Godly Model Creator Chapter 575

Chapter 575

Chapter 575 - Explode for Daddy!

Su Hao is alive.

This means that Shi Mingxuan most likely failed!

When this thought appeared in their mind, everyones heart went cold.

How could this be?

Its still acceptable to beat Ji Xuehai.

How could a specialized esper defeat a domain esper this easily?

One punch, forcing a retreat!

Two punches, death knocking on the door!

Is he still a student?


Su Hao spat out the blood accumulated in his mouth. Wiping the remainder at the corner of his mouth, he walked out of the ruins.

Im still alive? Su Hao took a deep breath of fresh air.

Just now, he thought he was going to die!

That powerful force almost made his heart stop for a moment! However, when the inner force within his body traveled to his heart, it was able to protect his life.

Just like at the beginning, the internal force saved his life again.

As long as he protects his heart, the injury sustained on his body has zero effect on him!

Under constant body tempering with internal force, he didnt even know how strong his current physical quality is. But at the very least, he is confident that it would be able to stand on its own against this small building!

As for that Shi Mingxuan...

Su Hao ignored the gazes from the surrounding crowd but stared at the opposite ruins.

The powerful clash just now had forced them to collide with the buildings behind their backs. The building Shi Mingxuan landed on was taller than Su Haos by a floor!

With such a degree of force, is he still alive?

Su Hao stared at the ruins without blinking his eyes.

Meanwhile, in the conference room.

The moment when Su Hao climbed out of the ruins, everyone was dumbfounded.

How old is Su Hao?

19 years old!

And he nearly defeated a domain esper!

Such talent...

Such a heaven-defying strength...

Without knowing why, everyone thought of Su Tiancheng.

That guy created havoc in this world out of nowhere. Damn it, could it be another Su Tiancheng is about to be born?

Damn it! Damn it!

How can Su Hao be that strong!

It must be that the little brat is too weak!

An esteemed domain esper, a teacher at Zhanzheng College, has been reduced to a little brat by this mouth!

No matter how weak he is, Shi Mingxuans still a domain esper! Someone raged.

Su Haos talent and his actual strength do not match. We must reassess its grade!

If hes dead today, its fine but if he lives...

It will absolutely be a huge problem!

Everyones face looked stiff.

The only matter which they could rejoice is...

They didnt personally take action!

Of course, what they arent aware of is Su Hao has gotten the big picture of this incident with the analysis done by the computers. He also knew the final plan of these old bastards. If they knew about this, could they still stay calm like now?

In the political district.

Everyone stared at the virtual screen.

When they saw Shi Mingxuan defeated, they were all shocked. However, when they raised their head up, that huge man was still in the zone and didnt suffer any pain.

Hes still alive!

A domain esper cant be that weak! Someone said in a disdain tone.

However, a specialized esper cant be this strong either! Another person coldly said.

Everyone went silent.

Indeed, up until now, Su Hao has performed at a degree which is outside of their expectations.

Otherwise, how could their plan be on the verge of failing?

Defeating both Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng!

Defeating Shi Mingxuans terrifying attack!

Is he still a student? As an ordinary student, cant you just have the strength of what an ordinary student should possess? Looking at the 16 credit points on the data, a few wished to kill the intelligence personnel on the spot. So, this is what someone with 16 credit points looks like to you?

Dont be impulsive!

Just leave this to him.

Shi Mingxuan is indeed not bad. Even if he cant do so, we can just opt for Shi Mingxuan to commit suicide which would get this task done too! This time, our mission wont fail!

Everyones eyes once again shifted back to the screen.

From the ruins, a figure gradually climbed up.

Shi Mingxuan!

Hes safe and sound!

Indeed worthy to be a domain esper!

Every other student had retreated. In fact, they have long left to somewhere distant due to the fear of being caught in the fight again. The previous two attacks had made them quite a bad day. If theyre affected again, many would be lying down on the verge of death.

However, this battle which is comparable to the confrontation at the domain realm already made them fascinated.

Could such a duel be seen during ordinary times? If they could learn one or two things from this battle, it would definitely be good in improving their strength!

Sure enough, hes still alive! Su Haos pupils shrank.

Domain realm...

Even without using energy, he can be this powerful?

Just now, the confrontation between the two forces has made their body suffered hell that they cant use any energy. Yet, he is still alive!

Could it be the physical fitness of this guy is also powerful?

Su Hao raised his head, observing him.

Shi Mingxuan seemed to have felt Su Haos gaze and suddenly grinned, Sure enough, youre worthy of the reputation as Su Tianchengs son. Even as a professional esper, youre this terrifying!

Su Haos body trembled!

He actually opened his mouth for the first time!

The surrounding crowd didnt find anything strange, but Su Hao understood clearly!

Shi Mingxuan had been controlled!

Now, his whole body should be in a state of paralysis. The previous Shi Mingxuan wasnt in this state. It was because of this that Su Hao could easily guide his power but now...

In the Synchronous World, Su Hao carefully observed every detail of Shi Mingxuans action.

Both of his eyes regained their focus. He got his consciousness back, but the aura emitted was still dense with killing intent.

Hes still under control!

Su Hao analyzed it in his heart.

In other words...

Shi Mingxuan directly charged at Su Hao, using his best move!


Clouds of dust raised to the sky!

Thick yellowish dust stirred in mid-air.

The dust turned into a huge lump of yellowish energy that directly headed towards Su Hao!

Heavy Stone Sword!


A huge yellowish energy weapon came down from the sky! The surrounding space was sliced into two halves. Shi Mingxuan who had his consciousness right now finally revealed the true strength of a domain esper!


Su Hao had goosebumps all over his body!

He cant block this attack!

He wont be able to repeat his feat!

After all, he is still in the professional realm. If Shi Mingxuan only casually attacks, he could barely resist but when a domain esper truly reveals their full strength...

He is unable to stop it!

A total suppression!

A true domain esper is still not an existence he could face against!

Perhaps its time to end this. Su Hao suddenly became indifferent.

Nobody noticed the virtual screen in front of him because he set it into private mode. Rows of data were flowing downward like a waterfall, and this would be Su Haos final killer move!

Weapon invasion!

Except Su Hao understood that if he resorted to using that move again, it wouldnt be as easy as last time. If he really tried to do so again, he would risk exposing his identity!

However, he no longer cared about all this!

He would resort to a method which would put him at risk to resist the incoming threatening death!

The pros definitely outweigh the cons!


Su Hao instantly invaded the nuclear weapon system.

One has to take note that the current defensive system is indeed much more advanced than the previous version. Even if those three hacker masters are to join forces and attack it, they might not even succeed! At least, it would be impossible to do so without alerting anyone. But for Su Hao, its not a problem at all!

Because when he invaded this system previously, he left behind a backdoor on a random computer. Now, he could invade directly into the energy particle light beam system!



In 0.1 seconds, the light beam finished aiming at its target!

Those in the weapons research room must not have expected this.

After upgrading the network firewall, it was still easily invaded; and this time, its much easier than the previous attempt!

The light beam system activated!

The charging was done within 0.1 seconds!

As a strategic weapon, this system has always been ready to be in action. Under the influence of origin energy, todays weapons became even faster and accurate!



Map filter!


Zhanzheng College!


School District!

Su Hao instantly inputted a coordinate.

The scene of Shi Mingxuan charging at Su Hao was locked on. The speed of a computer clearly exceeded the speed of what mankind can imagine.

Everything is ready now.

Su Haos mouth showed a smirk.

Want to kill him?

Want to complete the mission?

Keep dreaming!

This battle is different from the previous one.

It is destined to be followed closely by countless people.

Once the energy particle light beam is shot, everyone would notice it without a doubt. At the same time, the matter of this hack would be exposed. Even the previous one might be revealed too...

However, too bad, Su Hao didnt have the luxury to care about it!

Want me to die?

Youre too naive!

Su Haos eyes were very calm.

On the screen, he tapped on the confirmation to start the system!

A password input box appeared, and Su Hao didnt hesitate to enter a series of code. However, when he was about to press the submit button, an accident happened!


A golden yellowish afterimage rushed forward and hit the incoming sword!

Ten times critical hit!

Ten times critical hit!

Ten times critical hit!

Explode for daddy!


A series of powerful force broke out from a small figure as he smashed his fists with great enthusiasm. The scariest part was when the last sentence ended, an out of this world strength suddenly erupted.

It is an aura which made everyones hearts skip a beat.