Godly Model Creator Chapter 58

Gmc Chapter 58

Chapter 0058 An adopted lolita


Su Hao was stunned. Teacher Yang requested such an unexpected mission?

Was Teacher Yang in any danger?

Without any hesitation, Su Hao accepted the mission. Teacher Yang had always been good to him. He couldnt just sit and do nothing. After accepting the task, the virtual screen immediately refreshed.

Luckily, at this time in the evening, there was a trip going back to the city from the subway.

Su Hao quickly packed and rushed back to Jianghe City. This was the very first time he was going back to Jianghe City after coming here.

After he reached his home, Su Hao went to his mom and sister to get better information on the situation. Hearing that Teacher Yang might be in danger, his mom, Li Xiaoru urged him to quickly go to Teacher Yang. Su Hao didnt know whether to laugh or cry looking at her action.

But he knew the temper of his mother very well. Not even finishing his meal, he stood up and rushed to Teacher Yangs home.

Teacher Yang lived in the eastern district of the city. This was where most well-off families resided. Su Hao looked at the address given and searched for her house. This was the first time he visited Teacher Yangs home.

Ding dong~

Su Hao pressed the doorbell.

Who is it? Teacher Yangs voice travelled from the built in speaker in front of the house.

Teacher, its Su Hao.

Su Hao, hold on for a moment. It was very obvious that she was occupied with something, Girl, go open the door!

I know~ A sharp and clear sound could be heard. Then the anti-thief door suddenly opened. Once the door was wide open, a strange little girl appeared in front of the door. She looked like a 13 year old kid who just hit puberty. It was just that at that time, she was wearing white pyjamas with cartoons so her appearance was very cute.

Having a glance at her, Su Hao began to have a bad feeling..oh shit, how could I forget that just because I was anxious?!

He still remembered when Teacher Yang was selling off her daughter without any regret and the task that he accepted was to protect this little girl?

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Hey, uncle! What are you dazzling around? Faster, come inside! The lolita waved her little hands to remind him.


Su Hao frowned his eyebrows. Instantly, he felt that the little girl in front of him was very annoying.

Walking into the living room.

This was a house for the mother and daughter. It was indeed neat. It seemed that Teacher Yang was someone who liked to tidy her home. The surface of the table had been wiped clean as there were still traces of water stains on it. They had probably just finished their meal.

Stacks of homework were placed on top of the coffee table that was in front of the sofa. Teacher Yang, who had just finished cleaning, began to walk over. She must have helped her daughter do the homework before the meal just now.

Having a look at the surroundings, Su Hao had completely analyzed the situation in front of him.

Because of his origin ability, Su Hao had the experience of analyzing countless of things over these years, so it was not a hard feat for him to understand such a situation. Even without using his ability, he was still able to observe it clearly.

As both of them entered the house, the lolita threw off her slippers, ran to climb on top of the sofa, and resumed her homework. Looking at the scene, Su Hao bitterly smiled, taking care of this girl?

The bad feeling grew stronger as time passed by

Have a seat, Su Hao. How come you are here today? Teacher Yang poured a glass of water for him, Counting the time, you have entered natural selection class for a week. How do you feel about it?

Still alright. Su Hao continued, Its just that I dont know how many tasks I have to do to enhance my body.

As long as you get used to it. Teacher Yang laughed, That mission system is really good for sharpening your analysis and cultivation. Its definitely beneficial for your growth in strength. In the future, you will know more about it.

En. Su Hao nodded.

Today youre here for what?

Well, its like this. I just took a task just now. Su Hao glanced at the lolitas homework. Teacher Yang was surprised for a moment and at the next second, came to understand his words.

Lets go to the study room and have a chat.


Su Hao nodded and both of them entered the study room.

The ears of the lolita who was obediently finishing her homework twitched as if she was dissatisfied with both them as she looked at the direction of the study room and muttered, I hate themI just heard the keyword task.What task is it.

In the study room.

Teacher Yang looked serious, Is it the one I requested?

En. Su Hao nodded, Teacher Yang, what happened?

Not a big matter. Teacher Yang shook her head, Just that.. I have a friend out there that needs my help. I dont feel safe leaving her alone here, so I need someone to take care of her.

Three dark lines appeared on Su Haos forehead. You think Im your daughters nanny or something? I was a student under you for two years and yet you dare to look down on my IQ?

Looking at Su Haos expression, Teacher Yang snappily said Alright, little brat. You dont have to look like that. Sometimes there are things which are better not known. Its for your own good.

Su Hao sighed, Teacher, I know you care about me but, after all, I have accepted your task. At the very least, you should inform me of the danger so that I can prepare before hand to face potential danger.

Only then did Teacher Yang nodded. She had subconsciously thought of her own daughter and Su Hao as her children that she forgot that this time, Su Hao was coming here to protect her daughter.

Indeed, Su Hao had broken through at a monstrous rate. From less than 5 points in origin ability, in less than a period of one month, he had crazily rushed to 12 points, shocking everyone! They might at first had thought that Su Hao was lucky to have his talent blossom at the right time, but his results clearly showed that it was all his hard work during those two years and the accumulation that finally pushed him to a breakthrough!

This time, Im not even sure about the possible dangers that might faced. Teacher Yang shook her head, Theres indeed some risk helping my friend. However, since this covers a wide implication, I need to have some preparation too. If you encounter any danger, just bring my daughter along and flee. Not many are able to match your speed.


Su Hao nodded with a serious expression, How to protect then?

Teacher Yang grinned and looked at him, Of course, its 24 hours personal protection. At first, I thought I had to delay for a few days, but since youre here tonight I will leave early tomorrow. Three days later, I will be back. So, youre in charge of this girl for these three days.

Su Hao, .

Personal protection? Su Hao believed that Teacher Yang would never request personal protection from a random stranger. It was so obvious that she was trying to make things difficult for him.

Could it be that Teacher Yang was still planning to sell off her daughter?

But this girl, her looks arent bad. Why is there such a need to rush and find the one for her?

Alright, brat. Now the day isnt early anymore. Teacher Yang glanced at him and said with a gentle voice, Why dont you stay here for tonight? Sleep with the girl together and familiarise yourself with personal protection.

Su Hao was thrown into the pit of hell by her words. Teacher Yang indeed had such an idea!

Well, teacher. I havent met with my family for quite some time, so I want to spend some quality time with them tonight. Tomorrow morning, when youre about to leave, just send me a message through the communication device. Su Hao said so while running away in embarrassment.

In front of the sofa, the lolita looked at the big footprints on the floor left by Su Hao and her nose wrinkled, Hate it..he dirtied it again.

Teacher Yang came out from the study room, Girl, did you finish the homework?

Not yet, there are two questions left. The lolita shook the pencil within her hand, followed by her big pair of eyes blinking and staring at her mother, Mom, who was that uncle just now?

Uncle? Teacher Yang burst out in laughter, You think he looks like an uncle?

Hmmpphh, of course. The lolita opened her little hands and began counting, Junior school students can be called brothers. 1st year high school students can be called big brothers. As for second year, theyre already uncles. As for that person, its so obvious that hes in uncle level!

Such clearly defined levels. To be able to describe such out of mind logic with such details, Teacher Yang could only felt ashamed, That person just now isnt an uncle. Mom told you before right? Hes Su Hao, the schools top student.

Wa, top student! The lolitas eyes lit up, Whats the task then?

The task is Teacher Yang halted her sentence as she patted the lolitas head, You little girl, you eavesdropped again as we spoke?

Hehe, mom, faster, tell me. The lolita began to act cute and shook her mothers hand.

What could it be, of course its to tutor you. Su Hao got first in three segments. With his super high 190 points in theoretical foundations, hes more than qualified to be your tutor. Also, I thought I told you before that Im going on a trip for a few days. During that time, Su Hao will be taking care of you. said Teacher Yang.

The lolita pouted, Moms going tomorrow?

Only for a few days. Dont worry me and behave yourself. Also, dont bully Su Hao. Teacher Yang stared at her.

Smelly mom, you should be worried that your cute daughter would be bullied. The lolita stared with her big eyes, showing dissatisfaction as her eyes began to become watery, I knew it. No wonder I have never seen dad before. I must have been adopted somewhere..

Teacher Yang bitterly laughed and quickly comforted her. At the same time, she gave a moment of silence for Su Haos next couple of days.