Godly Model Creator Chapter 596

Chapter 596

Chapter 596 - Prodigy?

Me? Su Haos eyes narrowed.

Su Minghuis words seemed fine, but it was full of ill-intent. Since he just joined the class, its fine if he did not participate in the assessment. However, he is now left with two options since Su Minghui intentionally said that, either let Su Minghui go first or he undergoes the assessment right now.

In other words, he couldnt refuse.

Two-faced. Su Hao returned two words to Su Minghui.

If Su Hao failed to create a flower illusion due to joining the class for the first time and become the subject of ridicule for everyone, how could Su Hao achieve any breakthrough in this talent route?

Since it is Su Haos first time here, he does not need to participate. Zhou Ru interjected.

With these words, Su Haos awkward situation was eliminated.

Its alright. Su Hao had a good impression of this teacher, Teacher, since Su Minghui wants to have a look, then I will try. However, before this, why not Su Minghui have a try first?

Of course. Su Minghui replied without any hesitation.

Alright then, if you agree... Zhou Ru locked his eyebrows. Recently, he cant bear to look at a confrontation between students, but since both sides had agreed, there was no need for him to intervene, Minghui, you will go first.

Yes. Su Minghui nodded.


A lump of white light appeared within his hand.

Then Su Minghui slowly opened his palm.

A dazzling purple flower bloomed slowly within his hand. It was so pretty that Zhou Rus expression revealed a hint of shock.

This level...

He should be reaching the intermediate class soon.

Simulation: 85%. Refinement: 50%. Confusion: 50%. Zhou Ru said the result in a low tone.

Everyone felt their heart shake.


This is already approaching a true imitation!

Fat Tigers 72% was already close enough to reality, but Shi Minghui is actually 13% higher! Plus, it was only one of the elements!

With that 50% confusion, Fat Tiger was instantly slaughtered!

Coupled with 50% of refinement, Su Minghui deserved to be first!

Great! Zhou Ru nodded in satisfaction, Keep up this pace. Soon, you will be able to join the intermediate class.

The students in the class were stunned.

Intermediate class.

Some of them had already entered for a year and couldnt enter the intermediate class. As for Su Minghui, he has only been here for half a year! But now, he already possesses the qualification to enter the intermediate class!

What kind of talent is this!

Just when everyone was still shocked, Su Minghui turned around and said to Su Hao, Its your turn now.

Everyone couldnt help but turn their head.

Without a doubt, they were both confronting each other with other means. Su Minghui has been studying illusions for a long time, while Su Hao only joined today. What the class wanted to know isnt how well Su Haos illusion is, but whether he could condense a flower illusion or not.

Su Hao, dont be pressured. Zhou Ru comforted, You have just joined the class for the first time. As long as you can create a flower illusion, even if it is 0% in the degree of realism, it is still fine.

En. Su Hao nodded.

Su Hao understood what the degree of realism meant.

After witnessing many students score, when ones simulation is less than 50%, everyone would be able to see that the illusion is an obvious fake.

But what 0%?

Su Hao estimated it would just be a mere shadow!

Since he dared to stand up, he would never let himself be weaker than ordinary students!

Let me try. Su Hao ignored the provocation from Su Minghui and the others. Instead, he took a step forward. Looking at the students around him, he calmed his heart and slowly opened his own palm.

In his palm...

Nothing could be seen.

Everyone couldnt help but hold their breath.

As the palm slowly opened, the corner of Su Minghuis mouth raised up.

Top ten most violent men?

Very powerful?

So what?

This is the illusion department!

Trying to be arrogant in front of him is never a good choice. Especially, as the son of Su Tiancheng, Su Minghui hated him even more.

Everyone couldnt help but shake their head.


There is still nothing!

Sure enough, the flower illusion isnt that easy to create.

Out of the many people present, only a small number could create the illusion on their first day. Most only managed to do so during their second or third day. Even so, at that time, the score would only be 10% or less! However, this did reflect the impact on ones talent.

This meant that Su Haos talent in illusion isnt high.

His palm is now fully open.

Su Hao still closed his eyes, but his palm was still empty.

The students couldnt help but laugh.

If it were any other student, they naturally wouldnt feel a thing, but Su Hao is one of the top ten most violent men. He is usually very arrogant but now...

Looking at how well his plan unfolded, Su Minghui couldnt help himself and added oil to the fire.

However, Zhou Rus face suddenly moved slightly. Immediately, a white light appeared, forming a little white grass.


A clear, crisp sound could be heard.

The white light gradually condensed and appeared in Su Haos hand. In the end, it condensed into a magical layered flower which was as breathtaking as a white rose. What was even more shocking is that with how complicated this flower is, it still emitted an aura of simplicity.

There is no trace of confusion.


How is this possible?

Zhou Rus face changed greatly.

Without any confusion, it means that one wouldnt be alarmed. Now this is the most dangerous and terrifying illusion! Unlike the route of confusion, Zhou Ru agreed more on this simple-oriented route, and this is a clear example!

His eyes swept over the flower.

When the data was analyzed, Zhou Ru couldnt help but be surprised.

This kind of result is astonishingly special!

Is it that bad? Su Hao couldnt help but ask.

The surrounding students eyes finally shifted away from the flower. Obviously, they didnt feel any hint of confusion, but it somehow gave them a strange and special feeling.

It was as if this flower shouldnt be here.

Although the flower has many layers to it which makes it more beautiful, when one looks at its appearance, it seemed too ordinary!


There is no difference when compared with the flowers on the street. Compared with what Su Minghui created, the gap is more than a hundred thousand miles away.

So ugly.

This was the thought of one student.

He didnt seem to notice the increasingly ugly look of Su Minghui and the amazement within Zhou Rus face.

Simulation: 100%, Refinement: 100%, Confusion: 0%.

Zhou Rus tone was somewhat strange as he read the result.

An uproar echoed within the class, the students thought that they had heard incorrectly. What did they just hear?

Degrees of simulation, 100%!

How is this possible?

Absolutely impossible! That student who commented how ugly it looked stood up, Teacher, such a result, how could it be 100% simulation? Its too far apart from Shi Minghuis flower. Its simply a random flower from the roadside. Its the kind that one wont bother to admire. Why could it be 100% simulation?

Sigh. Zhou Ru sighed, You all are still not insightful.

Yes, this flower isnt good looking. As you said, it is ordinary. But because of this fact, it achieves 100% simulation. Just like you said, if you put it among real flowers, nobody would be able to notice. And it is all because of this fact that it is so ordinary!

Dont forget the essence of illusions.

Everyone was stunned.



So ordinariness turned out to be the truth of illusions?

What is the nature of an illusion?

Concealed and hidden, in order to complete the illusion, one has to bring the enemy into it. In this case, wont this task be easily accomplished? So without knowing when, the way they pursued this route had deviated.

When they looked at Su Haos flower again, everyones eyes already changed.


Now, this is what a truly impressive illusion is all about.

Everyone looked at Su Minghui. His face was so ugly which made them realized something. No wonder Su Minghui has been keeping quiet all this time. It turned out that he already knew whats going on.

Obviously, Su Haos performance was much worse than Su Minghui.

After all, Su Minghuis confusion is more than enough to beat Su Hao. However, one has to remember that this is the first time Su Hao came into contact with illusions.

The first time he learned about illusions, his degree of simulation easily surpassed Su Minghuis!

What kind of logic is this?

If Su Hao is to study here for a while longer...

No wonder Su Minghuis face has an ugly expression.

However, although Su Haos achievement is stunning, there is a problem here too. As for his degree of refinement, that is needless to mention. Producing a flower that has many layers qualifies it to be rated a 100%. But why is there a 0% in charm?

Charm is a bonus from ones talent in illusions!

If your degree of simulation is not strong enough or when the enemys heart is still strong, the confusion would play a role here. But in Su Haos case...

His illusions charm is 0%!


This is something they have never heard before!

Su Haos achievement in these three factors is too extreme! Two 100% and one 0%, is there anything weirder than it?

This Zhou Ru didnt know how to evaluate it properly.

Prodigy? Zhou Ru uttered out this word while at a loss.

Su Hao readily accepted it.

In fact, this assessment did not interest him! The passing grade of an illusion isnt difficult. As long as you are able to master the way to perform an illusion, you will be able to use a basic one.

As for the form?



Su Hao had a perfect model within his body! As long as he followed the model, wont it be similar? With the aid of the computers in his model world, completing this step is as easy as ABC.

The only thing that made him sad was the charm is 0%.

The others didnt understand, but Su Hao clearly understood that foreign objects aided his score for the first two factors. As for the third one being 0%, it means that his talent in illusions is null!