Godly Model Creator Chapter 580

Chapter 580

Chapter 580 - Tian Family Made a Move!


One by one, figures of human arrived.

Just when Li Tiantian finished his sentence, several enemies already appeared. The horrifying aura emitted from each and every one of them indicated their identity.

Domain realm espers!

When they raised their heads to have a look, everyones face turned ugly.

Although they guessed there must be enemies left, how could it be that much! A total of five domain espers! And they were all teachers of Zhanzheng College!

Are they from the school? Zhou Wang still had hope toward the school.

Sweeping his gaze over those enemies, Su Haos face was grave, Should be similar to Shi Mingxian. They must be from that damn joint force.

Su Haos tone was very serious.

Just now, he asked Shi Mingxuan about certain things. Naturally, he knew who the enemies are this time and what is their motives.

The ones in front of him right now are all old friends of Shi Mingxuan, the undercovers of the joint force in Zhanzheng College!

This is all just for the sake of killing him!

Such a force actually spent so many years in planning Su Haos assassination. Su Hao even suspected that his old man must have dug peoples graves in the past.

Five of them. Li Tiantian smiled bitterly.

This is obviously beyond their scope of comprehension.

When one teacher acted on the students, the truth was there is only one result. Let alone, five teachers joining hands together!


A cold grump echoed.

The teachers who just arrived obviously wont say much nonsense this time. After locking onto Su Hao and the others, they directly attacked. Their very first attack was already a killing move!


Five domain espers made their move!


The seemed like the whole world was cloaked in darkness at this moment.

All the students spectating this scene were all static like sculptures. After their few years of cultivation, they rarely saw a teacher personally make a move on students. Yet, now...

There were five of them!

This is crazy!

Such an idea flashed in everyones thought.

The world turned dim as several domain espers attacked and overwhelmed Su Hao and the others with their best attacks. Death was unavoidable.

Arent the school teachers here to arrest them?

Since when did they begin to kill students directly?

This was the thought among the crowd.

However, it is destined that this will remained unanswered.

In the school district.

Water kept pouring from the heavy rain, but the rain was somehow blocked by some sort of force in mid-air, forming a layer of floating rain. This time, with five men joining hands, they forced the rainwater backward.

A light ray passed through and penetrated each layer of space.

Its coming! Zhou Wang was alarmed and subconsciously employed his energy.

We cant stop it. Su Hao sighed.

Before the attack arrived, just the pressure alone almost made them unable to breathe!

After all, this is the might coming from the domain realm!

Unlike Shi Mingxuan, they were truly domain espers who werent being controlled! Each of them is sufficient to win over Su Hao and the others, and now there are five attacking at once!

Were going to lose. Su Hao muttered, Do you all regret it?

Whats there to regret? Chen Yiran stood quietly beside Su Hao. As for the others, they stood still and did not show any sign of movement!

Facing danger, they have never been afraid!

Phew. Su Hao laughed at himself and looked at the sky, enjoying its brilliance. The following words seemed like telling others but also himself at the same time, You all trust me too much. So, I cant let you all down.


An invisible virtual screen appeared.

Personal communication device, activate!

Countless information flashed, and the backdoor program planted which was already on standby mode started again. This time around, it instantly aimed at the coordinate!

Everything was in place and waiting for the final push!

Allow me to see how you all are going to block the might of the latest technology. Su Hao smirked.

Energy particle light beam with its might beyond a nuclear weapon emits a light beam which easily penetrates its target. Its speed is close to the speed of light, and because of its speed, the delay of a light beam is almost zero! In fact, it can be refracted in mid-air too!

However, completing the emission of a light beam isnt as simple as one thought.

After locking onto the target, in a short period of time, it is necessary to create a correct path to travel based on the map projected by the satellite.

Well, this technology is still under development after all.

How to prevent energy from being lost while traveling and perfecting the accuracy are still huge problems waiting to be solved.

If one spent too much time on designing the travel route, the real-time map projected by the satellite would have changed. And if the light beam travels in a straight line, as the beam passes through, everyone caught in the middle would be killed!

And the end result is more energy would be consumed!

Its very likely that before reaching the target, the beam would lose all its energy.

Its interesting that these arent a problem to Su Hao. When Su Hao locked onto the enemies, models of the scene are already established. Every position of the enemies and weapons are displayed in an instant. Next, a suggested 3D route pops out.

Its accuracy is up to one-thousandth of a millimeter!


Su Haos eyes shone. Goodbye!


A soft sound could be heard.

Just as Su Hao was about to press the final button, Li Tiantian suddenly stopped him.

Huh? Su Hao stopped his action.

Even when the attacks from five domain espers were closing!

Somebody is here... Li Tiantian muttered to himself and looked at a certain direction far away. One could actually see silliness on his face.


The several attacks were right in front of them!

Su Hao frowned.

The light beam was already on standby, and he was about to press the button. Once he did that, the light beam would penetrate these five domain espers, and this matter would escalate to a crazy point.

However, Su Hao sighed and chose to believe Li Tiantian after looking at him.

Several cries of shock could be heard echoing in the scene.

The students who were spectating all this time finally reacted. Su Hao and others would be killed in the next second from such strong attacks! They who became the targets just stood there, motionless without showing any signs of resistance!

Are they so afraid that they went dumb?


All sorts of strange attacks condensed together. Then, in front of Su Hao and the others, it erupted.


A horrifying scene appeared in front of everyone.

The force instantly spread to the surroundings like a supernova!


The whole space distorted as the strange force swept around. However, at this critical moment, Su Hao suddenly felt his heart skip a beat. Because on the 2D map, a huge red dot was slowly approaching. It was obviously slow, but it dashed with each step.

In three dashes, it arrived at the scene!

And this direction is where Li Tiantian was looking.

Who? Su Hao was amazed.


The energy which was rampaging around was suddenly affected by the sudden presence of this person. It lost its balance; like a river which had been blocked, it burst to the side.

And this time, a bang rang in everyones eardrum.


Everyones eyes suddenly brightened!

The overwhelming white light occupied everywhere. No matter which direction they looked, it is all white!

Everyone lost their sight!

However, Su Haos face suddenly revealed a look of horror when he observed this via Synchronous Playback because he saw the one who was responsible for this! These overpowered five domain espers suddenly turned stiff, helplessly floating in mid-air and madly struggling but it was all in vain.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.


Their eyes went white.

Five domain espers died on the spot!


Su Hao took in a mouthful of air.


Theyre dead just like that?

Those were five domain espers!

When the opponents didnt even know who was the one attacking them, they were crushed in a blink of an eye. It is simply too shocking!

The scene was locked on.

When that figures identity was revealed, Su Hao was startled.

No wonder Li Tiantian had such reaction...

Its actually her?


The white light vanished.

When everyone regained their vision, they were stunned. Five cold bodies were left in front of them.

The figure of a beautiful girl appeared.

A girl leisurely walked.

The crowd went dead silent.

Su Hao and Chen Yiran looked at each other as they understood the situation.

This girl...

Isnt she the girl named Xiaodie?


In the conference room, many were shocked by the sudden appearance of Xiaodie.

Isnt she from the Tian family?

Whats she planning to do?!

Damn it, the plan is now destroyed!

Could it be that the Tian family has discovered the plan?

This joint force is simply retarded!

Everyone cursed.

As for those in the political district, when they saw the appearance of Xiaodie, they had goosebumps all over their body!

The death of five domain espers isnt much of a loss to them.

But for Xiaodie to intervene, that held a different meaning! This indicated that the number one force in the Federation, the Tian family has finally made their move!

The joint force had concealed their plan so well, and it was still detected?

Its over this time...

Many were shocked that they sat down by the table.

To offend forces like the Tian family, they were now in great danger!

Perhaps she is taking action personally?

Everyone thought of this possibility and diverted their attention back to the virtual screen quickly.

However, the very first sentence from Xiaodie instantly shattered their hope.

In the scene, the girl glanced at everyone before finally shifted her gaze at Su Hao and the others. To be precise, her gaze was on Li Tiantian.

Pausing for a moment, she shifted her gaze to a distance away.

This time, its a warning!

Xiaodies voice was very sweet but full of murderous intent, The person from the Tian family asked me to relay this sentence. If you dare to get the attention of the Tian family again, dont blame the Tian family for any consequence!