yuze felt a little weak.

It was a close call, but he eventually won. As long as he died in this hypnosis, he would awaken.

Im afraid you wont have the chance. A strange voice could be heard, causing Xiang Yuzes weak heart to skip a beat.

This tone...


Xiang Yuze suddenly raised his head up.

In front of him, that figure which looked exactly like him changed its appearance into another man. He looked ordinary wearing a Zhanzheng College uniform, but Xiang Yuze felt that his face looked familiar. It seemed like he has seen this person before.

Whore you? Xiang Yuze wanted to be sure.

Whether it is a success or failure, the one behind this grand scheme finally revealed himself.

The student looked at Xiang Yuze and misled, Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Su Hao.

Su Hao! Xiang Yuze was stunned. With an unbelievable tone, he reconfirmed, Youre Su Hao?

He really couldnt believe what he just heard.

Su Hao, the so-called top student in the college entrance exam, turned out to be a hypnosis master? Such a level of skill didnt seem to be pale in comparison to others!

It was very ironic!

Youre a hypnotist? Xiang Yuze carefully looked at Su Hao and instantly smirked, However, it doesnt matter. Youre going to die regardless. This hypnotic state hasnt broken yet which indicates that nobody can move in reality. When we return to reality, I will instantly make my move and drag you into my hypnosis! At that time, I wonder how are you going to deal with it?

Xiang Yuze coldly laughed, My task will be completed once I kill you.

I want to know who it is that wants to kill me. Su Hao indifferently asked.

Hahaha, ridiculous. Xiang Yuze coughed for a second. Spitting out some blood, he raised his head and looked at Su Hao in a mocking expression, You cant be thinking that I am like those retards who solve the victims doubts and then accidentally lets you escape, right? You have watched too many movies.

I will never disclose any information about my task. When this hypnosis is unlocked, it will be the moment you die! Xiang Yuze sneered.

He was very confident that once Su Haos hypnosis breaks, it would be impossible to create another one in a short period of time. After returning to reality, he who would be at an advantage.

With only a single blow, he would be able to defeat Su Hao!

Are you sure you wont expose the information? Su Hao just looked at him coldly.

You uttered too much nonsense. This kind of delay wont have any significance. Hehe, perhaps youre looking for ways to escape? Hahaha, as long as we go back to reality, you wont even have the luxury of a tenth of a second. How will you escape from my grasp? Previously, I failed to kill you, but I would have never expected you to come and knock on my door. Xiang Yuze smiled in a sinister way and looked at Su Hao with a gaze like he is watching his prey.

However, what made him feel strange was that Su Hao was not panicking. Instead, he looked at Xiang Yuze with a peculiar look. This kind of gaze was like looking at something interesting, and it made him put his guard up.

Vaguely, he felt that something was amiss.

Really? Are you sure you are not going to reveal who sent you? Su Hao looked at Xiang Yuze with interest.

He had fought many times, and this was the most subtle battle he had ever experienced. Up until now, Xiang Yuze is still immersed in a struggle he created and didnt realize it yet.

What do you mean? Xiang Yuzes sixth sense tingled even more.

However, his heart quickly became determined, No matter what youre trying to scheme, I only have to return to reality. There is no need for me to fear you!


Xiang Yuze raised his head and was about to end himself again!

He thought that Su Hao was trying to prevent himself from committing suicide, but what caused the chill was Su Hao watching him in amazement and had no plan to stop him.

Why dont you stop me? Xiang Yuze stared at Su Hao coldly, If I die, the hypnosis will be broken. What will be your chance of winning?


Looking at him like he is a retard, Su Hao continued, Such a naive boy. Could it be that until now, you still think youre under hypnosis? Do you really think that I am some hypnosis master?


Xiang Yuzes face looked ugly!

Whatre you trying to say?

Obviously youre...


Xiang Yuze seemed to have thought of a possibility and began to tremble. That weak breath of his came back alive. His eyes open wide as he looked at Su Hao in disbelief.

You guessed it right. Su Hao expressed his congrats, There has never been any hypnosis happening.


Xiang Yuze trembled all over his body. Although he had thought of this possibility, when Su Hao revealed the truth, he still couldnt believe it, How is this possible? How can it be true? That rhythm That hallucination That copy of my appearance, how could it no be any hypnosis?

Rhythm? Oh, are you referring to the clock?

Su Haos mouth revealed a smile, That is indeed the simplest hypnosis technique I learned from a book. However, I dont know about this profession nor have any talent in it. By just following what the book described, I dont think it would have any effect.


Xiang Yuze spurted out a mouthful of blood.

As a hypnotist, he was super sensitive to such rhythms.

As long as any sound of a clock could be heard, the first thought he would have is about hypnosis. So, it was all for display?

One more thing, in order to connect the dots, I also used a bit of a hallucination drug. The only effect it has is to make your mind sway for a bit. In fact, its not actually a bad thing as it brings zero harm to the body. Su Hao added.

Xiang Yuze was so stunned that he didnt know how to react.


So the feeling of entering the state of hypnosis was just some effect of a drug?

How could Su Hao make this drug?

Recalling Su Haos information, Xiang Yuze remembered Su Haos status as a pharmacist. However, due to the low level, he didnt bother with it. How could he have thought that at this time, this little drug proved that he made the worst judgment!

A setup.

A drug.

The so-called hypnosis master he had imagined all this time was actually a misconception made by Su Hao?

It cant be! Xiang Yuze suddenly tried to deny the truth, That figure...


Su Haos appearance changed into another man, How about it? Is my Nitai artifact attractive to your eyes?

Nitai artifact... Xiang Yuze was in total despair.

At this time, no matter how stupid he is, he knew that this time it was over!

No wonder, he couldnt find any flaws to undo the hypnosis!

No wonder, he felt that the scene was almost perfect!

Everything is perfect because he is in the real world! Even that little light on his body, it must be something set up by Su Hao too.

Xiang Yuze could feel it.

His dying moment was approaching!

Su Hao didnt even touch him. It was he who delivered himself to the deaths door. This is the most awkward death in history!

Cough~ Puff~ Why are you telling me this? Xiang Yuze spit out blood. Looking at Su Hao, he didnt believe that Su Hao would be so kind as to reveal all the cards before his death.

This is the era of origin ability.

Even if its a place which you think is safe, under some strange and unique talents, there is always the possibility of information being leaked.

I want a name. Su Hao asked calmly.

Xiang Yuze turned silent.

The reason Su Hao revealed everything is to let him know that there is no hope for him to survive. Since he is about to die, then there is no need to be concerned about keeping this a secret. At this time, what Su Hao is seeking is the man behind the scene.

I will never reveal it. Xiang Yuze shook his head.

Youre just challenging my patience. Su Hao expression turned cold.

You dont have to waste time. Xiang Yuze somehow felt pleasure, looking at Su Haos cold expression, Hahahaha, so what if you force me? Its simply impossible for me to say it out. When I accept this task, I took a Curse Oath.

Curse Oath...

Su Haos face finally changed.

It is an oath, or to be precise an origin technique.

In this era, vows are just like farts. It has no significance at all. However, there was an exception. Curse Oath!

The cost of breaking this oath is is usually something which you cant bear to experience.

For example...

The end of your life! The destruction of your cultivation! The death of your family!