Godly Model Creator Chapter 593

Chapter 593

Chapter 593 - Enemy? Kill!

Su Minghui.

Second-year student.

After enrolling in the school for half a year, he joined Class Beginner 8 as a freshman last year. When he entered, he was humiliated by a large number of students. However, this genius climbed above those who humiliated him in just half a year, becoming the top student of the class.

This is the strength of a freshman joining them!

Because theyre young, theyre talented with room to improve. Since then, everyone realized that any freshman who joins should not be irritated. What they didnt expect is that in less than a year after Su Minghui joined, a new freshman would join them.

Seems that a good show will unfold.

Everyone whispered among themselves as they looked at Su Minghui.

The cultivation life is very dull; which is why many students often resorted to provoking freshmen for fun.

After all, here is the illusion department. All sort of tricks could be found to annoy someone. When Su Minghui first stepped into the school, he had been teased by countless students.

The only difference was Su Minghui later destroyed those people!

However, even then, the tradition to provoke new students is still maintained as its the only source of entertainment for them. Su Minghui generally wouldnt be involved with this but if there is no approval from him, how many would dare to make a move?

Boss, this... A student carefully approached Su Minghui, That new student...

You guys play then. Su Minghui waved his hand impatiently, Just dont go too far. After all, its still a freshman. His potential shouldnt be bad. If his strength exceeds mine one day, I wont be able to protect you.

Haha, Boss. With these words from you, Im relieved. The student was overjoyed, Youre after all one of the top three among the freshmen who enrolled last year. How many are able to surpass you?

To obtain Su Minghuis permission means that they could have some fun.

A freshman with potential whom they get to play with.

Thinking of this, those few students looked at each other and laughed.

As for other students in Beginner Class 8, they could only helplessly mourn for the new student. During their days when they just joined, which one of them didnt suffer the same treatment?

Especially those illusion...

There was actually a boy who thought that he had an affair. Under the broad daylight, he stripped off his clothes! The moment the illusion broke was so awkward that he nearly jumped off the building.

He should be arriving soon.

Quick. Prepare the illusion, quick!

Those few students said.

As for the others, they quickly rushed to the side. After all, this is an activity to tease the new student. If theyre accidentally caught in the prank, wont they be very unlucky?


A light flashed.

The surrounding scene changed.

At this time, in the illusion department, Su Hao just found the door to Beginner Class 8. No, it would be more appropriate to name it a mountaintop.

Indeed worthy to be the illusion department. Now, its a mountain. Su Hao exclaimed as he admired the scene.

Within the department, one could find all sort of illusions everywhere.

An ordinary building with modern technology was transformed into a fantasy world. The majestic atmosphere really made Su Hao amazed.

Beginner Class 8 should be here. Su Hao looked at the mountaintop in front of him.

Its a mountain route leading directly to the top of the mountain!

Above the mountain, there is a domineering mountain pass gate. There are a few large characters carved on it, Beginner Class 8. The view gave Su Hao the feeling that he returned to a wonderland.

Is this also an illusion?

Su Hao raised his head.

With a scan, Su Hao saw the real sight of his surroundings.

That familiar concrete and steel structure, Su Hao couldnt help but smile.

No wonder Su Hao had this strange feeling along the way.

This isnt an illusion.

Here is the real world, but the surroundings are full of all sorts of illusions.

However, the illusions werent used on Su Hao; they were targeted at the classrooms or the whole building instead.

For example, this classroom in front of him.

Obviously its just an ordinary classroom, but it turned into a huge mountain after the blessing of an illusion. Above the mountain, the so-called mountain gate is just the classroom door. As for the road leading to the top, it was just stairs!

Real life is indeed cruel. Su Hao sighed.

The entire illusion department is like this.

Su Hao stepped into the so-called road to Heaven.

With the first and second step, Su Hao could clearly feel that the power of this illusion isnt much. It just made one feel that more time has passed. When youre slow, you will feel that the route ahead would be far.

Just like that, this route was extended.

Su Hao pondered.

From the time he entered the illusion department up until now, he had gained plenty of insights.

What he encountered is all valuable knowledge.

Time, space, architecture, the list goes on.

What an illusion could achieve has far exceeded Su Haos expectation. No wonder many students wish to join this department to learn. If this method could be applied in a battle, that would be superb.

Climbing his way to the mountain gate, Su Hao was too lazy to use his model analysis to analyze more.

If not because of him knowing what was going on, this scene in front was indeed quite shocking.

Knocking the door, he didnt receive any response.

Nobody? Su Hao frowned.

In the model world, 2D map appeared and several red dots could be seen. In fact, several of them were standing behind the door. However, there wasnt any reaction from them when Su Hao knocked on the door.

Whats the situation here?

Looking at the time, it seemed that it is not the time for the class to start yet. Based on the map, no domain esper teacher could be seen.


Su Hao directly slammed the door with a kick.


A stream of light flashed.

Su Hao only saw a bright light in front. As the dazzling white light disappeared, a new scene then appeared in his vision. This is...

Inside the class, there was a clean, well-maintained pool.

Many students were swimming and playing around. Several students were curiously watching Su Hao who had just entered. Meanwhile, a guy who looked shy came over and looked at Su Hao curiously, Youre...

Hello, I am a student who came here to attend class. Su Hao replied earnestly.

Oh, freshman.

That student awkwardly scratched his head, I forget about that. This class is a swimming class. Our teacher asked us to learn how to live in the illusion. You should go to the dressing room over there and change into a swimsuit. I will go back to resume my training. My name is Huang Hu. Everyone here calls me Fat Tiger.

Su Haos gaze shifted to the other side. Those students still curiously observed him.

Alright then. Su Hao helplessly said.

He came here to attend a lecture and not to learn swimming lessons!

However, Su Hao isnt at the headquarters, so there was no need for him to be domineering. The fun life in a college, he still wished to experience it.

Going to the locker room, as he opened the closet, various equipment was prepared.

There was actually a uniform swimwear too.

The material isnt that bad. Su Hao touched it.

Looking around to ensure nobody is around, Su Hao was about to change his clothes. However, at this time, his hands stopped abruptly. This was because he felt that something was amiss.

The distribution of students here seemed to be different from the one shown on the 2D map!

Whats happening?! My map analysis has a problem? Su Hao became alert.

Illusions are indeed powerful, but there is not once that it has any impact on his model analysis. This is Su Haos ace. If a problem is from here...


He activated his model analysis once again.

The map was still not right!

Su Hao felt that it is getting stranger by the second.

Hey, new student. Fat Tiger who was in the distance saw him stop and couldnt help urge him, Teacher is coming. Hurry up, or you will be scolded later!

Teacher? Su Hao shifted his gaze to the door of the classroom.

Sure enough, a middle-aged man took one step at a time into the class. The aura emitted was without a doubt at the domain realm.

Su Hao was getting more confused.

If it were an ordinary student seeing this scene, even if there were doubts in their heart, they would still quickly rush over to avoid leaving a bad impression in front of the teacher. However, for Su Hao, his confusion was getting worse.

Domain esper?


On the map, where is that big red dot?

Synchronized Playback!


Since there are doubts in his heart, Su Hao didnt hesitate to activate his Synchronized Playback!


A scene of 360 degrees appeared. Every student and their actions became almost 100% consistent with the 2D map. In fact, one would be able to see ridiculing looks from them.

Su Hao finally understood.


It turned out to be an illusion!

If it were any other place, he would naturally be on high alert. But here is the illusion department. To not have an illusion would be strange. Thus, being shrouded by illusions, Su Hao didnt feel anything abnormal. He only thought that it was the illusion of the classroom. He never thought that it turned out to be someone making a move against him!

Enemy? Su Haos eyes filled with cold intent.

He just came from the headquarters and is very sensitive to the word enemy. The moment he thought of it, a hard to suppress killing intent arose from his heart.


The illusion collapsed!

Those few illusions which are close to perfection were torn into countless pieces and revealed reality. Su Hao could see the astonished looks from the countless students.

Especially, from the three students in front of him led by Fat Tiger.

Obviously, they did not dare to believe what just happened. How long has it been and this new student already could distinguish the truth!

You... Fat Tiger was about to say something.

Su Hao already considered him as an enemy and didnt hesitate to attack him.

Mountain Destroyer!

Unrivalled Aura!