Godly Model Creator Chapter 566

Chapter 566

Chapter 566 - Advance by Leaps and Bounds

Li Xin

His situation is a bit unique.

To be honest, thinking about it gave Su Hao a headache.

In one month of crazy cultivation, everyone showed progress except for Li Xin. What contributed to his strength isnt origin energy!

Li Xins circumstance puzzled Su Hao.

Isnt specialization all about energy?

However, after deciphering Li Xins cultivation technique, Su Hao discovered something different! Li Xins energy is minute in amount! Even after the great improvement to his cultivation technique, the effect isnt obvious. Something else affects Li Xins strength!



Li Xin punched twice, and Su Hao saw the force produced by his actions.

Sure enough, its this!

Su Haos eyes shone. Previously, he speculated the reason, but he finally concluded the reason. Li Xins body affects his strength!

Li Xins ability talent, Unstable Critical Hit, should belong to the physical body class!

Every ounce of strength produced comes directly from his body. As Li Xin tempered his strength, the effect of his Unstable Critical Hit will become more powerful. Therefore, Li Xin can still exert a powerful force without having energy.

Body, huh? Su Hao locked his eyebrows.

After reaching the human bodys limits, improving becomes extremely difficult.

Even though Li Xin has a method which slowly but surely improves his body, it isnt a shortcut.

To step into the professional realm seems like a difficult task for Li Xin!

Even for Su Haos several breakthroughs, it was all thanks to the black market strengthening drug and the modified version of the body forging technique. Perhaps Li Xin could try it?

Su Hao pondered deeply.

Zhou Wang, Chen Yiran, Li Tiantian, and even Zhao Feng already consumed the strengthening drug. Thus, Zhang Zhongtians drug wont benefit them! In fact, the strengthening drug wont make a difference for them regardless.

However, Li Xin would have a sudden spike in power!

Under his dads training, Li Xin has not touched any drugs, and his growth was entirely on the slow cultivation technique. Li Xins father said before reaching his limit there is no need to introduce any drug into Li Xins body.

However, his body has reached its limit.

Beginner black market strengthening drug!

Intermediate black market strengthening drug!

Also the incomplete version of advanced black market strengthening drug!

For the whole month, Su Hao prepared these. He waited for a long time for his master to complete a batch.

Mass producing these drugs seems to be quite difficult.

After several confirmations with Li Xin and his father, Li Xins physical fitness enhancement plan began. Plus, Su Hao even described what he experienced in the virtual reality so that Li Xin could feel it better. Only when he was able to bear the pains did the plan begin.

Seven days!

Three doses of drugs!

In a full week, Li Xins physical fitness kept surging to the sky.

When compared to Su Hao?

Su Hao started utilizing the black market drug from 100 points onwards. However, Li Xin already exceeded 500 points in physical fitness. Now with a full set of drugs for him to consume...




When Li Xin finished this transformation, everyone was dumbfounded.

The peak of the specialized realm!

Having an unbeatable foundation, solid accumulation, and an originally strong physical fitness not polluted by any strengthening drug, allowed the effects of the three drugs to squeeze out all of Li Xins potential. In just a mere seven days, Li Xin stepped into the peak of the specialized realm. At this speed, even Zhou Wang couldnt help but feel envious.

Su Hao could only bitterly smile witnessing this situation.

The black market strengthening drug is simply a waste on him.

Only those with physical body talents would be able to show the drugs effect to its fullest. Currently, it seems that Li Xin is undoubtedly one of the best candidates.

Li Xins physical body always seemed weak appearance wise. However, when everyone witnessed him getting hit by a hovering car traveling at high speeds when he crossed a street, they saw he escaped unscathed and even damaged the car! They acknowledged that Li Xins physique increased tremendously.

Although Li Xin didnt realize it himself, his breakthrough is now complete!

A late bloomer is now standing tall together with everyone!

At this time, the only one left out among them would be Li Tiantian.

Li Tiantians situation is pretty similar to Zhou Wangs. They are both proud of their ability talent! An extremely gifted talent and Li Tiantians talent is unparalleled!

Zhou Wang has the legacy left behind by Thunder Emperor.

As for Li Tiantian, he has a Grade S talent gifted by Heaven!

Has he changed his cultivation technique?

Of course!

What about his progress?

He broke through!

Immediately after refining the cultivation technique, Li Tiantians strength surged like the others, and he reached the peak of the specialized realm.

The reason is very simple.

A robust accumulation!

How many years did Li Tiantian repeat?

A full five years!

His chaotic cultivation routes in his body were breeding like flies. After Su Haos fine tuning, Li Tiantians strength enjoyed an explosive growth!

In just a few days, he reached the peak! However, that was it.

In this world, perhaps the most difficult thing to control is time!

What does the Origin Avatar of a Grade S talent look like?

Nobody knew!

Not to mention, Li Tiantian still has an unsolved knot in his heart.

To advance into the professional realm is extremely difficult!

What a problematic child. Su Haos head ached as he thought of this.

When he thought of it clearly, it seemed like these guys arent ordinary. Whether it is Li Tiantian, Zhou Wang, or even Zhao Feng, each one has their own destiny.

Well, I can only help them up to here. Su Hao sighed.

A period of a month and a half of closed-door training ended. Everyone reached the peak of the specialized realm; their strength multiplied several folds. There is only one step left to reach the next realm!

Now, it is the second month since entering the college.

At this time, it would be the third time for them to collect resources.

As for Su Hao and his group, many recognized them.

Of course, they do.

These days, some purposely spread the rumors of Su Hao and his friends hiding like a tortoise and not daring to reveal themselves.

A full month and a half before finally appearing in public.

Hehe, arent they those from Jianghe City?

Finally, theyre out.

Yeah. Arent they afraid of being beaten by the seniors?

They should be here to collect resources...

Everyone was in a heated discussion although most assumed the tone full of derogatory.

Zhanzheng College is a place where the competition is extremely fierce. Nobody would look down on failure, but they despised those who do not dare to fight back. After a certain party kept spreading rumors, people painted Su Hao and his friends into such characters.

Regarding this, Su Hao isnt mad.

Instead, he just led his team along to take the credit points assessment. When the final result came, everyone was shocked.


Zhao Feng: 10 points.

Zhou Wang: 10 points.

Li Xin: 10 points.

Su Hao: 16 points.

Chen Yiran: 10 points.

Li Tiantian: 10 points.


A full list of 10 points!

Moreover, Su Hao reached 16 points!

For Su Hao who has reached this stage, each increment of 1 point is extremely difficult! However, Su Hao used a month and a half to increase his strength.

16 points!

Besides, the row of 10 points easily gave a huge slap to the face of all the rumors!

Everyones aura was finally exposed!

As expected, when they revealed their auras, the passing students were all stunned on the spot.

This, how could this be possible?!

Li Xin, peak specialized esper!

Zhao Feng, peak specialized esper!


Everyone is a peak specialized esper!

Everyone in the school district stared foolishly at this scene.

One and a half months ago, Su Haos beautiful battle created a sensation. Since the news of him easily defeating a second-year genius, he attracted attention from countless students. The attention exposed the strengths of Su Haos friends.

However, who could have thought that their current strength reached the peak of the specialized realm!

In just such a short time, everyone improved by an average of three levels?

As they thought of this, every student went crazy.

Especially those ordinary students, after painstakingly working hard for three to four months, they could barely advance a level. Although Jianghe Citys people are well known since the college entrance exam and are naturally talented...

How could they deal such a blow to others!

Their cultivation speed is too fast!

Trying to hide?


Hiding your as*!

At this time, no matter how low your intelligence is, everyone could have guessed that Su Hao and his friends were just undergoing closed door cultivation! That sudden spike of strength is the best evidence!

However, they trained non-stop for a whole month?


For ordinary people, after cultivating for a while, there would be a bottleneck. Some are big, and some are small. It might be due to insufficient resources that they are forced to halt their cultivation.

In contrast, students from big families could enjoy unlimited breakthroughs due to the rich resources provided by their families.

It is why they are usually ahead of others.

However, Su Hao and his friends could breakthrough even after being suppressed by certain seniors. One did not only require talent to breakthrough but endless resources too!

Not needing any resource or completing tasks!

How could you intercept them while they cultivated behind closed doors?

Whatever the Ji family or the other families, Su Hao is simply slapping their face without reserve.

If the big families found out that this one and a half months of cultivation is all thanks to the refinement of cultivation techniques and not resources, one would wonder how they would feel about it?