Godly Model Creator Chapter 559

Chapter 559

Chapter 559 - Ji Xuehais Terrifying Strength

See, now I have nothing to worry about. Ji Xuehai looked at Li Tiantian and the others, revealing a sinister smile, Actually I dont want to kill you all. Sadly, Tian Zis failure really angered the few powerful people in his family. In order for our Ji family to escape from bearing this guide, I have to kill you all.

Go to hell!



Be careful! Li Tiantians facial expression changed and abruptly stopped in front of everyone. Before finished his warning, Li Tiantians blood covered his whole body.



Blood splashed everywhere!

Li Tiantian! Everyone was shocked.

As for Li Xin, he charged forward without hesitation.


In just a footstep, Li Xin stepped through a floor tile and sank deeply into it. His body went stiff. No matter how much force he used, he couldnt show any signs of movement. When Zhao Feng wanted to lift his sniper rifle, he found out that his whole arm became extremely heavy. Helplessly falling to the ground, he couldnt move either.


One could see electricity emitting from Zhou Wangs body.

As horrifying blue lightning condensed beside him, Zhou Wang turned into a blade and it directly headed towards Ji Xuehai!

However, before the lightning was able to get close to him, it seemed that some strange incident happened. In mid-air, it distorted into other spots.


The lightning force hit on the floor.

His attack failed!

Get lost! Ji Xuehai frowned for a bit. Raising his finger, Ji Xuahai blasted Zhou Wangs body away!


A blue light passed by and saved Zhou Wang. An iceberg a few meters in height suddenly appeared in front of everyone, blocking Ji Xuehais energy.

Ridiculous! Ji Xuehai coldly smirked.


The iceberg broke into pieces.

Puff~ Chen Yiran directly received the rebound force; at the corner of her mouth is a trace of blood.

A drop of blood fell, and Li Tiantian trembled for a bit from head to toe.

Too strong!

In just one move!

No, without even using an origin technique, in just a handful of waves, they were all suppressed! In fact, they couldnt even move!


Is this the strength of a second-year student?

I will give you another chance. If you surrender, I will let you live. Ji Xuehai faintly said.

Idiot. Li Xin spat at him, If youre brave enough, receive a punch from this young master!

As for others, they only stared at Ji Xuehai coldly. Although blood covered their bodies, it did not shake their determination at all!

Great. Ji Xuehais face went cold, I appreciate the unyielding personality. I hope that after going to hell, you wont regret your actions!



Endless aura suddenly shrouded everyone.


A terrifying force is about to arrive!

Behind Ji Xuehai, Fang Lin and the others who have just defected over to this side looked at this scene in fear. They knew that Li Tiantian and the others were about to die.

They are at Zhanzheng College!

They are no longer at Jianghe City!

The phrase I decide my life with my own hands is just a joke. The real freedom is always in the hand of powerful espers! Su Hao and the others arent the same!

Luckily, they came over here. Fang Lin and the others felt relieved.



The horrifying pressure kept coming.

Even the sturdy training hall is on the verge of collapsing. This silent and invisible, incredible force easily oppressed Chen Yiran and the others.

Above the room, the pressure squeezed a dropped screw into flat metal in mid-air!

This pressure came from real strength!

If this force fell, Chen Yiran and the others would die without a doubt! However, it was at this crucial moment that everyone heard a clear sound.

Ji Xuehais eyebrows twitched as his eyes turned bright.



The force which was about to burst under high pressure immediately reversed, forming a block in front of him. At the same time, through a small window of the training hall, a blue arrow pierced through the air.


With an explosion, the entire training hall shook!

As the two forces collide with each other, the terrifying energy swept across the surrounding. That violent energy moved in such a way that entangled Chen Yiran and the others.


A figure flickered, accompanied with a graceful energy fluctuation.

A thin figure shielded for everyone and erased the aftermath!

Very soon, the training hall returned to its calm state.

The figures sudden appearance stunned everyone. For someone to be brave enough to appear at this moment to face against Ji Xuehai, it can only be him!

Su Hao, you finally came! Ji Xuehais eyes finally showed a trace of bright color.

A confrontation between geniuses!

During the last college entrance exam with the old system, he only managed to obtain the second rank. He didnt know how much of a difference in treatment he received from the so-called top student. This time, Su Hao was lucky enough to participate in the exam after underwent reformation. Surprisingly, he managed to emerge as the first ranked student, gathering a high amount of popularity.

The difference made him mad with jealousy.

When he received the order from his family, he quickly rushed over here.

A battle between geniuses, this should be the fate for someone like him!

Everyones eyes turned wary. Whether it was Ji Congshengs gang or Fang Lin and the others, they all subconsciously retreated at this moment.

This meeting is a collision between two geniuses from different batches!

This stage belongs to them!

Ji Xuehai looked at Su Hao in excitement.

However, unexpectedly, the scene of the typical hero didnt occur. Su Hao didnt pay any attention to him but cautiously put Chen Yiran and the others against the wall.

Are you okay?

Im fine. Be careful. Chen Yiran warned.

Just leave this to me. Su Hao smiled calmly.

However, under Chen Yirans gaze, she could imagine how much anger that smile is hiding.

Whether it is herself, Li Tiantian, or the others, when it involves themselves, they wouldnt care much but once their friend is involved...

She knew Su Hao is brimming with anger.

Ji Xuehais face was very bitter because it is different from what he imagined.

At this time, Su Hao who seemed to be busy finally noticed this man in front and casually turned around.


With light shining in Su Haos eyes, he quickly scanned Ji Xuehais information. With thousands of computers operating, a file appeared in his eyes in the blink of an eye.

Youre Su Hao? JI Xuehai coldly asked.

That same question.

Su Hao looked at him with an expression of looking at an idiot.

If it were someone else asking this question, it would be okay.

However, Ji Xuehai?

With the relations between the Tian family and the Ji family, would Ji Xuehai not pay any attention to Tian Zis exam? If he did pay attention, he would know that Su Hao defeated Tian Zi!

However, these people seemed to love asking this question.

Expecting an answer from the question, as if it could gain him some momentum.

Ji Xuehai, 20 years old, level five professional esper. 20 credit points, 2 points of GPA, combat strength of 22 points in total. Ability talent: Space Gravity, choose space control as his profession, loves to toy with others, average talent. More prone to indulge in jealousy. Su Hao casually said it out; his voice echoed within the training hall.

Ji Xuehais face instantly changed.

He didnt think that Su Hao would be able to reveal all his information with some casual words. Plus, it was that damn teacher who gave that comment!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. Because of the conflict with a school teacher, the school nearly delisted you. In the end, it was still the Ji family protecting you and allowing you to stay here. However, there is still a demerit on your name. To be able to make the Ji family act, it seems that your position isnt small at home. Su Hao looked at the information he found and read it out loud.

Humph, a hero will not bother with the origin! JI Xuehais face became extremely ugly.

But youre a coward. Su Hao smirked, Not competing with others in your batch; you actually ran with your tail between your legs over here. Trying to enjoy a sense of accomplishment with weaker students, you retard, you actually dare to call yourself a hero! It seems that the Internets evaluation of you being a dog raised by the Tian family seems to be true.


Ji Xuehais hands clenched tight; his eyes red with anger.

Good Very good...

Now, even little puppies and kittens dare to insult me! Since you said that Im a coward, I will let you see the strength of this coward. I will see on what qualifications you have to be this frantic!


Ji Xuehai suddenly hit the ground.

The entire training hall trembled. Ji Congsheng face made a huge change in expression and quickly led his faction away.

Space Gravity!

It is one hell of an ability talent!

Within the energy range, Ji Congsheng could manipulate gravity. The stronger the energy, the higher the degree of control one would have. To stay around Ji Xuehai is a death sentence!

This retard, to anger big brother like this, hes gone for sure. Ji Congsheng muttered to himself, causing the people around him to feel fearful. At this moment, Ji Xuehai entered his berserk mode, thanks to Su Hao angering him.

What is the combat strength of Ji Xuehai?

22 points!

A total suppression!

With such a huge gap, what gave Su Hao the confidence win?

Everyone was terrified.


Su Hao walked to the middle of the training hall in large strides.

That location is the easiest spot for Space Gravity to attack!

Arrogant! Ji Xuehai was so angry that he burst into laughter.

This so-called top student of the college entrance exam only has 15 credit points. He dares to look down on others; it is unforgivable!

Since you want to die, I will let you die early! Ji Xuehai couldnt control his anger anymore.

Space Gravity!

Extreme Compression!


An extremely high frequency of tinnitus like sounds arrived. One could not even identify what it is before dense black energy suddenly appeared out of thin air, forming a hemisphere.


In a flash, the hemisphere trapped both Su Hao and Ji Xuehai under it. It looked like the top of the sky, and this 'sky' covered the training hall except the places occupied by Chen Yiran, Ji Congsheng, and the others.

It is the blue dome of heaven!

It is Ji Xuehais Space Gravity!

Thousand Times Gravity!


The floor of the training hall cracked!

The terrifying gravitational force multiplied by a thousand times appeared and directly suppressed Su Hao! Under this power, if one is to receive it head on, he would be crushed into minced meat!

A difference of 7 points in combat power!

Su Hao only has 15 points, how could he block it?

Subconsciously, everyone looked at the gravity force condensing in the empty surrounding.

At this time...


In the endless darkness, a purplish fog suddenly revealed itself.