Godly Model Creator Chapter 567

Chapter 567

Chapter 567 - Tian Xingfeng


Looking from far away, when Fang Lin and the others saw Zhao Feng and his friends reaching 10 credit points, their face had a huge change.

The Ji family didnt mistreat them. After joining the family, the Ji family gave them the resources that they needed. These two days, they also enjoyed a crazy breakthrough too. In just one and a half months, they improved a lot. Some of them even broke through the bottleneck, reaching another level.

At first, they felt that their choice was wise.

However, when Zhao Feng and the others smoothly rushed to the peak of the specialized realm, they were all ice-cold. So this is the gap between them? While they were still struggling to advance a level, everyone else already reached the peak!

Yes, they betrayed Su Hao.

Su Hao didnt even blame them.

Unfortunately, they started deeply regretting their action because they knew of a fact!

Forget about Chen Yiran and the others, but Zhao Feng?

Zhao Fengs talent isnt great. They have trained together for a long time. At the very least, they have a good understanding of Zhao Feng.

Even within themselves, Zhao Feng was at the bottom!


In just one and a half months, a sudden increment of three levels!

From level six to the peak, to describe this as a four level breakthrough isnt an exaggeration because Zhao Feng is only one step away from reaching the professional realm.

Why did he breakthrough so fast?

Is it because his talent is good?

Of course not!

It must be related to Su Hao!

In other words, Su Hao used some unknown means or resources to enhance everyones strength!

If I was still on Su Haos side... Many were annoyed at this thought.

Looking at themselves still stuck at level one to level five, they were helpless. Were they correct in deciding to join the Ji family?

Fang Lins face turned ugly upon seeing everyones expression.

Since he also thought the same thing.

Damn you, Su Hao! Fang Lin gritted his teeth in secret. He felt vexed looking at Zhao Feng who previously called him Big Brother Fang suddenly be more powerful than him.

The feeling is annoying!

What is his current strength?

Level six specialized esper!

After he broke through into the specialized realm, Fang Lin has spent his time cultivating. He was satisfied with achieving level six, but when compared to the peak of the specialized realm, the gap is too huge!

How many years until he reaches it?

Half a year?

One year?

Two years?

He isnt sure.

However, Zhao Feng easily achieved this level.

Su Hao had such a method long ago but didnt inform us at all. Only when we left did he pass it to Zhao Feng. Hehe, it seems that he didnt put us in his eyes at all. Fang Lins face looked twisted.

Yes, I think he purposely did that. Everyone agreed.

Such a strong gap made their heart sullen.

Regret kept growing stronger in their hearts.

At this time, nobody would look for the problem related to themselves. After Fang Lin threw out this excuse, everyone accepted this idea and blamed Su Hao for everything. At least it made them feel better. However, when they didnt wish someone to overhear their conversation, a passing student paused before them.

Huh, you all have been neglected by Su Hao? That student said with a pair of glittering eyes.

Of course.

But youre...

Ah, I am from the journalism department. I dont like to fight much. Hahaha, but if you have any grievances, feel free to share them with me. Oh yeah, regarding your conversation just now, how did Su Hao bully you guys? Talk to me; perhaps this could be made into a headline. The student was excited.

Fang Lin and the others were instantly dumbfounded.

Student reporter?

Haha, I still have something to deal with.

Yeah, me too.

Hehe, I forget to collect my clothes. See you next time.


Everyone disappeared without a trace, leaving the student standing alone.

What happened?

This isnt a joke!

Those from the journalism department, they have a damn talent which could reveal hidden plots. If everyone learns that they betrayed Jianghe City first, they will become the laughing stock in the school.

Resource Management Office.

After Su Hao and the others refreshed their points, they took their rewards away.

However, it is a pity that they didnt have much use for the rewards.

Can you guys breakthrough? Su Hao looked at everyone and asked.

Nope. Zhao Feng bitterly smiled, There is too much of a difference. Not even touching any hint of the floor. After reaching the peak, the school would have a corresponding task for us. Previously, Bai Feng took the task and stepped into the professional realm. Thus, I want to try it too.

En. Su Hao nodded.

That is the benefit of Zhanzheng College.

If one met a bottleneck elsewhere, one could only wait and wander aimlessly. However, once you reach a certain stage here, you will be given the opportunity to take certain tasks that meet your strength.

Since this is the major bottleneck to breakthrough into the professional realm, it naturally has its own system.

Everyone has a chance to join the task to temper oneself.

Of course, if one still couldnt break through after completing the task, one could only blame his own talent for being too low.

I will try too. Li Tiantian frowned, Origin Avatar For us with unique talents, it isnt an easy obstacle. Im afraid that my chance can only be found in this task.

Me too. Li Xin seconded.

One has a time talent, and one has a body talent. The Origin Avatar is a huge hurdle for them.

Alright, what about you two? Su Hao looked at the final two.

I think I will go and have fun. Zhou Wang said without any hesitation, Although I have received Masters inheritance and can comprehend the Origin Avatar anytime, I still want to try attempting it myself and see for myself the difference between mine and Masters!

I will go and have a look too. Chen Yiran pondered for a moment and still ended up deciding to join.

Just like Zhou Wang, she wanted to see what she could do by herself.

Great. Su Hao nodded.

This task for Origin Avatar is a graduation task for ordinary students. However, for Zhou Wang and the others, it is a trial.

You arent going? Everyone looked at Su Hao.

I cant. Su Hao spread his hand, Only specialized esper could enter that place. Besides, I have already completed my Origin Avatar, so this task no longer has any significance to me.

Alright then. Everyone nodded.

Soon, they attempted their own trial tasks.

They gave Su Hao the resources they received this month since the resources were useless to them regardless.

Energy liquid is temporarily ineffective to them, but its a precious treasure for Su Hao!

Not to mention, Su Hao spent a whole month helping them refine their cultivation techniques. This upgrade was simply incomparable to these few bottles of energy liquid.

That day at noon, they left for the task.

Four peak professional espers embarked on a journey of four different talents!

At this time, when Su Hao was getting ready to go back, he was stopped.

Su Hao, do you dare fight me?!


Light and shadow flickered.

A student appeared in front of Su Hao.

Youre? Su Hao locked his eyebrows.

Second year, Tian Xingfeng. That student calmly replied.

Surname Tian... Su Hao felt that he asked something useless.

Since his surname is Tian, theres no need to ask any further.

The information of this student flashed within his mind. Su Hao already knew this man. Tian Xingfeng, 20 credit points, 3 points GPA, a total combat strength of 23 points. Without a doubt, this man is much stronger than Ji Xuehai! This person isnt someone Su Hao could currently beat.

Since you want to fight, lets fight! Su Hao smirked.


Su Hao made his move.

Mountain Force!


A quake could be felt, followed by a dense, powerful aura in the surroundings. However, it didnt cause Tian Xingfeng any harm, not even to his hair.

Su Haos pupils shrunk.

Unrivalled Aura!


A casual attack from Tian Xingfeng easily blocked the incoming aura. That seemingly endless aura seemed to stumble upon an insurmountable barrier and was instantly destroyed.

Just as I thought. Su Hao sighed.

After all...

The difference in strength is too big!

He couldnt even cope with Ji Xuehai. How could he compete with this man?

Recently, his strength improved but with only 16 credit points and 2 points of GPA, he only has a total combat strength of 18 points. There is still a full 5 points gap compared to Tian Xingfeng!

Su Hao could never defeat him!

The only thing that could potentially inflict any damage would be...

Dark Moon dream Destroyer!


Purplish light flashed.

That familiar atmosphere reappeared.

Tian Xingfengs face finally revealed a look of interest, So this is Dark Moon Dream Destroyer? It seems that Ji Xuehai didnt make a mistake! Let me see for myself the power of this complex origin technique!


Tian Fengxing made a move.

Dream Destroyer!

Dark Moon!


Tian Xingfeng cut off the final moment of the crescent moon!

The scene returned to normal.

Sure enough, this is worthy of its title as the most difficult to master origin technique. The power is not bad, but sadly youre too weak. Tian Xingfeng casually commented and then smirked at Su Hao, Since you have made your move, then its my Huh?