Godly Model Creator Chapter 597

Chapter 597

Chapter 597 - Insulator

Zero talent!

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

The foundation of illusion is just an introduction. Without any talent, one could still do it. As long as you have energy in your body, you will be able to achieve this feat. However, if you want to progress any further, you need the talent to aid you.

Zero talent signifies that model analysis does not play any role in the illusion field!

It seems I have thought too much. Su Hao sighed.

After all, confusion is only possible with a suitable ability talent.

As long as one produces an illusion, most ability talents will add at least some confusion to it. This confusion is what most illusion techniques utilize during battle.

If confusion is described as an electric current, then the talent would act as the wire.

At least other talents would be at the conductivity level of water or something similar, even if theyre not the level of a copper or iron wire. Even the most common talent could be described as air. Under certain circumstances, they could still conduct electricity.

One just needs to find a way to stimulate it.

However, what is unfortunate is Su Haos model analysis is a perfect insulator.

In other words, Su Hao isnt suitable for the illusion department.

One must note that when other students choose the illusion department, one must undergo a test. Only when their talent is qualified or they meet the requirements, will their application succeed. Those with ordinary talents that still want to learn illusions would eventually join another department. As for someone like Su Hao who is a total insulator to join the department for fun, there is basically nobody like him!

Even Teacher Zhou Ru felt awkward. Without any talent, it is still fine in beginner stage,  but how will they cultivate when they progress to the advanced stage?

Once the assessment ended, it was time for the class to end.

After class, Zhou Ru specifically called Su Hao to his office. Regarding the issue of Su Haos illusion talent, he felt that it would be necessary to remind Su Hao.

Your talent...

Zero. Su Hao shrugged his shoulder. Before Zhou Ru finished his sentence, Su Hao already said it.

You knew? Zhou Ru was stunned.

How could I not know? Su Hao smiled bitterly, I never imagined myself to have talent in illusion. Even some mediocre talent would be enough to train normally. I never thought my talent to be totally exclusive!

Then what do you plan to do next? Zhou Ru said in a low tone.

I guess I will try and see. Su Hao pondered before said, After all, I am here to learn. I cant just give up that easily. I will think of another method. If it doesnt work, then I can only give up.

Of course, Su Hao had a reason which he didnt mention.

Which is the Blue Dream Butterfly!

His body which faintly absorbed the illusion energy is the only chance for Blue Dream Butterfly to resurrect! If he leaves, she might be killed by that damn flower bud. How could he give up?


Zhou Ru pondered for a bit before taking out a notebook from a drawer and handing it to Su Hao, These are some learning materials for illusions that I have recorded. You can check them out. I dont know if this can help you. If its really impossible, you better leave as quickly as possible, or your progress will be delayed.

Many thanks, teacher. Su Hao was very grateful.

Compared to those at headquarter, this is how a real teacher should act!

After receiving the notebook, Su Hao went back.

Zhou Ru looked at Su Haos leaving figure with a trace of regret. There is no doubt that Su Haos ability talent is strong; unfortunately, it is worthless in the illusion field!

I hope this child will realize it soon. Zhou Ru muttered to himself.

Su Haos first class ended like this.

To have zero talent in something is heartbreaking, but Su Hao already prepared for this from the start. Wasnt the reason why Su Hao shifted his attention from spiritual talent because he had zero talent in that? The only advantage an illusion has is its versatility and foundation.

A basic illusion isnt hard.

After learning this flower illusion technique, the following lessons which cover various basic illusions began to appear, and Su Haos performance was as overwhelming as always.

Refinement: 100%.

Realism: 100%

As for confusion, it remained at 0% as always.

At this time, the students in Beginner Class 8 finally noticed the problem. This man in front of them who is so powerful that he terrified everyone literally had zero talent in illusions.

His realism is perfect which is good.

But in many cases, realism is only good at the beginner stage. Even if the illusion looks real, so what? Its not like anyone would bother with it!

Will the enemy stare at a flower in front of them?

At this moment, the power of confusion will manifest to its peak!

When ones confusion achieves over 30%, the enemys mind would be subconsciously attracted to the illusion even if he usually hates that thing a lot.

When this illusion appears, he will be charmed.

This is the role of confusion.

Advanced illusions generally depend on the degree of realism and the aid of confusion to completely form a truly powerful illusion.

When ones talent is zero, it means that you cant go along the route of illusion. In a real fight, the sudden appearance of an illusion without the aid of confusion, even a fool will be able to identify it as a fake.

Thus, although nobody dared to say anything to Su Hao, the way they looked at Su Hao was full of contempt.

As for Su Minghui who loathed Su Hao, its needless to say.

Regarding these, Su Hao didnt care.

He had no time.

Since he could not improve in confusion, Su Hao could only start from other aspects. Thus, these days, he spent all his time on calculation and analysis.

The application of psychology.

Calculation of visual differences.

Su Hao downloaded every book in the library related to these topics in order to carry out various analysis.


Illusion talent?

Can someone really only make a perfect illusion using these two things?

Whether its a human or another living thing, theyre all organisms with perception. When one sees something, sometimes there will be a visual difference. Under the minds influence, we might see some strange things.


Or something else?

When psychology and visual differences are combined together, perhaps some effects might be able to be achieved.

One months time!

Su Hao crazily immersed himself in the research but when the final result came out, he didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Confusion: 1%.

Thats right.

He had improved.

But it halted here.

Its too weak. Su Hao shook his head helplessly.

He had read the notebook given by the teacher, but these are only useful in making Su Haos foundation more solid. When one has more experience, the illusion created will be more realistic and useful. In regard to real substantial progress, there is literally zero! After all, there isnt a tutorial on how to have talent.

The only thing that made Su Hao feel better is knowing that Blue Dream Butterfly should be recovering well.

The illusion energy absorbed by his arm was also increasing. Based on this speed, he believed that it wouldnt take a long time for her to wake up.

This thought really made his mood brighter.

And at this period of time, Su Hao tried to copy some illusion cards.

In fact, at the very beginning, he already had this goal.

Only when he has more foundations and knowledge will he be able to complete his own analysis, allowing him to sail further in his talent path. Previously, he had challenged others like a mad-man in order to gain more cultivation techniques.

However, what made him depressed was due to everyone here learning illusions, their mental strength is strong!

A strong mental shield is originally intended to prevent one from being brought into a certain illusion.

But for Su Hao, the energy fluctuation originating from him were all blocked.

This means that the idea of establishing a card from others via model analysis is unreliable unless he beats everyone!

Su Hao raised his head up and looked at Teacher Zhou Ru who was giving a lecture. In the end, he gave up on this idea.

He already experienced a storm in the headquarter. If he continues like that here, before he manages to make a move, the teacher would probably send him flying away.


Yet another class ended.

Su Hao disintegrated the flowers which he just created.

In a months time, everyone made great progress. Su Minghui was no exception. He improved one step at a time. It wouldnt be long before he steps into the intermediate class.

Out of everyone in the Beginner Class 8, the only one who had not made much progress is Su Hao.

Because of this, the thought of Su Hao could not improve was once again getting attention. After all, it has been quite a long time since Su Hao showed any promising results.

Is his potential exhausted?

It should be, I guess.

Last time, when I heard that rumor, I didnt believe it. But now, it seems to be true.

Sooner or later, he will be overtaken by others.

Shh, lower your voice.

Everyone was in a heated discussion regarding this topic.

However, they would have never know that all these whispers could be heard clearly by Su Hao under model analysis.

Its those rumors again. Su Hao shook his head.

Its okay to kill a few but killing everyone will be impossible.

After all, these little gossips didnt have any effect on Su Hao. Compared to the times in the headquarter, the days here are much better. This month could be considered the safest month Su Hao has ever experienced since entering Zhanzheng College.

Through the daily practice of the improved version of body forging, his cultivation techniques are slowly improving.

However, Su Hao put more attention on his talent right now, although he hasnt gained much.

Clearing his things, Su Hao was about to leave the classroom. Then, he noticed that everyones gaze was placed on him again, causing him to frown.

The sound of footsteps could be heard as Su Minghui approached, Su Hao.

Su Hao raised his head and looked at Teacher Zhou Ru who was on the stage. Zhou Rus eyes stayed on them. After all, they are still in the classroom.

You want to make a move again? Su Haos eyebrows locked.