Godly Model Creator Chapter 582

Chapter 582

Chapter 582 - A Chaotic Battle!

Just as I imagined. Li Tiantian sighed.

The timing for this situation to appear was simply too perfect!

Even if he didnt take the initiative to provoke Su Hao, Su Hao would still kill him. After all, the current Su Hao needed to vent his anger. However, without knowing why, Li Tiantian had this strange feeling that Su Hao wouldnt let this matter die down easily.

You cant be? Li Tiantian suddenly thought of something.

Su Hao smirked.

Everyone looked at each other. Obviously, his friends already noticed his plan.

Su Hao...

Hes getting ready to make his move!

I must let them understand that it wont be that easy to touch us! Su Hao said confidently, There are certain things which they have to pay the consequences for doing! After provoking me so many times, I have said that I wont stay quiet anymore! And I definitely wont. It doesnt matter who is the one opposing me!

Su Haos eyes were filled with dense murderous intent.

Obviously, this matter wont end like this.

That day, the law enforcement team got the general idea of this matter.

Everyone knew what actually happened that day due to the existence of countless monitors, and soon the truth was exposed. Those who attacked Su Hao and the others were all expelled. Instead, Su Hao and his friends were safe and sound which surprised many.

Zhanzheng College dealt with this matter, and it would soon end.

In this operation, the joint force suffered heavy losses and all the undercover agents who had infiltrated for many years got exposed and killed. The Tian family lost two geniuses, yet Su Hao and his friends got out unscathed. Well, at least, their cultivation path was delayed for a bit. As for the only one with benefits, Zhanzheng College?

All the undercover agents in the school were gone now!

For the school, this is definitely a good harvest. Those undercover agents which could never be detected during normal times died. This is simply going too smooth. Although Su Hao being alive did leave a bad taste in their mouths, in the end, they did gain something out of this.

A huge operation ended quietly.

However, will it really end in such a way?

In the dormitory, Su Hao is sitting cross-legged.

While he is cultivating, the models in his mind were undergoing analysis constantly.

Without needing to ask, the whole attack didnt involve only those caught red-handed but also a special force which was involved from the start but never in the picture, Tian Xing Martial Army!

It was precisely because of this existence that this incident broke out.

Su Hao expected the Tian Xing Martial Army to come out many times. Unfortunately, he never saw a single shadow of the Tian Xing Martial Army.

Tian Xing Martial Army, a force established by Su Tiancheng.

Its might is second to none that its enough to compete against any force!

After all, to be able to make Zhanzheng College and the Tian family jealous of them clearly showed the true meaning behind this name. However, until now, this force still hasnt shown its face.

Even when Su Hao was on the verge of death many times, he still didnt see any signs of its existence!

Perhaps the Tian Xing Martial Army has already been replaced?

Su Hao laughed at himself.

Since the ancient times, it has always been this case.

Maybe after Su Tiancheng no longer controlled the Tian Xing Martial Army, it changed its master. Since he is the son of Su Tiancheng, to get attention for being involved with him wont be a good idea.

Any possibility has to be considered.

Too bad, I have too little clues. Su Hao shook his head lightly.

Since his analysis bore no fruit, then forget about it!

It doesnt seem to be quite reliable to place the hope on Tian Xing Martial Army. This is especially true for someone like Su Hao who is always careful in analyzing things.

Then he should just consider that they will never make a move.

Su Haos eyes shone.

This is an opportunity for him.

After coming here, more and more inconveniences came knocking on his door. In the past, it was only those ordinary students, but now even domain espers wanted his head.

This is simply too dangerous!

Thinking about his future, perhaps while cultivating, he might get himself killed by a random domain esper.

Under such circumstances, how could he cultivate?

Thus, he had to create a safe environment to concentrate on his cultivation. Since both Zhanzheng College and the Tian Xing Martial Army closed their eyes, then he has to create it himself!

Only he could control his future!

Su Hao licked his dry lips as there is already an idea in his heart.

In the school district, Weapon Research Institute.

In the middle of the night, not many staff members were staying around.

The bald, middle-aged man was preparing to get off work with his tired look. Since the last invasion by Master Gan, he had carefully checked and strengthened all the firewalls!

In fact, he had secretly invited another master to help!

Now, he was very sure that there is absolutely no problem anymore!

Even if Master Gan attempts another invasion, he wont be able to succeed in a short period of time.

Looking through the report on his hand, the bald, middle-aged man squinted and rubbed his eyes. It was because the energy beam was stated to have started by itself but no energy was lost.

It activated again? The bald, middle-aged man was stunned.

An investigation report was quickly finished. As a result, this report made him confused.

The system was suspected to have activated...

But the energy charge is still there, indicating no energy emission was done.

Whats happening here? The man studied it carefully and came with a conclusion that this system abnormality might have been caused by someone invading.

Of course, the invasion didnt succeed.

Is it Master Gan again? The bald, middle-aged man sneered.

Looking through the system log without any trace left behind, he knew it had all been cleared.

Fortunately, you didnt directly enter by brute force. Otherwise, I would have conclusive evidence. The man smirked as he looked forward to a brute force attack by Master Gan.

If that was the case...

Everything now made sense!

Since there was an invasion, in order to prevent any problems in the future, the bald, middle-aged man activated the defensive system before gladly leaving.


The lights switched off.

The entire weapon research room was closed!

Except he didnt notice that ten minutes after he left, the light in the room suddenly turned on again.

One computer suddenly triggered an alarm!

Some is hacking them!



The system rang.

The loud alarm sound echoed in the weapon research room.

However, when the message was about to be transmitted, it was unexpected interrupted and no information was sent. At the same time, the weapon system was ready!


The energy particle light beam system was in place.

A map appeared and quickly pinpointed to a coordinate.

Soon, a place appeared on the virtual screen. If someone were here, he would be shocked to find out that it is somewhere within the political district!

All the preparations were completed.

At the same time, somewhere in the political district.

The people from the joint force have yet to disperse. In fact, many leaders were still here.

They were all on standby!

In their original plan, after the Tian Xing Martial Army, Tian family, and Zhanzheng College fought each other, they would take the opportunity to kill. They planned to enjoy the benefit as the fishermen.

However, nobody would have imagined that the plan couldnt even pass the first stage!

Su Hao, a little professional esper just couldnt die. No matter what they did, he just survived like an annoying cockroach!

What to do now?

The force was at a loss.

This joint force had the intention to overthrow Zhanzheng Colleges regime. If they could create havoc in Zhanzheng College, that would be great!

But now, everything proceeded in the opposite direction.

They turned out to be the biggest losers!

Damn that Su Hao! Someone cursed.

Some others strongly agreed with his statement.

As a small pawn, why cant you just die peacefully?

Yet, you keep creating all sorts of problems for us.

Its time to dismiss... Someone suddenly sighed.

Everyone was shocked, Dismiss?

Its time to end this. Our only advantage was being concealed and the element of surprise. Otherwise, how could we compete against the big forces? Now, our existence has been exposed. If we are to continue, Im afraid our true identities will be exposed. At that time, it will be even more troublesome.

I agree. Someone seconded. We can no longer continue with our struggle.

A force which is formed due to similar interest would always be like this. It can be formed and dispersed quickly at the same time.

Since they have lost their momentum, what was there to continue this joint force?

Both Zhanzheng College and the Tian family were prepared for this.

Someone wished to refute this, but all they found out was this joint force was really too weak!

Just end this.

This was the final decision.

However, when they were about to leave, they suddenly felt their sixth sense tingling screaming danger.

An attack!

Quickly evade!


A white light flashed in front.

Z-shape lightning flashed in front of everyone, and the horrifying light beam ran through a few people who failed to evade in time and died on the spot.

A scorching smell permeated in the air.

Everyone turned pale.

This is...

Energy particle light beam!

Its one of Zhanzheng Colleges toys!

Damn, those old bastards. They actually planned to wipe us all out?

They were all shocked and mad.

Before able to say anything, more light beams appeared. This time, the target was their underlings.

With a flash of light, countless deaths occurred!

Damn it!

We cant continue like this!

Everyones heart went cold.

What to do now?

Someone exclaimed, Let take the aircraft and escape!

Escape your head! Can we escape?

This is Zhanzheng College!

Someone raged, The aircraft would be in the air. Isnt it just inviting more bombardments? While in Zhanzheng College, its literally impossible to escape the attacks!

Then, what should we do now?

Everyone was at a loss.

Kill! One person replied.

Let everyone disperse. We will rush into the school district and destroy the Weapon Research Institute! Then, we will leave with our own group. This is our only chance! Soon, someone made a decision.


Everyone nodded in agreement.

This was obviously the most sensible decision during this crucial moment.

If you want to destroy us, the joint force, beware of the dogs teeth!



Countless cars were started, and they rushed towards the school district with no fear. With this action, the coverage of the light beam drastically decreased.