Godly Model Creator Chapter 568

Chapter 568

Chapter 568 - A Mellow Running Path

Huh? Before Tian Xingfeng finished his words, he was stunned because Su Haos body vanished in the wind.

He disappeared.

Disappeared? Tian Xingfeng didnt react for a moment before finally showed a response. His face revealed a look of disbelief. Su Hao Su Hao he fled?

He ran!

The Su Hao in front of him is, without a doubt, an illusion!

In other words, when Su Hao was activating Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, he replaced himself with a phantom?

Tian Xingfeng isnt stupid.

Almost immediately, he figured out the truth.

However, because of this, he couldnt understand!


It is confusing. After all, Su Hao is the top student! He is the strongest freshman! As the president of the school council, he ran away?

Tian Xingfeng suddenly felt that his brain could not comprehend this.

Zhanzheng College is always competitive and full of fights.

Thus, Tian Xingfeng decided to challenge Su Hao in order to reduce his reputation which erupted from his victory over Ji Xuehai.

Then he accomplished his plan.

Yes, since Su Hao fled, naturally it indicated that he won!

Just that, why didnt he feel great about this?

Tian Xingfeng was at a loss.

As a member of the Tian family, he couldnt understand how Su Hao could just flee without caring of the publics opinion! Su Hao needed to know he didnt just represent himself, but also his entire family and the glory of a whole city!


If it were Tian Xingfeng, even if someone threatened him, he would never opt to run!

As for Su Hao, not only did he run away, he escaped in such a smooth manner with no hesitation at all.

Tian Xingfeng was a bit annoyed by this.

In such an upright duel, to flee is an insult to him!

When he reacted, Su Hao must have already fled back to his dormitory. There, no duels are allowed. Even if he rushed over there, it would be futile.

Thus, that night, in the online forum, Tian Xingfeng used his own account to issue a challenge, Su Hao, dont run if you have guts!!!

These six words attracted a lot of attention from the public.

Especially under the Tian familys actions, this news spread like wildfire.

Based on their anticipation, if there is no mishap, Su Haos reputation would drop. After all, with the video as proof, it would be useless even if Su Hao is to deny! For the netizens, in this era of origin ability, a character which doesnt have gut would never be worshiped!

However, unexpectedly, Su Hao replied.

Nonsense. Why wont I run? You Tian family members are too boring. I defeated Tian Zi then this Tian Xingfeng appeared. If I defeat him too, would a brother or an adoptive father appear to fight me? I defeat the young one and an old one appears. Once I defeat the old one, and an older one appears...

You Tian family have over 20,000 members. It cant be that every member of your family plans to seek me out one by one. That is too scary!


At that time, many people spat out their drinks.

Su Hao rarely replied but his die-hard fans never reduced in number. Each time he speaks, he would be so harsh that it would make one have goosebump.

This time, the same thing happened.

Su Hao replied and a debate between haters and fans arose.

However, the Tian family was sad to find out that the Internet went to Su Haos side. Not only that, that brother and stepfather sentence became a meme.

It tarnished the Tian familys reputation!

Delete it, delete it, delete it! Someone in Tian family raged in anger.

The changes were unexpected. All they could do was reduce the damage. Only now did they realize Su Haos die-hard fans from college entrance exam are this powerful! What made them feel even worse was they were originally Tian Zis...

Damn you, Su Hao!

I will never let him have a peaceful life!

It is the rage coming from the Tian family.

Currently, the main character of this incident, Su Hao is back in his dormitory taking bottles of energy liquid.

Once again, he began to cultivate crazily. Many people advanced, but he is still a level one professional realm and caused the sense of urgency in his heart to grow stronger.

His path in model analysis is still as difficult as before.

What am I still lacking in virtualization?

Su Hao did not know where to begin.

Fortunately, because he had mastered so many cultivation techniques and coupled with the fact that he paid more attention in refining his friends cultivation techniques, Su Hao is just getting started with his. There is still a long way to go before reaching the optimal condition.


Placing all energy liquid in one place, Su Hao reimmersed himself into cultivation.

In just one week, he harmonized everything!


Su Hao opened his eyes.

Two lights shined from his eyes. After ensuring his mental state recovered, Su Hao examined the energy within his body. At this moment, he has adjusted every cultivation technique he learned to the best state.

His strength increased again!

My combat strength should have improved by now. Su Hao silently said to himself. In less than two months, who would have imagined Su Hao to increase his energy by multiple folds?

My credit points might be stagnant, but my GPA should be showing some growth.

Su Hao guessed.

Credit points arent dead values but data which consists of a combination of complex deduction of formulas.

No matter how strong Su Hao is in other aspects, his research on his own ability talent is destined to make his journey difficult.

Perhaps being level one professional esper with 16 credit points is his current limit. Unless there is new insight regarding his ability talent, it might be a hard feat to advance. Fortunately, while his credit points might be stagnant, his GPA will be the perfect way to replace the deficit.

Even if your credit points are 0, as long as your GPA is extremely high, people will still regard you as a strong esper!

Of course, it is only in theory. In real life, someone with 0 credit points will obviously have a low GPA too.

Being able to cultivate in the best possible way is naturally good news.

However, Su Haos cultivation reached a bottleneck again. He consumed all the energy liquid, and the most important point is that he has no cultivation technique to train!

He perfected each cultivation technique he mastered!

For Su Hao, with such a powerful analytic capability and the aid of thousands of computers in his mind, cultivation has never been a problem. The only worry he has is the cultivation technique itself! Since he has perfected them all, it is time for him to look for new ones.

Should I go and take some tasks? Su Hao pondered.

In the Resources Management Department, there are many four stars or even five stars cultivation techniques. The school is pretty generous in giving every student access these techniques. As long as you complete the corresponding task, you will enjoy the rewards.

However, could the tasks be completed?

Of course, Su Hao wont face any difficulty if he is by himself.

However, Su Haos enemies obviously wont miss the chance to harm him. As long as Su Hao steps out, there will surely be a large number of people waiting to ruin his task, and he will end up wasting his time and effort. Not only could he fail to complete the task, but disappearing is also possible too.

Damn it. Su Hao cursed.

It is because of those bastards that he could only train in his dormitory. Now, going out and accepting a task is like a tremendously hard job.

What should I do?

Su Hao felt like someone is trying to stop him from improving.

Should I dive deeper into origin techniques instead? Su Hao got himself emerged in this idea.

The breakthrough of cultivation technique allowed their strength to increase rapidly. If he could refine origin techniques as well...

Su Hao quickly began to try.

However, the result isnt as good as expected. Origin techniques have a different nature as compared to cultivation techniques. It depends on how well versed the user is. Its pretty simple; the more you use it will allow it to reach its optimal state. Basically, there is no possibility for improvement.

Failed again. Su Hao bitterly smiled.

Could it be for the next few years, he would have to survive under the oppression of the Tian family and the Ji family or even other enemies? Is each and every task he takes destined to fail?

Su Hao clenched his fists!

He didnt want to resign to such a fate!

Tian Xingfengs appearance didnt affect him much because he is used to failure. So what if he lost? Facing a world full of strong ones, he never considered himself to be invincible. However, to ridicule and destroy his image on the Internet is definitely not something which leaves a good aftertaste in his mouth.

Thinking of this carefully, Su Hao found that his life since enrolling here has never been easy.

The deputy dean banned him from entering any department!

He became the target of a hired assassin!

And he is the target of both the Tian and Ji family!

It is as if the entire Zhanzheng College is going against him. Under such circumstances, even Su Hao admired himself for being able to cultivate steadily.

However, how long could this last?

Since cultivation techniques no longer have any room for improvement, what could Su Hao do now?

Leave Zhanzheng College?

That would be a choice of even worse hardships!

Here, there are tasks for you to take which you can get the reward if you succeed but once you leave this place...

Youre deemed to be a failure!

Thinking of his current situation in Zhanzheng College, Su Haos heart had an inexplicable hint of anger. Since these bastards kept provoking him, then dont blame him for being rude.

Su Hao felt that he needs to win himself some time.

When he thought of this, a trace of coldness appeared within Su Haos eyes. He then looked at the communication device on his wrist.

That night, both Tian family and Ji family experienced a large-scale power outage.

Based on the news, the Tian family experienced problems while developing some weapons which led to an explosion in a lab, causing numerous death and injuries. This mishap even escalated to the point that Federation had to send forces to investigate the problems behind the weapons.

In an instant, every member of Tian family jumped up and down in busy.

The next day, Su Hao eagerly walked to the resources library. After last nights incident, he believed that those from the Tian family should not have the time to find him.

Su Hao? Pei Yangjia was stunned when he saw the figure who appeared in front of him.

Under normal circumstances, students usually only come here once a month to collect resources, but he just received them a few days ago. Why is he here again? Could it be...

Su Hao, I will never give you resources in advance.

Pei Yangjias fat face was entangled as he cried out, Since I made arrangement for you to enjoy the resources, some of the higher-ups are already dissatisfied.

Rest assured; Im not here for resources. Su Hao said with a sinister smile.

However, Su Haos eyes seemed to have a greenish shine that made Pei Yangjias heart uneasy.