Godly Model Creator Chapter 558

Chapter 558

Chapter 558 - A Cruel Reality!

Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough!

Su Haos progress in this origin technique is like a linear climb!

There is no such thing as being the fastest, only being faster!

When Su Hao remembers the final part, he opened his eyes. Su Hao finally deciphered this seemingly unbreakable origin technique!


With a flash of light, Su Hao finally woke up.

Complete! Su Hao exclaimed.

Without having to act in real life, he could develop the technique as many times as he wants anytime in the model world and use Dark Moon Dream Destroyer without any restraint.

Of course, the only drawback is the energy consumption. It is an enormous amount!

If I can reduce the energy usage, that would be better. Su Hao sighed. If other people heard his words, it is unimaginable how many people would wish to hack him to death. Su Hao, you have managed to learn this highly difficult origin technique, and youre complaining about the energy consumption? Is Heavens law still here?


A notification sound echoed in his mind.

Su Hao subconsciously read it and became stunned. He knew that Dark Moon Dream Destroyer might have a high star rating, but he did not expect it to be this high!

Card establishment completed.

Name: Dark Moon Dream Destroyer

Rating: Six stars

Description: Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, a realm of separation from the world.

Six stars!

Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

His second six-star card!

In his body, the originally five-star Illusion Reality upgraded into his first six-star card, Mirror Image Simulation after Su Haos crazy deduction and assistance from the origin library.

For that six-star card, only God knows how much energy Su Hao wasted on it.

At this moment, a second one appeared!

How strong is a six-star card?

Su Hao already experienced it himself.

Mirror Image Simulation, as long as he has sufficient energy and is within his model world, Su Hao could even fight on par with king level beasts for a short while!

Of course, there is an if included in the above description.

Su Haos energy would never be sufficient under normal circumstances!

However, it did reflect on how powerful the origin technique is. Only when there is insufficient energy would Su Hao be unable to utilize the origin technique to its maximum potential. Since the beast tide, Su Hao has relied on Mirror Image Simulation many times to get him out of sticky situations. This six-star card has brought him lots of surprises.

Moreover, there is another six-star card incoming, Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, a realm of separation from the world.

The simple description excited Su Haos heart. That strange scene subconsciously played in his mind again.

Su Hao had a hunch that Dark Moon Dream Destroyer might be much stronger than what he anticipated!

Since his training is complete, its time to get up.

Scattered around his room were several empty bottles of resources the school provided him. Su Hao depleted the one month worth of resources within a week.

Phew~ Su Hao was very pleased with himself.

This feeling is nice to have.

In one week, he completed a four-star cultivation technique and Dark Moon Dream Destroyer. Nobody bothered with him and allowed Su Hao to immerse himself in his training. Of course, Su Hao understood that such a state wouldnt last for long.

Just as this thought appeared, Su Haos communication suddenly vibrated and a virtual screen popped out.


It was a white image with no word but a huge red dot flashing.

This is... Su Haos pupil shrunk.

A red dot!

It is the signal sent to him by those from Jianghe City when danger arises. The so-called red dot sent to him is to inform him of their location!

Damn it! Su Hao cursed.

In Zhanzheng College, who would dare seek trouble with them?

They are a few specialized espers!

For a situation where Li Tiantian and the others felt threaten and couldnt avoid, the enemys strength is definitely in the professional realm or above!

Moreover, the enemys aim would be Su Hao!

Those troublemakers again. Su Haos anger skyrocketed. No wonder the past week was peaceful. It wasnt because the enemy wasnt active but because Li Tiantian and the others stopped these troubles before they could affect him!

It was all to ensure Su Hao was able to enjoy a safe environment.

To seek help from him now indicated that they could no longer subdue it!

His speed of thinking was unimaginable. The moment Su Hao saw the red dot, he instantly analyzed this matter to its depth.


Model analysis! Activate!

2D Mapping! Activate!


Su Haos berserk aura swept across and covered the surroundings instantly!

The map of Freshmen District of Zhanzheng College appeared in Su Haos mind.

On the map, there were numerous large and small red dots.

Mark - Chen Yiran!

With a thought, Su Hao directly locked onto Chen Yirans aura. Soon, her aura appeared on the 2D map.

Mark - Li Tiantian!


Li Tiantians red dot appeared.

Sure enough, they are together! A cold gaze blossomed within Su Haos eyes. The 2D map displayed all the people from Jianghe City, and they were all concentrated at the training hall!

The troublemakers have come!


As the energy fluctuated, Su Haos figure suddenly vanished. Rushing towards the training hall, he had this thought, No matter who is the one making a move, I hope you do not be too excessive in your means or else...



Su Hao sprinted forward with a burst of energy underneath his feet, leaving behind potholes on the ground. Passing through like a light ray, he disappeared from the road.

Training hall.

Huh, whats there to hesitate? Ji Xuehai looked at everyone in front of him with great interest, My patience is limited. I think you all must be able to notice too. Su Hao is just a calamity who dares to provoke anyone. Will you be able to have a future following such a character? Have a look at us, the Ji family and the Tian family.

Having said up to here, Ji Xuehai pointed at Ji Congsheng, Even this waste could reach the peak of the specialized realm. Let alone you guys.

I... Ji Congshengs face went green for a moment before back to pale. However, he did not dare to refute Ji Xuehai.

What Ji Xuehai said is very straightforward.

However, it is precisely this straightforward tone that enticed someone. Finally, one of the Jianghe Citys party asked, If I go over to your side, I can be a strong esper too?

Of course! Ji Xuehai smiled happily.

Fang Lin, you... Zhao Feng looked at him in disbelief.

Alright, I will join! Fang Lin ignored Zhao Fengs words. Instead, he talked to himself, Whats the use of following Su Hao? He cant even protect himself, how can he protect us? We are at Zhanzheng College! Su Hao is the top student in the college entrance exam, but hes a mere rookie who recently entered this school!

Were all from Jianghe City! Zhao Feng stared at him in great hatred.

After all, he couldnt comprehend how someone could betray them without batting an eye.

What does that has to do with me? Fang Lin coldly smirked, So what if I come from there? Its just a place to live. Dont tell me that you will return to Jianghe City to retire? Im not betraying anyone. It seems that you have forgotten that we have never been together. Right now, Im being forced to join them.

After finished his words, Fang Lin walked over to Ji Xuehais side.

Hahaha, now this is the right choice. Ji Xuehai laughed and glanced at Fang Lin for a second, Hmm although you didnt participate in the attacks earlier, your strength isnt bad. Plant control is quite a rare profession too.

Fang Lin.

Level five specialized esper.

Plant Controller.

A repeater of the natural selection class.

He chose to leave!

However, one couldnt imagine that it was just the beginning.

After a while, another person left.

The Jianghe City party itself didnt have many members. It was just a small team of ten people, and now it instantly fractured as almost half the members went to the other side. Zhao Feng looked at these people in disbelief and couldnt accept it. He really couldnt understand how they changed in an instant when they were having fun and laughing with each other moments ago?

Is it just because of the threats?

Why! Zhao Feng couldnt understand.

Among these people, some were his best friends!


Man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down! These days, I have followed you to train, but I also needed to prepare for any trouble all the time, I had enough of it.

Me too. The current events arent what I expected from Zhanzheng College!

They began to voice out their reasons one after another.

Zhao Feng clenched his fists in anger.

Looking at the ones who remained, Li Tiantian and the others, their face seemed to be calm as if they were emotionless regarding the rebellion of these people.

Dont you feel unsatisfied? Zhao Feng couldnt help but ask.

Unsatisfied? Li Tiantian smirked, Whats there to feel unsatisfied? Im already well aware of their characters during the natural selection class.

Well, Im not familiar with them. Li Xin scratched his head.

Same reason here. Zhou Wang agreed.

Chen Yiran just casually gave a faint smile.

Zhao Feng bitterly smiled. Could it be because he is naive? Even Li Xin and Zhou Wang arent affected by the betrayal.

This era is a rotten era!

Fortunately, he isnt alone!

Zhao Feng stood proudly beside Li Tiantian and the others.

Hehe, quite an affection there. Ji Xuehai laughed.

At first, I thought of finding geniuses for the Ji family, but its such a pity. Since you all want to die, then dont blame me.


An abrupt aura rose up to the sky!

You dare! Li Tiantian sneered, To kill someone here, youre not afraid of being imprisoned for a lifetime?

Imprisoned? Hahaha. Ji Xuehai laughed out loud as if he had heard a joke, What a naive child.

Ji Congsheng? Ji Xuehai coldly glanced at Ji Congsheng for a second, I will let your family enjoy the benefits of the Ji familys planning. What say you, if Li Tiantian and the others die, who killed them?

Really? When Ji Congsheng heard this, his face simply changed into a look of ecstasy, I killed them! Of course, Im the one who killed. Haha, they dared to insult me. Then, I went mad and killed them all.


Everyones heart turned cold.

There was actually a scapegoat who was willing to take the blame for Ji Xuehai.

It showed the cruelty of reality!