Godly Model Creator Chapter 552

Chapter 552

Chapter 552 - Improvement

Tian Long Court!

30 credits!

As long as he met the minimum requirement to join with 30 credits and more, it would be equivalent to entering the semi-domain realm.

To enter Tian Long Court before graduating?

That is the place where the most talented elite students of Zhanzheng College gathered!

So what if some deputy dean is targeting him?

Su Hao believed that as long as he stepped into Tian Long Court, the deputy dean would not dare object. Of course, if there is corruption in Tian Long Court as well, Zhanzheng College would no longer be safe.

Of course, this matter isnt something he would think of now.

Right now, he needs to improve!


Su Haos state of mind turned firm.

After they discussed and exchanged some thoughts, they finally came with a conclusion that any external factor must not sway them! No matter what, they couldnt shake their road to becoming the strongest esper!

From here, it was clear that their current frame of mind was too weak.

It was the aftermath after a rapid increment in strength. Worrying about gains and losses; showing no sign of confidence of a strong esper. Su Hao believed that many students here have their pride because this is the most advanced education center of Zhanzheng College and they are all geniuses!

Being proud isnt just because of their confidence in their talent but more on their whole person. They believed that they could become the strongest esper. However, this feeling was absent in Su Hao and his friends.

Could it be were too much of a loser? Zhou Wang was stressful.

Or is our mental state too weak? Li Tiantian sighed.

Perhaps it might be because we have met too many characters above our strength. Chen Yiran voiced out as her cute little nose wrinkled a bit, During the beast tide, we were just specialized espers. There we saw the legendary king level beasts and the even more terrifying emperor level beasts. To witness such scenes and strengths before, how do we nurture our confidence?

Sure enough, it isnt good for us to have witnessed those superpowers. Su Hao nodded.

He had a deep understanding of this feeling.

A half-divine superpowers appearance had single-handedly destroyed his self-confidence. Fortunately, at that time, that blow from this powerhouse allowed him to free himself from being someone elses chess piece. However, it unexpectedly had a little psychological impact. As for Chen Yiran and others, the effects they received werent just from the beast tide alone.

There was still one more source, Su Hao himself!

That day, below the walls of Jianghe City, Su Haos cruel death had stunned everyone. Not to mention, it was by the one he trusted the most. Although Su Hao explained the reasons, it is an unforgettable scene for everyone.

That strength is equivalent to what a domain esper is capable of using.

Great, since we have identified the problem, the next step will be simple. Su Hao began to analyze.

We will train our mental state! The first time you see it, you will be afraid. Naturally, the psychological effects will be there but after two, three, or even ten times? When you have seen it too much that it will make you bored, will you still be shocked? Adjust our mind, turn this experience into self-confidence, and aim to be the strongest esper!

Okay! Everyone nodded in agreement.

What is a mental state and how do you train it? Li Xin looked at everyone in confusion.

Others: ...

Nothing, you dont have to bother with it. One could see the black lines on Su Haos forehead.

After some thought, the one who still has a peaceful mind to play around would probably be Li Xin alone.

Li Xin is the fastest to improve these days among them!

Mental state. Su Hao took a deep breath.

After dinner, everyone dispersed with one goal in mind.

To improve themselves!

They had to admit that their mental state stumbled with an issue. This problem is widespread and terrifying at the same time. Even with tremendous strength, lacking a matching psychological state would make one useless. It is like having people invest hundreds of millions on you, but youre clueless on how to start due to the fear of losing the money.

Su Hao and others were in such a situation.

Of course, they are not in an unsalvageable situation.

Now, this route which has deviated from the original goal has been straightened back by Su Hao!

As for Li Xin, it would be fine as long as everyone ignores him.

The next morning.

Zhanzheng College had sudden news that shocked everyone!

Zheng Tai broke into the professional realm!

Hai Hun broke into the professional realm!

Ming Feng broke into the professional realm!

When Su Hao and his friends heard the news, they were stunned too.

Sure enough, the group has delayed their progress these recent days.

During the college entrance exam, Su Hao was merely a level five specialized esper. Then through improving during summer, Su Hao stepped into the professional realm.

As for Zheng Tai and others who were previously inferior when compared to Su Hao? Naturally, their training during the summer vacation was needless to mention. After entering here, they received the rewards and invested all their effort in cultivating. Some students became disciples which accelerated their progress into an explosive sprint.

In less than a week, they managed to smoothly broke through to become professional esper!

Everyone was catching up!

If not because of yesterdays sudden enlightenment, perhaps they might still be clueless about the issue. Thinking of it again, it was quite a frightening thing. No matter how the enemy schemed, the moment he got distracted from training, he already failed.

Training! Su Hao clenched his fists.

Since Zheng Tai and others broke through, how could he fall behind?

After all, he is merely a level one professional esper. Unfortunately, at this stage, what matters is realizing your ability talent! Whether it is Zheng Tai, Tian Zi, Zhou Wang, or Li Tiantian, many people could provide them with guidance for their ability talent. They could always refer to seniors who have similar experiences.

As for Su Hao, he has nothing!

His path could only be taken one step at a time by himself, exploring the possibilities. Just from this point alone, he has no idea how far he is behind others.

Fortunately, Zhanzheng College measures strength with its credit system.

Even if youre just a level one professional esper or have weaker understanding in your talent, as long as your credits are higher and possess better strength, you can still step over others head!

Increasing credit points is equivalent to improving your strength.

Strength improvement... Su Hao sunk into deep thought.

How to improve?

For the current him, there are only three perspectives he could look at to achieve this.

One of them is origin techniques.

The other one would be cultivation techniques.

Lastly, is none other than his ability talent.

However, talent itself isnt something he could figure out just yet. Su Hao was still clueless about how he should move on in this route which is destined to be lonely. His current understanding of his ability talent is still in virtualization.


That is still too early for him!

Su Hao understood that realization is still a realm he could not touch right now no matter how hard he tried.

There must be a prerequisite to achieving realization. In other words, Su Hao has to master the stage before, which is virtualization. As of now, his understanding of virtualization is still lacking. Only when his virtualization is second to none, and he masters any knowledge regarding this he could take a step closer towards realization.

For Su Hao, his talent route during the professional realm would be the journey to have a complete mastery of virtualization.

During this stage, he would study more in-depth on the virtualization of model analysis. After clearing this checklist, he would begin to comprehend realization and charge into the domain realm!

What am I missing? Mental strength or a deduction? Su Hao pondered.

To explore his ability talent would be a long process. If there arent any clues, it would be a waste of time.

Thus, a few seconds later, Su Hao scrapped this idea altogether.

Now isnt the time for it!

Since his understanding of his ability talent isnt sufficient, then he should start from origin techniques and cultivation techniques. As of these two aspects, for someone like Su Hao who could only utilize universal techniques, it is somewhat difficult to obtain.

However, if Su Hao remembered correctly, the reward offered to the first batch of students who passed the new format of the college entrance exam is a matching origin technique and cultivation technique each.

As the top student, he naturally has this qualification!

Time to claim the reward! Su Haos eyes lit up as he immediately headed to the Resource Distribution Department (RDD).

In the west region of the school district, there is a massive building. Here, its where the RDD is situated. This building is almost 100 stories tall which is comparable to the complex to its right.

After Su Hao entered, he headed towards the Freshmen Resources Department.

While on the way, he noticed many people pointing at him.

There were many girls, looking at him with both eyes sparkling. Worse, there was someone who approached him for his autograph. Giving his signature in a confused state, Su Hao realized a hard fact. No matter his seniors bully him, Su Hao is still the strongest in the freshmens eyes.

Being first in the College Entrance Exam and the schools entrance exam, he had the qualification to enjoy the worship.

Phew. Su Hao laughed at himself, Seems that Im not that confused yet.

Based on the regulations stated in the handbook given to new students, Su Hao directly went to collect his resources. However, Su Hao was caught by surprise when the manager informed him that it was out of stock!

Out of stock? Su Hao almost thought that he heard wrong.

What nonsense! Are you trying to tease me?

Out of stock!

What he wanted is just origin techniques and cultivation techniques. They arent physical resources!

Youre Su Hao, right? Sorry, to ensure safety, these precious things are recorded in paper form. Only when they have returned can I pass it to you. Im afraid you have to wait for a while.

The resources manager said in an apologetic tone.

I dont think I mentioned anything of what I want yet. Su Haos eyes narrowed, How could it be out of stock?

Well... The resources manager was stunned for a bit before explained in a proper tone, Because all the goods are not available now, I can only say sorry.

Really? Su Hao coldly smirked.

He instantly understood the problem he was facing. If he didnt guess it wrong, this should the third method planned by the ones who are targeting him or perhaps the fourth?

If it were yesterday, Su Hao would have tried subconsciously avoid these troubles and leave to search for a solution himself. However, he has awakened.

Whats there to ponder?

Is it necessary to waste energy thinking about it?

No matter what good method he could think of, its just a waste of time!

With his identity, does he need to join the nonsense of those people? Arent they just trying to hinder him? Since they wanted him to rampage, then he would show how he rampaged to them in style!

Pei Yangjia? Su Haos eyes shined as the information of the guy in front popped out in his mind.

How do you know my name? Pei Yangjia was stunned.

Not only your name!


Su Hao delivered a punch.