Godly Model Creator Chapter 591

Chapter 591

Chapter 591 - Consumption!

A dozen times!

In theory, the gap was enough for one to breakthrough into the domain realm. In other words, the quantity of energy Su Hao has within his body should most likely reach the standard of a domain esper!

Su Hao quietly hid his presence as he entered a readied state.

He knew that the current him only had one chance to succeed!

He could only manage one hit!

He would use as much energy as he could!

Three steps away!

Two steps away!

One step away!

Su Hao quietly approached the flowers domain.

Xinghe Arrow!

He condensed dazzling blue energy in his hands!

The familiar technique appeared again. His energy has reached a stage where it should be visible. The fluctuation was strong too, but those pinkish plants quietly swayed around to hide from Su Haos energy and energy fluctuations.

Just as I suspected! Su Haos heart rejoiced.

This world was indeed silently protecting him!

After all, this is  Blue Dream Butterflys world!

The energy in his hands was getting denser and denser. As the blue light gathered, the force within Xinghe Arrow grew stronger!

Su Hao gently held the bow as his posture was as stable as a boulder!

Soon, he finished condensing the energy!

Su Haos eyes lit up!

Step aside!

The pinkish plants around him seemed to have cognizance. With these words from Su Hao, they spread out and revealed Su Hao.

Almost at the same time, the flower bud within the domain sensed him.

Its reaction speed was terrifyingly fast.

However, just as it reacted, the Xinghe Arrow from the opposite side shot out!

One strike filled with might!


A screech came out from the flower bud.

The flower utilized its seemingly endless energy to gather the surrounding black aura and sent it towards the Xinghe Arrow, causing the incoming arrow to lose its momentum!

The black aura was used rapidly!

Xinghe Arrow was getting faster as it approached the flower!

The distance was less than 100 meters. The distance could be covered in less than a breath. However, in this endless sea of black aura, the arrow faced difficulty traveling forward.

100 meters!

80 meters!

60 meters!

50 meters!

48 meters!

47 meters!

Just as Xinghe Arrow crossed half the distance, the arrow suddenly stopped proceeding any further. Such a powerful origin technique was trapped in such a manner! It was at this moment that Su Hao finally voiced out!


A stream of energy fluctuated, spreading to the surroundings!

The scene looked like the one in the Jin familys ruins. Energy fluctuated all over the place, originating from the explosion of the Xinghe Arrow!


The ground quaked as terrifying energy swept around!

The black aura domain was blown into a huge pothole under the explosion. It was at this critical moment that Su Haos wrist shook, turning the bow into the Xinghe Sword. He then performed another origin technique.

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!


Before the energy fluctuation ended, another round of powerful energy fluctuations came!

The dream destroyer revealed itself!

The pinkish space turned into a fascinating purplish world. That angry flower bud suddenly turned stiff, before reacting with a roar.

The dream destroyer actually did not affect the flower bud!

But then, it doesnt matter!

What Su Hao aimed for wasnt the admiration effect but the final attack Dark Moon!


A crescent moon showed itself!

The bright moon within the dark sky formed a beautiful arc in mid-air and headed towards the flower bud directly with strong killing intent. The flower bud was stunned as it quickly mobilized the black aura in an attempt to stop the incoming attack.

Endless black energy moved and instantly arrived in front of it.

However, it didnt predict that at the final moment, the crescent moon actually turned around!

Yes, the crescent moon which just formed an arc once again traveled in another direction, bypassing the black aura to attack the flower bud!


Su Hao could even hear the sharp voice coming from the flower bud.


The crescent moon hit the target!

This crescent moon which could easily cut off even the hardest material on Earth didnt even manage to penetrate the flower bud; it got stuck in its body instead .

Such a strong physique!

Su Hao was shocked.

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer was after all his strongest origin technique. Plus, it hit the target! However, it only caused a minor injury! In order to not hurt Blue Dream Butterfly, Su Hao purposely avoided the vital parts. Forget about penetrating through; it didnt reach the core!

Darn! Su Hao felt that this situation was getting worse.

Explode! Su Hao didnt hesitate to detonate the crescent moon!

Energy fluctuations swept across, and the explosion was stronger than before. This explosion was on a higher scale by an unknown amount; this time around, it reached the flower buds body!



A series of explosions were happening all around the flower bud!

Su Hao didnt stop. With such a golden opportunity, how could he waste it! Even when his Dark Moon Dream Destroyer failed to kill the flower, at least it caused it all sorts of problems.

The whole domain was now stirred up by two different forces confronting each other!

Before one wave subdued, another wave rose again!

It looked slow, but it was actually happening in a blink of an eye. From Su Hao detonating the Xinghe Arrow to Su Hao detonating the Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, everything happened in less than one second.

The burst of Xinghe Arrow!

The hit from Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!

These two origin techniques completely flipped around the peace of Heaven and Earth!

Vaguely, one could hear a mad scream from that flower bud. It was trying its best effort to maintain the domain as two berserk forces were easing out at an incredible rate!

At this moment, Su Hao made a move again.

Mountain Destroyer!


The ground shattered!

Energy floated up!

All the energy in the surroundings, whether it is the black aura or another aura, they all headed upwards under the influence of this sudden momentum! In this chaotic space, when the energy equilibrium was achieved, Mountain Destroyer actually played the most crucial role at this moment!

The whole space shook!

When the flower bud just stabilized the domain, the situation once again headed south!


The flower bud was clearly furious!

Unfortunately, Su Hao simply couldnt understand what it was saying. Under the influence from Mountain Destroyer, the surrounding space almost distorted due to the powerful aura gathered up in the sky.

At this time, Su Hao didnt hesitate to use the second half of his attack!

Unrivalled aura!


The surrounding space went silent.

It was like the calm before the storm, and this strange silence didnt last for even 0.01 seconds as a more horrifying wave of force exploded!

Black aura!

Origin energy!

They were both completely intertwined. They fell from the sky towards the flower bud.


The flower bud roared yet again!

It never imagined that this seemingly weak existence could actually cause such an injury to it. The flower bud had been trying to conserve its energy all this time, but now it snapped!

The flower bud bloomed!

Its pistil was faintly discernible as a stream of aura which made one intoxicated spread through the space. Su Hao was stunned and felt that countless layers of illusions appeared!


The pistil solidified.

A stream of black aura suddenly burst out!

The black aura which shaped into something similar to a hook traveled at a terrifying speed. Compared to Xinghe Arrow, its speed was faster by n times! The moment when this appeared, Su Hao felt a chill all over his body!


Su Hao didnt hesitate to flee!

He quickly left the domain but was shocked to see this black energy still charging at him even when he was outside its territory!

Such a strong might!

Su Haos face showed a subtle change.

The surrounding pink plants gathered around one by one, blocking the routes which Su Hao passed through and creating a chance for him to survive.


It was in vain!



Every pinkish plant got penetrated, and its might could not be delayed!

Su Hao retreated dozens of meters and still felt a force penetrate through his chest!

With just one strike and he died!

Su Hao vanished.

There was finally a change in the surroundings.

After Su Hao vanished, the endless black aura once again regained control, turning the surroundings back to normal.

However, the radius which was 100 meters earlier is now reduced by half!

Su Haos mad series of attacks reduced this domain by half. This is simply an incredible feat!

After the flower bud got the situation back under control, a whisper rang.

Obviously, that was at the lowest level of awareness.

Even though it didnt know what was happening, it could still be feel panic due to the sudden spike of energy its body consumed. This flower bud would probably remember Su Hao until its death!


That was a scream of rage.

Meanwhile, at the center of the flower bud, the oppression from the flower bud was no longer as strong.

The radius of protection from the falcon pearl finally began to show sign of expansion. Blue Dream Butterflys figure, which was curled all the way up before, seemed to relax more.

Her locked brow expression gradually smoothed out.

At this time, in front of the illusion department, once Su Hao returned back to reality, naturally his consciousness had left the illusion.

I came back? Su Hao looked down and smiled.

Although he knew that he wasnt its opponent, this is simply too fast. With one blow, he was forcefully ejected from the world!

What a huge disparity in strength!

That strange hook didnt give him any chance to survive!

Su Hao didnt even doubt that if he changed his trajectory mid-way, the hook would still follow him around.

Compared to that flower bud, Tiger Emperor and Shi Mingxuan were weaker! If not because it looked down on Su Hao and didnt wish to waste energy on him, Su Hao would have probably died the moment he stepped into the domain!

Unfortunately, there is no next time.

Su Hao could detect its state. It had just regained some sort of consciousness like a new-born beast. However, that didnt prevent it from remembering Su Haos aura.

As long as Su Hao dared to enter again, it would face him with its full might!

Plus, the bigger problem here is...

Su Hao still did not understand how he entered just now.