Godly Model Creator Chapter 573

Chapter 573

Chapter 573 - School Districts Teacher!


The rain is still falling.

In Zhanzheng College, the street was unprecedentedly quiet.

Inside the campus, everyone looked at the two heads in shock. Nobody would have expected that at this point, three figures would appear out of nowhere and two would die!

This is Zhanzheng College after all!


They subconsciously looked at the two bodies, and some students seemed to be able to recognize their figure and exclaimed in shock, Its Ji Xuehai!

Its actually him?

As for the other one the other person is Tian Xingfeng!


Everyone was stunned.

Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng, two second-year super geniuses, who had the opportunity to join Tian Long Court in future died just like that?

Everyones heart went cold.

Who is it?

Within the heavy rain, the distorted space shattered the surrounding floor tiles, and only one figure stood there. The rain kept pouring and continuously washed away the blood on his body. The haziness of the rain seemed to cover his face, and from a distance, nobody could identify him.

Who is it?

Everyone subconsciously took a step back.

Only a few students who stayed here since the beginning saw everything from the start to the end and were able to vaguely guess the identity.

In the political district, a group of joint force was waiting for the final moment. Nobody would have thought when Su Hao was beaten so badly that he was about to die, he would instantly suddenly burst out with a strength that is out of this world.

His aura skyrocketed!

Then, he used his Dark Moon Dream Destroyer which was followed by a scene that revealed the might of this move and caused their mouths to drop open so wide than an egg could enter.

Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng were both killed in one strike!

One move!

How could this be?

Several people stared at this scene blankly while sitting on a chair.


Got killed in one shot?!


A huge man who was closing his eyes suddenly threw out blood. His whole body trembled, and he instantly woke up.

What happened?

Su Hao... That huge man said in disbelief, That brat, hes actually this strong?

Thats right!

He was the one controlling Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng. At first, he thought that with his strength as a domain esper, as long as he controlled them both and directed them to attack Su Hao, this task would be easily completed. However, who could have thought that his puppets would be killed?

Is it Dark Moon Dream Destroyer?

Su Hao once used it on Ji Xuehai. The might is definitely not at this level!

Then what is happening?

Im not sure...

The huge man replied blankly.

Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng werent weak. Even though he is a domain esper, controlling both of them at the same time was still a demanding task for him. After Su Hao killed them, his mind received heavy damage.

This... An underling asked cautiously, Are we going to execute the plan?

Execute your as*!


Someone directed a kick on him, blasting him away from the spot, Su Hao is still alive. What is there to execute? Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng are both dead. Whats there to save?

Everyone went silent.

This situation was beyond everyones expectation.

A little brat with only 19 points of combat strength could beat the joint forces of two men with 22 points and 23 points.

Who could have guessed that?

This foolproof plan failed because of this situation.

They had been preparing this for a long time!

No! Someone raged, We must absolutely not stop like this. Everyone was prepared for this. If we quit now, very soon, the news will leak out. We only have one chance!

Ask them to act!

But theyre our trump card. If...

Command them to act!

Alright then.

A few people unwillingly agreed.

In the school district, conference room.

The same situation was also happening here.

Just when Su Hao was about to die, when Ji Xuehai was preparing to kill him, several high ranking officers of the school were preparing to rush to the scene. However, they were abruptly halted by Su Haos instant eruption of strength. It was as if something was stuck in their throats, standing there at a loss.

What happened?



These guys failed!

Looking at the rolling heads on the screen, everyone cursed.

Based on the calculations in their plan, the other partys plan would succeed. When the plan succeeds, they would then act. In order to prevent the attacks from the joint forces, they made all sort of preparations in order to ensure the enemies are all killed! Surprisingly, the plan failed...

This made their standing difficult.

This small plan actually failed?

Zhanzheng College had averted its eyes, and they still failed to kill Su Hao!

They were simply useless!

Plus, what left an even more bitter taste in their mouths was these enemies with such IQ are Zhanzheng Colleges enemies? Everyone felt that their IQ level was brought down a step to the bottom.

What do we do now?

Wait! Yet another cold voice rang in their ears, Those bastards from the joint forces wont stop. But this time, that brat Su Hao has given us quite a surprise.

Everyone felt bad.

To let this guy exclaim in surprise isnt good!

The stronger Su Haos talent is, the more threatening this invisible bomb will be to them! To be frank, they had the power to kill Su Hao quietly before the college entrance exam! But now, Su Haos existence is like a fish bone stuck in their throat.

They cant kill him now.

Receiving him with open arms, thats not right at all!

If he dies...

More problem will arise!

This operation might be their only chance.

Thinking of this, everyone couldnt help but look at the virtual screen. Those bastards from the joint forces arent simple. They expected those bastards to kill Su Hao.

But then again, even Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng were both killed, who else is there to take the job?


As the rain kept pouring, the sound of water droplets hitting the ground could be heard clearly.

Of course, the rain is not a problem for Zhanzheng Colleges students. But right now, some of them actually forgotten to use their energy to shield their body, allowing the rain to soak their body. Because at this time, the figure who killed both Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng finally raised his head.

Su Hao!

Sure enough, its him!

Su Hao looked around, and countless people around him took a step back.

No matter how stunned they were, they didnt forget the rules.

Zhanzheng College prohibits any killing!

Moreover, Su Haos current figure is too scary with his tattered clothes dyed in blood. After the rain washed the blood stains away, his image worsened. Coupled with his cold pair of eyes, this appearance really made one flinch in fear.

Su Hao just sneered.

Did he win?

Yes, he won!

From the moment when he used his full strength, he decided to never allow anyone to insult him again. Even he dies, he has to die with honor!

Even if one is to be the strongest esper, only he has the qualification to do so!

As for the others...

Anyone in his way would be killed with no hesitation.

Su Haos heart quietly underwent changes.


Thunder roared!

A flash of lightning struck down.

Su Hao killed two people...

Would he kill them too?

Those ordinary students of Zhanzheng College were all afraid.

Su Hao only glanced at them for a second before shifting his gaze somewhere within the fog. Killing Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng isnt a problem. If he wanted to, he could find evidence to determine the real culprit. Right now, he wondered if the attacks are over.


A figure flickered as a person appeared from thin air.

Su Hao, how dare you! A loud roar accompanied the persons appearance. Pointing at Su Hao, This is Zhanzheng College. You actually dare to kill people? Follow me to the Academic Affair Office now!

Teacher Shi!

Its Shi Mingxuan from the civil engineering department.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by this turn of event.

Quick, go to the teachers side.

Yes, no matter how strong Su Hao is, he wont dare to act in front of a teacher.

Everyone quickly ran to Shi Mingxuans back. Su Haos strength scared them to death. If Su Hao goes on a killing spree, they would be unlucky to die in such an innocent way. Its still much safer to hide behind the teachers back.

Teacher? Su Haos eyes narrowed.

Humph! Shi Mingxuan snorted, Follow me.

After finishing his sentence, Shi MIngxuan was waiting to make his move. At this moment, Su Hao glanced at his figure and smirked, After arriving, you didnt even seek clarification or even ask if Im the one who started it first. Just like so, you already convicted me of being guilty. Seems that you must have some part in this matter too, huh?

Or perhaps... Su Hao sneered, Youre also a dog breed by them?


Shi Mingxuans face instantly changed and coldly roared, What nonsense are you uttering?!

Hahahaha. Su Hao madly laughed, Its just as I predicted. Although I dont know which force are you from, since you already revealed yourself, you are now the target of the college. You really thought that those higher-ups are just for display? Im afraid after today, you cant keep your position as a teacher here.

Shi Mingxuan stared at Su Hao, and his face color changed.

Shi Mingxuans heart turned into a sea of struggle and hesitated as if Su Hao poked his mind. In fact, when Su Hao broke his cover, he already knew he was doomed!

What now?

Shi MIngxuan looked at Su Hao for a second.

F*ck it!

Kill Su Hao first. When this is complete, I will immediately leave Zhanzheng College!

Su Hao, stop trying to struggle! Shi MIngxuan shouted, What can you deny after killing students? Plus, insulting a teacher as a student, your offense is too huge to be ignored. I will first catch you, and we will see how it goes!


A thick aura broke out.

Shi Mingxuan finally made his move. His mouth said that he wanted to arrest Su Hao, but he revealed his strength as a domain esper the moment he acted. He wanted to nail Su Hao to his coffin!


Domain realm! Su Haos face had a huge change. He finally understood. The higher-ups in the school didnt plan to involve themselves in this from the very beginning.

A domain esper...

This is trouble!