Godly Model Creator Chapter 581

Chapter 581

Chapter 581 - Threat?

Tian family!

Everyone in the political district felt a chill.

This time, this girl is representing the Tian family!

The Tian family, the number one family in the Federation, isnt simple. This family which rose to this level since the chaotic era is beyond everyones imagination.

Looking at the virtual screen, the girls gaze seemed to be able to see through the screen as if she was looking at them.

Everyone instantly understood.

This is their final warning!

In the school conference room.

The appearance of this girl shocked not only those from the political district but also the entire schools higher up. Tian family reaction was so fast!

From Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng attacking Su Hao till now, how long much time has passed?

And they already reacted!

Tian familys network in Zhanzheng College is much deeper than what these old men thought! However, since the incident escalated to such a degree, Zhanzheng College could no longer stay silent.

This matter isnt a joke!

Since the Tian family already discovered this, if Zhanzheng College still pretends to close its eyes, then wont this do the Tian family a favor by degrading the schools face?


A light ray flickered.

The school higher-ups finally made their move!

Within the campus, the students who have not recovered from the shock given by this girl saw a dazzling red light appear tearing the space in an instant.


Countless red lights descended from the sky!

The world was locked. Everyone stood still and couldnt move. Even Xiaodie wasnt an exception!

Have you all messed around enough?


A roar as loud as thunder rang in everyones ears.

Nice to meet you, Captain of the law enforcement team. Xiaodie softly said.

At this time, only she could voice out.

The captain swept his gaze around everyone and eventually fixed his eyes on several figures, Su Hao and his friends before shifting back to Xiaodie again.

Seems that you have to follow me back.

Alright, Xiaodie replied in a clear tone.

Immediately, the captain led the way. Xiaodie followed him closely and actually left the scene.

Xiaodie... Li Tiantian was in a hurry and nearly rushed out, but Su Hao gently stopped him, Xiaodie will be fine. Dont make this situation worst...


Li Tiantians brain suddenly awoke.

True, since when is it the time to worry about Xiaodie in such a situation?

With the strength of the Tian family, this matter would eventually conclude peacefully. The ones who need worry are them as they are the core of this matter!

Xiaodie... Li Tiantian felt disappointed.

There will be a chance in the future. Su Hao whispered to comfort him.

Alright. Li Tiantian nodded. Looking at the direction which Xiaodie left, the radiance and impulse he had for her leaving immediately could be seen within his eyes. If hes to use his full force...

Haha, have you taken a fancy on her? Li Xin firmly patted on Li Tiantian and smirked, I will help you to chase her.


Everyone rolled their eyes, looking at him in disbelief.

Under such a situation, is it appropriate to say such a thing?

Hold on...

This isnt an issue of the situation but those words, are they really coming from Li Xins mouth?

What? Li Xin glared at everyone, Have I said anything wrong?

You did. One could see a hint of a smile from the corner of Chen Yirans mouth, I will just tell you directly. That girl is Tian Zis fiancee.

So what is she is his fiancee? Li Xin continued, I will just use this phrase. If theres a goalkeeper in the post, cant one score a goal?

Everyone was stunned.


How could this guy utter such words?

Su Hao was speechless.

Even Li Tiantian was a little surprised and couldnt help to ask, Then, how do you plan to help me score?

Isnt it easy? Li Xin confidently explained, I just have to chase away her boyfriend, that guy named Tian Zi or something. When the goalkeeper is gone, then everything will be easy.


Everyone went crazy!

Su Hao was speechless.

Li Tiantian looked down in silence.

Sure enough...

This guys way of thinking will forever be this...


Hehe, you all are so cheerful. Death is near at hand and yet, you can still be cheerful.

A voice which made one really hate rang in their ears. Su Hao turned around and had a look. Well, as he expected, the large force of the law enforcement team had been deployed.

Everyone present in the scene will be investigated!

As the center of this event, Su Hao and his friends naturally wont be an exception.

A law enforcement team member walked towards Su Hao and smiled, Youre the so-called top student in the college entrance exam? You have committed such a huge crime, and still able to maintain your calm.

Youre... Su Hao looked at him in doubts.

He had no recollection of offending anyone from the law enforcement team.

Ji Kuang! The law enforcement team member raised his head and said, You have killed my cousin!

Ji family...

Hearing such explanation, Su Hao naturally understood.

Your senior died long before I was here. Su Hao shook his head and explained, They were being controlled by a certain people. Otherwise, with their intelligence, they wont be that daring to be involved in such matter.

Ridiculous! Ji Kuang madly laughed and looked at Su Hao disdainfully, Its too late to explain it now! So what if he was being controlled or not? You killing my cousin is an indisputable fact! Dont worry, when you receive punishment from the law enforcement, I will definitely ensure you wish you prefer to die than staying alive!

Oh. Su Hao nodded. I have already explained it. Since you dont want to listen, then theres nothing to say. You can go die.

What did you say? Ji Kuang was stunned. In fact, he actually thought he had heard it wrong!

What did he hear just now?

How dare you...


A red light flashed.

Ji Kuang grabbed his neck in disbelief and looked at Su Hao in fear. At such situation, he actually dared to attack!

A sword pass through his throat!

His life ended!

You actually dared... Ji Kuangs pupils widened.

Su Hao just looked at him casually, I have already said that from today onwards, I wont be patient if anyone tries to bully me! Trying to kill me after going to the law enforcement office? You wont have the chance.

Ji Kuang stared blankly at Su Hao.

No matter what, he would have never imagined that with some provocation, Su Hao would directly kill him in the presence of the law enforcement team!

He is simply a madman!

What have I done messing with such a character?

This thought flashed within Ji Kuangs mind before he collapsed dead on the ground.


Ji Wangs death shocked everyone!

Not many saw Su Haos move; however, everyone understood what happened earlier from Ji Kuangs death.

Su Hao, how dare you?!

Damn it!

Youre too arrogant!!

Everyone in the law enforcement team was furious and instantly rushed to surround Su Hao and his friends!

Chen Yiran and the others instantly used their energy, confronting the team. An aftermath investigation had now escalated into a storm which is about to erupt!

Everyone was shocked!

Among them, there were two law enforcement members who are the most familiar with Su Hao. They observed this scene indifferently. After all, they already got used to Su Haos ability to get into trouble.

The atmosphere was dead quiet.

The law enforcement team didnt initiate the first move.

This is due to the fact that the order they received from the higher-ups is to investigate.

Moreover, the most terrifying fact is Su Hao and his friends managed to kill a domain esper earlier! How could the members win against them without the captain?

In the scene, the atmosphere became very tense.

With dozens of law enforcement members surrounding Su Hao and the others, the students who were spectating were already panicking.

This Su Hao is crazy.

Forget about killing the teacher earlier, he actually went and killed a member of the law enforcement team!

This madman, what is there that he is not afraid to do?

Su Hao, give me an explanation! Among the team, one person stepped out and looked at Su Hao seriously, I will give you an opportunity to explain. Otherwise, I will have to take you away.

There wasnt any threats or mocking.

It was purely legal words.

This was a serious man.

However, Su Hao didnt answer the question. Instead, he asked in a loud voice, Just now when Ji Kuang threatened me that he would kill me during the interrogation, I would like to clarify whether its his own idea or the law enforcement teams?


Everyone in the scene was stunned!

A personal idea or the law enforcement teams?

These words easily caught everyone off guard!

If its a personal idea, then it meant that Ji Kuang tried to threaten while investigating. Even if he died, it would be for nothing because he deserved it!

Meanwhile, if its the idea coming from the law enforcement team...

It would be game over!

The law enforcement team represents Zhanzheng College!

Now, Zhanzheng College cant wait to solve this mess as quickly as possible. Why must they get entangled in this mess without benefiting? Thus, there is only one answer to this matter.

I understand. That man stepped back.

There is nothing more to ask.

In fact, the results were already decided when Su Hao set up the tempo. Ji Kuang was doomed to die for nothing!

The crowd felt cold thinking of this because they finally realized that a law enforcement member just died like that! And what was worse is his death was for nothing!

It was all because of him threatening Su Hao?

Looking at Su Hao who was still indifferent, they had goosebumps. Such a character...

They must avoid provoking him at all cost!

Perhaps from the start, Su Hao already anticipated this?

To think in such a direction would make them fear him even more.

From today onwards, they believed that not many would act like an idiot, knocking on Su Haos door to die!


Is what Su Hao aimed to accomplish!

Have you thought of this for a long time? Li Tiantian whispered.

This whole story is so clear. The school would never dig the grave any deeper! With the Tian family making their move, why else would those old bastards in the school only act now? They know how to weigh pros and cons.