Godly Model Creator Chapter 577

Chapter 577

Chapter 577 - Body Struggle!

Within the domain.

Countless bluestone bricks were moving. This is how a domain esper uses their domain to be a killing move. The moment when Shi Mingxuan used this domain, everyone was imprisoned!

Su Hao was confined!

Chen Yiran was also confined!

Everyone had been restricted!

With only a brick under their feet, nobody could move. If one tried to shake it off, they might just fall to their deaths; not to mention countless bricks flying around. From time to time, they would charge at Su Hao and the others before blowing up!

This is Shi Mingxuans domain!

Even if its simple and unrefined, its still dangerous!

Su Hao and the others could die at any moment, but Shi Mingxuans face isnt looking good either due to Su Haos sudden command and the attack from out of nowhere!

This is his domain!

This is his territory!

That damn attack...

Where did it come from?

Could it be those old bastards from Zhanzheng College finally made their move?

Thinking of this, Shi Mingxuan inexplicably became a little afraid.

However, soon he woke up. It definitely isnt true because if it is, he wouldnt even have the chance to escape!

Then who could it be?


A light ray flashed.

It was filled with strong killing intent!


The attack was intercepted.

Shi Mingxuan was a bit confused. What is happening here?

Space stilled.

Shi Mingxuan gently grabbed that thing and was stunned. Its a bullet!


Shi MIngxuan soon realized based on the data he had, one of Su Haos friends seems to be a guy named Zhao Feng. If hes not mistaken Zhao Fengs ability talent is penetration.


Now everything fits the puzzle.

No wonder Zhao Feng could enter his domain. So what if he entered?


Shi Mingxuan compressed the bullet into powder.

He thought it was some expert who attacked him, but it turned out to be a mere professional esper. This is really ridiculous!

This is your savior? Shi Mingxuan laughed out loud, A little professional esper, no matter how many you call for help, so what? It only means that I have to do more work killing some additional flies. Seems that its time for you to die!


Countless bluestone bricks gathered in every direction.

They surrounded Su Hao and the others. Without having to ask, once these bluestone bricks closed together, Su Hao and the others only had death waiting for them. However, even when facing this incoming danger, Su Hao didnt reveal any fear. Instead, he coldly stared at Shi Mingxuan.

How dangerous would it be to be in someones domain?

Su Hao knew that more than anyone.

Previously, he killed several king level beasts easily within his own model world. Perhaps the power of a domain can only be fully utilized when one truly steps into the domain realm.

In fact, when Shi Mingxuan activated his domain, the fight was literally over.

The power of a domain is definitely not something a professional esper could compete against.

Besides, they are all level one professional espers!

However, is there really no chance at all?

If it really is a domain esper, Su Hao would have used the light beam attack already, but Shi Mingxuan isnt! No, to be precise; Shi Mingxuan is a domain esper, but the one in control isnt Shi Mingxuan! Even with the drugs assistance, controlling someone who has similar strength definitely gives quite the pressure.

Youre afraid. Su Hao said in an indifferent tone.

Afraid of what? Shi Mingxuan said disdainfully.

Why not guess? Su Hao revealed an expression of mystery. Under Illusion Reality, all of the bullet routes were analyzed at a rapid speed.



In the domain, another light ray appeared!

Zhao Fengs attack was incoming again!

Humph, such a retard. Shi MIngxuan sneered. With such a level of attack, they actually planned to defeat him?

True, what Su Hao said is his weakness. So what?

With their strength as professional espers, could they defeat him?

This is simply ridiculous!


Zhao Fengs bullet once again charged at him.

Get lost! Shi Mingxuan angrily slammed it away with his palm.

He already remembered the power of the earlier bullet. If it is like before, a slap will turn the bullet into dust. However, something unexpected happened!


The bullet vanished!

What? Shi Mingxuan was shocked.

Did he destroy it?


A black shadow appeared in front of him. When Shi MIngxuan looked at it, his face showed total horror. The bullet disappeared in front of his palm during the confrontation and reappeared from the other side of his palm!


It didnt penetrate his palm, but the entire space!


The bullet did not seem to be affected and continued its trajectory into Shi Mingxuans head. The current distance is only a couple dozen centimeters away. The black shadow in front of him made him unable to evade at all!

Damn it!

Get lost!

Layers of yellowish aura appeared. This is one of his ability, his strongest defensive layer!

This defense could even resist a full blow from a domain esper!



The bullet vanished!


The bullet reappeared!

This bullet once again passed through his so-called strongest defensive technique!


Shi Mingxuans face turned pale.

Could it be that a domain esper like him is about to die under a mere bullet?

Domain, move!


The domain turned around.

The entire domain in front of Shi Mingxuan distorted. During the distortion, the bullet scraped past Shi Mingxuans forehead.


Some blood spattered from his forehead.

Shi Mingxuan only suffered a minor injury.

Hahahaha. Shi Mingxuan madly laughed, So it turned out to be this. With only you brats, you wish to beat me? What a joke! As long as I use my domain to kill you, I will see how you all are...


Shi Mingxuans face instantly changed.

Looking at Su Haos expression which seems like a smile and not a smile at the same time, he suddenly became frightened because it was at this time that he felt a strong struggle in his body.

This is...

The actual Shi Mingxuan!

The goal was not to kill him!

It was to awaken Shi Mingxuan whom he is controlling. With how much hatred Shi Mingxuan has after being abandoned, one can imagine even one hundred of him wont be sufficient for Shi Mingxuan to kill for him to subdue his anger!


Shut the f*ck up for daddy!

Shi Mingxuan fought with his life on the line to regain control of his body.



The domain shook and began to collapse!

Damn it! Shi Mingxuans face had a huge change as he tried to suppress his body with every might. He believed that as long as he used his talent to control this body, everything would be fine.

However, he didnt expect that at this crucial time, everyone made their move!

Xinghe Arrow!

Aura Covering Mountains and Rivers!

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!

These are every card Su Hao has!

Snow Storm!

Ice Crystals Blast!

Ice Empress!

These were all of Chen Yirans hidden cards!

The same applied to Zhou Wang and Li Xin. Both erupted with their best fighting strength and charged at Shi Mingxuan!

Shi Mingxuan who was busy suppressing his body turned pale!

If it were normal times, he wouldnt care at all; however, he is currently struggling to control his body.



Countless attacks erupted in front of him.

Everyones powerful moves forced Shi Mingxuan to defend. Just when he took the chance to defend, the consciousness of this body became stronger.

Get out!

A low roar echoed within the domain.

Now, this is Shi Mingxians true strength!

Shi Mingxuan finally awoke!

Teacher, we will take this guy down for you! Su Hao suddenly voiced out, What should we do?

You call him Teacher? The one who possessed the body suddenly laughed out loud, He...

Get out for daddy! Shi Mingxuan who is struggling in the sea of consciousness continued righteously, Actually daring to use my body to suppress my students. Youre simply courting death! Su Hao, keep attacking him hard. After being distracted, he wont be able to confront me. Soon, I will defeat him and help seek revenge for you all!

Great! Su Hao happily replied.

Ah! The possessor roared in anger.

He wanted to say something, but suddenly the surrounding aura was removed. No matter what he said, Su Hao wont be able to hear! He really wanted to tell Su Hao that this Shi Mingxuan is also someone who aimed to kill you all. Helping him, isnt that just knocking yourself on deaths door? But now, he couldnt speak at all!



Su Hao and the others obediently attacked!

The strength of the possessor was getting weaker and weaker. On the contrary, Shi Mingxuans control was getting stronger and stronger.

Ah~ The possessor screamed before finally passing out, Helping Shi Mingxuan, you will all regret it!



With a light flashing, the consciousness of the possessor was completely cut off!

Shi Mingxuan was ecstatic!

Finally, he regained his body!

Even when he accidentally got himself caught in this, he still managed to get his body back. When he thought of his body being controlled by someone else, he felt sick and disgusted.

Fortunately, he got himself out of this predicament!

What he didnt expect the most was the person the who saved him turned out to be Su Hao!

These naive students, what kind of world have they experienced before? No matter what, they are still students. As long as he found a good reason, he would be able to turn himself innocent.

For example, he had been controlled from the start.

If he is able to return and explained well, his suspicion would be completely cleared. From then on, to even hold a higher position in Zhanzheng College is still possible.

Hmm, where should I start first? Shi Mingxuans gaze swept across Chen Yiran.

Women are the easiest to convince. With my talent, as long as I hook this girl and turn her into a school teacher, nobody will doubt my past relations with the organization.

Hmmm, this is the best! Shi Mingxuan began to take action.

In his opinion, hes pretty good at dealing with women.