Godly Model Creator Chapter 561

Chapter 561

Chapter 561 - Li Tiantians Instructions


Space shook.

Without the use of any origin technique, just a mere wave of a hand, everyone could feel the vibration of the space around them. The vibrations had the same vibe as the gravity space. When Gravity Fists Gloves appeared, it indicated that Ji Xuehai finally decided to reveal his true strength!

At first I thought of leaving you alive... Looking at Su Hao, Ji Xuehai sneered, Because killing you will bring quite the trouble. However, with your current talent, I have to kill you. Your comprehension ability is equivalent to a deputy dean! The more talented youre, the more people who will wish to kill you.

Just fight me. Su Hao stared at him coldly, Who will die is still up in the air.

Ridiculous. Ji Xuehais gaze was filled with strong murderous intent and did not have a trace of anger. Looking at Su Hao as if he was looking at a dead man, he calmly continued, You really think that with my 22 points of combat strength I am only able to make gravity a thousand times stronger? I hope you have a stronger ability or else you will let me down.


Black energy surged.

A lump of horrifying energy condensed on top of Ji Xuehais fists. The lumps became two black spheres, similar to the previous gravity space but they are much smaller!

Their current shape looked more like ping pong balls.

However, they have condensed to the extreme, and it made everyone wary of them.

Such strength...

This is Ten Thousand Times Gravity. Ji Xuehai licked his dry lips, Although this is a bit too forceful for me, you should be honored to be able to make me use my full strength.

Really? Su Hao smirked.


A light ray flickered!

With one eye red and the other blue, two lights flashed within his eyes. In the end, Su Hao still had to use the origin technique he is most familiar with, Illusion Reality!

Hmph, that origin technique used for prediction? Ji Xuehai unexpectedly revealed a color of anticipation in his face, I have heard that the reason you won many fights is all because of this magical origin technique. Although Im not sure of its power...

Can it get you out of this deadlock?

Im curious. When youre in a desperate situation, whats the use of prediction? In front of a powerful esper, predictions are just a joke! Ji Xuehai calmly finished his words.


One left and one right.

Two black gravity concentrated balls began to quiver.

The entire training hall trembled for a bit. Ji Xuehai was just getting ready to attack, and it already showed how strong this attack would be. The surrounding people subconsciously stepped back.

Unexpectedly, Su Hao turned around and glared at Li Tiantian for a second. That slight action wasnt noticed by many, but Li Tiantian who had been paying attention to Su Hao all this time discovered his action.

What happened? Li Tiantian was stunned.

During such a grand battle, did Su Hao become distracted?


He isnt distracted!

Su Hao wanted to relay something!

Could it be he cant defeat this guy and is signaling us to be ready for an escape?


Li Tiantian pondered and his ability subconsciously activated. Since Su Hao wanted to show him something, then he would look into it.


Future Anticipation!

Several scenes flashed in his mind. Li Tiantians jaw dropped to the floor. His facial expression subconscious turned mad and goosebumps formed all over his body.

Damn it!

This madman!

The scattered scenes he saw arent detailed enough.

However, Li Tiantian already knew what message Su Hao wanted to give.

This fanatic!

Li Tiantian cursed in his heart and said to those around him without hesitation. Run!

Run? Everyone was confused.

However, nobody doubted Li Tiantians decision.

Since they took a short break, they recovered a bit of their strength. Although the groups current condition is still insufficient to join a battle, simple actions shouldnt be affected. After listening to Li Tiantian, everyone rushed out of the training hall.

Nobody stayed behind!

Ji Congsheng and others were startled for a second and laughed, Hahaha, a group of stray dogs only thinking of running away at this moment? Run! You think you will be fine after running with your tails between your legs? After Su Hao gets killed, the first ones we find will be you guys. Hahahaha.

Cold light flashed in Fang Lins eyes.

He isnt an idiot like Ji Congsheng. After trying to connect the dots, he suddenly understood and said in a hurry, Retreat, the strength of Senior is too strong. If Su Hao uses the same degree of attack the entire training hall might be unable to bear it!


Everyones face changed.

Indeed what he said made sense.

Previously, that clash between Thousand Times Gravity and Dark Moon Dream Destroyer made such a mess to the training hall. If it is a collision between Ten Thousand Times Gravity and a more powerful attack...

No wonder Li Tiantian and other fled the scene!


Everyone left the training hall without hesitation. This time, nobody laughed at the people leaving, escaping is undoubtedly more important than anything else!



The training hall suddenly became empty!

In just two seconds, all the spectators left!

Your friends seem to have given up on you. Ji Xuehai coldly laughed.

Arent your dogs the same? Su Hao replied indifferently.

Both of them looked at each other with surging killing intent.

Time felt long, but only a few exchanges of words and people leaving had occurred. It is due to Ji Xuehai needing time to condense his energy!


The condensation is now complete!


A strange change happened in the middle.

Ji Xuehais current state is now completely different, With my strength at its peak, I would like to see what kind of move you will have this time. To withstand Thousand Times Gravity, you have to use Dark Moon Dream Destroyer. How are you going to resist a stronger gravitational force?

Su Hao laughed it off and said nothing.

Su Hao naturally noticed that Ji Xuehai is deliberately dragging out their conversation while secretly condensing his energy. However, if one thinks that its the best chance to attack him now, that would be a major mistake! When you rush to attack Ji Xuehai, that horrifying Ten Thousand Times Gravity will come at you instantly!

Ordinary origin technique against Ji Xuehais Ten Thousand Times Gravity?

You cant even imagine hows your death will look like!

Moreover, if you allow him to condense his energy, Ji Xuehais attack will inevitably become more stable.

Attacking seems wrong, while not attacking isnt right either.

This is the might of Ji Xuehai, he could use an origin technique in a variety of ways. No matter the circumstances, he would be able to maximize the power. However, when Ji Xuehai is condensing energy, Su Hao isnt idling around with no plan. His hands were moving too as if he was preparing for something.

That posture Handprint Origin Technique?

Ji Xuehai was puzzled. However, he quickly erased his doubts because he completed his origin technique. He is now in his best state.

Ten Thousand Gravity is now stable!



Space distorted.

With a sinister smile, Ji Xuehai didnt hesitate to make his move!


A terrifying pressure appeared again!

A strength many times stronger the previously caused the entire training hall to tremble violently.

Whether it be the ceiling or the floor, everywhere was shaking.

The might of Ten Thousand Times Gravity isnt something that ordinary material could withstand.



The gravitational force compressed countless metals into thin sheets!

Its finally here? Su Hao sucked in a mouthful of air.

Before the gravitational force approached him, Su Hao could already feel the horrifying pressure. Sure enough, 22 points of combat strength arent something he could compete with now!

If one is to have to regret, then only death awaits him!

Su Hao looked cold. He could feel that gravity force which could potentially kill him instantly. Shifting his gaze towards the proudful and self-confident Ji Xuehai, Su Hao revealed a slight smile.

Ten Thousand Times Gravity is indeed very powerful.

However, allow me to express my condolences.

From the beginning, I did not intend to have any regrets! Here is Zhanzheng College, the best place equipped with a scientific research center in the Federation. Here, there are things which are more powerful than Ten Thousand Times Gravity!

Su Hao glanced at Ji Xuehai, revealing a smile.

Ji Xuehais heart skipped a beat. He suddenly felt alerted. He didnt know how such a thought appeared, but it came from the bottom of his heart.

What happened?

Ji Xuehai was shocked.

It is obvious that Su Hao will die in a moment!

It is obvious that in less than a second, he will kill Su Hao!

Why did fear start to linger in his heart?

This thought only flashed quickly in his mind. Immediately, Ji Xuehai didnt hesitate to launch his attack. Ji Xuehai knew he couldnt get distracted at this crucial moment.

Could it be some illusion Su Hao created?

Ji Xuehai stabilized his mind and looked at Su Hao who is still smiling.

Su Hao!

Within a second, I will kill you!

Zhanzheng College.

In a research institute within the school district.

Several students wearing ordinary uniforms as well as a group of young men with normal staff uniform were madly entering codes in front of their computers.




In the central hall.

On top of a giant virtual screen, codes were flowing downwards at high speeds.

Inside the hall.

A variety of oddly shaped weapons or models made from metal could be found. Steel armors, active cannons, and even a mech like those in the futuristic movies; however, everyone was busy walking around and treating these things like air.

Little A, adjust Program X.

Wait, Im still occupied.

Such voices echoed around the whole hall.

Everyone was super busy.

On the right side of the hall, inside a transparent office, an almost bald middle-aged man was looking at the report in his hand.

A student with glasses was carefully presenting his report, and in just a few seconds, the middle-aged man became furious.


Do you know why I have been called back? That bald, middle-aged man pointed at the head of the student with saliva splattering around, Didnt you say that this nuclear weapon is a future weapon? Didnt you say that its enough to change the future of mankind? How many billions have we wasted on your team to allow you guys to continue researching this weapon?

Whats the result?