Godly Model Creator Chapter 553

Chapter 553

Chapter 553 - Settling the Dispute


Pei Yangjias fat body was blasted to the glass window ruthlessly. If not for the special property of the glass, he would probably fall from the building.

How dare you! Pei Yangjias scream echoed within the building.


Energy fluctuated as Pei Yangjias figure swelled, causing his strength to increase.

Staring at Su Hao with red eyes, he lost count of how long it was since the last time anyone dared to provoke him!

This damn freshman!

Go to hell! Pei Yangjia directed his fiery punch. The surrounding air compressed by his action. Pei Yangjias aura revealed his strength.

Professional esper!

However, Su Hao only smirked at this scene. Moron!


Su Hao went full force with his kick.

Su Haos kick destroyed Pei Yangjias seemingly powerful origin technique.

Su Hao followed up his kick with a punch from his right fist. However, Su Hao aimed this punch at the anti-theft glass window on the balcony. Dragging Pei Yangjias obese figure, he directly threw him off the balcony.


A cold wind current appeared.


Pei Yangjia quickly grabbed on the railing of the balcony with a hand.

At this moment, his face filled with layers of fats finally turned pale in fright. The chill he could feel all the way to the spine due to the wind blowing against him woke him up completely.

Su Hao!

Su Hao wanted to kill him!

Su Hao, you! Pei Yangjia burst in anger and wanted to say something.


Su Hao stepped on his hand which was tightly holding onto the balcony railing, What do you want to say?

Pei Yangjia became alarmed. He nervously attempted to grab something better, but he quickly and disappointingly realized there is nothing else to grab. Pei Yangjia couldnt imagine the result if Su Hao was to force open his hand.

Pei Yangjia looked down subconsciously, and his whole body felt cold.

68 floors!

Even ten of him wont survive the fall!

Moreover, at this height and position, not a single person will notice. Even if he falls, nobody will come to save him!

Dont kill me boo hoo~ Pei Yangjia opened his mouth, but the strong wind made him at a loss for words.

Now, this attitude is the correct one. Su Hao dragged him up with a hand.

Pei Yangjia laid down on the floor, gasping for air. That kind of sensation just now is terrifying! Damn those higher ups! Didnt they mention that this brat is a freshman? Why is he using these methods? Also, why is he this powerful?

New, your a*s!

Su Hao stretched out his hand and patted the fattys face. With a cold expression, he asked, Now, is your thought clear?

Clear, very clear. Pei Yangjia nodded like a little chicken pecking on rice, fearing that he would anger this grim reaper.

Pei Yangjia has been living for so many years but has never stumbled upon such a person! Although people would consider the students here as geniuses elsewhere, they are still ordinary students here! The credit points would always stay at a single digit and only when you graduate, will there be a chance to have double digits.

Breaking through and becoming a professional esper! Then it would be time to graduate!

It is how ordinary students at Zhanzheng College go about their journey here.

As for those super geniuses?

After reaching here, various teachers would accept them as disciples. Since they have a strong background backing them up, they would enjoy better resources. Who would come to him? Even if they want resources, their teacher will send someone to collect it in bulk. Who would come in person?

So all these years, the ones he has been facing are ordinary students.

Those who could only have a chance to break through into the professional realm before graduating.

In front of such students, this sly old man is very comfortable messing around with them.

Today, the only reason he caused trouble was due to a favor asked by one of the higher-ups.

After being in service for years, he has long been used to such things. However, never would he imagine that this freshman who came here to claim his resources would be this terrifying! What is more frightening is he dared to attack here!

Isnt he afraid of being expelled?

Youre Su Hao, right? Pei Yangjia wiped off the sweat beads on his forehead, Let me check for a moment.


Pei Yangjia quickly completed the data retrieval.

After Pei Yangjia finished looking at it, he cautiously asked, There are three students named Su Hao from the freshmen batch. I wonder which one is yours...

The first one.

First? Pei Yangjia tapped on it, and his face suddenly turned pale like snow.

Rows of data appeared, shining brightly to his naked eyes. Looking at the first line, he already knew that the higher-ups had abandoned him! The higher-ups only told him that there is a student named Su Hao who has offended the higher-ups but never revealed Su Haos identity.


The strongest freshman!

To have the guts to intercept such a genius while claiming the rewards, even if he succeeded, when someone investigates this matter later, he couldnt imagine how his death would look!


Pei Yangjias four limbs turned cold.

At this time, he finally realized why the higher-ups didnt care about Su Haos identity. Because even if there were any problems found, the one who has to be responsible would be himself!

Damn those guys.

Have you found it? Su Hao looked at him with interest.

After seeing how this fatty reacted, Su Hao already understood that Pei Yangjia is just cannon fodder or perhaps the higher-ups just wanted a new man to take over this position.

Yes, I have read your information. Pei Yangjia wiped off his sweats, Based on the task rewards, you can choose an origin technique and a cultivation technique which suits you. Just tell me what you want, and I will bring you there.

Universal category. Su Hao faintly said these two words.

Universal category? Pei Yangjia was stunned for a moment and quickly reacted, I will check for you.

A few minutes later.

A virtual screen popped out. Countless universal origin techniques and cultivation techniques appeared on the screen. As Su Hao took a quick peek, he quickly snatched the list away. Such action made Pei Yangjias legs go soft.

The star rating system used for these techniques piqued Su Haos interest!

Su Hao searched for the ones he has completed and surprisingly, the description and star rating was identical!

Interesting. Su Hao pondered.

Could the black card system be extracted from here?

Su Hao quickly diverted his attention back to the virtual screen. Selecting an origin technique is secondary. What he is prioritizing is the universal cultivation technique!

Two stars...

Three stars...

Four stars...

Five stars...

Su Hao looked at each of the techniques listed.

Pei Yangjia cautiously reminded him from beside, Well, under normal circumstances, four stars are suitable for professional espers.

Su Hao glanced at him for a second, without uttering a single word.

Of course, he knew of this point.

Previously, while at the bottom of Jinhua Lake, he has experienced it before.

Four stars card - Origin Hurricane Technique.

It was the only one among all the professional espers who learned a universal technique. However, the opponents degree of understanding for this technique was poor.

A four stars cultivation technique is ideal for a professional esper.

A complete four stars cultivation technique is sufficient for one to train from a level one professional esper all the way into the domain realm. Only when one reaches a higher level is a new cultivation technique needed!

Of course, for someone like Su Hao who has already cultivated a four stars technique while in the specialized realm, his energy consumption is enormous. In addition to the many two and three stars techniques which he has mastered as well. He might be the only person to experience such a case!

Why not choose a five stars technique?

Su Hao thought for a bit but eventually gave up on this tempting idea.

Five stars techniques dont only represent an increment in energy quantity but also a higher difficulty and more time-consumed training. Based on the values alone, the most beneficial to Su Hao right now is still a four stars cultivation technique.


Su Hao made a firm decision on the spot and chose a four stars technique.

Origin Mercury Technique.

Another technique which is under the same universal category as Origin Hurricane Technique, its placed a little higher than the latter. Among the four stars technique, its considered a decent technique.

This... Pei Yangjia carefully continued, This technique can only be cultivated by yourself in front of a virtual screen set to private. Others must never copy it. The school will punish you if they discover that you have leaked it to others.

Yes, I know. Su Hao nodded.

Pei Yangjia the sighed in relief, You can now pick an origin technique.

After finishing his words, without waiting for Su Hao to respond, he instantly closed the cultivation technique and selected lists of origin techniques.

Sigh~ Su Hao sighed in regret.

Such a pity...

With so many cultivation techniques in front, he could only see but not take them home!

Zhanzheng College is indeed the most advanced institution in the entire Federation. The resources here are just on another level. However, could these things be collected within twenty years?

Su Hao instantly suppressed that sudden thought.

Since yesterdays enlightenment, Su Hao would subconsciously suppress these thoughts. Even if the current him knew, it would be useless. Besides creating more havoc and delaying his cultivation speed, it has zero impact in improving his strength.


The computers in his mind handled Su Haos doubts by compressing, encrypting, and placing them in the model world; turning them into data stored in a corner.

This process is Su Haos self-made setting.

When Su Hao doubts something, he would add a setting and label a level to it. In other words, the current Su Hao believed that only at the labeled strength would he have the ability to solve these doubts. Also, the level would be the actual password for the encrypted data.

Only when his strength reached this level that the data would pop out and remind him again.

Perhaps, at that time, it would be the ideal moment to solve them.

Even Su Haos doubts about the world and Su Tiancheng yesterday underwent such treatments.

Only by using this method could he be heartless!

Universal origin technique Su Hao looked at the virtual screen and exclaimed in amazement.

The number of origin techniques here gave people goosebumps.

Unlike cultivation techniques, universal origin techniques are more applicable and diverse. Anyone would be suitable to train in a technique.

As Su Hao looked, his eyes suddenly shone.

It exists!