Godly Model Creator Chapter 576

Chapter 576

Chapter 576 - Strength of Domain Realm!

This is...

Even Shi Mingxuan subconsciously trembled because this aura reached the domain realm. Even if its just level one, that is still not something to look down upon.

This is...

A one hundred times critical hit!

Yet another heaven-defying existence?


A terrifying aura, accompanied by a weaker aura bombarded the sword; directly forming numerous cracks on the sword!

This scene shocked everyone.

After all, it is a terrifying power from the domain realm!

This time, whos it?


That man gasped with his wide mouth.

When everyone carefully looked at him, there was a sense of suffocation out of nowhere. His Origin Avatar shrouded him in golden light, and nobody could see his appearance.

In a flash, the Origin Avatar was deactivated.

When the crowd took a closer look, they were all dumbfounded.

WTF, it turned out to be Li Xin?!

He already stepped into the professional realm?

With such terrifying strength...

Yet another monster?


Chilliness arrived!

The sky became filled with dense snow which drifted along with the winds direction.

Under this heavy rain, it actually snowed?!

In a radius of one hundred meters, the area was so frigid that the falling raindrops quickly froze. The speed of the raindrops falling slowed down gradually until they looked almost stationary in mid-air!

It is a world of ice and snow!

The falling sword was covered in a layer of ice as if it is frozen!

A blue light flashed, forming a few circles in the air and then around the sword before vanishing.

A figure appeared.

Chen Yiran!

Yet another exclamation! Apparently, the crowd didnt expect that the one to act this time would be Chen Yiran. That gorgeous bluish crystal ice, emitting the aura of Origin Avatar means that this beautiful girl officially broke through into the professional realm too!

Another professional esper? Shi Mingxuan raged.

The Heavy Stone Sword which was about to slam down again faced Chen Yirans attack after receiving the impact from Li Xins. The speed has reduced by a huge margin by now!

The attack slowed down, reducing the chances to kill Su Hao successfully.

Two little professional espers actually stopped his attack to kill Su Hao?

Get lost from this daddy!


A loud roar followed an illumination coming from Shi Mingxuans body!

With his aura sweeping around, both Chen Yiran and Li Xin were shaken off. Even the ice layers on the sword were shattered.

The sword returned to normal.

With just a couple of level one professional espers and you dare to stop me? Shi Mingxian smirked, Today, Su Hao must die!

Kill him!


The sword sank downwards!

Its speed seemed to be faster by a small margin than before!

Su Hao who was locked by this large-scale attack had no way to escape! However, at this time, Su Haos figure looked so calm because he knew...

His friends were back!


It went down with a huge momentum towards Su Hao like Mountain Tai, covering the whole figure of Su Hao. Shi Mingxuans mouth revealed a sinister smile.



The Earth quaked!

A huge crack formed on the ground of Zhanzheng College. The power of a domain esper is never to be underestimated. A huge pothole appeared in front of everyone!

Every student felt a chill from such overwhelming strength!

Is this the real strength of the domain realm?

Its actually this strong!

With such strength, then Su Hao...

The people subconsciously shifted their gaze to the bottom of the pothole. However, the huge pothole was empty. Not even any trace of residue to be seen!

Could it be that he evaporated?

When everyone was thinking about it, they saw Shi Mingxuans figure turn and look in another direction. They also subconsciously followed his gaze and were instantly shocked!

At that direction, dazzling lightning could be seen flashing.

Su Haos figure was directly brought over there.

The lightning then vanished into a real person.

Zhou Wang!

Thunder element control? Shi Mingxuans murderous intent skyrocketed. Obviously, he isnt feeling good as his attempts to kill Su Hao have been blocked three times in succession, Such a fast speed. Zhanzheng College is indeed full of talented students!


Everyone was stunned.

Just now...

Before Teacher Shis attack reached, I think I saw lightning.

Me too...

I thought it was an illusion!

But it actually turned out to be Zhou Wang!

Zhou Wang!

One of the top students from the college entrance exam!

They had some impression of him, but they never expected him to enter the professional realm too! Also, that speed he displayed just now is heaven-defying!

But, nobody noticed it.

Only a few thoughtful ones quietly backed up a few more steps to be further away from Shi Mingxuan. Just now, Shi Mingxuan seemed to have blattered something about Zhanzheng College.

Something was amiss with that sentence!

Especially coming from a teacher, he would never say such a thing! Could it be like what Su Hao said, this guy is really from a certain force?

Interesting. Shi Mingxuan cruelly smiled, Several kids who just stepped into the professional realm actually tried to fight against me? What a joke! Since when is the might of a domain esper something you can comprehend?

Since you all want to die, I will let you die together! Shi Mingxuan sneered.


With a stomp of his foot on the ground, the ground shook!

This area started to quake, scaring the hell out of everyone.

What happened?

An earthquake?

What strength!

The crowd retreated in panic.



The bluestone bricks on the ground started floating. Before Su Hao and the others could react, they found out that Heaven and Earth turned upside down. In front of them was plain darkness. The situation around them has changed.

The world had been reversed!

What surrounded them is an endless void!

Under everyones feet were floating bluestone bricks suspended in the void. With one brick under each foot, the remaining bricks surrounded them.

This is... Su Haos expression looked pale.

You really think that title of domain esper is just for show? Shi Mingxuan laughed loudly, After stepping into the domain realm, only then can one master the mysterious power of a domain! A mean owned by every domain esper! This is the true strength of a domain esper!

You really thought that you could defeat a domain esper?

Haha! What a joke!

Inside my domain, nobody can escape! Shi Mingxuan laughed his head off.



Everyone was dragged close together.

The scene in front of them was beyond their expectation. At first, Chen Yiran and Li Xin delayed Shi Mingxuans attack. Zhou Wang then took the opportunity to rescue Su Hao. However, they didnt expect that before this plan was successful, they already got caught under Shi Mingxuans domain!

They have no way to escape!

What to do now? Li Xin scratched his head, Perhaps let me go and force a way out?

Zhou Wang wiped his sweat.

Chen Yiran shook her head and then looked at Su Hao.

After Su Hao observed for a bit, the scene in front of him gave him a familiar feeling. This domain isnt it similar to his own world?


Indeed its too simple. Su Hao sighed.

What did you say? Shi Mingxuan went furious, What you mean it is too simple?

Hehe. Su Hao sneered, If the domain from a domain esper is this weak, then I advise them to find some tofu and smash himself death. At first, I didnt quite understand what is described in the textbooks, but I now understand. The so-called domain realm is only the entry level of the domain which needs to be condensed one step at a time.

Then after the domain keeps improving and turns into a world, then one would step into the world realm!

Su Hao glanced around and smirked, You with your half-ass bricks, yet you dare proclaim that you are a domain esper?

Shi Mingxuans face turned black.

No, this isnt accurate. Su Hao pondered, Youre not Shi Mingxuan. Youre his controller, yet youre still mad. This shows that your own domain should be similar or perhaps worse than Shi Mingxuan. Your actual strength should be pretty similar to his.

The same entry level of the domain realm.

With your strength, its impossible to control Shi Mingxuan. If so, then some drug must be used to aid your control. You tricked Shi Mingxuan for a long time. Unknowingly, he must have been affected by your drug for at least one month which would destroy any resistance to your talent!

Because of the drug, you can control him with ease!

Only through all this can you control Shi Mingxuan who is at the same level as you. I think, my explanation should be pretty accurate right? Su Hao casually shared his analysis.

Shi Mingxuan turned pale. Fear began to appear within his heart.

This is too terrifying!

This Su Hao...

How did he come up with this conclusion?

He didnt leak anything, and he was exposed. What he didnt know was the computers in Su Haos mind have been analyzing the situation countless times.

This is the only correct answer.

And also the one with the highest probability!

Stop uttering nonsense! Shi Mingxuan roared, Brat, you just have to worry about your little life. After I kill you, I will see how you are going to maintain your arrogance!

Su Hao smirked.

He never said this to Shi Mingxuan!

He knew that since Chen Yiran and the others arrived, someone must be lurking around quietly.

He was saying this explanation to someone who was listening!


Shi Mingxuan made his move again!

The bluestone bricks shook. Su Hao and the others were moved around. Then the numerous bluestone bricks merged and formed a strange array.

However, Su Hao only stared coldly at Shi Mingxuan, Attack his brain!

Ridiculous! Shi MIngxuan sneered, You better die in peace. You four brats wont be able to move at all. Who else can save you? This is my domain...

Before he could finish his words, a strange sound rang.


A stream of light ray suddenly rushed into Shi Mingxuans field!

This is... Shi Mingxuans pupil suddenly enlarged!