Godly Model Creator Chapter 56

Gmc Chapter 56

GMC Chapter 0056 Field exploration

After taking a deep breath, Su Hao carefully walked towards the forest.

Since this was a field exploration, then it would be best to avoid any battles as long as possible. Once he got into combat, more and more berserk beasts might gather. It may even progress to the stage where escaping wasnt possible. That was the main reason most students used the life and death command.

However, that didnt mean that just because you wanted to avoid battles that you would succeed. In the wild, there were a variety of berserk beasts. Naturally there was no shortage of those with fast and nimble figures.


A yellow monkey appeared on top of a tree, baring its fangs while rushing towards Su Hao. This creature, which used to be cute at one time, became terrifying after undergoing mutation and gaining a pair of sharp fangs.


The monkey jumped off the tree. Once landed, it rushed forward with a momentum that was as if were an artillery shell that was fired.

In front of the virtual screen, everyone was looking forward to this scene.

The beast was called a yellow-skinned monkey. Like its name, it was a monkey which had undergone mutation with sharp fangs and claws. It specialised in attacking from the trees with extreme speed and dealing a fast blow. If you werent paying enough attention, a serious injury was possible. It was ranked as a beast equivalent to 10 points in origin ability.

It wasnt known how many newcomers had been attacked by this beast.

Su Haos eyes shone with a cold stare. Looking at the approaching shadow, he could naturally see it clearly with his extraordinary physical ability.

With both claws forward, the monkey claws swiped at Su Hao.

Su Hao effortlessly evaded. At the same time, his right elbow the monkeys side during that short moment.


The yellow-skinned monkey and its skinny body was pushed to a nearby tree. Without any hesitation, Su Hao marched forward to close the distance between them and twisted its slender neck.


The yellow-skinned monkey instantly died on the spot.

Leaving the scene to avoid any possibility of nearby beasts surrounding him, Su Hao continued to sprint towards the deeper parts of the forest.

Everyone was staring with a blank expression in front of the virtual screen.

Too fast!

The yellow-skinned monkey only appeared for a duration of one second and yet its neck had been twisted to death by Su Hao. Just as if he were patting the dust away from his body, Su Hao once again proceeded as if nothing had happening.

Was this his first time killing a berserk beast?

Such an approach was even much better than most repeaters and even more skillful!

This time, if there was anyone who thought that Su Hao was just a random brat who just happened to score high in mock exam, then anyone that thought that would be silly. However, the first thing they thought when most of them recovered from the shock was that they had once again been cheated by Bai Xiaosheng!

Especially those who bet on option A. They couldve gone straight to the wall to hit their heads. That was 100 points, man!

On the virtual screen, Su Hao was like a spirit flying around the forest, avoiding any berserk beasts. In this unknown territory of berserk beasts, he was like a fish back in water.

200 meters

300 meters.

500 meters.

1000 meters.

In just a short half hour period, Su Hao had directly rushed all the way to 1000 meters away from the school. That had really shocked the spectators again! Although some had predicted him being able to at least travel this far, but.that was a bit too fast.

Every time Su Hao met any berserk beast, he would handle them clean and fast. It was so quick that there was no opportunity for the berserk beasts to group up together. Thus, Su Hao was able to avoid the worst case scenario.

His terrifying 300 points in physical fitness had began to show their advantages!

Many newcomers suffered due to the berserk beasts speeds. They were extremely fast, with thick, rough skin as defense. For Su Hao, his body wasnt inferior to them in any aspect. That had became his advantages instead!

1100 meters.

1200 meters.

1400 meters.

When he reached the area 1500 meters away, he stumbled across a pack of red jackals. Compared to those outside of city, they were entirely different. Not only were they more ferocious and thicker skinned, the most important point here was that..the team consisted of 11 berserk red jackals!

Do I fight or not?

Su Hao pondered for a moment. The current him was extremely familiar with them and much stronger than before, to defeat them shouldnt be a problem but..this was still the wild, the territory of berserk beasts!

The reason he kept evading was to avoid large scale battles!

In front of the virtual screen, the spectators obviously noticed about that point.

Finally he stopped!

Hes too formidable! Directly rushing all the way until 1400 meters non-stop, Su Hao is too strong!

In my opinion, he should be strong enough. To face a team of 11 red jackals, thats quite a small number.

To get past those red jackals and past the 1500 meter range, that should be possible. Whether he will be able to do so smoothly, that will depend on his luck.

Everyone was secretly speculating his next move in their hearts. What surprised them was that right at that moment, Su Hao decided to confront them directly.

Whats Su Hao planning to do?

Thats still a group of berserk red jackals. Once a battle occurs, it will surely cause a riot and it will be easy to get surrounded.

Ah, after all, its his first time.

In front of the shocked expression of everyone, Su Hao marched forward.



Cleaning off every single red jackal efficiently, only one hit per red jackal! It was too easy for him to deal with them with his extraordinary physical fitness.

Every time he dodged, it felt like Su Hao was able to predict the attacks of the berserk beasts.

After effortlessly cleaning up the group of red jackal, Su Hao harvested one fang from them before quietly retreating.

At that moment, the rich heavy odor of blood permeate surrounding the area. Many berserk beasts were attracted to it and began to gather there. Like everyone was expecting, the amount of berserk beasts was increasing more and more.

Su Hao was hiding in the dark, motionlessly watching the scene.

He waited patiently until the gathered berserk beasts began to disperse before he started moving forward with his field exploration. This time around.since most of the berserk beasts were attracted there, Su Haos next exploration was proceeding smoothly.

WTF, you can also do it like that?

These berserk beasts are that stupid? Su Hao was hiding in the nearby bushes! One repeater exclaimed with unsatisfaction, He can evade them like that?!

Nonsense! If youre the one there, you think you would notice him? But..since he had reached there, he should be reaching his limit.my task points.

After triggering a large scale riot, Su Hao once again surged the distance travelled in his field exploration.

1600 meters

1800 meters..

1900 meters.

And then, 2000 meters.

F*ck! How could he be so lucky?!

Just like that he reached 2000 meters?

I remember at 1900 meters, there was this kind of terrifying berserk beast. Why isnt it there?

Youre silly! With such huge radius of our school, you think every direction would have the same kind of berserk beasts?


2000 meters!

Was it far?

No, not far!

Even Zhao Feng could do it. Su Haos own goal was also to reach that stage. But for everyone, doing so for the first time in field exploration and under such a huge disadvantage, that was something to be shocked about.

Crossing the threshold of 2000 meters, Su Hao once again rushed forward to the deeper parts of the forest.

This time, luck wasnt on his side. When he only reached the range of 2300 meters he encountered danger! A group of black ox beast..Su Hao really didnt understand how a black ox could appear in a forest..

Activating a virtual screen, if he wasnt mistaken, the next reward was at 3000 meters. But currently, he was only at 2300 meters, so there was still a full 700 meters to travel.

Su Haos goal this time was just for the task points reward. Since this time, he was lacking in confidence, he had no need to get desperate and turned back.

It was just that when he was heading back, Su Hao encountered quite some danger. Especially the area which he could evade just now, when he passed through it again, he wasnt able to replicate the same feat.

Killing the beasts while escaping, that was quite a thrilling sight in the forest.

However, there was only one chance for Su Hao to use the fang in his hand to penetrate at one of the berserk beasts body. When he reached the gate of the school, his whole body was stained with blood.

Looking at his dirty school uniform, Su Hao helplessly smiled.

For others, exploring the field for the first time was definitely a thrilling experience. But for him, Su Hao was already familiar with such an environment. When he was rushing forward for rewards, that wasnt difficult at all. In fact, it was during his journey back that he encountered some difficulties.

It wasnt difficult for him to adapt quickly to the ever changing environment in the forest.

With my current strength, rushing all the way to 2000 meters should be considered normal. However, this Bai Xiaosheng, he really knew how to play a psychological game with the repeaters. Knowing that they would recall how difficult it was during their first time, they were naturally willing to gamble with certainty.

Su Hao smiled indifferently while looking at the spy device on his shoulder.

As if noticing the sight of Su Hao, the device that seemed like a butterfly once again activated and flew away.

Obviously, Bai Xiaosheng was afraid that Su Hao would make a move and destroy the device, thus he quickly commanded it to flee.


Su Hao smiled, Its such a rare occasion for me to show such a high profile performance. Also, I have revealed so much of my strength this timeThis time the task points should be quite a lot.

Finishing the field exploration, plus some first kill rewards and also the reward for berserk beast hunting. The first gold pot is finally in my hand. Su Hao activated his communication device and checked the amount of task points he currently had. Looking at the number, a burst of joy appeared within his heart.

At last, it was the time to collect the harvest.