Godly Model Creator Chapter 562

Chapter 562

Chapter 562 - Mysterious Card!

Whats the result?! The bald, middle-aged man slammed hard on the table, causing a rumbling sound!

It was reduced to nothing with just a palm! Not even a fart escaped! F*ck! Even if your eggs are smashed, at least you could hear the crack sound, but this nuclear weapon of yours? Not even a sound, you know that was worth ten billion?!

Uh. The student wiped off the saliva on his face and said in embarrassment, The opponent is too strong. If were to continue our study, perhaps one day, we might break through this barrier.

Perhaps?! One day?!

Are you trying to toy around with me? The bald, middle-aged man couldnt hold his anger anymore, There wont be the next chance! A nuclear weapon alone has wasted a total of ten billion star dollar! The higher-ups have decided that its no longer an idea to develop. All future projects regarding nuclear weapons will be halted! The research on spaceships lacks manpower. Bring your men over there. After all, its still under technology.

Yes. The student bitterly smiled.

Whom can he blame under these circumstances?

Perhaps, if he was to blame something, he could only blame that the enemy was too powerful! The nuclear tube just finished its development and started its first run but already encountered a half-divine beast.

Waste. After driving the student away, the bald, middle-aged man swore to himself to release his anger.

However, in just a few seconds, the light within the entire research room began to flash abruptly; giving off a strange feeling.

Then, it returned to normal.

What happened? The bald, middle-aged man was furious thanks to the series of bad incidents. As he was about to go out, he noticed his underlings were looking at the virtual screen in disbelief, Boss, no its not under control anymore!

What? The bald, middle-aged man quickly looked at the virtual screen.

On the screen, the mirror image of the globe quickly shrunk as the map zoomed rapidly, locked onto the northern hemisphere, the territory of the Federation. Narrowing down again, it locked onto Zhanzheng College. The process continued, locking onto the school district. After several more repositions occurred, it locked to a coordinate.

In an instant, everyone turned pale.

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!

What is happening here?

We lost control! We lost control!

The system has been invaded!

Im trying to take back the control, but it consumes time!

How long?

30 seconds!

The bald, middle-aged mans face turned ashed, 30 seconds. In 30 seconds, the cauliflowers already turn cold. What system did the enemy activate?

OMG darn it. Its the energy particle light beam!

Quickly stop it!!!

Cut off the power supply, now!

Its returning to normal!

Di, di, di, di~

Everything returned to normal instantly.

On the map, the globe zoomed out again. The bald, middle-aged man seemed to be relieved, Did we take back control?

No, its not that the control came back automatically. The engineer glanced at it carefully and started trembling, The energy particle light beam has already been launched!

What?! Everyone turned pale!

It launched at Zhanzheng College! At the school district!

When this thought popped out in their brain, they started panicking.

In the training hall, Ji Xuehai blasted his Ten Thousand Times Gravity.


It instantly bombarded Su Haos figure, and he turned into particles of energy.

Origin energy... Ji Xuehai scornfully laughed, Origin Avatar, huh?

He was unaware of when Su Hao escaped. However, its still all right!

He locked surrounding space. No matter where Su Hao is, the moment he appears will be his death.

Ji Xuehai thought so in his heart.

However, Ji Xuehai could feel his sixth sense tingling in danger as if a crisis is incoming. That strength made him recall a domain esper senior he witnessed before!

Damn it! Ji Xuehais scalp went numb.

Could it be an attack from Su Hao?

Su Hao is actually this powerful? Without having the time to react, a strong energy shot in front of Ji Xuehais eyes.


A blast of the energy particle light beam passed through.

At this moment, everyone could see an extremely bright scene which instantly returned to normal.


Its too fast!

The insane speed left many people clueless regarding what happened!

However, only those in the training hall, only Ji Xuehai knew what happened!

It was at this very moment that the surrounding became slow. That energy beam easily penetrated his ten thousand gravity space around him and instantly vanished.



The ten thousand times gravity space exploded!

What is the result of poking a balloon? It forms a hole.

The current situation is like so.

The horror of ten thousand times gravity space burst into the surroundings like a deflated balloon.

Instantly, Ji Xuehai was overwhelmed by his own energy.




Terrifying energy instantly filled the entire training hall. Compared to before, it was a hundred times stronger! The dense black energy swept across everything in the surroundings.

Hundred of holes now decorated the training hall which once stood tall.




As holes formed in the walls, the powerful gravitational force almost got the other surrounding training halls involved!

At this time, those who escaped earlier were all dumbfounded.

Initially, they only subconsciously thought that there might be problems which is why they followed Li Tiantian, but they never thought about this.



The entire training hall seemed to be experiencing a series of bombardment.

That seemingly endless black energy acted as a warning that the battle which is happening inside isnt at a level they could intervene!

This... Everyone was frightened, This is the strength of Ji Xuehai and Su Hao?


Its unbelievably strong!

At such a scale, let alone reaching that point, they didnt even dare to think of it.

Fang Lin had some regrets in his heart. If only he didnt betray Su Hao. Su Haos still a freshman! Didnt he just enter Zhanzheng College a few days ago?

If he can continue improving at such a speed...

Very soon, Ji Xuehai or whatever will only have the dust behind Su Hao to eat.

However, this thought only lasted in a flash before Fang Lin instantly scrubbed it away. Potential doesnt represent strength. With Su Haos current situation, before he becomes a truly strong esper, he would likely be killed.

Realizing this, Fang Lin became calm again.

Everyone carefully listened to the movement inside.

Everyone subconsciously understood that the large-scale attack earlier is a confrontation between two super-powerful origin techniques. Only such a confrontation could produce such a heaven-defying reaction.

Soon, the attacks ended.

The energy fluctuations seemed to have calmed down.

Inside the training hall, the atmosphere became eerie.

Who won?

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Su Hao?

Or Ji Xuehai?

After waiting for a while, there is still no signs of movement from inside the training hall.

Finally, the crowd could no longer resist checking. Whether it was Ji Congshengs gang or Li Tiantians, they wished to know the answer. Who won in the end?

You also dont know? Zhou Wang whispered to Li Tiantian.

It made sense that Li Tiantian already foresaw this scene which is why he quickly got them all out. Since he saw it, why didnt he see the result?

I am not sure. Li Tiantian smiled bitterly, I saw Su Hao make his move, but because the force was too much, something went wrong. Well we just have to enter, and our doubts will be answered, right?

Oh, so youre too weak. Li Xin shrugged his shoulder.

Weak your as*!

Li Tiantians face turned dark.

What could he do if he really couldnt see it?

His ability didnt have a problem, the terrifying energy destroyed his future sight when it burst out.

That was a powerful force!

It isnt something Li Tiantian could foresee with his current specialized realm.

The gap in strength is too huge!

After all, that thing is an energy particle beam!

What was the result?

He was also curious.

When he thought of this, everyone walked cautiously into the training hall. However, everyone was shocked the moment they entered.

There was no longer any need to take an extra step!

Standing at their current spot instantly exposed everything!

The fight destroyed the training hall!

What appeared in front of everyone looked more like a ruin. Countless shattered stones are all over the ground. Even the bluestone used to build the floor of the training hall was destroyed. As for the special metal plates used to defend against origin energy, they were all smashed into pieces.

This scene in front of them was too much that everyone felt terrified.

That is a shield used to block energy!

The reason why training halls could withstand attacks is because of their existence, but now what kind of destruction have they suffered?

As they observed the training hall, everyone subconsciously looked towards the center.

There is a giant hole, and a figure was standing there. He looked the same like before they exited this hall. His clothes did not even have a wrinkle on them.

When Fang Lin and others saw the identity of the person, they suddenly felt their back sweating heavily.

That figure was Su Hao!

Su Hao! Hes still alive!

Not only is he alive, but he also received zero damage!

How could this be?

After all, Ji Xuehai has a full 22 points of combat power!

Could it be that Su Hao who has just enrolled here already has 20 points or above of combat power? It is something which Zhanzheng College has never experienced!

The so-called genius and invincible man in their heart, Ji Xuehai had half of his body implanted within the ruin. His current state was so weak that a blow might take his life. Ji Congsheng and others quickly pulled him out from the ruins.

Youre here? Su Hao looked at Li Tiantian and others, revealing a smile. As his eyes fell on Fang Lin and others, his eyes changed into a cold look.

In an instant, Fang Lin and others felt that they have fallen into a bucket of ice!

With just a stare from Su Hao, they nearly peed themselves!

They felt guilty!

Even if they kept comforting themselves that they are just choosing their own route, the consciousness in their heart knew it is a betrayal.

Therefore, even if Su Hao hasnt voiced out anything, they already felt guilty!