Godly Model Creator Chapter 574

Chapter 574

Chapter 574 - A Confrontation with Domain Realm Expert!


A simple punch seemed to overwhelm the entire space.

The rain droplets stilled at this moment. Before time could even drift, the raindrops in front of Su Hao disintegrated upon the fist hitting them.

Heaven and Earth were turned upside down!

The whole world seemed to topple at this moment!

And it was heading towards Su Hao!



Layers of suppression!

Domain realm!

This is the strength of a domain esper!

Su Haos face changed a bit.

Such might is definitely not something he could compete with; fortunately, having witnessed a half-divine beast in action before, this power isnt enough to shock his mentality.

Circular World!


Traces of golden light flashed in front of Su Hao.

Circular World activated!

The punch that contains enough energy to disintegrate matter was instantly absorbed into Circular World. This world which was just emptied moment ago because of the complete usage of pure energy was once again occupied.


Ridiculous. Shi Mingxuan sneered. A mere level one professional esper actually planned to defend against him?


A punch was directed down.

The sound of thunder clapping resonated.

However, like passing through a layer of film, Shi Mingxuans face finally revealed a slight change. It was because, at this time, he felt that his power was declining at an alarming rate!

This, how could this be? Shi Mingxuan couldnt believe what he is experiencing.

Is it canceled?

After all, it is his origin technique, an origin technique from a domain esper!

Is it because he is too weak?

Or is Su Hao too strong?

If it were those guys from Tian Long Court, then its fine.

But even if it is those disciples of Tian Long Court, they would at least be a semi-domain esper! Since when could a level one professional esper compete with his existence as a domain esper?



A powerful punch diminished just like that. Right now, it has even less than one-thousandth of its original power.


Su Hao raised his fist and blocked it casually.

Blocked? Shi Mingxuan couldnt accept it.

The same expression applied to everyone else too.

Shi Mingxuan revealed an earth-shattering punch. When this punch hit Su Hao, one could see some sort of translucent layer flashing and then...

It was blocked!

As easy as ABC!


Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

That isnt an ordinary esper but the school teacher!

Hes a domain esper!

This Su Hao...


Su Haos wrist trembled, and Shi Mingxuan was forced to take a few steps back. The strength shown by Su Hao really shocked him to the extreme!

What strength!

The atmosphere was dead silent.

Su Hao is still standing motionless at the same spot. Within the heavy rain, his body language screamed calmness and also emitted a dense threat to everyone. This feeling made the crowd uneasy.

Shi Mingxuans face clearly showed fear.

This Su Hao isnt an ordinary student!

Hes indeed worthy to be Su Tianchengs son. Could it be that he inherited something from his father that he made him so powerful?

If this is the case, the Su Hao in front of him now isnt something he could handle!

What should he do now?

Shi Mingxuan could no longer maintain his calmness.

His identity has been exposed, and Zhanzheng College should probably make a move soon. He had to decide in a short period of time. To keep attacking or leaving?


The heavy rain was still ongoing.

Su Hao gazed around him with cold eyes.

He tried to maintain his calm state as best as possible. This is a battle of staying calm. Just now, Circular World absorbed all the energy contained within Shi Mingxuans fist. When it hit on Su Hao, it had already lost all its might!

If Su Hao wanted to block it, it cant be any easier!

On Shi Mingxuans face, Su Hao saw the expression he wanted, fear!


Shi Mingxuan is now afraid!

It isnt because he feared Su Hao, but because Su Hao is too powerful. If Shi Mingxuan continues this battle, he will risk being caught by Zhanzheng College. In this case, he would have no way to escape since his identity is already exposed! Of course, he didnt know that those higher-ups of Zhanzheng College wouldnt actually act.

Su Hao observed Shi Mingxuan via Synchronous Playback.

His look screamed hesitation. It was as if he was struggling with a dilemma. Shi Mingxuan was looking at his virtual screen, he seemed to be communicating with someone.

He is talking with his superiors!

Su Hao was amazed.

It didnt take a long time. After a few seconds, Shi Mingxuan ended the conversation. From how it looked from Synchronous Playback, Shi Mingxuan cut off the communication due to irritation. The other party forced him to continue, and Shi Mingxuan declined! Perhaps there is still a glimpse of hope!

However, just when he thought everything is going in the right direction, Shi Mingxuan charged him.


Shi Mingxuans pupil became soulless, losing their focus. However, they quickly returned to normal. When he opened his eyes again, it was a pair of tyrannical and cruel eyes.


A red light flashed.

Shi Mingxuan suddenly raised his head.

This isnt good! Su Haos face had a huge change.


Its actually that spiritual control again!

Those bastards were not only willing to sacrifice outsiders but also their own people!

Without even having to think, Su Hao knew what happened just now. The other party must have commanded Shi Mingxuan to continue, but he didnt dare due to Zhanzheng College. Never would he thought that in an instant, Shi MIngxuan would be completely controlled!

Controlling a domain esper?

Such a strong ability!

Or perhaps they prepared beforehand by making Shi Mingxuan consuming a certain drug for a long time which made him unable to resist against this talent?

Countless thoughts appeared in his head.

Su Hao didnt have the luxury to think about it because the upcoming crisis is here!



Shi Mingxuans terrifying aura of a domain esper went out of control!

His aura instantly injured the students behind him. However, Shi MIngxian still charged at Su Hao without any restraint.

Right now, he only had one person in his eyes!


Damn it!

Su Hao cursed in his heart. What should he do now?


He cant do so!


He cant!

The thing which made Su Hao feel bitter the most is because of the previous punch, Shi Mingxuan regarded him as someone equivalent to a domain esper and no longer held back!

Who knows how much of energy Su Hao used in order to resist the punch earlier!

Circular World!

Its full now!


Shi Mingxuan took huge leaps and attacked!

Punch followed by punch!

His actions seemed plain, but at this crucial moment, Su Hao could almost feel his soul leaving his body. Su Hao could actually see the distorted space from the path which the fists traveled!

How strong is this punch?

If this attack hits him...

No matter how strong his body is, it would definitely break!

I cant afford to wait for his attack!


Su Hao attacked without any hesitation!


His preparation is complete!

Not using Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, Su Hao used the most ideal origin technique, Xinghe Arrow!




Xinghe Arrow shot out!

However, in the past, Xinghe Arrow has always been condensed with his own energy. Only during the beast tide did he use the strange aura to kill off the pterosaur!

And this time he used Shi Mingxuans energy to condense the Xinghe Arrow!

It was from the punch earlier!

The same energy from a domain esper!


The arrow flew forward and confronted Shi Mingxuan.

A loud bang rang in everyones eardrum!

Xinghe Arrow shattered on the spot. Meanwhile, the punch is still safe and sound.


Hes too strong!

Even if Su Hao produced such a terrifying attack, it still left no scratches on him!

Indeed, hes worthy of being a domain esper!

His own strength plus the power from Shi Mingxuans punch didnt inflict any damage? However, its not like he expected a single arrow to be able to solve this crisis.


The familiar layer appeared.

Circular World!


As Shi Mingxuans fist passed through the layer, a burst of energy filled the Circular World. In a blink of an eye, the maximum capacity had been hit.

This is too much!

If it isnt because of the previous attack emptying the energy, doesnt it mean that he would have exploded right now? Even by doing so, this energy isnt something Su Hao could afford to withstand!

Its full!

What to do now?

Instantly, an idea popped into his mind as his eyes shone.



Circular World closed!

Su Haos right hand condensed energy. From the Circular World, he directed and gathered the energy into his right fist. Then, he punched his fist forward! Facing against Shi Mingxians punch which has been weakened many times, he used every bit of energy he could gather!


A punch was sent!

Two fists confronted each other!

A stream of strange energy gathered at the center of their confrontation. Then, it burst out to the surrounding. Both of them were instantly blasted away from the impact!

It was a horrifying energy storm!


Just like a ripple, the students around the scene were hit by the aftermath!

Just now, by hiding behind Shi Mingxian, they already fell under the heavy pressure. Right now, the aftermath from the battle spread, causing many to vomit blood on the spot!



Su Hao and Shi Mingxuan were thrown back!

Both of their figures landed against a wall, creating a huge hole and destroying an entire staff building. This was then followed by...


The building collapsed, covering both figures!

The surrounding crowd was stunned! Even those from the school conference room and the political district were all dumbfounded. Whats the situation there?

Could it be...

Both Su Hao and Shi Mingxuan died?

One had to take note that even if their energy is strong, the moment when their energy clashes with each other, they could no longer use any more energy. This means that when they were bombarded into the building, both could only rely on their physical fitness to support themselves! However, talking about physical fitness Who could bear such a force from the whole building?

Even if its only about four to five stories!

Everyones heart went cold.

However, at this moment...


Everyone almost trembled from watching a figure slowly climb out of the ruins.

Su Hao!

He is actually still alive!