Godly Model Creator Chapter 572

Chapter 572

Chapter 572 - Who is the Sacrificial Victim!

The chaotic energy.

The icy, cold gravity space.

Su Hao and the others stood there, but the distorted space isolated them from the nearby people. Nobody would come and save him until he personally breaks out of this space.

How many times was it?

Su Hao lost count.




Since entering Zhanzheng College, Su Hao has been opposed from too many directions. At first, he never bothered with them, but he would have never thought that he would be forced into desperation.


Berserk beasts?

F*ck them all!

Su Hao suddenly noticed that he thought too much.

Yes, theyre geniuses.

Who knows one random student who is struggling now might be the so-called legendary strongest esper, leading humanity to the final victory.

But the future of mankind...

Can you really rely on these people?

Plus, the battle between mankind and berserk beasts is nonsense! So what if the powerful esper appears? What if this person comes from the Tian family?

At that time, mankind will be ruled under the Tian family.

Thus, in order to truly control his fate, one could only become the strongest esper by himself. In the meantime, everyone, especially his enemies deserve to die!

Regardless of whether theyre geniuses or not!

Su Hao calmly looked at the pair in front of him, but his eyes were full of dazzling radiance.

From today onwards, I will never endure!


Illusion Reality!

Su Hao entered his best combat state!


Battle triggered!

Within the political district, several people were calmly watching this scene inside a tall building.

On the virtual screen, a fight which could not be spectated by anyone was clearly shown. The dark gravity spaces aura and Tian Xingfengs surging killing intent were fluctuating.

Hehe, isnt it great to let those two brats attack?

Of course its the best to do so. Theyre after all members of the Tian family. With the Tian family, Zhanzheng College, and Su Tianchengs remnants in this, as long as Su Hao dies, perhaps there might be more surprises awaiting us. I am looking forward to it.

Remember to rescue them both after Su Hao dies.


They must not die. If they die, they turn into victims. How do the Tian family get into this game then? They must be killed by others in the open.

Alright, well our undercovers in Zhanzheng College should be handling it. As long as Su Hao dies, they will instantly act.

A good show is about to be staged...

Everyone was in a heated discussion.

On the screen, Su Hao used his best move but was still miserably overwhelmed by Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng. Each time, he could only escape with Illusion Reality and Origin Avatar. This wasnt any battle at all.

The plan of task distribution...

The execution time selected...

They were all factors that needed to be considered.

And each one led to Su Haos eventual death.

As for Su Haos chances to win?

What kind of joke is this?

Everyone could see Su Haos current combat strength is 19 points! Hes obviously strong for a freshman, but its hopeless in front of Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng! Just pick one of them, and Su Hao would be suppressed. However, in order to ensure no mishaps occur, they controlled both of them!

Su Hao, what could he do to win?

Thus, they never considered failing.

Zhanzheng College, the school district.

In the school conference room, several professors were observing everything shown on the virtual screen. If the people from the political district saw this, they would be so scared that they might urinate themselves on the spot. On the virtual screen in front of the room, the battle scene of Su Hao, Ji Xuehai, and Tian Xingfeng is clearly shown!

Every single action they did!

It seems that Zhanzheng College really knows everything at the back of its hand.

In the end, they still acted.

A sigh echoed within the conference room, Then, how should we respond?

Wait! A cold voice rang in their ears. Everyone was shocked because this indicates that theyre going to give up on Su Hao! They are giving up on the strongest freshman!

Why? Some could not understand.

After all, hes Su Tianchengs son. We cant touch him, but that doesnt mean that others wont. Since those bastards planned to kill Su Hao and put the blame on us, why not we turn this around? Record this and wait till we find out their location to expose them.

By doing so, not only will we deal with those annoying bastards but also solve Su Haos matters.

This man is a walking bomb!

That man explained but what happened next was a moment of silence in the conference room.

Sure, this is the best solution.

But should we really sacrifice Su Hao?

He has never done anything wrong!

Arent we are getting too ahead of ourselves? Some couldnt bear it.

Before dealing with outsiders, we must make a certain sacrifice to kill these bastards. Not only will we be able to remove the joint forces but also take the Tian family and the Ji family into custody in the bureau. The pressure from the berserk beasts is growing stronger. We can no longer afford to delay much longer.

I think sacrificing Su Hao is worth it. The one with the highest position opened his mouth.

The cold words instantly destroyed the last bit of hope, silencing everyone. Looking at the virtual screen, countless people were busy preparing data and materials. The moment when Su Hao dies, it will be the time for everyone to start their action!

A storm was brewing in the background.



The sound of thunder clapping could be heard.

The weather in Zhanzheng College was a bit gloomy. This sudden change of weather made everyone feel uneasy.


Rainstorm poured!

Heavy rain fell from the sky hitting the ground hard. Many students rushed indoors, and nobody paid attention to the place where Su Hao and the other two disappeared anymore. Within this storm, one could faintly see that the air had a strange twist.

Within that distorted space, there was actually an amazing fight happening.



Su Hao wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth. He is currently bloodstained with thick red dyes. Even with Illusion Reality, the strength of these two enemies is somewhat out of his expectations.

Ji Xuehai improved significantly compared to last time.

Not to mention Tian Xingfengs strange talent that condenses killing intent within an attack. Once it is unleashed, the force produced is not to be underestimated.

In fact, more than half of the scars on Su Haos body originated from him.

Phantom Sprint!

Shadow Cloak!

Origin Avatar!

Since the beginning, Su Hao kept dodging using all kind of means to dodge, Illusion Reality as a support, and all sort of origin techniques. It was quite miserable watching this scene.

Die! Tian Xingfengs stiff face blurted out this word!

Instantly, his whole body flickered and charged towards Su Hao. However, Su Haos figures flashed and completely disappeared.

Origin Avatar, that same trick again!


Ji Xuehai condensed a newly formed gravity space. Before Su Hao managed to hide in the model world, he felt a great amount of pressure pressing on him.


Su Haos whole body trembled. He actually got squeezed directly by the pressure!


Yet another smirk.

Since his origin technique has been countered, Su Hao was already in disadvantage; how could he escape?

Both of them had a sinister smile and directly charged towards Su Hao. It was at this moment, Su Haos calm look from the start finally revealed a hint of movement.

Its time!


Energy fluctuated.

Light rays flashed within Su Haos eyes. In a flash, Circular World activated and countless amounts of pure energy leaked out. Those twenty plus cards in his body began to progress. With the support from the pure energy, the progress accelerated at an unbelievable rate!



A touch of madness could be seen from Su Haos eyes.

After all, it is twenty plus cards!

He is planning to cultivate those cultivation technique cards at this moment. Even if theyre all neutral with no attributes, it is a crazy move. However, this seemingly crazy and impossible to achieve operation began under the urge of the pure energy!

First card!

Second card!

Third card


One by one, each card got brighter.

The seemingly endless newly formed energy and quickly integrated with his existing energy under the influence of the pure energy.



This endless energy kept straining Su Haos body. If not for his continuous cultivation and forging of his body, Su Hao had no idea how many times he would have died by now!

Internal force!


Su Hao moved the internal force to repair his body. His body which turned weak from the constant strain of the newly formed energy returned to full vitality. The light in Su Haos eyes got brighter and brighter.

Within the model world, the deductions were still ongoing.

Regarding the attacks from the pair, Su Hao could finally analyze the purpose of this force. Without a doubt, he is confident that he has become a sacrificial victim.

Wanting to kill me...

You have to look at the mirror first to see whether you possess the strength or not! Su Hao sneered.


More than twenty cards illuminated brightly!

Everything happened in less than half a second. Who would have imagined how much energy Su Hao just added? The moment those two acted, a strong, powerful aura burst out from Su Hao at almost the same time! That terrifying aura actually delayed the attack from those two.

Now! Su Haos eyes were determined.

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!


The familiar scene appeared.

The endless dream, a round moon within the dark night.

Instantly, those two mens mind instantly drifted away. A pale white moon flashed by, forming beautiful arcs in mid-air.


The gravity space was broken!

Su Hao returned to the school district!

The heavy rain is still pouring.

The students who were hiding from the rain indoors suddenly noticed the space distortion in the campus. Three figures appeared. Before they had any time to take a closer look, they saw two black shadows flying into the sky.



Two heads rolled on the ground, shocking everyone.