Godly Model Creator Chapter 578

Chapter 578

Chapter 578 - Cant Seek Death!


After restoring my body, I will hook up with this girl!

Shi Mingxuan made his decision and quickly regained control of his mind. However, unexpectedly...

Su Hao and the others attacked him!



Endless energy rushed towards his unmovable body.

All these attacks were the same as the previous round. Why did Su Hao attack him at this time?

Shi Mingxian thought a bit and suddenly understood.

He forgot to inform them about his identity.

Erm, fellow students. I am your teacher. That bastard just now has been scared away. Right now, the person in front of you all is...



What Shi Mingxuan greeted were stronger attacks!

At this time, if Shi Mingxian still didnt understand what is happening, he would be a retard. Looking at Su Haos calm expression, he suddenly roared, Su Hao, how dare you...


A flower bloomed!

Shi Mingxuans words were suddenly cut off!

His body had been completely destroyed. When the possessor left, before Shi Mingxuan regained back his control, he had been crazily attacked by Su Hao and his friends!

Shi Mingxuan cant speak anything.

Because he no longer had a physical body!

Su Hao, how dare you?

Am ethereal figure floated in mid-air; one could see the resentment look of Shi Mingxuan.

He exploited this group of students but never did he expect Su Hao to use him too! This was something unbearable for him.

Su Hao, youre looking for death! Shi Mingxuan smiled sinisterly.

Just a mere soul, what do you have to be this arrogant? Su Hao sneered and looked at the crumbling domain around him, This ruin domain, its better to destroy it earlier.

You will definitely regret this! Shi Mingxuan grinned and charged forward.

His target turned out to be Su Hao!

Su Hao, be careful!


Everyone exclaimed. In front of everyones eyes, Shi Mingxuan directly entered Su Haos body and planned to seize control of Su Hao.


Force him out!

They exclaimed but yet, they couldnt help much.

Hahaha, just a few mere professional espers. What power do you have to fight me?! Shi Mingxuan laughed loudly.


He took one step at a time to reach Su Haos mind.

However, he was totally dumbfounded when he arrived there.


What kind of place is this?

You dont know?


Su Haos figure appeared. He looked at Shi Mingxuan with great interest, Arent you going to invade my soul? Welcome to my domain, a real virtual world!


Hahaha, You really made my stomach ache from laughter. With just you, you want to talk about worlds... He abruptly stopped his laughter. He was stunned looking at the scene and objects around him.

This this is exactly the same as reality!

This actually turned out to be true?!


Only one at the peak of domain realm can complete a world to such a degree. And you, a mere little professional esper actually created such a world in your body! Shi Mingxuan muttered to himself.

Suddenly, Shi Mingxuans eyes shone.

Great, since I no longer have my physical body, I will control you. With such a strong talent, perhaps you can go even further by letting me control your body!


Shi Mingxuan suddenly entered the depth of Su Haos world!

Under normal circumstances, one would die.

However, he already dead. This is his domain! Thanks to that damn possessor, his soul got separated and his consciousness drifted away!

Su Hao destroyed his body, officially making him a homeless soul!

At first, this was a sad story.

But when he entered Su Haos body, Shi Mingxuan was ecstatic. This isnt bad luck but a pleasant surprise!

This is a blessing from Heaven!

With Su Haos current strength, how could he resist?

This body is just here to serve Shi Mingxuan!


He penetrated through one layer of the world!

Shi Mingxuan managed to step into the depths of the world. However, he was stunned yet again upon arriving. Here why is it another strange world?



Shi Mingxuan attacked two times in a row.

When he destroyed a world, he found that he was in another new world!

A third world!

How could this be? Shi Mingxuan almost went mad.

How deep is Su Haos sea of knowledge?!

How could there be another world!

Daddy doesnt believe!


A powerful force from his consciousness erupted.

The world in front of him instantly collapsed as he directly blasted a hole. Behind the world was a lump of dazzling light.

Finally Im about to reach the end? Shi Mingxuan was pleasantly surprised.

As long as he is able to sneak into the depth of Su Haos consciousness, he can gain control of Su Haos body.


Shi Mingxuan stepped into it.

The dazzling white light vanished.

When Shi Mingxuan entered through the hole, his eyes opened wide!



How can this be?!

Shi Mingxuan stood there like a retard.

What appeared in front of him was rows of computers. It looked like a huge computer lab. This world seemed endless with no borders.

Without a doubt, it turned out to be another world.

Moreover, it is different from those previous strange worlds.

This world is actually a real world!

With his trembling hand, he tried to pick up a pen on the desk and he could surprisingly touch it!

This is real!

Shi Mingxuan was shocked.

What kind of place did he enter?


A figure flashed.

Su Haos body quietly appeared. Looking at Shi Mingxuans expression, he smiled, What do you feel?


Shi Mingxuan had goosebumps all over his body!

Su Hao!

He actually appeared!


Arent you going to destroy me? Su Hao looked at him with great interest, I am eager to see how are you going to do so?

Shi Mingxuan took a step back cautiously.

He already felt the burden his body suffered from destroying three worlds at once. His whole state of mind was in chaos.

And this scene in front was even more shocking to him!

These worlds...

It was as if they toppled his cognition!

Where is this? Who are you exactly? Shi Mingxuan looked at Su Hao in horror.

You will know soon. Su Hao smiled slightly.

I dont care what you are! Shi Mingxuan sneered, As long as I kill you and occupy your sea of consciousness, I will be able to access every bit of memory you have!

You really think that you can kill me? Su Hao revealed a strange smile.

Stop trying to be mysterious! Shi Mingxuans eyes shone, You are still a weak level one professional esper! Even with just my consciousness left, I am still a true domain realm expert! Even if I only have ten percent of my strength left, I can still easily kill you!


Shi Mingxuan made his move.

Since Su Hao was in front of him, this is a rare opportunity!

As long as he kills Su Hao, everything will end!

However, this step seemed to be so far that its unreachable. The moment Shi Mingxuan attacked, his face changed drastically!



The model moves.

The ground under his feet shifted, and everything changed.

When Shi Mingxuan finally reacted, he already appeared in an office. Even worse is that the office door is locked!

He couldnt open it!

Su Hao stood outside the door and casually looked at him.

What happened? Shi Mingxuan was terrified.

Could it be that he had been teleported instantly?

No, impossible!

It was the surrounding scene that moved!

This is Su Haos world!

He could control every corner of the world at his will!


Even if one is in the domain realm, to control their own world with such precision is impossible!

Shi Mingxuan grit his teeth. Sensing the strength in his body, he looked at Su Hao who stood close by. Crazily using his strength, he charged at Su Hao again.

Open for me!


The office was directly blasted!

Shi Mingxuan instantly rushed out!

However, the very second he stepped outside, a brand new office was formed around him and he was trapped again!

Su Hao is still outside the office as before!

What exactly is happening here? Shi Mingxuan was furious.

Because this world belongs to me.

Su Hao laughed, You can keep destroying them as you wish, but I promise you wont be able to escape even if the consciousness of a domain esper is strong. But with your current state...

Are you sure youre fine? Su Hao pointed at his body.

When Shi Mingxuan looked down, his face had a huge change.

After overusing his power, his body became completely translucent. If he is to use the same attack again, it is very likely that he would vanish into thin air!


Shu Mingxuan sat down.

Looking at the surrounding scene, he still couldnt believe it.

He, Shi Mingxuan, a domain esper and also a teacher of Zhanzheng College has fallen into the hands of a little level one professional esper!

Yesterday, he accepted the mission and prepared for it. Now, he was trapped here. His body is already destroyed, leaving only a tiny bit of his consciousness which is now about to disappear.

This is ironic!


Su Hao turned around and left.

Shi Mingxuan abruptly screamed, Arent you going to kill me?

Kill you? Su Haos mouth revealed a smiled, You still have your purposes!


Su Hao disappeared without a trace.

Purposes... Shi Mingxuan smiled bitterly.

Since when did Shi Mingxuan fall to this point?

Whats the meaning of living like this?

Shi Mingxuan gritted his teeth and suddenly raised his hand, wanting to commit suicide. However, at this moment, a sound echoed in the air, If Im you, I wont do that.

Shi Mingxuan was stunned.

He raised his head and realized that he was in Su Haos sea of consciousness! All these worlds are Su Haos worlds!

All of his moves cant escape Su Haos surveillance!

Shi Mingxuans right hand trembled for a long time before he eventually put it down helplessly because he knew he cant die.

As long as he killed himself, Su Hao would have total control over him. At that time, he would truly become a prisoner!

Since Su Hao wanted him to live, Su Hao would never let him die!