Godly Model Creator Chapter 595

Chapter 595

Chapter 595 - Flower Illusion Technique

This is Su Minghuis territory!

This is a field of berserk beasts. The beasts Su Minghui creates in the illusion become his killing machines. Any beast Su Minghui creates is strong enough to suppress Su Hao!

This is the mighty strength of Su Minghui!

He could easily create illusions with just a flip of his hand. Combine this with his outstanding illusion type ability talent, Su Minghuis feat in this field is absolutely not something that Su Hao can compare with.

To look at it from a different perspective, Su Hao couldnt see any flaws in Su Minghuis illusion.

Su Hao couldnt escape from the illusion!


A sharp sound echoed within the illusion.

Su Hao sneered. Break it?

This thought never crossed his mind!

He only has one thing he needs to do!

He needs to force his way out via brute force!


Su Hao summoned the Xinghe Sword to his hand.

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!


An intoxicating, purplish scene appeared! It would daze anyone who comes into contact with it; however, Su Minghuis eyes were as clear as ever.

Dream Destroyer!

Dark Moon!

As the dream gradually disappeared, the dark moon flashed.

A dark crescent-shaped moon appeared from the darkness; its target is none other than Su Minghui who is controlling this entire illusion.



A series of loud roars could be heard.

Several giant beasts came with huge steps.

Su Minghui instantly decided against resisting and attacked Su Hao. The humongous beasts stomped at Su Hao with their huge feet. They looked like asteroids trying to crush him!

If they stepped on Su Hao, he would certainly die!

However, even though Su Hao is in a crisis, his expression showed no change. His Dark Moon Dream Destroyer didnt even flatter! Su Hao knew this is all an illusion created by Su Minghui. As long as he is killed, everything will naturally come to an end!

Both of them were fighting against time!

Whoever is 0.001 seconds faster will be the victor!


Dark Moon!

Giant beasts!

The time had infinitely shortened.

The surrounding students were already stunned by the aura coming from this battle. The level of this fight isnt something they could intervene with at all.

What made them stunned was how deep is the hatred between these two?

With how it escalated, this wont end unless one of them dies!

Only those who are familiar with the current situation of the Su family might know how much damage Su Tiancheng had done to the Su family.

The current Su family isnt bad, but compared to their previous glorious days, they are just struggling while at deaths door.

This hatred will probably never dissolve!

A few students with better eyesight could vaguely spectate the scene within the illusion and turned pale from the crescent moon and huge foot from the sky. Only by using all their energy were they able to witness these attacks.

Dark Moon!

Giant beasts!

Life and death will be decided in a flash!

Whether it is Su Minghui or Su Hao, there is no trace of fear in their eyes as they stared at each other with strong killing intent.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

That huge foot was only a few centimeters away from Su Hao. At the same time, the crescent moon almost touched Su Minghuis skin. Su Hao, who had been deeply immersed in this battle with Su Minghui, suddenly felt pain on the back of his head and fainted.

I lost?

While confused, Su Hao couldnt believe it.

Because based on the calculations done by his thousands of computers, he was very confident that he will kill Su Minghui first! If this was the case, how could he suddenly lose?

Did someone intervene?

This thought came across his mind.

However, he instantly thought that it is impossible.

They were both strong, how could the other students step in?

To die under an enemys illusion, at the very least he would suffer a fatal injury! Su Hao smiled bitterly. When he opened his eyes, he was a little shocked as he examined his body in disbelief.


Im actually fine?

Su Hao looked at his safe and sound body.

Su Minghui spared him?

When he raised his head, Su Hao saw Su Minghuis awkward expression. This time, in the 2D map, a huge red dot was blinking next to them!

It was such a dazzling light!

This level...

Domain esper!

Su Hao quickly turned his head and sure enough, behind them, a middle-aged man in a plain casual outfit was watching them with great interest.

You two had enough fun right?


Su Hao felt shocked.

His eardrums were ringing!

That killing intent which he condensed all vanished under this one sentence!

This man...

His strength is terrifying!

Now this is a true domain esper!

Su Hao exclaimed in admiration in his heart.


A few surprised exclamations could be heard.

The group of students ecstatically looked at the teacher. There has never been a moment before this were they are eager for his arrival. If it were a second later, no, half a second later, todays incident would very likely escalate to the point that the school had to intervene!

Moreover, for Su Hao and Su Minghui to fight here...

Who can guarantee that no one will be affected?

Its too dangerous!

Alright~. The teacher smiled as he looked at the students with affection, You brats only know how to create trouble.


Instantly, the surrounding scene changed.

Countless energy could be sensed working in the background.

In the classroom, the surroundings changed greatly. The classroom which was tattered from the earlier battle was restored to normal in a blink of an eye. Now, the classroom looked like how it was before.

Worthy of being a domain esper! Su Hao exclaimed in his heart.

Destroying things is easy, but even Su Hao wouldnt be able to achieve the skill need to rebuild the surroundings!

Turning back, Su Minghui still retained that confused look. It seemed that the teachers move earlier had caused quite an impact on him.

You two arent allowed to fight in class! The teacher stared at Su Hao and Su Minghui fiercely, If I learn you two attacked each other again while here, I will immediately cancel your qualifications for the final assessment!

Yes. Su Minghui finally reacted and replied in a mellow tone.

Su Hao shrugged.

He didnt care about that anyway.

To qualify or not for the assessment wasnt important to him.

However, to show respect to older generation, he still respectfully said, Yes.

Sigh. The teacher shook his head helplessly. Obviously, he knew Su Haos circumstances, Alright. Its time to start the class. Everyone return to your seat.

All the students did as instructed.

The teacher waved his hand, and a few words appeared in mid-air.

Basic Illusion Cultivation Technique - Zhou Ru.

Zhou Ru...

Su Hao knew that those words were written for him. In the entire class, only he didnt know the name of this teacher. Zhou Ru, this teachers name had quite an elegant sound to it.

Su Hao sat down without any worry.

At this moment, he seemed to have returned to his times at high school.

At that time, his everyday life was like this, painstaking training all day long, attending the class, listening to the teachers, having a class teacher who cares about him, and that lovely loli Yang Ziyan. Now, time passed faster than he expected.

In the midst of this, Su Hao seemed to have entered a dazed state.

At the same time, every student who had taken their seat began to see all sorts of illusions. No matter how strong Su Hao is, he is still a novice in this aspect.

Zhou Ru saw the situation of everyone with his eyes and shook his head. The Heart Illusion Test, it is a way to measure whether you have talent in illusions or not. The stronger ones talent is, the stronger the resistance his heart would have! The moment everyone sat down, this test had begun!

At first, he thought that Su Hao wouldnt have a problem with this test. However, he did not expect that Su Hao had no talent in this department.

Such a shame...

Zhou Ru had some regrets.

Brace your heart! Zhou Ru gave a shout which shook everyones mind!


A roar echoed within everyones mind.

Su Hao instantly awoke and realized what happened just now.

He always thought that his heart was strong, but he never expected to be distracted the moment he sat down. Su Minghui sat on his right side not far away. Without even having to turn, he could feel that Su Minghui was staring at him.

Great. Zhou Ru nodded, Everyones performance is not bad. At least five students werent affected. Seems the hard work all this while is paying off. Since a new student is joining us today, our lesson today will be the most basic one, the basic of illusions.

Zhou Rus voice was very calm.

Su Hao turned serious. After all, there are things which cant be learned from data or textbooks.

The basic of illusions.

The most basic form gradually unfolded from Zhou Rus hands. All sorts of illusions appeared one after another, and the simplest among them is how to produce a flower from hands.

After all, this is just a beginner class.

Some things looked simple, but they are the foundation needed before progressing to a higher level.

How to create a flower?

From what Zhou Ru said, by routing the energy based on what is taught in class and thinking of a flower, a flower would be created.

Anyone could do it.

But what kind of level would the end result be?

This is what the assessment is all about.

Let me try. Fat Tiger limped to the front. With his right fist clenched, magical energy slowly unfolded as a flower suddenly bloomed within his hand.

Zhou Ru had a look at it and recorded the score.

Simulation: 72%. Refinement: 30%. Confusion: 30%.

I passed! Fat Tiger looked satisfied.

At this moment, Su Hao generally understood this.

The degree of simulation is how real the flower is compared to real life.

As for the degree of refinement, it refers to the complexity of the flower produced. The more complex looking it is, the more beautiful it looks.

As for the degree of confusion, it indicates how well the illusion could charm someone in real life. If the degree of simulation isnt sufficient, one could use this fact to cover it. When the degree of simulation and confusion add up to more than 100%, the flower condensed will look like a real one! This is because even if it doesnt look perfect, one would be confused by the look.

The crowd quickly finished the test. When it reached Su Minghuis turn, he suddenly looked at Su Hao.

Su Hao, although you just arrived here, with your talent, it shouldnt be a problem to create a flower illusion, right?

Why dont you try first?