Godly Model Creator Chapter 551

Chapter 551

Chapter 551 - Comprehend

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Zhanzheng College, school district.

Li Tiantian just exited the dormitory and was stopped by a student. Youre?

You dont need to know who am I. That student started offering him all sort of rewards, Never mingle with Su Hao again and you can have anything. Origin techniques, cultivation techniques, drugs; name it, and you can have as much as you want.

Li Tiantian smirked.

You better accept, or youll regret it. Su Hao has offended someone he shouldnt. By following him, youre just delivering yourself to death door. The student locked his eyebrows as he continued.

I have never followed anyone. Li Tiantian calmly added on, And I will never follow anyone. However, as for what I am supposed to do, I will never submit to anyone too. After finishing his sentence, Li Tiantian left.

At the same time, Zhou Wang coldly stared at the person in front of him.

Your ability talent is great. If youre willing to leave Su Hao, you will be rewarded with anything you want. Origin techniques, cultivation techniques or even thunder elements inheritance. A girl slowly said in front of Zhou Wang. Looking at his motionless expression, she hesitated for a second before deciding to convey the message with her chest out.

If you want...


A flash of lightning struck past.

The girls face darkened as her hair stood up. Her charming and graceful look instantly vanished as she looked at Zhou Wang in disbelief.

This man actually dared to treat her in such a manner!

Get lost! Zhou Wang coldly shouted these two words, leaving the girl dumbfounded.

In a random entertainment hall of the urban district, Li Xin was suddenly pulled over by someone after he finished two virtual battles.

This schoolmate, if you...

Come, come, come~. Li Xin took over the conversation and dragged this student into the virtual machine, You came at the right time. Lets go to the virtual fighting machine, play a round with me.

Not this, I...


Li Xin already entered.

The student looked at him with a stunned look and could only tag along and fight.

A few minutes later, Li Xin happily exited the place. As for the student, he also quickly got himself away. In just mere few minutes, he lost count of how many times he got killed. An abrupt critical hit would happen every time. That horrifying strength, no wonder nobody was willing to spar against Li Xin!

The students face was ashen as he escaped.

Vaguely, he felt that he forgot something.

In the school cafeteria.

Chen Yiran also encountered the same incident and ignored the approaching party. The student seemed to know that it would be improbable to poach Chen Yiran away, so he left after a few swear words.

At first, nobody bothered with this.

However, in the afternoon, when they gathered together, Li Xin described what happened earlier, and this made them aware of something amiss.

Someone is targeting Su Hao.

Whos it? Who is daring enough to resort to such means! Zhou Wang said in anger.

Li Tiantian, did you foresee this? Chen Yiran asked.

Nope, I cant. Li Tiantian shook his head, The enemys strength is above my own. No, it should be way above mine. I cant see a single thing at all.

Could it be that deputy dean again? Li Xins head leaned on one side as he guessed.

Maybe. Chen Yiran pondered, The strength of most professors or deputy deans are in the domain realm. With such strength, if Li Tiantian isnt able to do anything, thats pretty normal. However, for Su Hao, the problem will be huge. Exactly who is it that keeps disrupting Su Hao, not allowing him to have a stable footing?


They had no idea.

In the end, they could only resort to informing Su Hao about this.

This is an attempt to isolate me! Su Hao shook his head slightly, Starting with the profession and now, you all. It is to ensure that I will be completely helpless at Zhanzheng College.

And also the attempt to kill you. Chen Yiran reminded.

That assassination attempt is not counted. Su Hao shook his head again, Its not from the same party. If the one responsible for these things wants to kill me, there is no need to resort to such means. Instead, hiring many assassins would be the ideal method. However, to assassinate a student at Zhanzheng College, only those with special ability talent qualified. As for others,  Im afraid the law enforcement team will stop them before they can make a move.

True. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Didnt the same thing happen to Xiang Yuze?

Xiang Yuze would hypnotize other people to kill for him, but he would never dare to act within the school district. Otherwise, he would be brought down by the law enforcement team. After Su Hao reported this incident to the team, the staff members started digging out a list of students who were victims of Xiang Yuze, and they were shocked by it.

If not for Su Hao killing Xiang Yuze, they couldnt imagine how many more students might die inexplicably. From the law enforcement teams point of view, they were grateful to Su Hao.

Two different parties? Li Xin asked slightly confused.

Im afraid its not just two parties. Su Hao rubbed his forehead. Ignoring the killing attempt, but is the same party responsible for both trying to win over his friends and not allowing him to join any department?

Su Hao was a bit distressed.

Since entering Zhanzheng College, ridiculous amounts of hardship has filled each step.

School, teacher, and students; each corner was full of malice!

He only enrolled here for a few days but already experienced many incidents. The atmosphere here was too chaotic for him.

Also, there is someone who secretly attempted to assassinate him!

Su Tiancheng?

Su Hao was extremely shocked when that figure turned around, but he quickly overturned his thoughts.

Sometimes, there are people whom he would never doubt.

Even if he saw himself that it was Su Tiancheng who appeared in Xiang Yuzes mind, Su Hao still didnt think it was true. Since he could transform into Xiang Yuzes appearance, other can do the same.

Anything is possible in the era of origin ability.

Plus, the things seen are not necessarily real.

For example, what was the motive behind pretending to be Su Tiancheng?

That random deputy dean!

The mysterious and powerful hypnotist!

Of course, what was even more confusing was the messy problem of this world. Su Hao felt that his brain capacity isnt enough to accommodate everything. No matter how he tried to solve this problem, the answer would still be unknown.


Ancient characters?

He asked those who came from that era. However, the other party didnt seem to be interested in the void of history. Even if Su Hao asked, they werent bothered at all. Only a few people could get rid of that idea and became serious in researching the problems of the history they knew.

It was no longer an issue of interest!

Based on Su Haos guess, those people might be affected by something.

Could it be a magical origin technique?

Having seen the Curse Oath personally, Su Hao was extremely eager to learn more about these strange ability talents. Talents categorized under this would be an absolute terrifying weapon once they developed well.

Whether it was his future or the so-called world problem, they seemed to be covered by a thick layer of fog.

He even thought that perhaps the world theyre on now is just a virtual world.

He has seen countless movies and also experienced the war between hackers first hand. Perhaps this feat might be possible from a certain angle, but Su Hao immediately scrapped this idea after his deduction.

Deduction failed!

Possibility : 0%.

Because what appeared in front of his eyes is real.

If this is the case, then where is the problem?

Whatre you thinking off? Chen Yiran saw Su Hao suddenly frowning and lightly helped him flatten the frown lines.

Im thinking... Su Hao subconsciously replied and suddenly halted. Instantly, cold sweat covered his body.

What happened? Everyone was worried about how he acted.

Why did I think of these problems? Su Hao suddenly asked the group, Have you noticed that recently, there are more doubts and in fact, the entire Zhanzheng College seems to be full of mysteries?

Yes. Everyone nodded.

So what if its the case here? Even if there are doubts about the entire Zhanzheng College, so what? Those complicated issues, are they related to us? Even if we managed to solve our doubts or find the one behind the scene, can we settle it? Su Hao said to himself as the light within his eyes was getting brighter. If we cant solve it, whats the need to think about them? What is our aim by enrolling at Zhanzheng College?


At this moment, everyone seemed to have awakened.


What is their purpose for coming here?

A self-examination enlightened everyone!

Even Su Haos eyes shone.

Improving ones strength and becoming stronger! Alternatively even becoming the strongest esper! However, what are they currently doing?

The enemy attempted several schemes. Although they failed, they achieved their purpose. Su Hao and his friends wasted so much time on these matters and didnt even have time to train. There might be troubles coming to them, but can it hinder them from training?


Even after entering Zhanzheng College, Su Hao has not received the college entrance exam rewards yet. It showed how obsessed Su Hao has been with the problems over the past few days.

Seems that we have taken the wrong path. Su Hao muttered.

No matter what the problem is, it doesnt matter to us! With our current strength, the only thing we can do is to train and aim to be the strongest esper! As for the schemes happening around us, lets consider these schemes as obstacles for our growth! Jianghe City was such a place, and we were able to survive.

Since were now students of Zhanzheng College, whats there to be afraid of? Su Haos voice was getting louder and louder.

Everyones look also turned clearer!


If one becomes strong, what can hinder them?

These words werent just for them, but also for Su Hao himself!

No matter what the problem is, no matter what the world is like, as long as one becomes strong enough, as long as one is the strongest esper, everything will naturally reveal itself.

Isnt their aim to stop him from improving?

Then he will insist on getting stronger!

Hes just getting started with earning 15 credits!

After several days of stagnation, Su Hao began to examine his strength. His primary goal is becoming a domain esper. Of course, in this school, Su Hao had a more specific purpose.

Reaching 30 credits and joining Tian Long Court!