Godly Model Creator Chapter 594

Chapter 594

Chapter 594 - The Past Hatred!


Countless fragments collapsed.

The aura and fragments merged, causing a terrifying force to break out.

Fat Tiger and his mates, who were still astonished, finally realized what was going on when they were shrouded in dense killing intent.

The person in front of them actually planned to kill them?



Countless layers of illusions were formed.

They hastily used their best defenses, but how could they finish them on time at this crucial moment?


With a hit, their bodies were flung away, forcefully slamming against the surrounding wall.

The blood decorating the air proved that Su Haos attack wasnt something an ordinary student could bear.

The surrounding crowd was dumbstruck.

This is too sudden!

It happened so quickly that nobody managed to react.

What happened?

The second before this, Fat Tiger and his friends were eagerly waiting for the new student to look like an idiot. No one expected that the new student would suddenly attack them. The most unbelievable thing was the very first attack from this man was a killing move! He actually planned to kill someone!

After all, they are at Zhanzheng College!

How dare he?

Plus, just a mere freshman, yet he has the guts to touch Pang Hu and the others? Even if their morals are questionable, their strength must not be underestimated. A level four professional esper, with 2 points in GPA made their combat strength as high as 20 points. Could the new student be compared to them? Not to mention he had to deal several of them at once!

However, when this thought flashed by in everyones mind, all they saw was Pang Hu and the other two getting blasted away!


Every student was stunned.

One hit to kill!

How could this be?

How old is this student?!

However, what was more unexpected still hasnt arrived. Just when they thought that this scene would end, this new student actually continued his attack!

Blue energy could be seen condensing in his hands.

A dazzling giant blue bow appeared. In an instant, terrifying energy was gathered and condensed into a bright arrow.

This is...

Every students heart skipped a beat.

That horrifying might made everyone overwhelmed with shock!

Is he really planning to kill them?

They are still at Zhanzheng College!


An ear-piercing whistle rang in their eardrums, numbing their ears.

Xinghe Arrow shot out. Fat Tiger and the other two who just slammed against the wall werent even given time to fall or catch their breaths before a dazzling arrow already approached them!

Its over!

Everyones heart turned cold.

This is going south!

Its still fine to prank a new student, but it will be a huge problem when a life is involved!

It was at this moment that a figure flashed. The body of Fat Tiger and the other two were kicked away, leaving this figure to confront the incoming Xinghe Arrow.

It was Su Minghui!


A translucent ripple flashed and slightly deviated the route of the Xinghe Arrow. When it hit Su Mingxuans body, the momentum threw him against the wall behind him. This caused a huge bang.

Smoke and dust were everywhere.

The thick smoke and dust caused all the present students to choke.

All the illusions vanished without a trace.

What appeared in front of them was a tattered classroom. That cant be helped. After all, all illusion depends on the physical condition of the class. When the classroom got destroyed, the illusion will naturally follow along. Everyone in the class became filthy with grime.

When the dust settled down, everyone was covered in thick dust.

Hey, arent you going overboard? Su Minghui coldly stared at the new student. Lingering fear began to grow within his heart. Usually, those who joined the department are those who just stepped into the professional realm. However, although the strength of this man it isnt as great as his, his strength for a new student is simply extraordinary!

You guys arent trying to kill me? Su Hao looked at the surrounding crowds look and started to understand the situation.

With this thought, he finally realized those guys real intention and helplessly shook his head. So, they were just trying to tease me. Hmm, it seems like I over-reacted.

Kill you? Su Minghui was stunned.

This is Zhanzheng College, right?

Who would dare kill someone here? How could there be someone who attempts to kill others here?

Looking at their unbelievable look, Su Hao shrugged his shoulder. Well, he didnt need anyone to believe him nor must he explain it to them.

Since they arent here to kill me, then I will allow them to keep their lives intact. Su Hao walked in after saying so and left the crowd dumbfounded. This new student seems to be more arrogant than Su Minghui!


It should be his ego!

During the previous year, even Su Minghui dared not do this.

But now, Su Minghui himself was stunned too.

To be frank, this is just a petty matter for Su Hao. At the headquarters, there were too many existences aiming for his head.

Damn it...

A person next to Su Minghui wanted to charge, but Su Minghui held him back.

Boss. That student wasnt happy.

Fat Tiger is still fine. Well, its time for him to earn a lesson for always bullying newbies. Su Minghui casually continued, Your temper also needs to change. You think I will be taking care of you guys forever?

That student opened his eyes wide, Boss, could it be that you...

Youre right. Su Minghuis gaze revealed a hint of joy, Half a year has passed. Its about time for me to step into the intermediate class.

The surrounding crowd became happy.

Su Haos act wasnt worth insignificant compared to Su Minghuis promotion. Su Minghui completed the beginner class in half a year, and is now stepping into the intermediate class!

From a level one professional esper all the way to a level five professional esper!

This speed is too formidable!

If he is to maintain this speed of advancement, doesnt this mean that he would be able to join Tian Long Court as a disciple by his third year? That place is the dream of many students!

Congrats, Boss!


Everyone was delighted by the news which included those few students who went to help support Fat Tiger and the other two.

A battle which happened suddenly just ended like so.

After all, Su Mingxuan is pretty popular. With his powerful strength, great talent, and clever intelligence, he is definitely the prince on a white horse for many girls.

However, things never seem to go the way one thinks it will.

Su Hao walked to a spot and then sat down. While waiting for the class to start, a girl next to him stared at him with her big eyes. She felt that this man was quite familiar as if she has seen him before. The more she looked at him, that feeling intensified and eventually, she subconsciously took a step back.

Su Su Hao!

That girl was so scared that she pointed at Su Hao in horror, You you, you are Su Hao right?

These words caught everyone by surprise.

The crowd turned around to have a look.

The most shocking fact was Su Hao himself seemed to enjoy such treatment. This was his very first experience. Although he isnt handsome, he has never been treated like the publics number one enemy before.

Was he that scary?

Su Hao silently touched his chin. He felt that he is still fine.

At this time, the surrounding students finally understood.

No wonder the strength displayed by him earlier was that terrifying!

No wonder when he felt annoyed, he would attempt to kill them!

It turned out that he is Su Hao?!

One of the top ten most violent men!

Su Hao even killed a domain esper teacher!

Thinking of this, everyone took a step back.

This action hurt Su Haos feeling.

Was he really that hateful?

What was even more unexpected was at this moment, a strong killing intent broke out from the main door. Su Minghui, who was calm and comforting the others, suddenly charged at Su Haos direction.

Youre Su Hao? Su Mingxuan coldly asked.

Of course. Su Haos eyes narrowed.

The aura emitted by this man in front of him was different compared to earlier. This kind of strength Su Hao couldnt recall having such an enemy.

Just when Su Hao was puzzled, Su Minghui gave him the answer.

My surname is Su. Su Minghui! Su Minghui coldly stared at Su Hao. The surrounding energy had been completely mobilized and condensed into a horrifying aura while firmly locking on to Su Hao.

Surname Su? Su Haos mouth revealed a trace of understanding.

Surname Su.

This isnt something worth to be mentioned.

The entire Federation, there are countless with this surname!

But here in Zhanzheng College, to emphasize ones surname as Su and have such an aggressive approach to him, there is only one type of person.

The Federations Su family!


Terrifying energy burst out!

Su Minghui made his move!

There is no pretense or nonsense. After confirming Su Haos identity and informing his own identity, Su Minghui didnt hesitate to attack Su Hao. Once he attacked, it was with his strongest origin technique!

Horoscope Illusion!


Su Hao was dragged into an illusion.

Clear blue water with green hills.

The blue sky filled with white clouds.

This is...

Su Hao who just regained his consciousness heard a huge footstep.


It was so loud that even the deaf could hear.

Su Hao raised his head up and saw a huge mammoth trying to step on him. With just a step, an entire hill was flattened!

Even though he was in an illusion, Su Hao did not dare take it easy.


Su Hao suddenly left his spot.

The place earlier was instantly ruined by that huge foot.

Su Hao sneered. Su family really did give him such a nice treatment!

Su family was once the number one family in the Federation, and their strength was even above the Tian family. Coupled with the strength of Su Tiancheng, to say that the Su family was destined to be the star of the future isnt an exaggeration!

But because of Su Tianchengs betrayal, Su family was suppressed!

The entire Su family had to face the joint alliance. Although the suspicion has been washed away, the current Su family could no longer stand on the same step as the other families like the past.

Thus, the entire Su family hated Su Tiancheng!

Because of Su Tiancheng, the treatment received by the Su familys future disciples is so bad that they can no longer be domineering.

Under such conditions, it would be strange not to hate Su Tiancheng!

And Su Hao who had the great honor to receive Su Tianchengs inheritance also enjoyed the same kind of hatred from Su family.

Could this be considered revenge from the past? Su Hao laughed at himself.

From the time when his identity was exposed, he already considered the possibility of he stumbling upon the Su family, but he never expected it to be this quick.



An ancient beast appeared!