Godly Model Creator Chapter 554

Chapter 554

Chapter 554 - Origin Mercury Technique

Origin technique: Thousand Miles Sound Transmission!

Able to directly use origin energy to convert sound into A specific electric wave and transmit it directly into someone elses mind. Its like the so-called sound emission to a thousand mile in wuxia novels.

Interesting. Su Hao looked at it with great interest.

While this origin technique is very costly, almost every strong esper will pick this. If you judge it from its price point, I suggest you choose this. Pei Yangjia recommended this technique to Su Hao.

Im not interested. Su Hao shook his head slightly.

The current him didnt need this yet!

Given such a rare opportunity, how could he waste it on such a technique?

What he wanted now is none other than strength!

An increment in strength!

Currently, Su Hao lacks a perfect universal origin technique.

Su Hao shifted his gaze back to the screen. Scrolling down the screen attentively, he stopped on an origin technique. This origin technique...

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer.

This name seemed common. However, even average people wont be happy with this artificial sounding naming, but this name caught Su Haos attention.

He recalled a scene during his hacking battle.

When he confronted Master Huo, that dark moon came out of thin air!

He couldnt help it because the impression was too deep!

To be able to fight straight on with that half-divine hand, based on Su Haos estimation, only one at the peak of the world realm could perform such an attack.

Without knowing why this origin technique gave Su Hao such a feeling.

Oh, you mean this origin technique? Pei Yangjia wiped off his beads of sweat, It is said that this origin technique was found in a certain relic. After being listed here, many people learned it, but no one has managed to master it!

Its that hard? Su Hao became interested.

Thats not the case. Pei Yangjia shook his head, Its just too complicated. I have learned this technique as well, but how do I explain? Its complex!

Complex? Su Hao locked his eyebrows.

It is the very first time he has heard such a term being used to describe an origin technique.

Yes, complex. Pei Yangjia bitterly smiled, The difficulty isnt high, but its too complicated that it makes one angry. Its like we generally would use origin energy to attack but some people utilize it by condensing it into shape. As for this origin technique, whats the best terminology I should use to describe it?

It turns into a sweater!

A sweater?

Su Hao wiped off his sweat.

This terminology is really strange.

However, for Pei Yangjia to say this, he understood the meaning behind this. Because, to weave a sweater, the material needed is still wool! In the same way, to train this Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, what is needed would be none other than ordinary origin energy.

Moreover, the problem people face is time!

There was once a person here who studied this for four years, but he only managed to complete 10%... Pei Yangjia said in a low tone next to him.

Really? Su Haos eyes turned brighter and brighter, Then I will choose this!


Pei Yangjia almost fell.

He wasted all the effort he just spent.

He tried his best to prevent Su Hao from making the same mistake. Unexpectedly, people didnt appreciate him.

This... Pei Yangjia bitterly smiled and could only helplessly select it for Su Hao.

Very soon, Su Hao redeemed his rewards from the college entrance exam.

Cultivation technique: Origin Mercury Technique, four stars.

Origin technique: Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, unknown.

In addition to these, it would naturally be none other than the resources Su Hao could enjoy for having 15 credit points, a huge amount of energy liquid.

These are all to support cultivation. Pei Yangjia continued his explanation, If the credit points are 10 or less, generally one would only enjoy energy recovery drugs. Only when one achieves 10 points and above is one qualified to use energy liquid. Plus, the higher you climb, the more resources you will be able to enjoy. You will then unlock access to the rich resources and tools the school provides.

En. Su Hao nodded as a sign that he understood.

Oh yeah, as for todays matter... Su Hao glanced for a bit at the high-altitude protective glass in the distance.

Haha, nothing happened today. Pei Yangjia said in a charming tone.

I thought so. Su Hao turned around, leaving the scene.

Behind Su Hao, sweat drenched Pei Yangjia's back as he released a sigh of relief as he observed Su Haos departure.

After working here for years, his great judgment should still be there.

When Su Hao stared deep into his eyes, it allowed him to understand Su Haos level of killing intent. If he didnt agree, Su Hao would kill him without any hesitation!

That damned person. When he thought of this, Pei Yangjia cursed at those higher-ups. He has provided his services for years. Even if he has zero credit to claim, at the very least, his hard work here should be recognized. However, they wanted to make him a scapegoat!

Damn it!

Since you all are ruthless, then dont blame this daddy for being impolite!

Pei Yangjia fiercely made a determination.

At the school district, after Su Hao obtained the rewards and resources, he headed back to his dormitory. It is the safest place.

If he decided to visit the training rooms or halls, Su Hao didnt even have to guess there must be many people who would be looking to bother him. His room would still be the ideal place to avoid such incidents.

For him, cultivation is the highest priority!

With energy liquid ready beside him, Su Hao opened the one-time video materials on his virtual screen. These videos could only be played under private mode and couldnt be copied to another device. After opening it once, it would self-destruct which is much stricter than the natural selection class.

Origin Mercury Technique.

This cultivation technique is quite similar to Origin Hurricane Technique. Since Su Hao already has perfect mastery on the later techniques, to begin studying Origin Mercury Technique has a zero difficulty coefficient.


With just a look, Su Hao already imprinted the content deeply into his mind.

Although the energy route and absorption method are different, there is almost no difference in terms of the cultivation process. In fact, during the mastery attempt, the problems faced were identical. At this point, Su Hao realized how beneficial it was to train the Origin Hurricane Technique to perfection!



Origin energy began to flow.

The energy within Su Haos body moved at high speeds.

During the cultivation process, all the obstacles he would face were easily avoided because Su Hao already encountered nearly ninety percent of them during his mastery on the Origin Hurricane Technique! Plus, with the abundant amount of energy he possessed, the progress today moved smoothly.



The speed started getting faster and faster!

Very soon, Su Hao already got himself familiar with the Origin Mercury Technique. Naturally, the energy within his body spontaneously moved faster based on the route stated in the video.

The only point which caught Su Hao by surprise is the energy quality!

Different! Its totally different!

If the route is to be labeled as a highway, then previously when he trained the Origin Hurricane Technique, the energy was like a loaded cargo that moved at high speeds on the highway. But now, it felt completely different!

This highway is still the same highway as before.

However, the vehicle has turned into a luxury sports car!

The speed isnt like before!

The energy became more concentrated than before, and the speed increased several times!

Could it be because of the Origin Mercury Technique?

No, it isnt.

Su Hao suddenly remembered something. Origin Energy Refinement!

It was the benefit of undergoing Origin Energy Refinement. Previously, this process allowed the energy within his body to undergo a qualitative change. Except he never expected it to have such an effect.



The high-speed operation of the sports cars brought countless energy particles along.

Under this condition, the energy within Su Haos body began to surge.

One lap.

Two laps.

Three laps.


Just like that, Su Hao got immersed in his cultivation.

The cultivation of the Origin Mercury Technique gradually reached the final moment.


A loud sound could be heard, followed by a series of energy fluctuations.

Su Haos eyes lit brightly. His first attempt to train this technique is a perfect success!

Origin energy!

Su Hao could feel the excited energy within his body.

It is the effect of training the Origin Mercury Technique. However, it is a pity that he is no longer a specialized esper but a professional esper. In this realm, an increment in energy would not bring any benefit to his talent. Su Hao is still an ordinary level one professional esper.

However, Su Hao himself could feel the improvement in his strength.


With a punch, origin energy dispersed into the surroundings.

Su Hao nodded in satisfaction.


True improvement in strength!


Card establishment complete!

In Su Haos mind, the card Origin Mercury Technique appeared.

This four stars cards description is the same as what is described in the schools system.

Just as I predicted. Su Hao felt great about this.

However, before he could be happy, the energy returned to its original state since the cultivation was completed. At this moment, Su Hao found a problem. Something is amiss with the energy!

What happened? Su Hao examined his body.

In this ocean of energy, it is divided into two layers.

It is like two oceans separated by a difference of densities. The denser part settled at the bottom part of the ocean, forming a layer. While the less dense part suspended on top, forming another layer.

Two completely different densities with a distinct border!

In nature, such an occurrence is normal, but it is strange when it happens in a body. It is an ocean of energy, but where does this difference in density come from?


Whats the issue here?

After Su Hao observed it for a while longer, he finally found the problem.

The layer with the higher density contains the energy particles which undergone energy refinement. As for the layer above, those are the new particles formed from the Origin Mercury Cultivation.

Whats this? Su Hao questioned in confusion.

Under normal circumstances, after finishing the cultivation, wont other energy particles change to form a new kind of particle? Besides, the type of energy he cultivated is universal and neutral.

Neutral energy!

It means that it wont be any rejection when combined with other energy particles!

There should never be such an incident with two layers forming.

Hold on... Su Hao frowned as he thought of something.

Inspecting the energy within his body, Su Hao realized the problem. It wasnt anything related to the cultivation technique but the Origin Energy Refinement!