Godly Model Creator Chapter 571

Chapter 571

Chapter 571 - Intolerable Bullying

Because of Su Haos identity!

Because of the backing behind him!

Hehe, if Su Hao dies, those old brats from the school district would suffer. The remnants of Su Tianchengs forces; can you imagine what kind of influence that is? Im curious...

Everyones eyes shone.

Su Tianchengs remnant forces and Zhanzheng College fighting each other?

They definitely wished to see this.

Some of you guys, time to start the operation. A cold voice continued, I personally cant wait to witness the chaos in Zhanzheng College.


Its time to reorganize Zhanzheng College.

Huh, huh~

Several voices turned low again as they discussed the further details.

In the sky, the group of dark clouds was still there gloomily enveloping Zhanzheng College. This scene seemed to symbolize the unpredictable circumstances here.

Student district, dormitory.

Su Hao sat cross-legged.

He emitted a golden radiance of energy.

Su Hao is still practicing the same cultivation technique from the beginning. The progress didnt proceed as smooth as he thought. One issue is the lack of energy, and the other factor would be time deficiency.

Previously, the origin library had an enormous amount of energy liquid to aid him which allowed Su Hao to master the technique thoroughly. However, the current amount of energy he required is even greater than before, and there is no origin library!

This is too slow! Su Hao shook his head.

If there is an origin library...

Thinking of this, Su Hao laughed at himself. Since when he has learned to blame his luck?

The energy within his body grew slowly but surely.

In the Circular World, there is a small opening, leaking out pure energy and merging with Su Haos new energy. The new energy is fully integrated when it returns to Su Haos body that there is no need for further conversion!

It is the advantage enjoyed by Su Hao!

Pure energy!

Due to its existence, Su Hao does not need to invest extra time in converting the energy. As long as he cultivates normally, he would be able to condense the purest energy.

Such a pity that I cant find any other functions for the pure energy. Su Hao had regrets.

Pure energy, this thing is extremely precious.

Even without looking, Su Hao knew that such a precious thing definitely has some other benefits, but he didnt discover anything.

Changing the quality again?

Secondary compression?

Su Hao shook his head. Previously during energy refinement, he tried to use the pure energy to compress the energy which undergone refinement again.

But, it was in vain!

There was no effect!

While his mind was at a loss, a tiny bit of energy within the Circular World silently leaked out. At that instant, Su Hao was stunned.

When he examined his body again, his eyes widened.

What did he see?

His cultivation accelerated!

Su Hao looked at this scene in disbelief. Once again, he tried to move the energy within his body.


Yet another sliver of aura leaked out.

Su Haos eyes opened wide.


A sliver of new energy was born.

Cultivation is like a formula to decipher the energy within ones body. It will work the body to its very limit, and until resistant occurs, it will never have any role again. At this stage, it would be called perfection.

It is supposedly a gradual process but when the energy leaked out from the Circular World, this process accelerated!

Wow, so this can be used in such a way? Su Hao sucked in a mouthful of air because he knew well that if this were the case, the pure energys value would rise again!

What is the most precious thing for every cultivator?


Compared to those strong seniors, what he lacks is time! If he is at the same age, would he even have them in his eyes?

Obviously not.

But now, the pure energy gave him the opportunity.

For others, no matter how much energy one has, it wont change much. However, for Su Hao, endless energy is where his strongest might would show!



Trace by trace of the pure energy was quietly leaked out.

Su Haos eyes were so focused on this crazy research. He wanted to know how much the pure energy could accelerate his cultivation.

One night quietly passed.

When Su Hao stood up with bloodshot eyes, his eyes couldnt hide his excitement.

His experiment is complete!

The acceleration provided by this pure energy is unlimited!

Yes, you heard right!

If the pure energy is added to the same cultivation technique using the same time period, the process will accelerate even more. The ratio leads to infinite growth!

What shocked Su Hao is that while not being aware of it, he already completed the cultivation technique he obtained from Lei Guangyuan last night!

Thats right!

In just one night!

Moreover, it was while Su Hao kept experimenting.

If it was at full speed...

Su Hao was amazed by this discovery.

Perhaps, it is his first hope since entering!

There were still a few students left when looking at the name list.

Su Hao made a decision.

He would finish the remaining ones and concentrate fully on cultivation.

Immediately, Su Hao exited his dormitory and issued challenges to his targets again.



Zhanzheng Colleges students already got used to it. They considered Su Haos actions as a way for him to break through the bottleneck. In fact, the reason Zhanzheng College allows challenges among students is to provide them with an environment that could push them to their limits.

After finishing his last target, it was time to end!

Just that, as Su Hao was about to leave, a figure appeared quietly and intercepted his path. As Su Hao raised his head, his sixth sense tingled as he felt something was amiss.

Tian Xingfeng!

Its him?


Su Hao retreated without any hesitation, but at this time, another figure blocked Su Haos attempt. Su Hao looked back, and his face changed again.

Ji Xuehai!


Its actually them?

One at the front and one at the back, both of them blocked his routes!

What are you guys trying to do? Su Hao warned in a stern voice, This is Zhanzheng College!

Humph! A cold grump followed by a layer of gravity space appearing.

As it wrapped around the three of them, a distorted space formed which created an extreme imbalance with the actual space, leading to a blurry scene. In reality, every student only saw three people disappearing.

Where are they?

Not sure...

Should we report to the law enforcement team?

But we saw no attack...

In the gravity space, everything around Su Hao has been completely blocked off. Among the three of them, only Su Hao felt something amiss.

Both of you are actually joining hands? Something isnt right!

This is definitely wrong!

Su Haos uneasy feeling within his heart grew even stronger as every second passed. Whether it is Ji Xuehai or Tian Xingfeng, they are both prideful people but to resort to combining forces to stop Su Hao?

This isnt normal!


Su Haos eyes shone as he scanned them. Finally, he found the problem.

Someone is controlling these two!


An idea appeared in his brain, but Su Hao quickly threw it aside. If it is hypnosis, it will never be this strong. This is true control.

A term suddenly flashed in his heart, spiritual control!

That damn top Grade A talent? After thinking about it, Su Hao took a deep breath. Those people, Su Tianchengs enemies finally made their move.

Cold light flashed.

Ji Xuehais aura locked onto Su Hao which caused him to have goosebumps.

Im going to be in deep trouble!

These two people; one controls gravity space, and the other one is a pure combat power user. Under such a joint attack, there is literally no room to fight back. Not to forget theyre much stronger than him!

Ji Xuehai, combat strength 22 points!

Tian Xingfeng, combat strength 23 points!

Neither one is someone Su Hao could fight against. But now, they joined forces?

This is simply a scenario to force him into a dead end!


A lump of gravitational force exploded in front of Su Hao.

With a bang, Su Hao forcefully avoided it, and his scalp could feel the air blown from the explosion. Up till now, he still couldnt understand what was happening right now.

Who is it?


Could it be that they have found his true aim?


This inexplicable attack really made Su Hao wary.

He isnt afraid of a strong opponent!

However, he is afraid of those coming from unknown places because he cant plan anything when considering the motive of the attack.


It annoyed Su Hao since there were no results from the deduction. It seems that it should be coming from a new force.

Once again, Su Hao added a new force to the list.

People have always been suppressing him since he entered Zhanzheng College. He felt that his patience reached a new limit!

Once he exceeded the limit, he cant even imagine how he would act!

Because of experiencing the beast battlefield!

Because of having visited such a place!

Thus, he knew the tragedy of Zhanzheng College. Thus, he didnt wish to fight against humans but hopes that they will spend their energy on the berserk beasts instead!

Thus, he would try not to kill any humans if possible!

However, everything seemed to be pushing him to such a road!


Su Hao suddenly felt a surge of killing intent while analyzing the enemy. The hairs all over his body seemed to raise at this moment. He just escaped an attack from Ji Xuehai and is now shrouded in another attack. Without having to look behind him, Su Hao knew Tian Xingfeng has acted!

Shadow Cloak!

Phantom Sprint!



Two cold light passed through.

Although Su Hao is fast enough to escape by using a Nitai artifact and Phantom Sprint at once, two scars still formed on his body with blood staining his clothes.


A drop of blood fell.

Its movement is very clear as it is within the gravity space.

Su Hao slowly raised his head. His calm eyes were finally filled with killing intent.

You guys, this is simply intolerable bullying!!!