Godly Model Creator Chapter 585

Chapter 585

Chapter 585 - The First Generation Esper

This way. Hai Er said as he led Su Hao.

Both figures left.

Just as they were leaving, one fat and one thin law enforcement teams members came out from behind the bushes next to them. Since the beginning, they have been following both Su Hao and Teacher Hai.

Su Hao is a person who will create death whenever he goes; if it were any other person, they wouldnt be willing to follow Su Hao even if you beat them to death.

Only these two men were willing to do so because they have been following Su Hao since the beginning. Now, they already figured out certain rules. As long as they didnt disturb Su Hao, he wont pay any attention to them.

However, the scene in front of them still surprised them.

He actually didnt attack? This is illogical! The fat man exclaimed.

After secretly spying on Su Hao for quite some time, they were already accustomed to his antics.

If a student seeks out Su Hao, he will attack them.

If a teacher looks for Su Hao, he will attack them.

It was as if anyone who finds Su Hao is to create trouble for him. Su Hao was like a bright lamp post at night, attracting countless moths.

These two could only gasp in astonishment regarding Su Haos taunting aura.

Even if it were a deputy dean who charged at him, they wouldnt even feel strange.

But this time, Teacher Hai Er found Su Hao and no battle broke out?

Something isnt right here!

What battle? That is a domain esper, and a teacher in our school!

The thin man glared at him, You thought its like some Chinese cabbage? Even if one hundred Su Haos come at the teacher, he still wont be able to win!

In theory, youre right. The fat man nodded as he was deeply immersed in his thoughts. It was just that his facial expression was a bit strange, But I still think that if Hai Er really attacks Su Hao, Im afraid that the one who dies wont necessarily be Su Hao...

The thin man was about to refute but ended up shutting his mouth.

As a person who has witnessed Su Hao fight for n number of times, this situation is really possible! Its not like he hasnt killed a domain esper before.

Alright, time to follow them.

After all, we will just be recording them. I do not wish to get too close to them.

Lets go!

Both of them exchanged a few words before following Su Hao again.

In the school office.

Su Hao followed Teacher Hai Er to the deputy deans office. Hai Er quietly retreated after arriving, Su Hao looked around before shrugging his shoulder and entering.

Since this is in the public area of the school, it should be safe.

Su Hao pondered for a second before gently pushing the door open.


Su Hao felt that he had penetrated a barrier.

A clear scene appeared in front. Su Hao was shocked to discover that the energy within his body vanished upon entering!

He lost all strength?!

How could this be!

Su Haos face changed. Inside here, he couldnt even activate his model analysis!

Damn it!

There is another character trying to attack him?

Su Haos killing intent rose to the highest level. His right hand touched his belt, grabbing a flexible dagger. It was a soft and narrow membrane-like 10-centimeter dagger.

Su Hao gently pressed a button on the handle of this dagger.


The dagger instantly straightened!

A sharp, terrifying dagger appeared.

Since a long time ago, when he exhausted his energy and relied on a beasts fang as a weapon to fight, Su Hao already considered running out energy.

And now...

Blockage of energy usage was among them!


Su Haos killing intent spiked up as he clenched his dagger. The moment the scene successfully changed, he quickly charged forward.

The scene in front of him could finally be seen clearly. Su Hao stopped swinging his dagger halfway. One could see hints of surprise within his eyes because this scene was beyond his expectation.

It was a small island.

On the island, there was a house. The land and sky formed so well that the environment was pretty much like the one he made for Shi Mingxuan. Except when being compared, this world looks more real!

Fantasy? Su Hao was a bit stunned.

Su Hao took a deep breath, and that refreshing air made him feel better.

It isnt a fantasy world...

In front of him, an old man was holding a watering can to water some plants. Seeing Su Hao arrive, he put the watering can down. Noticing the dagger in Su Haos hand, he suddenly smiled.

You little brat, could it be you are suffering from paranoia?

Cough, cough~ Su Hao smiled awkwardly and quickly stowed his dagger.

But, to be able to react quickly in a condition when there is no energy and no talent, your fighting sense is pretty good. The old man sighed before smiling at Su Hao again, Have a seat and enjoy this tea which I personally grew.

Many thanks. Su Hao looked around cautiously, and traces of doubt could be seen in his eyes, This is...

Oh, this old man has lived for quite a long time and could no longer compete with youngsters like you.

The old man sighed, There are often some little brats seeking troubles here, so I set this up to cancel any energy.

So that is whats going on here. Su Hao was amazed.

However, he knew that this matter wasnt as simple as the old man described.

Energy blockage?

Once entering, the energy will automatically disappear?

Such ability...

This old man in front of him must have been a true world esper!

However, Su Hao still had some doubts.

The chaotic era passed more than 20 years ago. No matter how great a genius someone is, can he really reach the world realm in such a short time period?

Are you very confused? The old man asked as he looked at Su Hao.

Yes! Su Hao frankly voiced out his doubts.

The old man just smiled.

You dont understand because youre from a different era. The old man continued his explanation, Before this, I wish to ask you first. Where does ability talent come from?

From where? Su Hao locked his eyebrows.

After thinking for a bit, he replied, It should be from inheritance right?

Not bad. The old man sang his praise.

During the chaotic era, everyone experienced changes within their own body. Even if they didnt comprehend an ability talent, the factors would still remain in their body. These factors would then activate once reaching your generation.

In order words, your ability talent comes from your parents.

But what about the generation before this?

The old man revealed a look of reminiscing, At that time, our ability talent came from Heaven and Earth.

Heaven and Earth? Su Hao was shocked!

How did people integrate with an ability talent during the chaotic era? How did one become so strong in such a short period of time? This is something which he had not been able to comprehend all this time.

After all, only twenty plus years had passed!

However, he never thought that there would be such an answer.

Heaven and Earth?

What does that mean?!

The beginning of the origin ability era comes from the energy from Heaven. In other words, it refers to the arrival of origin ability as what is mentioned in the textbooks! The old man said with a hint of nostalgia, But not every ability talent comes in the same size. Some are huge, and some are small or even weak.

And they were all responsible in changing the human body.

After these things came across a human or even an animal, they would automatically blend into the body, changing the attributes. If there is no host to be found, they would land on the ground and change its properties. This is also the reason why this planet is getting stronger and stronger.

However, not all the origin ability is beneficial.

If you happen to encounter some special origin ability, problems would arise. During the chaotic era, I saw many people explode due to the origin ability. Could you imagine? From the sky, a huge lump smashing on to a humans body, fusing into the host and then exploding!

Su Hao had some cold sweat.

Direct explosion?

How much origin ability was that!

During that period...

Fortunately, such origin abilities arent large in number. Plus, the most amazing fact is if you survive the apocalypse, you will have an ability talent! Plus, the energy within your body will be endless to support your journey. They are the first generation espers!

Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

This is a secret he never heard of before.

It was also something he never thought of before. So, this is how the first generation espers were born!

Origin ability from Heaven!

It was a blessing and disaster at the same time!

Speaking of this, the old man laughed as he observed Su Hao, Your father, Su Tiancheng is one of them. Even that brat, Su Wan too.

What? Su Haos body trembled.

Forget about Su Tiancheng, but even Su Wan?

His aunt?

During the chaotic era, how old was she? She is actually one of the first generation espers?


Su Hao didnt know what to say. A little girl, having to experience the horrors of the chaotic era, how did his aunt pass her years?


Was it because of his father?

Suddenly, Su Hao thought of that scene.

That scene filled with snow, that little girl, himself, and that road...

Unknowingly, Su Hao clenched his fists.

This is the future of mankind. The old man sighed for a long time, Mankind, berserk beasts, and origin ability; nobody is right or wrong. Were just fighting for ourselves. Whether it is during the first generation or the later one...

While living in this world, there will always be certain restraints.

The voice of the old man suddenly became ethereal, These days, there are some young ones who are too impulsive. I have taught them a lesson.

Huh? Su Hao woke up instantly!

Damn this old man!

He actually slipped in such a sentence at this moment.

Su Hao finally understood that he was called here to be informed that this matter should be closed as it is. Doing so would be good for everyone.

And the answer for the first generation esper was to be considered as compensation.

Su Hao thought for a moment and replied, Alright.

If so, then what kind of profession do you wish to choose? The old man smiled at Su Hao, I can arrange for many people to accept you as their disciple. Your future cultivation will be much smoother.

Theres no need for that. Su Hao said in a low tone.

No need? The old mans brow wrinkled slightly.

He didnt understand. He was trying to reconcile with Su Hao with this offer. Could it be that Su Hao disagreed?

I want to be self-taught. Su Hao laughed and didnt explain any further.


In Zhanzheng College, not many people dared to teach themselves!