Godly Model Creator Chapter 555

Chapter 555

Chapter 555 - Dark Moon Dream Destroyer

So that is whats happening. Su Hao realized that because of energy refinement, the new energy particles took the form of the state before energy refinement! Because of this, they are unable to transform.

This issue should be a general problem everyone faces.

If so, then how did the others deal with this problem?

Su Hao never thought that his talent is better than others. When he encountered these problems, the first thing he did is visit the school forum for the first time. Entering the cultivation section, he searched for the related problems.


A list of relevant data appeared.

After Su Hao took a quick look, he came to an understanding.

No wonder he often heard of a phrase before this, the phrase being: Before undergoing energy refinement, the more solid your foundation and energy you have, the better the strength increment you will enjoy in the later stages.

Now he finally understood the phrase.

If 100 units of energy are used to describe the original energy, then after the energy undergoes refinement it would reach 1,000 units. After this process, the more energy you have, the particles will turn into 1,000 units of energy.

From that moment onwards, your energy intensity would be 1,000 units.

However, although professional espers dont emphasize much on energy, it still needs to be cultivated. For example, an ordinary four stars cultivation technique could double the energy within ones body, reducing the previous ratio of energy in half. The extra new energy particles would be 100 units. Having both halves of 1,000 units and 100 units would significantly affect the strength produced.

Only after an extended period of training could they assimilate with each other and turn into 1,000 units!

Also, this process is destined to be a long one.

Therefore, if you have a high amount of energy before undergoing energy refinement, you will only need to increase the amount by a bit which naturally reduces the time needed to assimilate the new energy particles.

Thus, the more solid your foundation before energy refinement, the more obvious the improvement you get to see!

Of course, it is also the very reason why during the professional realm, many people hate training cultivation techniques.

The strength increment isnt obvious. Under normal circumstances, one would not consume all their energy at once. Thus having an increment in quantity wont have much impact. In contrast, one still needs to assimilate the new energy particles, and that is just a waste of time!

To make it worse, they have experiences from predecessors to assist them.

In terms of ability talent, they could comprehend and surpass their predecessors!

Each breakthrough would bring a huge increment of strength! How could such speed be compared with the slow progress of cultivation?

In the eyes of every professional esper, ability talent will always be first and origin technique as second.

Only then would they pay some attention to cultivation techniques which is hard to train.

This situation is troublesome. Su Hao locked his eyebrows.

Because of his successful cultivation in Origin Hurricane Technique, his progress in cultivation is moving smoothly like a river. In just half a day, he already mastered the Origin Mercury Technique and the energy quantity in his body increased by quite a large margin. However, it was because of this that he has to deal with another problem, a large amount of unrefined energy.

If he were to cultivate normally and fuse new energy particles when they form, it wouldnt take a long time.

Keeping them in balance, at least his cultivation would be slower by a little.

However, looking at the two distinct layers of energy, his face suddenly turned dark.

This amount seems to be a bit too much...

Moreover, for Su Hao who is extremely hungry for energy, he would have to deal with this problem again and again in the future.

After Su Hao pondered for a bit, he diverted his attention back to his body.

After not using it for quite some time, it seemed that even he had neglected an important existence, the pure energy within the Circular World! When he first entered Zhanzheng College, it was this pure energy that allowed him to complete the refinement process, turning the energy within his body into higher quality.

Energy refinement, one could only undergo it once in a lifetime.

Su Hao didnt know why.

However, based on his guess, the criteria should be whether the body already has high-quality energy. Of course, this criteria wasnt important to him.

What mattered to him is whether the pure energy in the Circular World can be used to refine his new energy?


Su Hao quietly opened the Circular World.

In the endless Circular World is a vast ocean of energy. It is none other than the never-ending pure energy, wandering around in this whole circulating indefinitely. The moment this world opened, Su Hao could feel the incoming influx of aura.

It is the aura coming from the pure energy!

Open! Su Hao pointed his finger at an empty space.

The Circular World opened a tiny hole, aimed at the newly formed energy particles.


The fierce, rogue energy swarmed down and merged with the energy which gradually introduced changes.

Done! Su Haos eyes shined.

The pure energy could combine with the new energy particles, turning them all into the purest kind. A moment later, Su Hao closed the Circular World. As Su Hao inspected his body again, he noticed that the second layer of new energy particles vanished. Only the purest energy remained.


Su Hao raised his hand, and the energy fluctuated.

These are perfect energy particles!

Phew~ Su Hao took a long breath, while his eyes were unable to mask his amazement.

Origin energy!

What he lacked the most is origin energy!

Once he embarked his journey on this route of energy, if he failed to convert this newfound energy, his strength would be greatly reduced in addition to how much time he would have wasted on converting it.

However, it isnt a problem anymore!

With the existence of the pure energy, the route he stepped into is still a route of extreme upgrading speed.


No need!

With just a sweep from the pure energy, the newfound energy would undergo refinement.

Exactly like the energy refinement!

The existence of the Circular World allowed Su Hao to complete energy refinement at any time at the fastest speed.

One four stars cultivation technique allowed Su Hao to increase his energy capacity at least twice!

To describe it as an explosion of strength isnt an exaggeration!

Although Su Hao is still the same on the surface, he has 15 credit points and is a level one professional esper. Su Haos seemingly zero point GPA has quietly grown. If Su Hao is to go and examine his GPA now, the number he would obtain wont be zero anymore.

Since Su Hao completed this cultivation technique, it is time for him to shift his gaze to the origin technique, Dark Moon Dream Destroyer.

This name is a very poetic name.

The reason Su Hao picked this isnt because he is trying to brag to others, rather in his point of view, this technique must have its strong points for people to label it with a high degree of difficulty. Especially, being found in an ancient relic, this point alone enticed Su Hao.

Ancient ruin. Now, the ancient relic and this mysterious origin technique.

These attracted Su Haos attention.

Could it be a newly born relic?

20 years ago?

No, perhaps it might even be earlier.

Also, it is for this reason he dared to select it. What he is afraid of the most are those with strength completely out of place and without any condition to be met.

As for complexity?

He never bothered with it!

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer. Su Hao gently opened this origin technique.


A dark scene appeared in front of him.

Even if it was just a flicker emitted from the virtual screen, everything around Su Hao changed. What appeared in front of him was a dimly lit flat land.

The air became covered with thick purplish fog.

In the far horizon was a faintly discernible bright moon.

Gradually, the bright moon from the distant horizon made its appearance. This strange feeling was like watching the sun gradually rise, but he knew well that it is a moon!


Heaven and Earth turned bright.

The moment the moon emerged from the horizon, it was as if the whole world only had the endless moonlight. Right now, time, space, and all living things seemed to be frozen!

In this endless void of the dark sky, the moon filled everything.

A dark purplish crescent moon.

The crescent moon swept across the endless purplish fog, forming endless arcs and passing through Su Hao.


The world broke into pieces!



Su Hao could hear the sound of broken space.


A gentle echo destroyed the recording, and the surrounding went back to normal.

What a terrifying skill. Su Hao sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Whether it was the moonlight or purplish fog, Su Hao subconsciously ignored all of it. Through the analysis of thousands of computers, his goal was at the center! Nothing more than two words could describe this seemingly beautiful pattern of firework-like attacks.



Fix, fixing the space, time, mind, anything which could be fixed and creating a sensation to the target that nothing seemed to have changed around them. Kill, after you have fixed every aspect, using Dark Moon Dream Destroyer without any hesitation to kill the target while they are still enchanted!

This attack is an origin technique.

However, it is more accurate to describe it as an extremely complex hybrid origin technique. It would be better to name it Destroying Dream of Dark Moon rather than calling it Dark Moon Dream Destroyer. In the beginning, the bright moon and purplish fog is the so-called dream, and the crescent moon is the real dark moon!

Who would have thought an origin technique could become this complex! It covers such a wide range of aspects.

No wonder it could only appear in the universal origin technique.

Is it hard?

After Su Haos careful analysis, the more he dug deeper into it, the more shock he experienced.

Fix! Kill!

These two words looked simple, but it is extremely hard to reach this step. After Su Hao finished reading, he finally understood why so many people couldnt complete it.


This one word alone!

The complexity contained in it was enough to scare Su Hao.

Fix, it is about fixing the time, space, and everything. However, true time control is beyond the reach of an average person.

The definition of fix is more relative.

The faster your speed, the slower time seems to move.

It is a feeling.

Moreover, the fix concept is all about that feeling. It refers to the state of mind. When ones mind is affected by a dream, its similar to hypnosis in a way where one could feel the time and space standing still.

That is what fix is about!