Godly Model Creator Chapter 565

Chapter 565

Chapter 565 - Grade AA?

Can I? Su Hao suddenly realized.

Due to his lack of energy in the past, he never considered this. After energy refinement, his quantity of energy is now abundant, and he can now modify his cultivation technique. He could modify Zhao Feng and the others techniques, why couldnt he modify his cultivation technique?


A model of his body appeared.

Su Hao completed the deduction in three days due to having to take care of only one cultivation technique and coupled with his great understanding!

After that, what he needs to do is cultivate!


Energy fluctuated.

Almost all the energy within Su Haos body got reshuffled.

Just like that, Su Hao became immersed in this crazy cultivation.

The last time he crazily cultivated was when the Sun family forced him into a corner.

A group of six people seemed to disappear from the campus during these days.

Excluding the beginning of a month when Li Xin came out to collect resources for everyone, they have not seen each other. Those who tried to issue challenges to Su Hao or teach him a lesson could not find their target. Nobody knew that Su Hao and his group were trying to break through.

One month!

One full month!

Nobody would have thought that their cultivation would take such a long time!

However, the effect is pretty obvious.

As far as Su Hao is concerned, to have such big improvement is already a great achievement.

All the cultivation routes were fixed.

Although it isnt as effective as the others with a 300% increment, the quantity doubled!


For Su Hao, it represents his absolute strength!

At the same time, under Su Haos instructions, Zhou Wang and others improved at a rapid rate that would make anyone envious. With a 300% increment, the effect is apparent.

Excluding Li Xin, everyone reached the peak of the specialized realm.

The distance from becoming a professional esper is only a step away!

It is unbelievable!

If other people saw this scene, they would be amazed! To break through several levels at once in just a month is almost impossible to accomplish! However, they did it!

At this time, Su Hao found out that cultivation techniques improvised by predecessors arent too reliable.

After all, the predecessors are only about 20 years older than them.

The chaotic era of origin ability only happened about 20 plus years ago. These thousands of cultivation techniques, they might be something created in secret. The creators might still be a student themselves. After several years of research, they decided to announce it to the public without filtering out all the bugs which they werent able to find.

To certify a cultivation technique is very simple.

In order to improve this field, as long as the Origin Ability Association doesnt have that cultivation technique, you can apply for certification. As long as there is no bugs, harm, or obvious effects detected, the certification would proceed smoothly. It will be graded based on the benefits, and the rewards are issued accordingly.

The rewards are very generous.

Thus, there are many variations in a cultivation technique.

However, finding one that is perfect is difficult since theres only a small number of them! Therefore, under Su Haos analysis, these cultivation techniques containing bugs began to improve under Su Haos deductions!


Whether it was a one star or two stars cultivation technique, after undergoing numerous tests and tuning, the best route would be identified and approach perfection.

That is where the source of the 300% increment came from.

Of course, it was only on average. Some higher grade cultivation techniques only managed to improve 100%. However, there are also certain techniques which increased by a whopping 500% after being perfected.

A surge in speed and strength!

Everyone was ecstatic as they watched their strength rapidly improve all the way to the peak of the specialized realm. Now, they were close to entering the professional realm!

Done! Zhao Feng looked at his current strength and was happy with the result.

He didnt choose wrong. Su Hao is his bright lantern!

Going from level six all the way to the peak of the specialized realm in just a month was unthinkable in the past, but he achieved it!

He refined all the cultivation routes in his body!

After running the energy using the new route, he noticed that the energy within his body kept increasing as if there is no limit!

Such feeling...

If Fang Lin and the others who defected to other part knew about this, perhaps they will think about committing suicide! Even when his strength reached this stage, the energy within his body is still accumulating.

He is well aware that he is only a step away from becoming a professional esper!

Origin Avatar!

What is the Origin Avatar of penetration?

As long as he comprehended that and completed his Origin Avatar, he would enter the next realm and become a true expert.

Zhou Wang also had the same feeling.

With the help from Thunder Emperor, Zhou Wang already has the strength of a level eight specialized esper. The cultivation technique he has within his body is so abundant that it shocked everyone. After Su Haos fine-tuning, his strength increased sharply! For a professional esper, energy increment wouldnt have much usage. However, he is currently a specialized esper!

The improvement in cultivation technique made him reach the peak of the specialized realm!

Breakthrough, breakthrough!

That unforgettable feeling of an extreme breakthrough speed is still fresh in Zhou Wangs memory.

It felt too cool!

Zhou Wang is also about to enter the professional realm, but has a simpler route than Zhao Feng because every resource, experience, and talent needed is already prepared for him!

As long as Zhou Wang took a step forward, he would make it!

Origin Avatar?

Zhou Wang could already use Origin Wings which is only learned by peak professional espers. As for the Origin Avatar? As long as Zhou Wang wanted to, he would step into the next realm. However, he is currently suppressing it because of energy refinement!

He could only undergo energy refinement once. The more energy you have, the better the effect! His future cultivation will automatically convert into the refined energy. During this process, the time consumed would be more than before. Otherwise, the energy within his body would stumble upon instability.

For a faster breakthrough, Zhou Wang began to suppress it. When his body could no longer fill any extra energy, he wouldnt hesitate to step into the professional realm.

Meanwhile, Chen Yirans situation was a bit special.

After Su Hao examined her cultivation technique, he found out her energy forms a strange vortex in her body, absorbing the energy which she usually cultivated! It is the reason why Chen Yirans cultivation is slow.

Su Hao wasnt sure of its function at that time. Thus, when he finally comprehend the function of the vortex, he was stunned.

He realized Su Wans plan!

From the moment she accepted Chen Yiran as her disciple, she taught Chen Yiran to complete the construction of this vortex step by step. As for its usage, there is only one!  

It improves ones ability talent!

Yes, you didnt hear incorrectly!

Ability talent!

The moment Su Hao discovered it, he was stunned.

There are countless origin techniques, but being able to improve ones talent? A technique like this never existed! Otherwise, whats the use of differentiating the talents with ranks A, B, C, D, E, and F?

Why not change them all to rank A!

However, this spinning vortex within Chen Yiran, traces of icy cold aura directly entered into the deepest part of Chen Yirans mind which eventually improved her ability talent.

Chen Yirans ability talent: Grade A, water element control!

It is a top talent itself!

What kind of talent would it be after being upgraded?

Nobody knew!

After Su Hao copied the model of the vortex into the model world, he helplessly found out that this vortex is only useful in changing the water element talent and ineffective for other ability talents!

Sure enough, I thought too much. Su Hao shook his head.

Instead of calling this vortex an improvement, it would be better to call it an advancement. Nourishment is also suitable.

By transforming the energy via this vortex, Chen Yirans ability talent would absorb this nourishment and become stronger! However, these little changes wouldnt bring much growth to her actual strength. Instead, due to energy being absorbed, this resulted in her low strength.


An idea popped out in Su Haos brain.

Among the rating guideline given by the Origin Ability Association, there is no such thing as Grade AA!

A Grade A is already a top-tier talent. Grade A doesnt represent how strong it is but just the potential itself!

It could become more powerful and give you the chance to be the strongest esper!

That is what Grade A means.

When a talent could potentially allow one to become the strongest esper, this talent would be evaluated as Grade A. There are also some special cases that promote the grade of an ability.

Such as Su Haos model analysis!

Fortunately, the only thing that made Su Hao feel happy is that the amount of energy the vortex absorbs is fixed. Therefore, after the cultivation route is refined, the energy quantity would rapidly rise and the vortex wouldnt absorb more energy than before.

Due to this, Chen Yirans ever slow growth in strength finally surged!

At this time, the might of Chen Yirans talent finally began to show itself. In half a month, she stepped into the peak specialized realm. As for the remaining half, she took the initiative to feed energy to the vortex, walking toward the route to improve her ability talent.

The energy kept flowing, and the vortex kept spinning.

Based on Su Wans instruction, Chen Yiran would breakthrough when the vortex is full!

As predicted, at that time, Chen Yirans strength would increase and she will turn into a real powerhouse!



Everyone was working hard in their cultivation.

When Chen Yiran and the others finally began to prepare to step into the professional realm, Su Hao finally set his sight on another person who has been steadily moving.

Li Xin!