Godly Model Creator Chapter 586

Chapter 586

Chapter 586 - Depart

What does he mean by wanting to teach himself?

To look at it from another angle, it means that all the teachers here could not offer any knowledge to him and all he wanted was the resources here!

What he desired is a platform to raise himself.

As for learning, he could do so himself!

It is the arrogance of a peerless genius!

Unexpectedly, there was actually one among the candidates here!

Great. The old man nodded in satisfaction, I will be eager to witness the moment when you become the strongest esper. Since you want to learn by yourself, I will give you the qualification to enter any profession. As long as you wish, you can go and attend the lessons. Consider this your compensation.

Thanks. Su Hao accepted it.

In the eyes of others, this is a benefit brought by the Tian Xing Martial Army. Only Su Hao understands that this was brought by his own effort to control his own life.

He now has the qualification to enjoy this privilege!

The conversation was now over.

The old man had Hai Er escort Su Hao out, the old man looked at Su Haos figure silently for a long time. One could notice a hint of glimmer in his eyes.

Su Tianchengs son...

Ding, dong!

A virtual screen popped out, showing a figure.

So how is it?

The old man paused for a moment before replied, No problem.

You sure? The other man asked.

No problem! The old man sneered, Be at peace. He wont be able to break through into the world realm! Since the Tian Xing Martial Army has already shown themselves, we will give him this privilege. We let him peacefully train here. When in Zhanzheng College, we will send people to protect him. At least, our relationship with the Tian Xing Martial Army will be better.

How can he step into the world realm after he has lost the world imprint? The old man said indifferently.

Great. The figure calmly said, If so, then we will stop making any further schemes on Su Hao.

In the campus, Su Hao happily enjoyed his walk.

His actions finally bore fruit!

Using his own efforts to open a brand new world for himself!

He was very satisfied.

Of course, Su Hao didnt know that the higher-ups were discussing his future. In fact, even if he knew, he wouldnt bother with it. As long as he could cultivate in peace, everything will be fine!

As for becoming a world esper?

That is still something far from his current level!



On the map, a few additional red dots suddenly appeared.

Su Hao was alarmed and quickly swept a quick glance at them before he immediately understood. Those men were sent to protect him!

Domain espers!

The school has made a huge move!

This also indicated that as long as Su Hao is within Zhanzheng College, his safety is secured!

Are you trying to show your sincerity to Tian Xing Martial Army? Su Hao smirked.

Tian Xing Martial Army...

How powerful is this organization?

Just a random member showing himself and it already succeeded in changing their attitude by 180 degrees.

Perhaps when he was there yesterday, those men really considered him a world esper?

Well, that seemed plausible.

For one man to destroy the entire joint force, it sounds pretty shocking when one hears it.

But, Su Hao didnt wish to consider this issue. After all, it was such a golden opportunity to win himself peace. Finally, he could cultivate wholeheartedly without being bothered!

However, when he found his friends, he obtained an unexpected answer.

You are all leaving? Su Hao was caught by surprise.

He would have never thought they would be leaving.

Just when he is able to concentrate on training wholeheartedly, everyone planned to leave! Right now, it was the best time to train.

Why do you all want to leave? Su Hao looked at Zhou Wang.

My master has some last wishes. Zhou Wang calmly continued, Since we have now stepped into the route of talent, its time to complete my masters wish.

What about you? Su Hao looked at Li Xin.

My dad requested me to go back. Li Xins face looked dejected as he unwillingly said, After reaching this route of talent, I have to return or else I will get beaten.

Su Hao was stunned.

I have a mission to complete. Zhao Feng cautiously said, Its not just because of the tasks reward but also the tempering benefit from the task.

Great. Su Hao nodded and looked at Li Tiantian.

Li Tiantian shrugged his shoulder, I want to live longer.

The others looked at him with some confusion; as for Su Hao, he just nodded. This should be the simplest wish ever for someone like Li Tiantian.

Finally, Su Hao shifted his gaze to Chen Yiran.

Chen Yiran was a bit helpless but still said, Its a command from Master. After reaching the professional realm, I have to take a trip back.

Why at the same time... Su Hao was just about to ask but suddenly understood.

Its not that they have reached this step at the same time, but they reached this realm a long time ago. It was just that Su Haos recent situation was pretty bad that they have been silently delaying.

These friends from Jianghe City have always been like this even when theyre in Zhanzheng College!

Overcoming hardship together alongside him.

Chen Yiran was like this, Zhou Wang, Li Xin, Li Tiantian, and Zhao Feng, everyone was like this! Now that the situation has returned to normal, it was time for each of them to take their own path.

Many thanks! Su Haos heart was dense with all sorts of emotions.

If they werent here, he couldnt imagine how he would have passed his recent days.

It felt really good having someone alongside him.

Since when did you become so sentimental? Chen Yiran pointed at Su Haos head amusingly, Its not like we will be separated forever. En we will just leave each other for a short period of time.

En. Su Hao nodded silently.

Parting with friends is never a happy event.

Soon, Su Hao said goodbye to everyone. When it was Chen Yirans turn, Su Haos heart was filled with guilt. He has been practicing all this time that it caused him to neglect her a lot. As for this girl, he owed her too much.

Dont think too much. Chen Yiran quickly kissed Su Haos cheek while saying with embarrassment, After going back home, I am still yours.

This idiot...

Su Hao looked at her leaving figure and was a bit sad.

He really wanted to make everyone stay.

However, he also knew that he cant stop their journey!

This is the era of origin ability!

If you want to survive, you have to work harder than others!

At this time, everyone is struggling in their own way!

Nobody could afford to relax!

I will definitely work hard! Su Hao clenched his fist!

Now, everyone is already at the level one professional realm. Although their credit points might be different, everyone was at the same standard to some extent. This is because the so-called route of talent is extremely difficult for him. However, it is simply too easy for Zhou Wang and the others!

Everyone had their own opportunities.

But for Su Hao, nobody can really help him!

Only he could walk his path all the way to the end by himself!

Training! Su Hao firmly encouraged himself.

The incidents in Zhanzheng College finally came to an end. Now, it was the time to sort out his strength!

Going back to his dormitory, Su Hao sat cross-legged and began to review his strength.

First of all, his level evaluation.

Well level one professional esper.

This fact really made him speechless.

The grading of the professional realm is based on the path of talent. If you dont have a breakthrough in the talent aspect, even if you learn as many cultivation techniques or origin techniques, you will still remain as a level one professional esper. Thus, even if Su Hao isnt sure how much has he improved, he would still be a level one professional esper!

As for the other thing, credit points.

His current credit points: 16 points.

It stayed stagnant.

Any ordinary level one professional esper would never be able to reach such a high score.

However, Su Haos crazy cultivation allowed him to earn additional credits beyond his level. However, after reaching 16 points, it has not shown any signs of movement. In the previous battle, Su Haos strength was at 16 credit points and an additional 3 GPA points which brought him to a total of 19 points in true combat strength!

During the previous battle, Su Hao increased his energy capacity by several times through consuming all the pure energy available to complete numerous cultivation techniques!

His strength rose once again.

However, Su Haos credit points are still 16 points and could no longer proceed any further! Instead, it was the increment in GPA that increased alongside with his strength. When his energy multiplied by ten, how much has his actual combat ability improved? Even Su Hao isnt sure.

However, he was able to kill Ji Xuehai and Tian Xingfeng in one move.

Although it was due to the opportunity he took when he had a sudden spike in strength and those two were unable to use their full strength due to being controlled, Su Hao estimated his true combat strength should be at least 23 points!

He should be at the same level as Tian Xingfeng!

In other words, his current GPA is very likely at 7 points!

Credit points: 16 points, GPA: 7 points, combat strength: 23 points.

People would freak out if saw this result. Forget about the 16 credit points, the 7 points in GPA scares people enough that they might even pee themselves.

Such a high GPA!

Is it possible?

Even Su Hao was skeptical.

Thus, he deliberately went to evaluate his GPA at the official place to test his combat strength.

It is really 7 points!

Seems that its a problem related to my ability talent. Su Hao smiled bitterly.

Every bit of his strength has been invested into increasing his energy. As for the improvement in talent, he only proceeded one step at a time which led to his credit points not moving while his GPA soared to the sky!

I cant keep delaying it anymore! Su Hao said to himself.

Although his strength kept improving, as long as his talent still remained unchanged, he is afraid that he might never be able to break through into the domain realm.

Plus, the most important thing is that since he just raised his energy crazily, the current energy within his body is in a saturated state. If he tries to increase his energy again, he is scared that energy will turn unstable. As for the other factor, it is not easy to find a cultivation technique.

This time, his spike in strength was equivalent to him sweeping through every universal cultivation technique in Zhanzheng College!

Now, theres nothing left for him to learn.

In the future, if he wants to get a new cultivation technique, he could only obtain it via task completion.

Well, for my next step, I wont be paying attention to energy. Instead, I will shift my focus on my talent.

Illusion Reality...

The reality of an illusion...

Is it really that difficult?

In his body, he has a total of four worlds. Yet, he still stuck at the level one professional realm. Sure enough, the route of model analysis is an extremely difficult path.


Model analysis?

How to breakthrough?

Su Hao fell into deep meditation.