Godly Model Creator Chapter 560

Chapter 560

Chapter 560 - The Might of Dark Moon


It was a never-ending high-frequency sound.

The gravity space seemed to envelop the entire training hall while Su Hao at the center received the most influence from the terrifying Thousand Times Gravity.

Space almost distorted.

Right at this moment, even the air felt heavy and moved slowly.

Without a doubt, that is the most alarming fact.

However, in this endless silence, a purplish light suddenly bloomed and filled everyones view.




The purplish light turned brighter and shined through the whole world.

Everyone stared at this scene in confusion.

In this boring gravity space, that touch of purplish light is the brightest thing visible. This light enticed everyones mind. In this empty sky, a bright moon suddenly appeared. Decorated by this dark space and purplish light, the scene looked beautiful and magical.

So beautiful... Ji Congsheng and the others looked at this scene like retards, and their pupils lost focus. In their eyes, all they saw is the bright moon.

This is... Ji Xuehai was stunned.

His strong self-control and alertness didnt fail him in resisting the beauty. The moment the moon appeared, he put his guard up.

What is this unknown thing?!

A cold light flickered within Ji Xuehais eyes as he subconscious thought about it.

Based on the impression, he seemed to have seen this before, but where has he seen it? What is it? He couldnt recall! Even he didnt realize that his thought process has become extremely slow and the gravitational force has paused.

Su Hao successfully created the purplish foggy hallucination and the dream within it.

In just a blink of an eye, the entire training hall quieted.

The so-called gravity force which was supposed to slam down against Su Hao has stopped a few centimeters above him all this time. It could no longer exert down.

Time seemed to have frozen!


Su Hao raised his hand.

In this illusionary world, a crescent moon appeared out of nowhere. The dim light made it almost impossible for someone to notice its existence. From a hidden corner, it slashed forward.


The entire space shook.

The crescent moon rotated in the air like a huge wheel, passing through the strange light countless times. Its goal is where Ji Xuehai is standing, and it seemed to cut apart space in its advance.

Dark moon.



A powerful killing intent finally broke out at this moment!

The moment it got closer to Ji Xuehai, the piercing chill managed to wake him up. Looking at the incoming crescent moon which suddenly appeared in front of him in horror, Ji Xuehai subconsciously reacted and compressed the gravity space in front of him.


The endless killing intent found its target.



The floor of the training hall cracked even more.

The dream vanished as the purplish light disappeared as if the final blow has integrated into the gravity space. The whole Dark Moon Dream Destroyer blasted into the gravity space at the last moment as if it wanted to shatter the space completely.


The gravity space burst into pieces!


The endless space fragments blasted into the surrounding.

They were the debris of Ji Xuehais Gravity Space.

This doesnt look good! Ji Congsheng and the others faces started becoming pale.

They crazily retreated even further, but at this moment, how many could evade the debris unscathed?



Several pieces headed towards the crowd.

Many people werent able to escape in time and became seriously injured on the spot. A piece of the debris almost killed Fang Lin.

Looking at Su Hao, his face suddenly turned ugly.

On the other side, Chen Yiran and the others still stood there motionless. Not even a piece of debris headed in their direction! Could it be a coincidence? Fang Lin gloomily looked at Li Tiantians figure.

There has never been such a thing as a coincidence!

The gravity space broke! Moreover, the crescent moon didnt lose its power!

After being compressed by a thousand times of gravity, it was no longer like when it first appeared, whether in terms of speed or might.


Ji Xuehai stepped to one side as the crescent moon arrived.


F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Ji Congsheng who was escaping for his life from the debris received another round of terrifying attacks. Under the madness, he quickly laid on the ground without daring to move randomly.


The crescent moon traveled through the top of his head.


Has it passed? Raising his head while trembling, Ji Congsheng turned around to have a look and was stunned.

This attack left behind a deep mark separating a wall into two parts! This training hall was built with special materials too!

How strong is this attack?

Ji Congshengs heart skipped a beat.

How is this 15 credit points?!

Earlier, didnt he plan to provoke Su Hao into appearing? Fortunately, his plan failed or else he would be the one to die first!

Moreover, it would be a meaningless death!

The attack ceased.


As if a storm passed by, the hair on Ji Xuehais forehead was blown up and looked it little messy. At this time, this arrogant genius finally showed a shocked expression. He couldnt believe what he just saw. This attack came from Su Hao, a freshman!

For him, 15 credit points are too weak in comparison!

People also call Ji Xuehai a genius. He knew that even if he is strong now, he was weak when he first entered last year. However, Su Haos strength...

The expression on Ji Xuehais face became dignified.

This new genius was more than what he imagined. Su Hao seemed to be much stronger.

He finally remembered what that move was! Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!

That extremely complex origin technique!

Su Hao is a genius. Yes, but other people are geniuses too! Everyone could see that this origin technique isnt simple, but so what? Its not like you can learn it if youre able to identify the complexity. How many seniors wanted to learn this technique but eventually failed?

After several years of research, only one conclusion appeared.

The efforts spent on it isnt worth it!

Has anyone succeeded in researching this technique?

Of course!

Rumors said that there was once a student who asked his teacher to assist in his research and finally succeeded. However, that teacher was at the level of the deputy dean! Plus, after the success, it could only be used by himself. It couldnt be disassembled to analyze at all.

In other words, this damn origin technique only has the standard of four stars, but has a minimum requirement of at the deputy dean level?

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer is indeed strong.

However, for someone like the deputy dean? Its totally useless!

For someone with this kind of strength, who would use this four-star technique?

Thus, Dark Moon Dream Destroyer has become a special existence similar to a milestone. There is a phrase that if one can learn this while still in the professional realm, then his comprehensive level is at the level of the deputy dean!

At the same level as a deputy dean?

Ji Xuehai stared at Su Hao. His expression finally changed.

The atmosphere was totally silent.

Nobody dared to break the silence.

Because at this moment, even someone stupid would know that this battle isnt something they could intervene and resolve. Whether it is Ji Xuehai or Su Hao, they both revealed incomparable strength! That horrifying Thousand Times Gravity and that mysterious Dark Moon Dream Destroyer.

They are both powerful!

That is everyones current thought.

Whether it be Li Tiantian, Zhou Wang, or his other friends, they were stunned.

They knew Su Hao is strong, but they never expected him to be this strong! With just a single blow, he shattered Ji Xuehais Gravity Space. Everyone saw it clearly that with just a raise of Su Haos hand, that strange move appeared.

A single move to kill!

A full 7 point gap!

Su Hao treated that seemingly powerful Thousand Times Gravity like it is a joke. Ji Xuehais strength is unquestionable. So exactly how strong is the current Su Hao?


Water leaked from the ceiling.

With a drop of water falling to the ground, one could actually hear the sound loud and clear in the training hall.

Even if this training hall was specially built for students to train, it was still not enough to withstand two extremely strong professional espers having a battle here.

Su Hao raised his head, and he is still as calm as ever.

Sure enough, he failed in his attempt.

Humans have self-awareness, and Su Hao is someone who judges his strength rationally that it makes one have goosebumps. What level is he right now?

15 credit points, unknown GPA!

Even if his strength improves, Su Hao predicted that his overall combat power would not exceed 18 points! Compared to Ji Xuehai, there is still a deficit of four points! His only hope in defeating this enemy was when Ji Xuehai lost his senses and wasnt aware of this technique.

This time, without using Illusion Reality or any other origin technique, the moment Su Hao made his first move, he used the strongest origin technique which he just mastered and attempt to clear this stage!

However, unexpectedly, he failed.

After all, Ji Xuehai clearly showed his strength here.

Even when he concealed the killing intent to the very last moment, it still managed to wake him up.

Su Hao sighed due to the gap in strength.

You actually learned Dark Moon Dream Destroyer. Ji Xuehai still stared at Su Hao.

It didnt seem difficult. Su Hao revealed a smile.

Great. Ji Xuehai laughed, At first, I thought its just some warm-up exercises, but I have to admit that you do have the strength to let me go all out.


Dark, black energy flashed.

A black flame suddenly appeared on top of Ji Xuehais hands. The black energy took shape on his hands, forming a pair of black gloves. Dark aura and the origin energy covering his hands, this characteristics brought a sense of mystery.

This is... Su Haos face revealed amazement.

Nitai artifact?


It is Ji Xuehais energy weapon!

Gravity Fists Gloves!

Usually, most people would choose cold weapons as energy weapons with swords being the most popular among them because swords are the easiest to make and they could easily match other origin techniques.

Therefore, unless it is a special ability, one would usually have a sword as his energy weapon! Faced with an unknown energy weapon signifies that one has to face unknown dangers.

And now...