Godly Model Creator Chapter 550

Chapter 550

Chapter 550 - The One Behind the Scenes

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Curse Oath.

It is a banned origin technique. Su Hao has come across it before in some ancient books. However, he did not expect to see it with his own eyes in real life.

The most horrifying thing about it is that once you dare violate the oath, the consequences will happen almost immediately.

An instant death!

Before saying the name out, Xiang Yuze would die first. In other words, its impossible for Xiang Yuze to mention the name!

With this in thought, Su Hao was in a dilemma.

Hahahahahaha. Xiang Yuze laughed out loud, So what if you kill me? So what if you win? You still dont know the one behind the scenes. Even if Im dead, you wont be at peace while at school. Others will still chase you. You wont be able to train and will never climb ahead of others.

Really? With a cold expression, Su Hao shifted his gaze back to Xiang Yuze.

He wasnt willing.

He needed to found who is trying to kill him.

Xiang Yuzes strength was far above his own, but he worked hard to make this plan succeed and was able to get rid of Xiang Yuze. In the end, what did he figure?

He wasnt happy with this conclusion.

He won but also lost at the same time!

Because from the start, the one behind the scenes assumed an invincible position! No matter how many people Su Hao defeats, it would still be impossible to find the other partys information!

Hahahaha. Xiang Yuze continued laughing, but his voice was getting softer and softer.

He was dying but looking at Su Haos awkward expression made him happy. Su Haos look from being unable to obtain any information from him during his dying moment made him feel pleasure.

Youre proud? Su Hao looked at him coldly, Do you think that I wont find the answer if you seal your mouth?

Curse Oath doesnt only seal the information but also protects it. Xiang Yuze smiled, You wont be able to find it because even I dont know what it is. The curse has sealed all the information I see and know. Even I am clueless about it, how will you find it?

Haha, forget about you. Even a mind reader wont be able to get a single thing from me!

Really? Su Haos look turned dull.

Su Hao sighed in his heart, he needed to get the name of the person behind the scenes by using whatever means possible. Otherwise, he wont be at peace while at Zhanzheng College!

Furthermore, the only opportunity he had is none other than Xiang Yuze!


Xiang Yuzes consciousness faded away as he had little strength remaining.

He couldnt hold on much longer.

Su Hao clearly understood this state. The mind determines everything. Xiang Yuze has given up all hope since he knows he couldnt escape death. Naturally, he would soon fall into permanent silence. However, he was the only one who knew the answer. How could Su Hao let him die before acquiring his information?


Origin energy fluctuated!

Su Hao suddenly cut a thick branch in the distance into four parts.





Four parts!

With four miserable shrieks, Xiang Yuze was nailed to the ground. The pain in his bones woke him up instantly. Looking at Su Hao, he whispered in a weak voice, You so what if you vent your anger to me? You should be clear by now that I dont know who it is!

Indeed. Su Haos face was still as cold as ever.

Looking at Su Haos expression, Xiang Yuze felt that something was different this time.

But even if you dont know, that doesnt mean that I cant get the answer from you. Su Hao walked toward Xiang Yuze and looked directly at him, I always had this idea in my head that I wanted to try but was never given a chance. Now, I want to try it. I want to know whether I can find the answer within your mind.

After finishing his sentence, Su Hao slowly extended his right hand and placed it on Xiang Yuzes forehead.

Whatre you trying to do? Xiang Yuze said slightly afraid. Even when he was about to die, he still felt fear. Because in this world, there are things which are worse than death itself.

Seeking the answer I want!


A stream of strange energy appeared.

A circle was formed around Su Hao and Xiang Yuze, sweeping away the dust on the surrounding ground. Both of their figures instantly turned static.




Countless rumbling sounds could be heard.

Xiang Yuze was shocked to discover that Su Hao invaded his mind and directly went to the deepest part of his mind.

How could this be?!

Su Haos action frightened Xiang Yuze. How could Su Hao understand spiritual force?




How can Su Hao know almost everything!

He didnt know that when Bai Feng and Su Hao dueled, Su Hao learned the mystery of spiritual force from that fight which is different from origin energy.

What is the use of coming here! Xiang Yuze roared in anger, I already mentioned that even I couldnt find it myself. So what if you know what I am thinking now? Can you find the answer youre searching for?

Su Hao coldly glanced at him for a second, I will search for the answer I want myself.

Su Hao raised his head up. The light in front of his eyes circulated.

This is Xiang Yuzes world!

He has seen this kind of world while fighting against Bai Feng. However, it was Bai Feng who entered his mind at that time.

This time is his every first invasion!

The surrounding scene changed with no sign of life.

Su Hao knew this is Xiang Yuzes current state. Su Hao began walking around Xiang Yuzes mind; the scene would continuously change based on Xiang Yuzes mood and thoughts.

It was a fantastic sight.

So this is what is inside someones mind.

So how? Have you found the answer youre seeking for? Xiang Yuze mocked.

After knowing that Su Hao knew about spiritual force, he was amazed. However, he knew that Su Hao was getting used to this force by watching Su Haos aimless strolling. What made him feel strange was that Su Hao didnt show any signs of anger at all. Instead, he went towards a specific place and stopped before voicing out.

Soon, I will find it.

Huh? Xiang Yuze was at a loss.

He really couldnt comprehend it. If he didnt know, how could Su Hao know?

Open! Su Hao shouted, and endless energy fluctuated the very next second. Under Xiang Yuzes shocked eyes, Su Haos right hand casually moved.




The scene reversed!

Time flew back in an instant. Xiang Yuze felt like he returned to the night a few days ago. It was at the moment when he accepted the task. That memory which was sealed by the curse revealed itself in front of Su Hao.


Lightning flashed, and thunder rolled.

In front of Xiang Yuze was a figure who wore a black robe.

Although the light wasnt that bright and his face couldnt be seen well, it was because of these reasons that his heart turned cold. That familiar figure...


The model in front of him instantly collapsed!

Due to instability within his heart, he was directly rejected from the backtracking!

Not only that, the collapse of the model affected the bridge of spiritual force that Su Hao established! Almost at the same time, both Su Hao and Xiang Yuze were kicked out from the mind. Su Hao was stunned as the shock within his heart was spinning like a storm!

Without any doubt, the scene he saw just now dealt a massive blow to him!


Xiang Yuze and Su Hao returned to reality.

Su Haos state of mind was a bit complicated.

Xiang Yuze almost went mad. He should have died long ago, but this damn Su Hao induced pain on him to keep him awake. His body was getting weaker, but his spirit was getting more and more excited until his death arrived.

This feeling is what is causing him to loath Su Hao!

Hahahaha, collapsed?

I thought that you have spiritual talent, but it turned out to be some half-baked skill! You lack the corresponding talent, yet you want to use its origin technique. Still, youre met with a dead end! Without even knowing this, you still dream of knowing the identity of the one behind the scenes? Hahahaha.

Daddy is going to die soon. Whats there to be afraid of you? Even if I die, you will soon come down with me! Xiang Yuze raged against Su Hao.

Xiang Yuze was trying to make himself feel better. Only when he got to enjoy the look of despair on Su Haos face would Xiang Yuze feel a bit of comfort.

At this time, Su Hao looked up.

When Xiang Yuze glanced at him for a second, a sudden burst of chill all the way to his spine could be felt.

Su Haos eyes are too terrifying!

He experienced all sorts of close calls, but Su Haos eyes were without a doubt the scariest thing he has witnessed. Even if he glanced at them for a second, he could feel that he was about to go crazy.

How could this be?


Just now in my mind, could it be that Su Hao saw something?

Having this thought, Xiang Yuze became alarmed.

What did you see?! Xiang Yuze whispered.

Su Hao looked at him and revealed a smirk.

Xiang Yuze instantly understood something. His face turned pale as he sweated heavily, I beg you! Dont tell me! Keep it to yourself! Im wrong! Su Hao, dont say it. Please, dont say anyth-

Su Tiancheng! Su Hao coldly interrupted him with these three words.


Xiang Yuzes body went stiff.

His face which was in the middle of pleading became fixed.

From his eyes, one could see disbelief and despair. It seemed that he couldnt believe what Su Hao saw. What made him even more astonished was that Su Hao said it in front of him. The moment when Su Hao opened his mouth, many scenes returned to his mind.

He remembered!

Thus the Curse Oath broke out.


Both of his eyes closed as he lost consciousness.

At the same time, in all sorts of corners within the Federation, every member of the Xiang family died due to some inexplicable accidents. After a few minutes, all the people related to Xiang Yuze died.

Not a single person escaped!

Su Hao glanced at him for a second before turning around to leave.

His eyes held a never-ending coldness.

Perhaps when he saw the figure, his heart changed.



Whether it was true or not, he wanted an answer.

Therefore, to find the answer, he needed to become even stronger!