Godly Model Creator Chapter 556

Chapter 556

Chapter 556 - Ji Xuehai

As for kill?

It is a concept beyond time and space!

When the final killing moment arrived, the huge scale aura gave that feeling to Su Hao.

Space? Smash it!

Time? Smash it!

Ignore everything! What matters is only the completion of the fatal blow!

That moment, even if it was just a scene shown on the virtual screen, Su Hao couldnt help but take a step back subconsciously due to fear. That power was too horrifying!

The breaking space is probably an illusion.

If Su Hao thought deeply, even Lan Tingxu could only perform a pseudo-space shattering; let alone this so-called Dark Moon Dream Destroyer.

Just an illusion? Su Hao pondered for a moment.

Just like what Pei Yangjia previously mentioned, Dark Moon Dream Destroyer is very complex. Its impossible that youre expected to understand a super complex and difficult origin technique from a video demonstration! No matter how many years since the establishment of Zhanzheng College, nobody succeeded in mastering it.

Su Hao tried to analyze it.

There was only one feeling.

Many details mired the technique!

The technique has factors like illusions, reality, time, time freeze, and space. These mysterious states made Dark Moon Dream Destroyer have countless possibilities. If one is to analyze each part one by one, perhaps an entire lifetime wont be sufficient to complete it.

Sure enough, it is an extremely difficult task.

Su Hao sighed.

There is no other choice. This strength is indeed powerful enough.

As for the complexity?

He was never afraid of it!


Thousands of computers in his mind activated and worked at maximum capacity.

The deduction and research on this technique officially begun!




Countless light rays flashed.




Su Hao crazily studied each mysterious state. However, not long after Su Hao immersed himself in this research, he was unwillingly forced to stop because he discovered that he lacked the theoretical knowledge.

To be lacking in theoretical knowledge is something which hurt Su Haos pride and he couldnt bear it!

Probability Analysis ZB, Time Pace ZB, Multi-Dimensional Space ZB, Fantasy ZB; Su Haos desk had several books for professionals on it. Not only that, Su Hao even went to get a textbook which Li Tiantian used for his understanding of his ability talent, The Law of Cause and Effect XB.

Hes mad!

That was everyones thought.

Su Hao didnt exit his room for a whole week.

Even while reading a book, he did so while under a high-speed processing state before going back to analyzing again. Su Hao spent a whole week absorbed in his research.



For someone like Su Hao, these things arent a problem!

What he lacked was probably in his theory foundation. As long as he perfected the theory, Su Haos research would make a huge leap in progress. Now, the contents of the books were filling up the loopholes in Su Haos deduction.



The analysis of Dark Moon Dream Destroyer finally reached the final stage.

Zhanzheng College, School District.

Chen Yiran just walked out from a teaching block. Next to her was a beautiful girl, tagging along. All along the way, Chen Yiran was wearing a very helpless expression.

Sister Yiran, youre really not going to consider it? The little girl smiled and continued, My brother is really handsome and awesome.

Chen Yiran patted her little head, Sigh, you little girl. Youre still young; stop trying to act like a matchmaker for others. I have to practice. You better go back and stop fooling around for long.

En, en. I know. That little girl waved her hand, Hehe, I will definitely take you back as my sister-in-law.

Chen Yiran helplessly smiled and entered the training hall.

At this moment, there were already many people in the training hall.

Here. Someone waved at her, and Chen Yiran walked towards that direction.

In this small area were a few people and they were all from Jianghe City. In addition to the usual group of Li Tiantian and others, there were also Zhao Feng and several students from the natural selection class. They were all in the same friend circle.

In Zhanzheng College, it is normal for students to have their own circle.

Those who are alone would easily become a target to bully. Having your resources snatched away is possible too. Is it possible to take the lead in Zhanzheng College under those circumstances?

Its impossible!

Only when there is competition would one feel pressured!

Zhanzheng College deliberately created such an atmosphere for students in order to stimulate their potential. Could you count on them to be the strongest esper if someone robbed them?

At the very least, the school didnt believe in them. Unless there is a large scale of casualties, the school will never intervene.

Therefore, after a few days of assimilating in this new environment, those from Jianghe City quickly organized themselves and formed a small group.

However, small cities do have their benefits.

At least, there was no conflict within this small group from Jianghe City! Because everyone knew that Su Hao, Li Tiantian, and others were the strongest in Jianghe City!

It is also the foundation of their foothold.

Why? Is it that elementary girl who is bugging you again? Zhao Feng suddenly smiled as he saw Chen Yiran.

Chen Yiran sighed.

That junior of hers from the same department is lovely and straightforward. No matter what the situation is, she would always maintain her curious look. After being familiar with Chen Yiran, she introduced her brother. Even when Chen Yiran mentioned that she already has a boyfriend, that didnt help at all which caused her to be helpless.

Zhao Feng, why not you settle that girl? Li Tiantian raised the corner of his lips.

A definite no. Zhao Feng hurriedly waved his hand, This isnt a joke. I cant endure such a person.

Everyone burst into laughter.

Well, to deal with girls, I think Zhou Wang is the best candidate. Suddenly, someone slipped an opinion which caused another round of laughter.

One day, a video of Zhou Wang scolding a fangirl was captured on video and uploaded to the Internet. Somehow, it went viral. At first, the public thought that those female netizens would bash Zhou Wang but the reality was the opposite.

Zhou Wangs lean body with his silver hair seemed to have won their praise instead.

Zhou Wangs cool attitude towards the girl made them excited, and there were even some girls who gave Zhou Wang a nickname, Domineering General.

... Zhou Wangs face turned dark.

He isnt someone who is clueless. In fact, he understands the matter about men and women. However, he really cant afford to invest his interest in this.

The only thing that could pique his interest is none other than cultivation!

Huh, Boss isnt here yet? Li Xin scratched his head.

Yup. He must be still training. Chen Yiran nodded, Later, I will bring some food over.

This, this time Boss has entered into a state of madness. Li Xin sighed. Its not like he cant come out. These few days, even if he wants to read a book, Im the one who helps him get it.

Li Tiantian rolled his eyes, Have you forgotten that someone previously targeted him? I think staying in his own room is the safest option!

That is true. Everyone agreed.

Su Hao is now like a bucket of gunpowder. No matter where he goes, accidents might happen.

Previously, when they watched those superheroes movies where the heroes would meet troubles wherever they go, they felt that it was unrealistic. However, after seeing Su Hao, they thought that those main characters in the movies have a much better life.

Su Tianchengs son and the top student in the college entrance exam.

In fact, since the start of the new semester, the people who wanted to challenge Su Hao are enough to reach a kilometer when queued up!

Alright, Time to train. Li Tiantian said in a low voice.

Training here brought them a better effect. There are countless tools here to assist them which includes this oversized training hall. Even if they all shared this hall, it would still be enough for everyone to train here for a long period of time.

However, those in Jianghe City who didnt wish to cause trouble didnt mean that others wouldnt.


Not long after their training began, someone suddenly kicked open the door to the training hall; several students who are obviously from the previous batches walked in leisurely. Oh, you guys are training? Sorry to disturb you guys. Bear with us for a moment. Where is your boss? It cant be that hes still hiding in his dormitory and doesnt dare to come out.


Li Xin was furious and wanted to charge forward, but was instantly held down by Li Tiantian. Dont move.

Sweeping his gaze on those people, one could see black lines forming on Li Tiantians face, Who are you guys?

Who are we? Hahaha, you actually cant recognize us? Sure enough, worthy to be someone from Jianghe City. Arrogance much, huh? The city of the top student in the college entrance exam, hehe. Too bad, so what if this is the fact? Previous batches top students are all stars here, but what about Su Hao?

Haha, the worst one in history! Those troublemakers burst into laughter.

True, true. Those top students from previous batches, which one of them are not shining like stars? Su Hao? Rumors say that he offended a certain strong character in the school.

You all speak too much nonsense. Light flashed within Li Tiantians eyes, Say, what is your aim here?

Wow, such a bad temper. The student who leads the group laughed, Dont worry. You little brats arent in our eyes. Ask your boss to get out from his shell and face us! My big brother has something to talk to him!

Who is your big brother? Li Tiantian sneered.

Humph, such an ignorant kid. That student confidently raised his chest, Ji Xuehai!

Ji Xuehai?

Everyone was stunned.

It is actually that person!

The previous batchs top genius, one ranked highly in the college entrance exam. Having studied here for over a year now, Ji Xuehai must have entered the professional realm and possessed a horrifying strength!

Of course, the most important fact is...

Huh, I have heard of this person before. If Im not wrong, he is a dog raised by the Tian family? Li Xin said astonished.

Li Tiantians face instantly turned speechless. This retard.

Everyone from Jianghe City turned cold. Brother, its alright if you know about it but why do you have to say it out loud?!

Sure enough, that students face changed.