Godly Model Creator Chapter 57

Gmc Chapter 57

Chapter 0057 A generous reward

On the virtual screen, countless lines of information began to appear at almost the same time.

Field exploration reached 100 meters, obtained 10 task points.

Field exploration reached 200 meters, obtained 20 task points.

Field exploration reached 300 meters, obtained 30 task points.

Field exploration reached 900 meters, obtained 90 task points.

Field exploration reached 1000 meters, obtained 100 task points.

Field exploration reached 2000 meters, obtained 200 task points.

A total of 11 lines of information about his task points rewards. Adding them all together, Su Hao had obtained a total of 750 task points!

In other words, just based on the reward he obtained from field exploration alone he had earned exactly 750 points!

During his field exploration he had killed quite a number of berserk beasts and also obtained the first kill rewards. They should be quite numerous. Su Hao continued scrolling down and sure enough, there were still a lot of unread information.

Berserk beasts hunted reached 1, obtained 10 task points.

Berserk beasts hunted reached 5, obtained 20 task points.

Berserk beasts hunted reached 10, obtained 30 task points.

Berserk beasts hunted reached 50, obtained 40 task points.

In one whole day of rampaging, more than 50 berserk beasts had died under Su Haos hands.

Berserk beast hunting task points accumulated to a total of 100 points. In addition, there were the first kill rewards, since he had killed a dozen different species. When added together, a total of 150 points were obtained.

When the three segments were added together, 1000 points!

Su Haos mind was in a state of ecstasy!

3000 points, that seems not to be far

However, no wonder Zhao Feng had mentioned that every new student would have the opportunity to increase their strength tremendously during the early stage. So many task points to obtain, even ordinary students would have at least hundreds of points. That should be sufficient to exchange for a cultivation method and some strengthening drugs.

But as for him.that was still far than enough!

Unfortunately, these rewards were all one time rewards only. Su Hao had some regret, It seems like this is quite an amount for such a short duration, but the next reward for field exploration would be 3000 meters, for 300 task points.After these rewards, in the future I can only slowly accumulate them through given missions.

Su Hao had a clear vision regarding his sources of task points. However, as for now, his harvest was not only from exploration!


Bai Xiaoshengs bet!

His bet of option D earned him yet another 100 task points! Of course, the most important thing was the split of the profit.Very soon, Bai Xiaosheng transferred his portion over.

This time, the students betting on this werent many. Repeaters dared to bet, but many newcomers were wary to do so. This was true especially under the circumstances of not knowing much about task points, at most they would only bet a mere 10 points.

Excluding Su Hao, Chen Yiran, and the others who picked option D, the final profit was 1200 points. 600 points were divided to Su Hao.

For a total of 200 students, the final profit was only a mere 1200 points. It was clearly shown that not many people were willing to bet..but..they were still free points!

1200 points, how many students had to struggle for more than six months just to accumulate this much?

Bai Xiaosheng just casually sent a few messages and yet the students had already been baited. He was indeed worthy as the king of repeaters, repeating 5 times. He had mastered how to grasp the psychological state of students here.

After all, betting was a kind of entertainment.

Those who dared to bet 100 points were the ones who had complete confidence in their own ability. Even if they lost the bet, they would just curse a few words and resume their journey in their road of origin ability.

Su Hao looked at the 600 task points reward, and with the 100 points which he won himself, he gained a total of 700 points. Together with the previous 1000 points, he had obtained 1700 points this time!

Adding up the previous 300 points, his current total was 2000 points.

Unknowingly, Su Hao had suddenly became a rich student.

However, looking at the school store, at that overwhelming 3000 points of body forging technique, Su Hao could only bitterly smilethe route which he wanted to take was still far from his reach.

Over the next few days, many students had completed the four basic tutorials. Experiencing their first field exploration, each of them gained a generous amount of task points. After purchasing cultivation techniques, they began to work hard.

Su Hao knew very well that he had reached the wall in field exploration. It was hopeless to reach 3000 meters.

Thus, he casually visited the school forum and bought himself a map. After engraving all the hotspots of different kind of berserk beasts, he began to hunt.

First kill!

Each different species of berserk beast, he only killed once!

The reward for the first kill, with the exception of some iconic berserk beasts, were just 10 task points. Luckily, there were all kind of species there and this hunting game was somehow enjoyable to Su Hao.

Over these few days, Su Hao could be seen active surrounding the school campus. Only after he had killed every species of berserk beasts there and collected all the rewards did Su Hao finally stop.

And the amount of berserk beasts that he had killed already exceeded 100, earning him an additional 50 task points. But to reach the next level of 200 berserk beasts, he could only give up as he started to get sick of it.

With the dozens of first kill reward, this time he had earned 400 points!

At this point, Su Hao had completed basically every task which was within his capability, accumulating a total of 2400 points! For other students, such an amount was more than enough to buy countless products, but for Su Hao he still lacked a little bit more.

Still 600 points left!

The materials dropped by berserk beasts could be sold but the more expensive materials could only be found from 2000 meters onwards. Would Su Hao be able to smoothly return back with his life intact?

With his current strength, he could only barely rush through it. Having to carry materials around while travelling, there was still the question of whether or not he could return back with his life. As for those close by beasts, the materials were just simply unworthy.

Thus, collecting material was something which he would never consider.

No matter how hard he cracked his brain, the only way Su Hao could raise his task points was through school missions!

The reward at the origin ability firm were star dollars, while the school missions had task points as the reward. Besides these, there were basically no difference between them. Su Hao entered the missions list panel and began to browse through before deciding on it.

In the origin ability firm, you must personally accept a mission and get verified before being able to do the mission.

As for the school, since the missions would be accepted by their own students, verification was not required. Missions could be accepted easily through the communication device and were much more convenient.

Su Hao kept browsed through the list.

The missions were divided into two categories, one was from the school while the other was from Jianghu City.

As for the school mission

The very first mission on the list caught Su Hao in surprise.

The glory of freshmen!

Rating: 3 stars

Description: Obtain the victory in battle of honor! After facing the provocation from repeaters, can you still bear with it? As for me, I cant tolerate any longer! Youngster, rise to your feet! Beat them in the battle of honor and win the freshmen the glory!

Reward: 500 points


After he finished reading it, a burst of sweat appeared on Su Haos back, Our school really wants to stir up battle between freshmen and repeaters? However, such a task will indeed stimulate faster growth among students.

And what was interesting was that there was a task which had been completed by Su Hao.

The counterattack from top student of freshmen!

Rating: 1 star

Description: According to the school tradition, repeaters would have to challenge the top student of the freshmen, and what you have to do is let them toy with you.

Reward: 150 points.

En, so those 150 points came from here. But, school tradition? The school is so shameless for such a mission to be listed. Then, repeaters would keep bugging me for a duel? Su Hao was helpless.

Opening the list of mission from Jianghe City, the amount of missions listed were abundant with a variety of stars. Basically, they were similar to origin ability firm. Most likely the school had partnered with the firm.

One star tasks, were all just some messy tasks. Su Hao ignored them all.

Two star tasks, were more appropriate for his current strength.

Su Hao had a look at them. There were quite a number of strange tasks. Different kinds of material collection, assistance help, catching thieves, private investigation. From these, Su Hao had a clearer understanding of Jianghe City.

Compared to the schools simplicity and students hardship, the society in Jianghe City was much more complex.

Each task listed exposed the current state of the city. Hiding behind the prosperity, evils were lurking around. Su Hao just casually glanced through when suddenly, an emergency task appeared in his field of vision.

Su Hao paused for a moment and was in shock.

Private bodyguard task.

Rating: 2 stars (Emergency)

Requirement: 12 points and above in origin ability.

Description: Protect the childs safety for a period of 3 days.

Reward: 300 task points.

Requester: Yang Ziqing.