Godly Model Creator Chapter 579

Chapter 579

Chapter 579 - Kill Anyone Who Appears

Hahahaha! Shi Mingxuan smirked, Su Hao darn it!

If he could rewind time, if he were given another chance, he would never involve in this! One wrong choice and he ended up unable to stay alive or even die!

When he is regretting his actions, the surrounding scene had a huge change.



The office suddenly became bigger.

His current location expanded and turned into a world with mountains, rivers, land, and trees. Next to him was a well. The office turned into a pleasant house. Outside the house was even a stone table with a pot of hot tea.

Shi Mingxuan was stunned!

Creating something out of nothing!

This is simply the work of God!

This is a what a true creation all about!

Standing there, he witnessed with his own eyes how Su Hao created this world. Such talent, it made him experience an inexplicable fear that he even trembled!

He suspected that only a world esper would have such ability.

Su Hao, what kind of man is he?

Take care of yourself then. Su Haos five words rang in his eardrums.

The bitterness in Shi Mingxuans heart gradually disappeared. This was the benefit Su Hao gave to him. Such means made Shi Mingxuan sincerely admire him!

Only when one became a domain esper would he know how difficult it is to create a small domain. As for Su Hao, he could easily create a world. How could Shi Mingxuan oppose someone like him?

Inexplicably, an endless feeling of worship began to grow within Shi Mingxuans heart.

Thank you!

Respectfully saying thank you to the sky, Shi Mingxuan sat on the stone table in peace, carefully drinking the hot tea. The breeze gently blew against his face as he began to think what he experienced today and cultivate.

Su Hao was watching this from a corner.

Obviously, he knew every little inch of whats happening within his body.

After confirming Shi Mingxuan truly submitted to him, he quietly left. Being capable to make such a person surrender to him will make the following events be much smoother.


Su Hao returned to reality.

Shi Mingxuans domain had long collapsed.

At this time, the crowd outside didnt know what was happening inside. All they know is Shi Mingxuan suddenly brought Su Hao and the others into a domain and that the battle continued until now.

When the crowd was tired of being clueless, the ground shook!

Everyone was shocked.

The battle ended!

Who won?

It must have been Teacher Shi Mingxuan!

A number of students made this guess. After all, for a domain esper, subduing a professional esper is just a matter of minutes. However, in this case, the battle lasted for quite some time.

For a short while, their doubt was unanswered.

And at this moment...


The domain collapsed!



Countless stones fell, forming a huge pit on the ground.

However, nobody was bothered with that right now.

Everyone only paid attention to the center of the scene where several people stood there safely. Su Hao, Chen Yiran, Zhou Wang, Li Xin They are all still alive?

Everyone was shocked.

What about Shi Mingxuan?

When they thought of this, a huge object dropped from the sky before they able could react. When the crowd took a look at it, they were so scared that they almost peed themselves.

It was Teacher Shi Mingxuans body!

Shi Mingxuan actually died?

He really died...

His body has already been reduced to such state.

This is madness!

Total madness!

This is the thought of every student.

Occasionally there will be casualties among students. As long as you submit the information formally and make sure your action is justified, everything will be fine.

But when a teacher is involved?

There isnt such a rule!

After all, all the teachers here are at least domain espers!

A teacher in the domain realm got destroyed by professional espers?

This is simply impossible!

If it was those guys from Tian Long Court, that is still barely acceptable. However, the people in front of them are clearly newbies who just entered the school and stepped into the professional realm not long ago!

No matter how many people are there, to beat a domain esper is definitely not something which could be settled with numbers.

Even if it is those monsters from Tian Long Court, to kill an ordinary domain esper, one would need to reach the semi-domain realm and master the might of the domain before showing any possibilities!

These level one professional espers, what is wrong with them?!

The atmosphere in the scene was quiet.

At the same time, having the same degree of shock, those in the political district were already aware when the possessor escaped!

However, their prediction was Shi Mingxuan would take back control of his body and then kill Su Hao and his friends!

Although they would have Shi Mingxuan as an enemy, at least their mission could still be completed. They would have never imagined the current scene.

Domain esper!

Shi Mingxuan, such a strong character actually died in such manner?

The truth was they didnt know the main reason Shi Mingxuan died was due to the confrontation with the possessor which allowed Su Hao and the others to attack at will!

What do we do now?

Everyone was at a loss.

It was a simple plan to kill Su Hao

In their huge scheme, this portion is just a small part without even one percent of importance. However, they got stuck on the first step! A grand plan failed to proceed because of failing to kill Su Hao. This is such irony!

Is Su Hao that hard to kill?!

What should we do now?

Why not we command everyone to attack?


Everyone was shocked by this suggestion.

If they all attack at once, Su Hao is sure to die. However, doesnt that mean that we wont have any methods to retreat?

Is it worth?!

There is no such thing as being worth or not. In fact, this matter has escalated to such a point that there is no alternative! If I guessed correctly, those old bastards are already beginning to be wary of this. If we fail this time, I believe there is no other chance!


This time, we must grasp it in our hands!

Everyone looked at each other.

In the end, they forcefully nodded, Okay, lets go all out! Be prepared for this plan!

In the school district.

Those higher-ups were already numb, spectating the scene.

They won yet again...

Unlike those from the joint force, the Zhanzheng Colleges people wished to know deeper about it, Did someone see how Su Hao won?

Control! One man coldly said, His strength isnt that high, but his situational awareness is second to none! The possessor controlled Shi Mingxuan, but all Su Hao did was provoke the real Shi Mingxuan to confront the possessor. In the end, Su Hao was the final fisherman.


Everyones eyes shined.

You saw it?

When they were watching the battle earlier, nobody could get involved in the fight when Shi Mingxuan activated his domain because he is a domain esper. Thus, they couldnt see what was happening inside.

No. That man shook his head, But this is the only possibility for victory. You all must be clear of a domain espers strength. With Su Haos strength, even if those few friends of his are added, the odds of winning is almost equal to zero! Only when both domain espers confront each other would they be given a chance.

Having said that, Su Hao successfully seized that opportunity.

Tap, tap~

The one with the highest position gently tapped the table.

The atmosphere instantly went silent. After some time, that guy only voiced out, If this is the case, then prepare to move out. The game is over now. Its time for us to clean up this mess.


Everyone agreed and prepared to act.

Di, di, di~

A sudden notification turned the conference room into a mess.

After a professor saw the notification, he was stunned, Before I can go out there and join the action, there are actually a few teachers rushing over there?

Our men?

Yes and no!

This sentence...

The professor revealed the images and everyone who looked at them had an abrupt change in facial color.

These people were without a doubt their men.

However, at this moment, to rush there suddenly at the same time only proved that they are being betrayed!

Damn it...

There are actually traitors among us?

Kill them!

Everyone was furious!

Quiet! A cold shout shut everyone up. However, from the look on his face, there will be a huge bloodbath this time.

Be prepared to move out.

Of course, the condition is...

Su Hao dies!


Everyone awakened.

This battle would escalate into a more chaotic fight soon!

In the campus, Su Hao and the others came out from the domain. As for Zhao Feng and Li Tiantian, they walked over from a distance away.

Su Hao smiled. Sure enough, it was them.

Only Li Tiantian has the ability to request everyone who went out for the task to return and join the fight to save his life.

What happened? Su Hao looked at him.

Nothing. Li Tiantian shrugged, After breaking through, I felt that you were in danger. So, we rushed back. Luckily, everyone already broke through. At least, our rush back here was meaningful.

But Li Tiantians brows slightly frowned, Based on my judgment, this battle wont end that easily. Arent we too relaxed right now?

Relaxed? Su Hao was stunned.

When he thought of this, that wasnt the case at all!

Although his fight was extremely difficult, that wasnt the case for the others.

In the others eyes, when Li Tiantian and others arrived, Shi Mingxuan got himself killed!

Then, the battle was over.

How easy was that?

You mean... Su Hao raised his head, observing him.

Very likely there are more people left! Li Tiantian said in a serious look.

What have you saw? Su Hao asked.

I dont know. Li Tiantian shook his head, I simply cant look past it!

Really? Su Hao smirked, Then, let them come! Since we have killed one domain esper, we just have to kill another one! I do want to see exactly how many people wish to see me die!

I will kill anyone who appears!


The surrounding crowd heard those words and was shocked.

The confidence Su Hao has!

Exactly what happened that made him this arrogant!

Then, we will just fight!

Chen Yiran and the others smiled, standing next to Su Hao. As for what Su Haos final  trump card is, everyone understood that if Su Hao is to be forced into a dead end...

Those people will regret it in the hell!

Again, not only Su Hao, every single one of them had their own trump card!