Godly Model Creator Chapter 557

Chapter 557

Chapter 557 - Conspiracy Exposed



That second-year student stared at Li Xin with a threatening look, I heard that the freshmen of this year's batch are very arrogant. Now it seems that it truly is the case. I am Ji Congsheng, your Year Two senior! Today I will let you all know what it means to respect your seniors!


As Ji Congsheng finished his words, the ceiling suddenly ruptured!

Be careful! Li Tiantians face changed.

Before anyone could move, they saw countless cracks appearing around them. It was as if space had distorted and broke into pieces. Each of them activated their best defense and quickly stepped backward in retreat. However, those who werent that lucky and failed to escape had a blood trail drawn from their body.

Hehe. Ji Congsheng sneered, You guys are quite fast in evading.

Everyones face changed.

The peak of the specialized realm!

Although his ability talent is unusual, Ji Congsheng didnt hide his energy fluctuation from the crowd. This second-year student is also a peak specialized esper. Sure enough, he isnt any ordinary person.

Be careful. Li Tiantian reminded in a soft voice with a grave facial expression, Its a special ability talent, fragmentation. Always stand by with your defensive origin technique and try to use range-type attacks.

Oh? Ji Congshengs cold eyes flashed into Li Tiantian. Staring at him, he then voiced out, Hehe, interesting. Ordinary people arent able to recognize my unique ability talent.

But, it doesnt matter. Before seeing Su Hao, let me teach you all a lesson first!


The space burst, forming yet another series of cracks.

The powerfully intimidating and overwhelming aura caused everyones face to pale.


Hes too strong!

So this is Zhanzheng College!

Specialized espers here are a few times stronger than those outside! Although Ji Congsheng isnt one with a good character, his strength isnt something to underestimate. If he were somewhere else, he would still have the qualifications to challenge ordinary professional espers! It is why Zhanzheng College is formidable!

Cant hold it! Zhao Feng and others felt a chill in their hearts.

The group has their pride in their hearts, but they only joined Zhanzheng College recently. What could you expect from them when fighting with these old foxes who stayed here for over a year?

That sudden burst of Ji Congshengs aura didnt give them a chance to gather the courage to resist!


Is this power the strength of second-year students?


An exquisite light flashed.

Li Tiantians eyes went cold as a shadow illusion appeared behind him. Staring at Ji Congsheng, he suddenly opened his mouth, Chen Yiran, Snow Storm!

Alright! Chen Yiran nodded without any hesitation.


Snow Storm.

That familiar storm of ice and snow appeared again!

The cracks forming around them suddenly slowed down. Although this process couldnt be stopped by freezing it, the speed became visible to the naked eye.

Zhao Feng, be prepared! Li Tiantian commanded.


Zhao Fengs both eyes shone brightly.


Zhao Feng quickly took a sniper rifle from the backpack behind his back, and he aimed at Ji Congsheng. Although he knew that his attack might be not useful at all, since Li Tiantian instructed him to do so, he still acted.

Li Xin, use your strongest power burst!


A sudden giant air mass was shot out, coming from the condensed energy in a powerful punch. It is Li Xins strongest attack of a four times critical hit; it is his limit.


A whistling sound accompanied the strong punch!

Ji Congshengs proud face finally showed some signs of alert. A thin crack appeared in front of him as he waved both hands in the air and formed the cracks into a mesh.

Li Xins attack confronted the crack head on.



Crisp cracking sounds echoed.

Both forces burst into fragments and disappeared into nothing.

Zhao Feng, shoot! Li Tiantian continued his command without hesitation.


A fast blue bullet shot out.

The vibrant blue light symbolized Zhao Fengs penetrating ability, while this energy sniper is responsible for providing the bullet with a terrifying speed. Under the fusion of modern technology and origin energy, this bullet headed towards Ji Congsheng.

Youre courting death! As his sixth sense tingled from the incoming crisis, Ji Congshengs face finally changed. Ji Congsheng quickly pulled out a jewelry-like Nitai artifact, but a cold and clear voice interrupted him before he could use it.

Zhou Wang!


A bolt of lightning struck down from the sky.


Powerful thunder bombarded the scene!

Ji Congsheng got caught in this explosion. As the seemingly never-ending thunder traveled all over his body, a bullet penetrated through the Nitai artifact he was holding.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out!

Ji Congsheng subconsciously retreated backward. However, Ji Congsheng slammed against the wall behind him as his whole body received the powerful, penetrating force.


The training hall quaked.

The scene went silent.

The few underlings Ji Congsheng brought with him were dumbfounded. They followed Ji Congsheng like a good dog because he is a peak specialized esper. Ji Congsheng is already powerful enough to cause havoc in his second year. Besides, he could defeat certain professional espers with his current strength.

However, he lost!

It would be understandable if Su Hao defeated him. After all, Su Hao is a professional esper.

However, they havent even seen Su Haos face, and Ji Congsheng already lost to these specialized espers. To rub the salt into the wound, one of them is a level three specialized esper!

Even if it is due to a joint effort, a loss like this is still embarrassing!

Quickly, get the boss up. A few students went to help Ji Congsheng stand up. They looked back at the wall that now has several holes decorating it from the earlier impact.

Do you guys know what have you done? A student pointed at Li Tiantian and the others angrily.

What have we done? Li Tiantians eyebrows twitched, Defeating a waste, that doesnt sound like something worth showing off. Second-year and only a peak specialized esper? You guys who only cause havoc in front of ordinary students are just wastes in front of true geniuses!

Seeking death!

Senior Ji Xuehai will definitely find you all to collect this debt!

They were all furious at Li Tiantians words. Although their strength is weak in comparison, they still maintained their prideful looks.

Ji Xuehai? An odd light flashed within Li Tiantians eyes.

These people...

What? That Ji Xuehai is very powerful? Li Xin continued to ridicule, If you are brave enough, ask him to come here. This young master will destroy him in seconds!

Dont... Li Tiantian sighed and no longer attempt to stop this crows beak.

At this time, Chen Yiran and others seemed to have realized that something was amiss. Looking at the doorway, they noticed a figure slowly came over their side.

As Zhao Feng and the others glanced at the figure, their faces instantly went pale.

One of the super geniuses from the previous batch!

Ranked tenth among second-year students!

Ji Xuehai!

Youre the one who said that you would destroy me? A casual sound could be heard, accompanied by strong killing intent. The always calm look of Li Tiantian and his friends finally showed changes. This person actually came in person! The incidents earlier once again flashed through their mind. By connecting the dots, everyone understood what was going on here.

People are looking to disrupt Su Haos peaceful life again!

That Ji Congsheng or whatever is just cannon fodder. His aim in coming over here must be to provoke Su Hao, forcing Su Hao to take a move which would give Ji Xuehai excuse to act! However, after being accidentally challenged by Li Xin, he was unexpectedly defeated by Li Tiantian and others. Then, Ji Xuehai finally made his move.

Brother. Ji Congsheng walked over here with a pale looking face.

Trash! Glancing at him for a second with cold eyes, Ji Xuehai no longer bothered with him. Instead, he turned around and looked at the people from Jianghe City with great interest.

To be able to possess such strength while in the middle of the specialized realm, I admit this indeed exceeds my expectation. Is anyone interested in following me?


The atmosphere quickly became tense.

Ji Xuehais voice sounded casual, but nobody dared reply to him.

It isnt that idiot Ji Congsheng! Ji Xuehai is a real genius! Although Ji Xuehai is just a second-year student, his strength has already reached 20 credit!

As for his GPA, he has an additional 2 points.

In other words, his true combat power is as high as 22 points!

He is on a whole different level compared to Su Hao! Under this credit point system, one could see he has an absolute advantage. It would be a hopeless battle if Su Hao tried to fight Ji Congsheng!

The threat from such a character is many times stronger than that idiot Ji Congsheng.

If they didnt act now, they might die.

However, what could they do?

Everyones heart went cold.

Su Hao is still engrossed in his cultivation in his dormitory.

It is unknown since when but from that time onwards, what Su Hao saw in his eyes is only that dream-like world. He has done many trials, but they all failed at the most crucial moments. Su Hao found out that what he saw earlier has slowly been forgotten and this fact is what frightened him.

What kind of origin technique is this?

Ordinary people could only see the Dark Moon Dream Destroyer once. Not many could retain a memory of it. When more parts of the technique are missing, the training of this technique is doomed to fail.


This training is like a huge swimming pool.

On one side is a water inlet, while on the other side is the water outlet. At this time, Su Hao finally understood why that person used a period of four years to complete 10%.

Not only is this technique difficult and complex, but there is also an irritating and inexplicable force that prevents progress.

However, Su Hao didnt care about this!

If he has forgotten about it?

He only needs to look again!

He would look again!

Memory backtracking!

Model establishment!

Su Hao only needed to simulate the scene using his mind and view it again. Therefore, the so-called memory leak is not a problem for Su Hao. The only thing he has to do is to train like normal and fill up this pool.


Su Haos eyes became clearer as time passed.

Su Hao repeated this process many times and would direct any complex part to the thousands of computers in his mind to handle.