Godly Model Creator Chapter 569

Chapter 569

Chapter 569 - Challenge!

Oh? Pei Yangjia looked at him with a skeptical expression.

This place is the resources library. If hes not here for resources, then why the need to come here?

Hehe. Su Haos soft voice made Pei Yangjia subconsciously take two steps backward, Whatre you trying to do?

There are a lot of cultivation techniques here, right?


Then, do you have the name list of those who receive what cultivation techniques?


Pei Yangjias face changed, Why do you need the list for? Its only through us that the cultivation technique can be learned. Plus, it will be destroyed once viewed. Even if you have it, it will be useless!

Whatre you thinking? Su Hao said in a righteous look, Do I look like that kind of person?

No! Pei Yangjia replied, but his facial expression was saying something else; yes, you do not look like that kind of person because youre that person. If there is something you disagree, you will fight back. Is there anyone more violent than you?

Urgh, urgh. Su Hao coughed for a second and sighed, Recently, my cultivation has reached a bottleneck. Its that Origin Mercury Technique. So, I hope that even if I cant learn the cultivation technique, if I challenge those people I might be able to break through.

Really? Pei Yangjia had doubts.

Of course. Su Hao said earnestly.

This... Pei Yangjia hesitated.

To privately publish the list is a big crime. If the school discovers this, he might not be able to face the consequences. However, if he didnt give it

This brat in front of him looked calm but hidden behind his mask is a killer!

You must never leak it! Pei Yangjia took out a shabby recorder and tearfully grabbed Su Hao.

Dont worry. Su Hao comforted him.

This recorder is here to prevent connection to any network which would protect the list. Thus, even Su Hao couldnt help but come here and ask Pei Yangjia for it.

The recorder turned on.



Countless data popped out.

Rows of information flashed in front of his eyes. As Su Hao crazily recorded them down, as the small models established themselves while the data kept refreshing.

Origin Mercury Technique?


What Su Hao aimed for is every four stars cultivation technique!



It only took about two minutes before Su Hao quietly closed the device.

Yeah, found it! Su Hao revealed a regretful look though, Those who learned Origin Mercury Technique are all 20 credit points and above. If I am to challenge them Im afraid I wont be back anymore.

20 points? Pei Yangjia sighed in relief.

Doesnt it mean that its impossible for Su Hao to find them? If so, then him leaking the name list to Su Hao will never be exposed right?


Pei Yangjia laughed in his heart.

Of course, if he knew that Su Hao not only copied the name list of those learning Origin Mercury Technique but also every other four-star techniques in just a matter of minutes, one would wonder what he would be thinking?

Its alright. Your talent is strong. Very soon, I believe you will exceed them. Pei Yangjia comforted.

Sigh. Su Hao shook his head and walked out from the Resources Management Library, but he is smiling slightly.

Cultivation technique name list!

Its in his hands now!

Threats are not something to be used all the time; plus its easy to expose his aim. Now, this seemingly simple request wasnt too overly complicated for completing his goal and also hid his objective perfectly well. Even if others saw this scene, it will be impossible for them to guess.

Because right now, Su Hao could finally use his ultimate weapon!

Card reading!

What is his trump card?

His models?

Illusion Reality?

No, only Su Hao himself knew well that his best weapon is card reading! Without letting him join any department or do any task, they really thought that would force him to leave Zhanzheng College?

Naive! Su Hao smirked and shook his head.


He orderly arranged the data in his mind.

Two minutes isnt long. Su Hao sorted out the information he obtained, and the sorted list now appeared on a computer.

Students who had graduated.

Crossed out!

Students whore outside for tasks.

Crossed out!

Students with 20 credit points and above.

Crossed out!

Cultivation techniques which he learned before.

Crossed out!

Soon, the long list became neat.

Su Hao took a quick peek at the list on his head. Although there were only a small number of students learning universal techniques, there must still be some who learned them here. Based on his list, as he carefully counted, there are a total of 13 students on the list. Among them, some are in their 1st year and some in their 4th year.

What Su Hao left on the list were those who are still in school and not doing a task.

Of course, their credit points isnt to be looked down on because the highest in the list is stronger than Su Hao. However, Su Hao only wished to read the cultivation technique card and isnt intending to fight each other to death. 20 credit points are still acceptable.

Lei Guangyuan, ability talent: Heavenly Blaze, 16 credit points, once bought a four stars cultivation technique.

Su Hao soon found his first target. Its you.

Zhanzheng College, the school cafeteria.

A third-year student was sitting in the cafeteria, enjoying his meal. His name is Lei Guangyuan, having 16 credit points made him proud of himself. Although there is still quite a distance compared to those super geniuses, he is way ahead of those ordinary students.

Except he didnt expect that someone would block him after he finished his meal.

Youre? Lei Guangyuan glanced at the person in front of him. This person didnt reveal his aura, but Lei Guangyuan knew that this mans strength shouldnt be much worse than his, Looking for trouble?

Nope. Su Hao shook his head and smiled, Senior, Im here to issue a challenge.

F*ck you. You said that youre not seeking trouble. Lei Guangyuan frowned, Hmph, it must be those grandsons from the Mi family, right? Trying to force me to hand over the Nitai artifact, you need to have the right strength first.

Su Hao sighed. How could he still not believe what Su Hao said?

He is here to issue a challenge!

Do you accept or not? Su Hao just said it out bluntly.

Whos afraid of who! Lei Guangyuan grumped and instantly made a move!


A blaze flashed!

Great. A fine light shined from within Su Haos eyes.

Su Hao was waiting for this moment. As long as someone attacked and is in line with the formal challenge rules issued by Zhanzheng College, he would be able to use energy as he pleases!


Model analysis!



Su Hao instantly locked onto Lei Guangyuan. Energy began to fluctuate, but nothing happened.

Sure enough... Su Hao exclaimed in his heart.

Lei Guangyuan is in his third year. Naturally, he would know the benefit of spiritual defense. Zhanzheng College definitely has the course for it. Thus, for Su Hao to copy his cultivation technique wont be an easy task.

You think that by doing so, I wont be able to copy it? Su Hao sneered.

He already considered spiritual defense as a factor.

Perhaps it might be even easier for Bai Feng, but for Su Hao, a retarded man has his own retarded ways. And Su Haos approach is simple and brute!

Illusion Reality!


Xinghe Sword!

Aura covering mountains and rivers!



Su Hao used every bit of his strength.

With the name list, he understood Lei Guangyuans information. Since they both have 16 credit points, whats there to fear?

Thus, this young man who is proud of himself was beaten unconscious by Su Hao without any reserve.

Hes Su Hao!

That Su Hao who defeated Ji Xuehai!

Damn, hes actually this aggressive?

Someone recognized him, and it attracted the exclamation of everyone around him. Lei Guangyuans brain was at a loss. Before he passed out, the only thought he had was Why dont you tell earlier!.


Lei Guangyuan fell into a coma.

Without any hesitation, Su Hao began his scan.

Since he lifted the spiritual defense, it is time to collect his harvest. Energy fluctuated and instantly invaded Lei Guangyuan. All sort of cards appeared, flashing in bright lights.

Su Hao locked onto the cultivation technique card he wanted.



Bluish light ray circulated.

That familiar scene appeared again. The surrounding time seemed to freeze. With just blue brilliance as if it was coming from a sapphire, Su Hao felt great about it.

Four stars cultivation technique, card establishment completed!

Done! Su Hao jumped in excitement within his heart.

Seeing the looks of the people around him, he quickly left, leaving them facing each other in dismay.


Whats the situation?

Lei Guangyuan seems to be the external staff member of the Tian family. one student whispered, I remembered he went to the Tian familys interview last year.

If so...

Could this be a warning from Su Hao?

Or a counterattack?

Everyone was shocked.

A few journalists were excited at this turn of event. All sorts of ideas regarding headlines and rumors popped out. Soon, the journalists will release this news to the school.

In truth, how would Su Hao have the time luxury to consider this?

He accomplished a part of his goal!

16 credit points, 0 GPA. Compared to Su Hao who has 16 credit points and 3 points of GPA, defeating Lei Guangyuan cant be any easier than ABC.

That gap of 3 points easily allowed him to make his target faint.

Observing the energy within his body which didnt decrease by much, Su Hao went to his next target, a senior of 16 credit points and 1 point of GPA.

With no surprise, half an hour later, that student was defeated by Su Hao on the spot!




In just one day, Su Hao made five students faint! If not for Su Hao depleting his energy, he might have continued challenging people.

Five students in a coma represented five cultivation techniques in his hands!

Well, in reality, only Su Hao can do this.

For others, most of the cultivation techniques they trained are specialized with their ability talent. Trying to change to another cultivation technique is even harder than reaching Heaven.

However, this isnt a problem for Su Hao!

All this time, he could only train in universal cultivation technique!

Zero attributes!

By practicing a neutral attribute cultivation technique, it was always hard for Su Hao to find one on the market. It was because of the same reason that he wont have any trouble learning more than one cultivation technique. Regardless of the neutral cultivation technique, he could always easily absorb energy at the fastest speed without any drawbacks.