Godly Model Creator Chapter 570

Chapter 570

Chapter 570 - Potential exhausted?

This routes section is destined to be Su Haos road to growth!

Getting the name list, searching for suitable cultivation techniques, and training madly!

As long as the students on the list are defeated one by one, Su Hao believes that his true combat strength would definitely enter another level.

However, after Su Hao refined the newly obtained cultivation techniques, the problem arose.


He lacked time!

In the past, due to lack of cultivation techniques, as long as he found a cultivation technique, Su Hao would immerse himself deeply in cultivation. When the cultivation is completed, he searches for a new one.

As for the problems with the cultivation technique itself, he never considered them before! However, its too much!

Modifying these cultivation techniques arent a huge deal, but it takes time to master a cultivation technique perfectly. During the last one and a half months, Su Hao used at least half a month to train the Origin Mercury Technique. Only by training non-stop did he cultivate it to perfection.

Now, he has a total of five!

It means that even if he fully concentrates on training, it would need at least two and a half month to complete the techniques!

Should I continue to challenge or go back to the waiting game? Su Hao locked his eyebrows before arriving at a decision.


The opportunity served in front of him must not be missed!

Those on the name list might accept a task at any moment. What if they fail to return in the future? Su Hao would suffer a huge loss from it.

Thus, all the cultivation technique cards must be established before they leave!

Even if he doesnt train the techniques, he has to make sure its in his grasp first.

After having a clear plan, Su Hao began to take action again.

The next day, Su Hao challenged several students.

A total victory!

The most interesting point is that those several students whom Su Hao beat until they fainted had 16 points, 17 points, and 18 points.

The strength of the people Su Hao challenges kept growing.

However, no matter what, Su Hao would never touch those with more than 20 points in combat strength. Su Hao is well aware that he is still not in the same league as them.

This could clearly be seen from Ji Xuehai.

For three days in a row, Su Haos momentum rose infinitely!

Nobody knew what Su Hao was trying to achieve.

Nobody knew the reason for these challenges.

However, many people made some guesses. Su Hao might be seeking for a breakthrough! Due to his talent, model analysis, Su Hao is forced into a deficit regarding details to use a reference. His only chance to breakthrough in the professional realm is to involve himself in battle constantly.

At first, not many believed this reasoning, but everyone was forced to believe it after a series of challenges from Su Hao.

Su Hao is looking for chances to breakthrough!

As for why?

The answer is simple.

Su Haos route in the ability talent broke.

Based on the analysis by some expert in ability talent, since Su Haos model analysis finally hit a wall after reaching the professional realm because, in this realm, its all about your ability talent. In addition, Su Hao has used up all the potential of model analysis!

Su Hao is a genius. That is the evaluation coming from a certain expert, But at times, the efforts of the day might not be able to cover up the inherent disadvantages. Su Hao could bring this grade E, model analysis to this stage; such a feat already surprised everyone. Even so, I have to admit that after reaching this stage, he can no longer proceed anymore.

The professional realm is a path of the ability talent. At the same time, its all about comprehension and understanding ones ability.

Model analysis, how to utilize it in combat?

Su Hao provided an opportunity to everyone.

Origin model...

Illusion Reality...

Too many surprises.

However, in the end, theyre only able to assist in fights. No matter how Su Hao tried his best, in the end, they would only serve as support!

Up till now, arent Su Haos attacks all universal origin techniques?




It is the fate of model analysis!

Now, Su Hao was the first person to comprehend Illusion Reality, the origin model and a few strange and magical origin techniques; creating a legend.

However, thats it.

Su Haos signature move, Xinghe Arrow is derived from Xinghe Sword.

Model analysis...

Could there be any chance for an offensive based origin technique exclusive to it?


For model analysis to reach this point, one could say that its potential was thoroughly squeezed out. In other words, it is true potential exhaustion!

Everyone sneered while watching Su Hao crazily challenge day and night.

A futile resistance!

Could it be exactly like the experts mentioned, Su Hao has hit the wall? Of course, if Su Hao hears this thought, he would laugh loudly while rolling on the floor.

Talents route?

Exhausting his potential?

Whats that?

He has too many cultivation techniques that he has no time to train them all. Since when would he have any time luxury to consider his ability talent?

For the first time, Su Hao was too embarrassed for such happy troubles.

Could it be that he thought too much?

Su Hao pondered.

He had considered too much. Su Hao had feared he would attract other peoples attention and those truly powerful enemies, especially the ones from Su Tiancheng.

However, after being active, he felt nothing of anyone acting on him.

Seems that I have overestimated myself. Su Hao laughed at himself.

Instantly, he diverted his attention back to cultivating.

In these past two days, many people returned.

Su Haos name list increased in length. After the completion of four-star cultivation techniques, Su Hao shifted his attention to the three-star cultivation techniques.

As long as theyre universal, he would take them!

Su Hao crazily took everything.

However, the only regret he had is that although the number of cultivation techniques he learned constantly increased, his strength didnt increase a bit!

He had no time!

All the universal cultivation techniques were successfully fine-tuned by Su Hao, increasing their efficiency! However, the depressing part is that he has no time to train in them.

After all, he has too many cultivation techniques. If he tries to train them all, he did not dare imagine how many years it would take.

At least, not at this moment!



Throughout the week, Su Hao crazily issued his challenge.

Sometimes he won, at times he failed. There were even times when after one or two exchanges, Su Hao took the initiative to admit defeat. Everyone who saw this sighed.

Sure enough, Su Hao has reached a bottleneck.

In fact, if one is to calculate wisely, Su Hao has spent his time crazily training since entering Zhanzheng College, and his credit points have increased a bit. However, he is still a level one professional esper!

For normal students, the corresponding credit points for a level one professional esper should be 11 points.

Yet Su Hao has 16 points!

This clearly illustrated the problem.

Does this prove Su Hao is a genius?


It showed that Su Haos talent reached a stagnant phase. Even if he tried to use the means of cultivation techniques or other methods, he still hit the wall!

World esper?

No, if this talents route could not be finished, Su Hao might not even manage to step into the domain realm!

Many forces were relieved upon thinking of this.

Zhanzheng College, Politic District.

In a certain large courtyard, two old men were playing chess on a transparent screen. The screen would flicker with each step, and there were even hints of energy fluctuation.

Recently, in the school district, there is an interesting brat. Have you heard of him? An old man in gray clothes said with interest after making a move.

Su Hao? The other old man in white smiled, I heard that hes the son of Su Tiancheng. He just entered here not long ago and already got the place upside down. Well, he has a bit of Su Tianchengs nature.

Youre not bothered? The old man in gray locked his eyebrows.

Whats there to care about? The white old man laughed it off, Zhanzheng College doesnt consist of only the school district. As for the matters regarding students, let them settle it themselves. After all, it is just a battle between kids.

Well, thats true. The man in gray restrained his thought, But frankly speaking, the school district is like the face of Zhanzheng College. If we allow Su Hao to create havoc as he wishes...

You think too much. The white old man smiled, There are some people who are more impatient than you.


The white old man put a piece firmly. Checkmate!

The man in gray was stunned.

Zhanzheng College.

The sky is now thick and dense with clouds as if it could rain at any moment.

Such weather is almost impossible to occur here.

Since there are a few espers with a weather control talent, the weather here has always been great; however, it changed slightly today.

Zhanzheng College, suburban district.

Under a shabby building, there is a thick layer of wood and more than a dozen people crammed into this crowded basement; discussing among themselves.

Are you sure you wont be found out?

Huh, huh. Rest assured. The whole Zhanzheng College has been covered with dense clouds. Their monitoring system wont perform well. Plus with such powerful shielding here, its impossible to find us.

Great, then we will proceed.

Several people whispered among themselves.

Although the man repeatedly stressed that the college wouldnt discover them here, they still talked cautiously, Since the previous dean left, those guys in the school district are getting more and more uncontrollable. Even the entire Zhanzheng College is heading towards corruption...

Humph, they cant be arrogant for long.

Although the school district is the representative of Zhanzheng College, the school doesnt only have them. Its time for them to yield their position...

But about the berserk beasts...

What berserk beasts! Humph, if this is to be continued, Im afraid before the beasts arrive, Zhanzheng College will be gone. Plus, regarding berserk beasts, just let the Federation worry about them. Moreover, after twenty plus years, humans and beasts have been in a stalemate. You think there will be changes?

What you said makes sense.

Several people agreed.

If so, its about time to act.

En, our target this time...

That little brat named Su Hao.

What? Su Hao? Hes the most troublesome brat in the school district. If hes killed, wont our action help those old brats from the school district?

You know fart! Su Haos identity does indeed make the school district in a bad spot but has he died yet? No! Because those who can threaten Su Haos life have already been intercepted! Because here is Zhanzheng College!

Even if they hate Su Hao, they cant let him die here!