Godly Model Creator Chapter 564

Chapter 564

Chapter 564 - Rapid Training

Listening to Su Haos domineering declaration, everyone smiled.

Well, its true after all.

For someone like Su Hao, these incidents are a common thing.

When Su Hao had nothing, he utilized his knowledge on creating a shadow within ones heart and dug Sun Yaotian deeper into his grave. Now, it is a matter of changing his target to the Ji family and the Tian family.

Then whats your true strength? Li Tiantian asked.

Su Hao closed his eyes to think about it, Im not that sure too. However, if Im to evaluate myself, I am pretty confident to reach 16 credit points. As for GPA, Im unsure.

16 credit points? Li Tiantian muttered to himself.

16 credit points! Everyones heart was in a state of shock.

He improved again!

Without considering his GPA, Su Haos credit points have taken another step forward! When they compared their own credit points to Su Hao, it is literally Earth and Heaven.

I heard from my teacher in the department I joined that if we break through into the professional realm, we will start our training in our respective departments instead of staying in this place. Chen Yiran said.

Department? Su Hao was at a loss.

He really didnt know of this matter.

En. After all, there are too many people here. Once you step into the professional realm, you can enter the department of various professions to learn and train. You can train without any intervention! However, because you opted to self-study, you dont know about this. Chen Yiran said with a smile.

So it actually turns out to be like this. Su Hao was amazed.

Zhanzheng College, for each department to have its own facilities is pretty normal.

After all, teaching the public is completely different from the content taught to those who joined the department. Zhanzheng College never holds itself in education.

After they reviewed their strength, Su Hao also realized some problems.

They always tried to protect him because of his problems. However, it delayed their progress which really made Su Hao feel sorry.

Up to now, everyone is still struggling in the specialized realm.

Excluding Li Tiantian, he did not bother with improving his strength.

Su Hao looked at the silent Zhao Feng, Brother Zhao, many thanks!

Its alright. Zhao Feng waved his hand and smiled bitterly, Your current strength is too much for me. I cant afford to be called Brother Zhao.

Everyone burst into laughter.

Su Hao shook his head helplessly and recounted everyones strength in his mind.


Zhou Wang: 8 credit points.

Li Xin: 8 credit points.

Zhao Feng: 6 credit points.

Chen Yiran: 8 credit points.

Li Tiantian: 6 credit points.


The battle during the beast tide, their summer efforts, and also the cultivation since school began; their progress isnt small. The reason why their strength seemed low is because they are comparing with Su Hao! Su Hao now has at least 16 credit points, putting him way ahead of them!

The only one who has zero progress is none other than Li Tiantian.

He didnt seem to be slacking in his training, but there is no sign of a breakthrough. His progress is slower than the others by a lot.

However, Su Hao couldnt help him regarding this problem.

His origin ability is too unique!

Whether it is possible to break through, it would depend on his own heart. In fact, Su Hao sometimes had the feeling that Li Tiantian is hiding his power.

Whether it is just an illusion of his or not, he is unsure.

He always felt that Li Tiantian only used talent a little. Li Tiantian wouldnt use anything more than that. Could it be related to his life force?

Would his lifespan reduce the more he used his ability?

Su Hao wasnt sure so he couldnt offer any help.

Next would be Zhao Feng!

Su Hao glanced at him for a second.

Zhao Feng had 13 points of origin ability during his first confrontation with Su Hao. Now he has progressed leaps and bounds after receiving some pointers from Su Hao. It seemed that he managed to find the path to embark. It resulted in him being able to stand firmly on Su Haos side when encountering danger.

Zhao Fengs breakthrough, sniper rifle!

A combination of mechanical and origin energy; Su Hao pondered. He remembered certain information he saw during the invasion. In a certain department, there seemed to be some magical drawings and details of weapons. If they matched Zhao Fengs talent, it would be amazing!

Then what about Zhou Wang?

Su Hao analyzed for a bit.

Incubation period!

Thunder Emperors strength is locked in the professional realm!

Su Hao sensed that once Zho Wang stepped into the professional realm, he would truly accept the Thunder Emperors inheritance. As for the understanding of his own ability talent, Zhou Wangs progress might even exceed Su Haos! After all, that was Thunder Emperors wealth of experience throughout his life!

All Zhou Wang has to do is complete his Origin Avatar and step into the professional realm!

As for this brat, Li Xin...

Su Hao glanced at him and didnt know what to say.

Different from others, Li Xin walked in a totally different route. He is completely different even from Zhao Feng! After all, Zhao Feng is still walking in the path of origin ability. Attaching his ability to foreign objects and attacking! Whether it is by his own means or through a weapon, attacks have always been his specialty.

Therefore, his training should be pretty similar.

After all, his talent, penetration is still an origin ability. However, Li Xin is not the same.

Knowing Li Xin for so long, he has never seen Li Xin cultivate his energy at all! Li Xins energy would always stay the same. When it is needed, he would use it and never has he cultivated.

In normal times, what Li Xin trained is boxing technique or exercising!

He is tempering his body!

Li Xins talent comes from himself. As for how it is produced, whether how many energy is needed or how much he uses, Su Hao is unsure. One thing he knew is what Li Xin has trained all this time is himself!

Perhaps, the black market strengthening drug might be able to help him?

Except he isnt sure whether Li Xin has already consumed it or not.

Finally, Chen Yiran. Su Hao looked at Chen Yiran. As of her situation, Su Hao could be said as one who understood her the most. Chen Yirans ability talent is much stronger than his, but when it comes to cultivation speed, the only weakness is that it is extremely slow! Not the usual slow but simply at the speed of a snail!

Whether it was during the college entrance exam or the exam after entering, Chen Yiran is always as calm as ever.

Her result is mediocre.

It sometimes caused Su Hao to worry. No matter how he looked, Chen Yiran shouldnt be this weak, but this was Su Wans decision. In the past, Su Wan was Chen Yirans master. Su Hao could only listen obediently because Su Wang is his aunt!

Not only that, he couldnt believe how powerful Su Wans strength is.

Semi-domain esper?

He is afraid that it isnt the case!

Although he didnt understand the past matters, he has heard that Aunt Su Wan has suffered an injury. Not to mention, when Su Wan appeared during the beast tide, those Federal Guardians present were like mouses seeing a cat!

Such panic is born from the bottom of their heart.

How could these semi-domain Federal Guardians be that frightened? Is this something a semi-domain esper could do?

Regarding how to help Chen Yiran to improve, Su Hao could only bitterly smile. He cant mingle with it because it is something Su Wan purposely arranged. Chen Yirans current state isnt something he could comprehend.

En... After Su Hao analyzed, he found out that he could not offer anyone help.

Everyone has their own routes. With totally different ability talents, he is helpless even if he wants to help.

However, the route of origin ability only begins in the professional realm. As for the stage before that, Su Hao could still be useful. Specialization, isnt it just energy cultivation?

Cultivate the energy and rush all the way to the peak of the specialized realm!

Next would be completing Origin Avatar and breaking through into the professional realm!

Energy cultivation?

For Su Hao, it has never been an obstacle!

This seems possible... Su Haos eyes shone.

He suddenly thought of a method, a method that he never tried before.

The so-called energy cultivation is just the usual route traveled by the energy within the body. Su Hao didnt have the time nor the resources to create his own cultivation technique. However, if it is only to the extent of modification and fine tuning, that shouldnt be a problem. He isnt able to do it, but the model in his world could!

Write down your questions and cultivation techniques. Su Hao said to everyone.

Soon, they wrote down all sorts of cultivation problems.

After Su Hao recorded them, he went ahead to the library and recorded relevant experiences regarding cultivation.

When he first touched the cultivation of the other talents, Su Hao couldnt help feeling envious.

It is too much!

Not only are there lots of materials regarding the cultivation, but even the experiences of previous seniors are recorded. Plus, from the specialized realm, there is even recommended routes for them to take.

Tian Zis breakthrough is included in such paths.

What cultivation technique is the best?

What kind of origin ability suits certain origin characteristics?

How much energy is needed at a certain level to enable the fastest route?


And so on.

With all sorts of cultivation tips, when compared with his own cultivation route, Su Hao could only bitterly smile.

So he is the only one living alone in his own world?

After understanding the cultivation of his friends, Su Hao quickly began analyzing with his model analysis.

Constructing a model within his mind, he began to cultivate the corresponding energy. Each deduction would involve a new route. Each effect would be recorded into the computer.

In the model world, a training room suddenly appeared.





In fact, by cultivating once in the model world, he could make hundreds of deductions. As long as he has sufficient energy, Su Hao could speed up the progress! His friends cultivation were all activated at the same time. Countless deductions and runs occurred in order to find the fastest and best route.

One week passed.

The so-called perfect cultivation technique done by predecessors achieved a new light under Su Haos analysis! His friends cultivation speed and efficiency directly increased by three times!

The most optimal, the fastest, and the simplest!

Under these three approaches, they brought a total increment of 300 percent!

His friends cultivation progress speed up like a rocket. In just one week, Zhou Wang broke through a level, reaching 9 credit points. Similarly, Chen Yiran and the others also rose up rapidly while Li Xin silently refined his body.

At this time, Su Hao suddenly thought of a problem.

If I can do this for them, can I do it for myself as well?