Godly Model Creator Chapter 584

Chapter 584

Chapter 584 -  Obtaining a Piece of Peace!


Energy fluctuated.

A few domain espers rushed from the school district!

The matter in the school district had been cleared off well!

The joint forces had to be held responsible for attacking Zhanzheng College! The anger from the old men needed an outlet for their rage!

Just that when the domain espers arrived, they were all dumbfounded.

In front of them wasnt any bustling activity of a joint force, but a dead silent atmosphere was greeting them.

Corpses were lying everywhere, and the building was reduced to ruins. The degree of the tragedy was beyond anyones imagination! Even if they were weak, the joint forces had at least several domain espers. In fact, there was one at the peak of the domain realm. However, the joint forces got eradicated just like that?

In the end, what happened here?

Everyone was stunned by this scene.

However, just when they were about to say something, they saw a figure come out from the ruins. Many were shocked that they nearly charged forward on the spot to attack, but they abruptly halted once they saw the clothes wore by this figure.

Tian Xing Martial Army!

It turned out to be Tian Xing Martial Army!

No wonder...

Many were at a loss.

They were in a state of great alert as they observed the figure, but nobody dared to take action.

This isnt a joke!

He alone was able to eradicate the entire joint forces. If they charge at him, wouldnt they just end up as cannon fodder?

This man should at least be a peak domain esper. Plus, a very powerful one!

The man in white leisurely walked out. When he saw everyone, he just glanced for a second, and this mere action of his caused them to have goosebumps. It was like the feeling of being peeped on!

Interesting. The man in white revealed a smile.

One level five domain esper, two level six domain espers, three level eight domain espers, and two peak domain espers. Hehe, Zhanzheng College doesnt take it easy.


Everyone was stunned and felt a chill on their back.


With just a look, all their strengths were exposed?

This is too terrifying!

Could this man be a world esper?

They were all panicking.

When they tried to gauge this mans strength...

Level one professional esper.

They felt ashamed when compared with to this man in terms of hiding ones strength. The difference in level is like Heaven and Earth. Even the peak domain espers could only identify this man as a level one professional realm. There is only one explanation, this mans strength is far above them!

Senior, were teachers of Zhanzheng College. Someone cautiously said.

En. The man in white nodded slightly, and a strange smile appeared from the corner of his mouth, You all should be thankful that the one who acted on Su Hao isnt Zhanzheng College. Hehe...

Those old guys must be enjoying this right?

When they heard this sentence, everyone was once again shocked.

So, it turned out that not only the Tian family. Everything that happened in Zhanzheng College was also under the watch of the Tian Xing Martial Army!

I do not wish to see the same incident again.

If Su Hao dies in Zhanzheng College, hehe...

The white mans voice sounded hollow and mysterious.


With an energy fluctuation, his whole figure vanished while his voice was still ringing.

Leaving behind those domain espers.

He vanished?

Could you see how he left? A peak domain esper asked another peak domain esper but replied with a bitter smile.

The answer was very clear.

Nobody could saw it!

They as peak domain espers couldnt even notice the moment when he left!

Exactly how strong is this man?!

Could he be the legendary world esper?

Lets go back!

This matter is no longer under our control.

Report it!

Those few espers looked at each other with bitter smiles and quickly disappeared from the scene.

This matter has to be reported as soon as possible!

Compared to the joint forces, the appearance of the Tian Xing Martial Army is a much bigger event. This is especially true considering the strength of the man. If he truly is a world esper...

That would be a huge problem!


The group quickly left!

Just as they left, the man in white revealed himself again. Looking at a distance away with uncertainty, after determining the group could no longer be seen...

He quickly fled!

Leaving the scene and returning to his dormitory through a different gate, Su Hao quietly took off his cloak and restored his face back to its original.

Phew~ Su Hao gasped with his mouth opened wide.

Damn, this is so scary.

His previous calm facade was because his planned plot needed him to do so.

Su Hao wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. Those few men were all domain espers! As long as one of them noticed his true identity, he would die!

To play with them was simply an act of dancing on the tip of a knife!

But, fortunately...

He succeeded!

Through his 2D map, he was able to guess the approximate strength of each man. They were all stunned that they didnt dare to have a look more on him! In the end, he even left a sentence before disappearing which hinted that the Tian Xing Martial Army was paying attention to Su Hao.


Its perfect!

Although the Tian Xing Martial Army didnt bother to make a move, Su Hao utilized its mysteriousness to the extreme!

Now, this matter truly ended for real!

Su Hao believed that soon, Zhanzheng College would put some protective measures on him.

The sudden appearance of the Tian Xing Martial Army and a suspected world esper; without a doubt, these things have a huge impact! Based on his understanding of those old men in the school, they would definitely wish to avoid any more mishaps as much as possible.

Plus, in Su Haos plan, with how large the Tian familys network is in the school they would then be notified that Tian Xing Martial Army was keeping an eye on Su Hao when this news is reported to Zhanzheng College.

The destruction of the joint forces was just a warning!

If you still dare to mess around...

All will be killed!

Although the exact strength of Tian Xing Martial Army was still unknown, who would be willing to provoke a strong organization which might have a world esper?

Not to mention this is a force left behind by Su Tiancheng!

If nothing goes wrong, the Tian family, Zhanzheng College, and all sorts of big and small forces will stay quiet for a long time. A plot to assassinate Su Hao actually escalated to such a degree. Most or probably nobody would have predicted this!

Joint forces, destroyed!

Tian family, minor losses!

The school district, heavy losses!

One could say that every force in Zhanzheng College suffered some sort of loss. With the disappearance of the joint forces, the battle for power surged once again.

And the appearance of Tian Xing Martial Army is what frightened everyone the most!

The days at Zhanzheng College are about to change.

Who would have thought all this would be caused by a freshman who did so in order to gain his freedom. If this is known, would people still dare to provoke Su Hao?

That night was doomed to make many suffer from insomnia.

One night quietly passed.

The next day, everything returned to normal.

The sky in the school district was as clear as before. Those white clouds were so beautiful that one enjoyed this great sky. However, Su Hao knew what kind of storm he experienced last night.

However, for himself, today was also a new day for him. Nobody would be suppressing provoking him.

He could now quietly cultivate without worry.

Su Haos wish was really simple.

Just as he was about to find Chen Yiran and the others, a figure came from a distance, directly heading towards Su Hao.

Domain esper! Su Hao entered into an alarmed state.

Someone is coming?

His energy was instantly charged as he readied himself to attack at any second!

If he couldnt win...

It shouldnt be a problem to escape right?

Dont be too impulsive. The man who came over from the other side noticed Su Haos alert from his face, Su Hao, I am a teacher in the school. Can you please not be so violent?

Huh? A true teacher? Su Hao was a little shocked.

That mans face was a bit awkward, This, I know the school has brought you a lot of trouble recently. To be ready to attack when you see me, this is our mistake! However, I believe such occurrences will never happen again. In the future, the school will give you an explanation!

So that is it! Su Hao scratched his head and smiled.

Thats my mistake. Sorry, teacher. His mouth said, but he knew well that the incident last night had changed the mind of those old men. It seemed that his guess was right!

No worries. The teacher was still retaining his awkward look, My name is Hai Er. You can just call me Teacher Hai. To be frank, you are much stronger than my disciple, Hai Hun.

Hai Hun... Su Haos eyes shone.

Someone for the top ten in the college entrance exam!

That unique mind reading was without a doubt a top-tier talent!

At the same time, he also understood that this Teacher Hai was trying to create a relationship with him.

This is naturally a good thing.

Not long ago, would he dare to imagine such a thing?

In his mind, as long as he isnt suppressed, one has to admit that Su Hao has such a low request that it makes one felt sorry. Of course, in order to enjoy this, he had turned Zhanzheng College upside down which would give even more goosebumps.

En, Teacher Hai, is there anything you need from me? Su Hao asked.

Deputy Dean is searching for you. Hai Er replied.

Deputy Dean? Su Hao was stunned.

A character as high as a deputy dean, he had once dealt with it before. It was when he had been blocked from entering any departments. Unexpectedly, there was a golden chance for him. The other students would probably die from jealousy if they knew of this, but this wasnt something worth to celebrate for Su Hao.

Hai Er noticed Su Haos expression and able to guess something, Its not the one you think.

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Doesnt this mean that the one who wishes to meet him isnt the same as the previous one who made his life difficult?

In this short period, Su Hao understood something.

If so, I will respectfully accept the invitation. Su Hao laughed, Teacher Hai, lead the way please.

Teacher Hai smiled helplessly.

When a deputy dean calls for an ordinary student, which one of them wouldnt be running over as if there is gold in front of them? Plus, since when could a request from a deputy dean be rejected?

But all these do not apply to this student!

Hai Er even suspected that if he didnt explain more, Su Hao would probably reject to follow him! After all, no regulation requires a student to follow the request from a deputy dean obediently.