Godly Model Creator Chapter 563

Chapter 563

Chapter 563 - Spacegoat

Su Su Hao You, you better not act recklessly. Fang Lin was so afraid of Su Hao that he took a step back.

This so-called genius in the past who acted very prideful; now hes acting timid and trembling in fear.

Su Hao just sighed at this.

Sure enough, humans change easily.

Thump! Thump!

Su Hao stepped forward.

Looking at those who followed Fang Lins footsteps to defect to another faction, he swept his gaze over them and faintly said, As you have said earlier, you can have your own choice. I will not make it difficult for you guys. However, since you have made a decision, be prepared to be responsible for it. See you next time...

When Su Hao hadnt even finished his words, he already waved his hand.

Inexplicably, Su Hao recalled the scene when he first entered the natural selection class. They all cooperated and attacked Fang Lin together, but he brutally slaughtered them all.

The Fang Lin at that time was domineering and confident!

However, he now a figure in a sorry state, fleeing with his tail between his legs.

Humans. Su Hao shook his head lightly.

The human heart is the most complicated thing in this world.

The route to be the strongest esper, is filled with threats, temptation, death, and other corrupt actions. Each of these elements is sufficient enough to shake your heart. When your determination is shaken repeatedly, it might crack and collapse one day. When the situation has reached such a stage, the victim is now a waste!

Only by sticking to your guts can you proceed further.

Su Hao! A weak shout with no spirit made Su Hao turned his head back. Ji Xuehai was helplessly supported by Ji Congsheng to exit the ruins as he stared at Su Hao unwillingly.

What is the name of that skill earlier? With such power, how could you master it?! Ji Xuehai roared in a low tone.

He didnt believe that he lost in this manner!

He lost to a freshman who just entered the school!

Ten Thousand Times Gravity, it is his best technique. In order to defeat Su Hao, he decided to use it, but he still ended up losing. As for Su Hao, from the start to the end, Su Hao was always calm and indifferent.

Comparing their current appearance now, it was such a huge irony.

Ji Xuehai was unable to accept that final move, which was so terrifying that it made his whole body produce a lot of cold sweat. He only witnessed such might from a domain esper senior before!

Su Haos strength...

Exactly what is his limit!

The skill just now? Su Haos face revealed a strange smile before revealing a smirk. Sweeping his gaze at Ji Xuehai and then Ji Congsheng plus his underlings, Su Hao led his friends to leave. Li Tiantian also gave a strange look to Ji Xuehai with a hint of sympathy before following Su Hao.

Su Hao, you! Puff~ Ji Xuehai spurted out a mouthful of blood. He was so angry that he almost went crazy. Everyone deeply shocked and quickly helped him. Nobody could have imagined that Su Hao would anger Ji Xuehai so much that he vomited blood.

Get lost! Ji Xuehai shouted in a weak voice.

Crack, crack~

Ji Xuehai clenched his fists and looked at Su Haos leaving figure, Su Hao there will be a day when I defeat you!


Ji Xuehai slammed his fist on the ruins, causing the shattered rocks to break even more. He used the little energy he recovered to vent his anger.

The school district, in a certain research institute.

The bald, middle-aged man was paying attention to the news within Zhanzheng College.

He knew that such an attack would cause unrest unless it targeted a place no one is paying attention to. Moreover, this time it involved an invader. Naturally, the aim would be to attack at a certain spot! If the higher-ups are to find out that was his mistake, this middle-aged man would be dead.

However, the moment he waited for didnt arrive. There was zero news related to this incident.

Just when he was secretly surprised in his heart, a message arrived quietly. The middle-aged man opened to have a look and was shocked by its contents.

The matter regarding energy weapon system never happened - From Master Gan.

Its actually him? The bald, middle-aged man suddenly understood the situation here. No wonder, the hacker could break the firewall and quietly gain access to the system because the culprit is here himself!

Except why did this master decide to use the energy weapon system?

As the bald, middle-aged man thought of this, he quickly eradicated this idea. No matter what, it must be for something illegal. This kind of thing, the lesser he knows, the better his life would be.

As for this incident, he would consider it never happened.

As for reporting...

Did he have any evidence on hand?


A soft sound triggered and the message sent by Master Gan vanished without a trace.

Just as I predicted. The bald, middle-aged man smiled bitterly, Damn it. He is indeed worthy of his reputation as a master. Not even giving any chance for a leak.

He understood the consequences of offending a hacking master!

However, Master Gans message allowed him to sigh in relief because this matter would be dealt with smoothly! Even if there is a mishap, Master Gan will surely sort it out. His position is now saved.

Of course, the schools cyber defense would have to be strengthened again!

Although this incident is concealed, what about the next time? He didnt want a powerful hacker to lurk around in his system!

Now his current dilemma is shutting his underlings mouths.

What are you idling around about? Quickly go and improve the security! The bald, middle-aged man roared.

Everyone kept silent in fear.

Just now, it was a hacking exercise. I deliberately asked a master to study the security holes but in the end what happened? Huh? Its too weak! Being successfully invaded in a matter of minutes, what if it is coming from a real enemy? If the enemy gains access to the nuclear weapons and detonates it in Zhanzheng College? What say you?

Everyone was scolded without daring to raises their heads. They passively accepted this explanation that it was just an exercise earlier.

This strange invasion quietly subsided like that.

Nobody knew what was happening.

There were some who suspected that this matter wasnt simple, but what is the use in speculating?

Nobody cared about suspicions.

At this time, news of Su Haos victory over Ji Xuehai quickly spread like wildfire.

It was helpless. After all, such a grand incident is impossible to be stopped!

When the training hall turned into ruins, many people were already surrounding the scene. When they heard that the second year student, Ji Xuehai was brutally beaten like a dog, they couldnt help but rush over there in curiosity. As a result, without any surprise, the result ended up with Su Hao being victorious.

In the past, Su Hao was only popular among the freshmen!

After all, even if youre a genius, you need time to grow. For those in their third and fourth year, the geniuses among the freshmen have nothing to do with them!

Since they werent from the same batch, what is there to compete?

However, when the legend of Su Hao defeating Ji Xuehai hit the streets, everything changed.

What is Ji Xuehais strength?

22 points!

Although he is just a second-year student, he is strong enough to defeat many third and fourth year students. He also has the potential to join Tian Long Court.

Such a character was actually defeated?

Especially those students who came to the scene, after noticing Ji Xuehais sorry state and the ruins, the images were uploaded to the Internet and shocked everyone!

What is Su Haos current strength?

Without a doubt, every student at Zhanzheng College became excited by this news.

Su Hao, the main character of this legend, was currently in the training hall spectating his Jianghe Citys friends.

Boss, since when did you become this strong? Li Xin looked at Su Hao with a shine in his eyes.

Sigh. After Su Hao explained to them the truth behind the incident, everyone was at a loss.

Energy particle light beam!

No wonder Li Tiantian ran in such a hurry. If it hit them, they couldnt even imagine their death!

Why didnt you kill him? Li Xin complained dissatisfied.

Su Hao wiped off his beads of sweat, In Zhanzheng College, you can fight and compete amongst yourselves, but arent allowed to kill. Otherwise, you will be confined.

Huh? Then that Ji Xuehai... Li Xin was curious.

Scapegoats, didnt you witness it with your own eyes too? Li Tiantian continued his explanation, All these big families, they will definitely have devotees who can be sacrificed. Moreover, as long as you have the money, you can easily find a scapegoat.

How could this be allowed? Zhou Wang locked his eyebrows, If we have videos as proof, does that work?

Not useful. Chen Yiran shook her head, Videos and recording cant be accepted as evidence. Even Su Hao could easily change his appearance, let alone others.

You mean... Li Xins eyes opened wide.

Yes, youre right. Chen Yiran helplessly continued, Whether you kill someone or do any illegal actions, just saying that someone was pretending to be you and its nothing complicated. At worst, they could just find someone with imitation Nitai artifacts to prove their innocence.

Its not easy to punish them!

That is the strength of big family backgrounds.

Si Hao shook his head slightly.

At first, he thought that only Jianghe City is like this. It might be a better situation in other places, but the truth is this dark side is everywhere.

Even Zhanzheng College could not escape!

So we just let them run around in freedom? If so, wont they just kill anyone they wish to in Zhanzheng College? Zhou Wang said in anger.

Zhanzheng College.

They placed so much hope here, but when they entered, it wasnt the paradise they imagined.

Its not that easy. Su Hao calmly explained, To be a scapegoat, first there must be a Nitai artifact. Second, it must be a Zhanzheng College student. How many students meet such criteria? Plus, you need to have some connection especially those from the law enforcement team.

If youre unlucky enough to meet those stubborn staffs in the team, you wont be able to escape! No matter what family you are from, they will just send you to hell. Or if they encounter students who have some sort of special talent who is seeking revenge against them...

They wont even know how they die. Su Hao toned it down, but everyone knew what he meant.

Su Hao once invaded the Science and Technology Department. Next time, the security would be strengthened again to prevent the same incident from happening; while it might be impossible to stop him, getting some evidence wouldnt be possible.

Therefore, even if it is Su Hao, it wont be easy for him to act.

However, humans are prone to being angered.

If Su Hao is pressured into having no other options, he wouldnt mind taking a risk!

Ji Xuehai might not be willing to give up. Chen Yiran said slightly worried.

No problem. If it is a direct challenge, I will always welcome him. Su Hao shook his head for a bit and coldly smiled, I might not be able to match him now, but that doesnt mean that I wont be able to defeat him in the future! To deal with these characters, you must keep breaking their spirits repeatedly, so they dont have the courage to fight back!