Godly Model Creator Chapter 587

Chapter 587

Chapter 587 - Department of Illusion Techniques

How to be unparalleled in virtualization?

This is the issue.

The current model analysis is able to perform all sorts of supporting skills, such as map simulation, mirror image, and illusion reality. Everything that could be thought of is already there.



Automatic targeting!


Su Hao really couldnt think of anything else that he couldnt do.

Is it because he lacks offensive skills?

Su Hao locked his eyebrows.

Mirror image is based on the opponents strength.

Circular World is absolute defense! The counter-attack portion of the skill is just something extra; absorbing the opponents attacks and returning it to them. Against those with special ability talents, it is totally ineffective.

When Su Hao thought of it carefully, he is really lacking in exclusive origin techniques!

The only few offensive techniques he had are all universal origin techniques!

His model ability is slowly progressing one step at a time. Was it due to his lack of offensive origin techniques?

This issue worried Su Hao because he is clueless on how model analysis could be used to attack!

Model analysis...

Establishing models...

Four worlds...

Su Hao felt that he stepped into some sort of infinite loop.

It seems like Im stuck again.

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

Time to restart his deduction!

However, Su Hao suddenly trembled because an image suddenly flashed in his mind.

It was the scene when Shi Mingxuan dragged them into his domain.



Su Haos eyes shone. He felt that something was becoming clearer. Suddenly, Su Hao was stunned because a new scene appeared.

It was the scene of Shi Mingxuan invading his own world!

Before being followed by the scene of Bai Feng entering his world!

In these two battles, the strength of the opponents was far ahead of his. However, due to them entering his world, the result ended with them being overwhelmed.

Because they went into his world!


Su Haos eyes shone. His own world, isnt it a domain too?

The only difference was that a domain esper could freely turn the surroundings into his own domain. As for Su Haos own world, it only existed in his mind!

If he develops this ability, would it mean he would be able to enjoy the strength of a domain esper in advance?

Su Haos eyes lit up!

Vaguely, he felt that he had taken an important step forward. If he could complete this step, his progress in the route of talent would have a huge leap.

Its not that realistic to make the surroundings into his own world, but what about dragging his opponents into his own world?

Su Hao pondered.

Shi Mingxuan and Bai Feng invaded into his world. Then, can he drag them into his own world? This is an issue related to spiritual domains.

A mental battle!

Su Hao thought that it is necessary for him to do more research on topics related to spiritual fields.

After leaving to gather more information, Su Hao found a problem. To complete a spiritual domain, only those with talents related to spirits could do so.

For other talents to perform the same feat would be extremely difficult.

Spiritual talent? Su Hao remembered Bai Feng had a similar ability talent and Shi Mingxuan was a special case as another esper was controlling him. That esper probably had a spiritual type ability talent too.

Perhaps it was because of this that he was able to finish two battles within his world.

Of course, the feat he did during the beast tide was something beyond his reach. Su Hao estimated that he wouldnt have such strength until he reaches the peak of the domain realm. Of course, if he wants a spiritual type ability talent, the possibility isnt huge.

He could create an origin model, but it would be temporary and unstable. For your best killer move to depend on a model which could collapse at any moment isnt ideal.

Since he cant use spiritual type talents, then how could he drag the opponents consciousness into his own world?

Countless data flowed in front of Su Hao.

Forums, library, all sort of soft copy materials related to spiritual domains were displayed in front of him. At this moment, a post suddenly caught his attention.

Can illusions separate someone from their consciousness?

Huh? Su Hao curiously read the post and felt like he saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a concept shared by someone who minored in illusion techniques. He believes that since spiritual domains are essentially the composition of how the consciousness works, then what about illusions? In an illusion, the scene could change at will any second, isnt it also all about the consciousness?

Of course, many people criticized this person.

Most of them had the idea that the spiritual realm is of a higher existence and existed in reality. How could such a low-tier thing like illusions compare with it?

However, for Su Hao, he saw something different.

He isnt sure whether an illusion or spiritual domain is high or low tiered, but he knows that when an enemy is brought into an illusion, what enters is their consciousness.

For example, hypnosis.

Thus, since they have the same concept, could he guide the enemy into his own world via an illusion? In other words, he wished to use the illusion as a springboard!

Dragging enemys consciousness without them realizing it.

If this is the case, isnt it more effective than forcefully dragging people into his world?

With such an idea emerging in his heart, Su Hao felt that this is plausible. With countless data in his hands, Su Hao made a deduction on illusions and spiritual domains.

Of course, what made Su Hao regretful is the data he had was obtained from the internet. The schools data is off limits and even if he had model analysis, he would have to find the place where the hard disk stored this information before he could create a model of it. With just the internet, not a lot could be seen.

Fortunately, as a starter, the primary analysis didnt require much information.

After half an hour, Su Hao already had a rough conclusion.

Based on the current data he has, it is possible to achieve this feat.

Training illusions!

Then, using the illusion as a medium to drag enemies into the model world!

Then, he would fight with his opponent in his world. Looking at it from another perspective, this could be considered as a type of realization. Of course, that would require him to have a deeper understanding of illusions.

Illusion profession? Su Hao selected a name card from his communication device.

This is something given by the deputy dean which gave him access to listen to any course offered by the school. Whether the deputy dean is a good or bad person, at least, this is something Su Hao needs.

Leaving the dormitory, Su Hao was getting ready to go to the class and study. However, the one in charge told him that since he is a professional esper, if he wants to learn more about illusions, he could only go to the illusion department.

Su Hao pondered for a bit. He recalled that once reaching the professional realm, there is a need to select a department.

Without a doubt, this so-called illusion department should be where the students specializing in illusions studied at.

And the entry to these departments had such a high requirement.

Professional esper!

For ordinary students, once one reaches the professional realm, it would be time to graduate. However, for those with otherworldly talent, the professional realm is just the starting line.

And the school departments served such a purpose.

In a sense, they offered advanced courses.

Illusion. Su Hao muttered to himself, What the school headquarters offered are only basic courses. If I want to improve, I must enter the department. However, is there any requirement for the talent? If so, that would be a huge problem. Well, lets forget about it. I will just take it one step at a time and act accordingly.

Su Hao shook his head and soon smoothly went through the formalities.

Chen Yiran and the others already left. Here, there isnt really any place with a nostalgic feeling for him. It might be a better idea to leave and have a change of scenery.

After a little cleaning, Su Hao left the school district and walked toward the illusion department.

Along the way, it was an unexpectedly smooth journey.

It was such a smooth journey that Su Hao couldnt even believe it.

Since he entered here, when did he have the luxury to take it easy? Currently, nobody is trying to assassinate him or provoke him. There is nothing more Su Hao could wish for!

Now this is what life in Zhanzheng College should be.

Su Hao sighed emotionally.

After all, he is just an ordinary man, a student who just left high school and entered college. All those issues like mankinds future or threats from berserk beasts are something too early for him to worry about. After all, since world espers failed to solve them, what he could do?

He had thought too much.

The recent attacks had cast a shadow in Su Haos psychological state.

Only when he was forced into a dead end did he decided to take action and get rid of those trying to create trouble, finally creating peace for himself.

Never would have he thought that in the end, he had to take advantage of Tian Xing Martial Armys fame.

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

But still, this matter proved one thing.

A mans future is still within his own hand!

As long as you are able to utilize every resource you possess, whether it is yours or your enemies, you can definitely create a dream world for yourself!

This was the best example!

The scene outside the window kept changing.

An aircraft was moving in the sky.

Right now, he was on his way to the illusion department.

The illusion department is located in the suburban regions.

There are countless departments in Zhanzheng College. Basically, each department offers their respective advanced course for students. For someone like Su Hao to keep living at the headquarters, there is basically nobody who could match him.

Of course, those who attempted to assassinate him were exceptions.

Zhanzheng College, each department had its own unique characters.

Route of talent? Su Haos eyes lit up unconsciously.

Looking outside the window, his mood which had been covered by a thick haze recently seemed to become better.

Illusion department, perhaps this might be a new beginning.