Godly Model Creator Chapter 59

Gmc Chapter 59

Chapter 0059 Nostalgia

Back at Su Haos home, his mother Li Xiaoru and sister Su Ling were waiting for him before having their meal.

The family of three enjoyed their delightful dinner. Su Hao took out a bundle of star dollars for Li Xiaoru. Some materials were not exchanged at the school store, instead, they were exchanged for cash.

Star dollars were simply worthless within the school, but it was still very helpful in improving his familys condition. These few hundreds of star dollars were more than enough for a better living and to help his sister attain a higher achievement.

Bro, thats a lot! You better keep them for your own spending. Su Ling said while frowning.

Even with hundreds of thousands of star dollar you wont be able to buy a thing in the natural selection class, they are simply worthless there. Rest assured, your brother has his own plan.

Su Hao patted her little head, But rather, you are the one who needs it more. Although your talent isnt bad, the skills youve mastered are a bit too few.

Who says so? I have tried my best. Su Ling replied in a serious tone.

I know. Su Hao laughed it off. Just that, from now on, dont be reserved. Just tell bro what you want. As for fighting techniques, bro can teach you himself. Regarding origin ability, I have mastered origin ability transition. In the future, when you have reached the requirement, bro will personally teach you.

En. Su Ling replied obediently. Happiness could be seen on her red rosy cheek.

Just like what Su Hao saw last time, Su Lings mastery was a bit too pitiable. Her gap with others was caused by none other than lack of money. But now, Su Hao had already planned everything for her. Fighting technique, check. Even origin ability transition is checked too!

Having such a brother, how could there be anything which she wasnt satisfied with?

And you too, mum, you dont have to be so hard on yourself. Our family no longer lacks money. If you can, all those overtime works, just stop doing them. Facing Li Xiaorui, Su Hao continued, If the company doesnt allow you to do so, just quit it.

Alright, alright. Mum knows what to do. Li Xiaorui laughed. This son of hers, in such a short time, had suddenly became the pillar of the family. She felt at ease with her sons achievement.

After dinner, he straight went to the only room which could be used for training.

Su Hao began teaching his sister advanced basic fighting technique.



Su Hao seriously demonstrated them again as Su Ling tried to follow her brothers steps. Su Ling had already mastered intermediate basic fighting technique, what she was lacking right now was the final little push.

Or perhaps, she didnt actually plan to learn them.

After all, Su Ling was an ability type user. Fighting is just a supplement to her ability. Such a way was indeed possible, but now Su Hao had much more knowledge about it. In order to be more effective in using the ability, at least 300 points in fighting technique was needed.

Fighting essence is still fine to not be learnt, however, those three fighting techniques must be completed.

Basic fighting technique to build the base.

Police fighting technique to master grappling.

Military fighting technique to master massacre.

By mastering these, the ability would be greatly enhanced!

Only relying on ability alone? Not allowing foes to get close to oneself?

Are you trying to make a joke here? Without mastering fighting techniques, escaping your ability would be just a matter of seconds for the foe. You wouldnt even notice when the foe was right next to you.

For example.that abnormal Zhao Feng.

With such ability, no wonder he was called the prince of close combat. Although Su Hao won the fight, he couldnt help but admit that Zhao Feng indeed deserved such a nickname.

Even an ability like penetration exists in this world, so what about other abilities?

In this era of origin ability, there were definitely many strange and weird ones.

Thus, when guiding Su Ling, Su Hao had a very high requirement. The increment of origin ability is one thing, but as for fighting technique, he would personally make sure that Su Ling mastered this life saving art completely.

Su Ling was serious during the session.

Especially since she became aware of the danger she might face in future after Su Hao spoke to her about those freak abilities.

Perhaps seeing Su Hao working hard all the time, Su Ling also began following her brothers step. However, she was even more talented than Su Hao, what she lacked was none other than resources!

And now, with Su Hao giving her all the resources which she needed badly, her future would be soaring sky high!

The next day, early in the morning, Su Hao received a message sent by Teacher Yang.

After cleaning his room for a bit, he then arrived at Teachers Yang house. However, this time.wasnt it a little too early? Half past five?

Teacher Yang quickly left her house after passing the key and password to Su Hao.

From her eyebrows, Su Hao could noticed the worries hidden within. The task which she was about to perform must not be something simple. The reason she didnt inform him about must have been because he wasnt able to be of any help.

The only thing which he could do now was to take care of Teacher Yangs daughter.

After Teacher Yang left, Su Hao entered the living room. The sky began to slowly turn bright. That loli was still sleeping soundly in her room. Su Hao opened the door to make sure he was able to see her before sitting himself comfortably on the sofa.

The lolis books were placed on the table in front of the sofa. Out of curiousity, Su Hao took one of them and read.

Junior high Year 2, Yang Zixi.

The book was about natural sciences, one of the important main subjects. Out of all courses, the only one which was quite close to the curriculum in high school was none other than this.

The so called natural sciences, naturally it was all about explaining basic knowledge, which was very useful for theory.

As for the rest of the courses, most of them were about humanities, history, mathematics, etc.

In this era of origin ability, from kindergarten to junior high school, the education was all about learning basic knowledge, from pronunciation of the words, to calculation in mathematical operations. All these basic pieces of knowledge must be completed in junior high school.

These pieces of knowledge contained the high school curriculum from the 21st century. Even some of the university syllabus was included too.

Fortunately, in general, people in this era have better memory. Learning all the knowledge shouldnt be very difficult. As long as enough effort was poured in, completing the school shouldnt be difficult.

Then, when reaching high school, in addition to the theory, the rest of the courses emphasized combat and survivability. For students enrolling in the school, their aim was none other than to compete for seats in a university.

Once you stepped into university, this aspect would be even more apparent. Personal strength would be greatly appreciated, highlighting combat and survivability. This was the current era the era of origin ability!

As for Su Hao, who had become used to fighting, flipping through the textbooks from junior high year 2 brought quite a feeling of nostalgia and joy.

Year 2.

Looking back, back then he was in the same school as Chen Yiran. It was just that they still didnt know each other, so that eliminated any chance of interaction.

Occasionally, when they passed by each other, Su Hao would casually smile at her as he enjoyed the view of the goddess Chen Yiran.

At that time, Su Hao only thought of how beautiful that girl was. He just wanted to have a longer look and nothing more than that.

Most likely, it was during that time that the seed of love began to sprout.

In high school, Su Hao struggled all the way to become the top student.

Although he had a weak talent and such a pathetic origin ability, his terrifying knowledge on theory made him occupy the first place in that department since then. Nobody could compete with him and that was when he got the chance to know Chen Yiran.

It was that encounter in the park.

Whenever Chen Yiran had any problems regarding theory, she would ask him. After meeting each other several times, they began to get closer. In conclusion, no matter in what era, being a bookworm was always the magical technique to capture the heart of a girl.

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Of course, during that time, Su Hao didnt think too much about it.

Being left behind in origin ability, Su Hao trained hard with his crazy routine all the time. How could he have the time to focus on other stuff. However, there was only a tiny bit of progress in his origin ability enhancement.

When he was at a loss, it was Chen Yiran who kept comforting and encouraging him to keep going. That was how both of them gradually became best friend.

Although both were getting more familiar, they still managed to keep a nice distance. That was why such a relationship was able to continue for a long time.

This was because everyone knew well that both of them had a super huge gap in status.

They continued in such a relationship until later there was sudden, tremendous improvement

Knowing that the time was right, both of them began to show their feelings unknowingly.

To conclude all this, I guess I do have my attractiveness.

Remembering all those sweet memories really made him more motivated to achieve his goal! Sun family, in 4 years, I will make sure this family is flipped upside down!

As he was thinking of something, unexpectedly, Su Hao felt a hint of killing intent. A cold wind rushed directly towards him.

Cold expression appeared on his face with hidden killing intent within his eyes.



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