Godly Model Creator Chapter 592

Chapter 592

Chapter 592 - Beginner Class 8

How did he enter?

Su Hao subconsciously touched his arm. Blue Dream Butterflys tattoo was still there and back to its normal state. It no longer emitted that burning sensation.

Exactly what was happening?

Why would he suddenly be brought into that world?

Could it be because of that flower bud?


That thing wont be seeking trouble for itself!

Su Hao pondered for a moment.

The biggest possibility would be Blue Dream Butterfly used her remaining consciousness to bring him into her spiritual world to save her.

Was it really your action? Su Hao asked softly.

At this time, he felt that there was something different with the surface of his skin. This feeling...


Su Hao looked down, and his eyes revealed a hint of surprise.

This is...

The power of illusions!

Su Hao finally understood!

So that was it!

Where is this place?

The illusion department!

Here, the power of illusion is everywhere. From the school to every single person, everyone literally has this sort of energy. With Su Hao being surrounded by all sorts of illusion energy, Blue Dream Butterfly was able to regain her consciousness for a bit to use her final bits of strength.

At that moment, Su Hao could easily feel the influx of that power.

It was the work of Blue Dream Butterfly!

She was unconsciously absorbing the energy!

Seems that I have come to the right place! Thinking of this, Su Hao still felt some lingering fear.

At first, he only came here to gain some insights to progress his ability talent but unexpectedly, he managed to pull Blue Dream Butterfly from the verge of death. If he didnt come here, Blue Deram Butterfly might have died!

Su Hao finally sighed in relief after examining the tattoo closely to ensure that the energy was emitting Blue Dream Butterflys aura and not that damn flower buds.

Since he just ruined the flower bud, Blue Dream Butterfly should be fine for the meantime. After absorbing this energy, her condition should continue to improve.

After Blue Dream Butterfly recovers, she might be able to bring him into the spiritual world again.

Its true that he cant defeat a domain esper.

However, if he cant do so the first time, then he would attempt it the second time!

If he failed the second time, he would try a third time!

Sooner or later, there will be a day when he would kill it!

Since Su Hao knew Blue Dream Butterfly is okay, he felt pleasant. Turning his head back, that fatty could no longer be seen.

However, looking at the time, it seemed that several hours had passed. That fatty obviously wont be accompanying him all this whole. Well, the reason Su Hao used him was just to get familiar with the place.

What he needs to know was already known. There is no longer any need to bother him.

Hmm maybe its time to find a class to attend a lecture? Su Hao considered this option.

The idea of using illusions to enter the spiritual world was after all just an idea. Even Su Hao wasnt sure that it would succeed. Just that from his analysis, this idea had the highest probability. Who could guarantee that other ideas with lower probabilities wont be the right one? Thus, before Su Hao perfected this idea, he wouldnt be sure.

But now, he didnt need to test it!

Blue Dream Butterfly brought him into the spiritual world, isnt that the best proof?

Using illusions as a guide and then pulling the opponent into his spiritual world is a topic nobody bothered to research, but Blue Dream Butterfly completed such a feat.

This action gave Su Hao hope.

As long as his comprehension on illusions is good enough, nothing is impossible to achieve.

Once Su Hao manages to drag someone into his spiritual world, his strength would transform and increase numerous times!

Because that is his own world!

It is equivalent to having a domain in advance!

Plus its a complete and special domain!

Just as he was getting ready to return, Su Hao felt something was amiss. Inserting his hand into his pocket, a ball rolled into his hand.

This is... Su Hao looked at this item on his hand with a slight hint of surprise.

An illusion ball!

Its actually an illusion ball!

Su Hao didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Due to the fatty fearing Su Hao will try to cause him for more trouble, he left an illusion ball for Su Hao. If Su Hao didnt guess incorrectly, it must be the data of the fattys research on the illusion ball.

This brat is very decisive! Su Hao said with emotion.

The fatty indeed didnt infer incorrectly. If Su Hao didnt notice this illusion ball, he might really go find the fatty. At that time, the fatty might really have to burn more fat. Thus, the meaning behind his action was very obvious. Brother, I know Im wrong. I have fulfilled every single one of your requests so please dont contact me anymore in the future.

But now, Su Hao found the fatty a bit surprising.

He acts decisively, and his illusion skill is superb. Such a character shouldnt be an ordinary member of the Zhang family, right?

Poor little fatty.

If he knew that the illusion ball he left behind made Su Hao pay more attention to him instead, would he have the desire to kill himself?

Returning to his hotel, Su Hao quickly did his research on the illusion ball.

Su Hao used to study the structure of a virtual game before. Under the capability of the latest technology, Su Hao was able to simulate it perfectly. However, this process only uses the nerves of a humans body to enter the virtual world. Meanwhile, the illusion involves the entire persons consciousness.

There are countless nerves in the human body. Even if they die, they could still be reconstructed.

Thus, in this field of science, when one dies countless times in the virtual world, its just a loss of a nerve. After waking up, everything will be back to normal.

However, things are different in an illusion.

If one is to falter in the illusion and become unable to wake up, there is a very high possibility that their consciousness could be destroyed. You might even think that youre already dead, while in reality your own energy might be running amok and disintegrating your physical body. This is the terror of an illusion.

It allows one to die without realizing.

Of course, the unique feature of this illusion has also been developed into many other aspects. For example,  the fattys illusion ball.

Although things like this illusion ball are illegal, there are quite a lot of places that sell these things. After all, to obtain a beauty is real life is hard.

To virtualize a girl identical to how they really are in reality is literally impossible!

But with this fattys talent that this seemingly impossible feat could be achieved! This was also the reason why his illusion balls are selling like hotcakes.

Talent... Su Hao fell into deep thought.

He didnt worry that the fatty would alter something.

In fact, when the fatty left, Su Hao already quietly gained access to the fattys communication device. As a top-tier hacker, he mustnt lose any face. If the fatty had any ill intentions, Su Hao didnt mind giving him an impressive lesson.

However, without knowing why hearing about the Zhang family somehow gave him a weird feeling.

He shouldnt bother with it any longer since he didnt know the reason why.

Shaking his head, Su Hao pushed aside these messy doubts. Once again, he focussed on this illusion ball and gently touched it. The familiar scene appeared. A girl with nice body proportions appeared as Su Hao just quietly observed the surrounding scenery.

The air humidity...

The ground temperature...

The sense of touch...

The five senses could all be felt here!

Although the simulation is only up to 80%, if one doesnt have a sensitive sense or a unique talent, it would be impossible to detect any differences!

Su Hao was a bit stunned.

At first, he thought that it is impossible for an illusion to be very realistic. To be more precise, it shouldnt be this powerful while at the professional realm. Could it be related to the user?

Su Hao suddenly understood.

As long as ones illusion technique is worse than the fattys, what you see will feel real. The worse your illusion technique is, the more realistic it feels! If ones illusion technique exceeds the fatty, you will probably notice various bugs upon entering this illusion ball.

So this is how it works. Su Hao waved his hand and exited the illusion.

Since he now understood this, there is no need to continue. Right now, he could only see it as a user. As for how the illusion is shaped and how to trigger an illusion, he would have to undergo systematic training.

Seems that I have to attend class tomorrow.

One could see a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

In a sense, this would be his very first class since enrolling in Zhanzheng College.

He looked forward to it.

The next day, the illusion department, Beginner Class 8.

This beginner class is arranged for any new professional espers.

Those who are between level one and four of the professional realm would have to stay here to train in illusions. As long as you break through into level five and pass the corresponding test, you can instantly join the intermediate class.

The same thing also applies to the intermediate class for those between level five to level eight, and the advanced class for those at level nine and the peak.

The more you advance, the fewer people will be there.

Whether its the beginner, intermediate, or advanced classes, Zhanzheng College only allows every student to stay for four years. In fact, many didnt even have the chance to step into the illusion department before having to leave the school. For those who could stay, theyre all geniuses in illusions; especially the seniors.

And this Beginner Class 8 is the class Su Hao attended after finishing all the procedures.

Hey, have you heard that there is a newcomer today?

Oh? There is a new student. Which year is he?

Everyone was discussing this. After all, every few days, there will be some student who broke through into the professional realm and joined the illusion department. They have long gotten used to this.

If Im not wrong, it should be a freshman.


Everyones face changed.

For a freshman to join the illusion department is an entirely different concept!

This means that the student has unlimited potential. When the student is in his final year, it might be possible that he will join the advanced class and become a disciple of Tian Long Court!

And there is already one such person in their class. When they thought of this, everyone couldnt help but turn their heads and look at a dazzling genius in their class.

Su Minghui!